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Grimm Tale - Voting Thread/OOC


"Wait and Hope"
A thread for off-topic discussion and a place for votes. Rather than a reboot, these new topics will simply continue on from where the previous hosted project had left off - a new topic is necessary as the former threads had their formats mangled by the formats and are rather difficult to find within the site's vast archives. Currently, I am also considering the removal of dice rolling from the Quest as I'm not quite sure if one can roll in threads like this along with the specifics of the dice available for use.

Potentially Interested Parties:
@Lucem Tenebris @White Masquerade @The One Eyed Bandit @YoungX @QuirkyAngel

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"Wait and Hope"
I'm looking forward to Niles' mom making an appearance.
That should be happening rather soon - within the next two posts. I suppose I should fix up the Interest Check while I'm at it and bump it up to the top. Anyways, don't forget to vote and advertise this to everyone you know.

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