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Fandom Grishaverse/Marvel 1x1 RP

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Sound Engineer
Hello all! I am on the hunt for potentially a few new roleplay partners. I just finished reading the Shadow and Bone Trilogy as well as the Six of Crows Duology and I would absolutely love to do a roleplay/s in this universe.

Quick Summary of Me:

-I’m 24
-I live in Australia
-I am a VERY creative person, in writing, art, music, and cosplay
-I work full-time (so please be patient, sometimes it can take me longer than I would like to respond!)
-My schedule can be all over the place but it works for me!
-I’m a little too Marvel obsessed

Hmm….anything else? I don’t know just ask I’m always open for chatting!​

-Discord is available although I do take preference to using PMs through RPNation.

Things I expect/am okay with/Love
-1x1 Only (what I mean by this is I'm not a fan of group roleplays, I am completely okay with doubling etc.)
-MxM , FxM , FxF ((ALL pairing types are more than welcome with me although I prefer MxM))
-I normally try to write 2-4 paragraphs per character per pose, however, this can vary depending on what is going on in the roleplay but I’d hope my partner will write about the same, if you want to write more go ahead! Just don’t expect anything over 6 paragraphs from me unless it’s a SERIOUSLY juicy part of the story.
-I am very likely to match your length in posts
-I tend to like putting my characters through hell and back! I am also capable of not doing this though so if this is something that bothers you then please just tell me.
-Crossovers (I actually love crossovers because I like having big massive roleplays with many characters if you don’t want to crossover though that’s totally fine!)
-Gore/Horror/Thing of your nightmares (nothing really bothers me)
-OC’s as long as they fit the roleplay!
-Fantasy add-on (Example: Making Steve Rogers a werewolf even though he’s not!)
-OOC Chatter

I won't do:
-Smut (it's just site rules)
-roleplay with no plot

Fandoms and Potential pairings:


Honestly, I am pretty open to ideas for this one but here are a few pairings I'd like to explore/have a few ideas around but nothing too concrete.

Darkling x Kaz
Jesper x Wylan
Jesper x Kaz
Inej x Kaz
Alina x Darkling
Nikolai x Zoya
Genya x David

I'd also like to do some kind of Grishaverse x Marvel mash-up but that idea will probably be pretty out there!


Honestly there are just to many pairings that I love and would do here it's probably better to ask me but here's a few:

Tony Stark x
Johnny Storm ((maybe a bit of Steve twin mischief on the side)
Bucky x Clint

Bucky x Sam
Clint x Sam

Just Some other pairings:

Clint x Loki
Loki x Tony
Tony x Steve (Would really like to do a Hydra Cap with this pairing)
Steve x Bucky
Steve x Natasha
Tony x Bucky (Super Craving i'd play Tony)
Bucky x Rumlow

...and the list goes on

Who I will play from Marvel:

Bucky Barnes
Loki Laufeyson
Clint Barton
Natasha Romanoff
Steve Rogers
Tony Stank ( *Stark…I just had to)
Lady Sif
Sam Wilson (under very strict circumstances)
Agent Peggy Carter
Agent Ward

In terms of Marvel I am very well-versed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I also have a relatively strong knowledge of the comics although when reading them I have really only read Hawkeye comics, some Avenger’s, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow but that’s just about it, I am aware I have massive gaps in my comic knowledge.

If a character is in Bold in a pairing it means I will not play the other for that particular pairing.

I think I have covered just about everything. Please feel free to send me a message and we can start plotting and brainstorming!

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