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Fantasy Grey Wardens calling

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Truly a Dank Meme
Lf a partner with an understanding of Dragon age, will be a bit spuratic given my schedule

My idea is we rp our dragon age: Origins Grey wardens we'll go through the story making choices together based on our characters, romance is optional, if u don't wanna romance plot that's ok

Restrictions: No incest, rape, or over the top gore
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New Member
So would it be rping out the events of origins or would it be a separate plot that’s concurrent to the events of origins?


Junior Member
I happen to enjoy the idea behind the origins of dragon age. Well w play as the two who in the end bring the blight to an end? Or will we take a more long approach of the game?


Just Julia
Would we be starting this at Ostagar before either of our OC are grey warden's or did you have a different starting place in mind?

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