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Greetings one and all. I'm Veleda Grant, a traveler of sorts you might say. Always looking to save lost grimoires from being lost forever and as well as expanding my knowledge.

Baba Luga

It's therefore quite an opportunity when, after dinner, her hosts the Dursts invite Veleda to visit their upstairs library, an exquisite room of velvet and mahogany, lined with floor-to-ceiling bookcases full of leather-bound tomes. The hour is late, and the journey to the village of Barovia was tiring, but such an opportunity might not come again soon. A fire burns in the hearth and through the open door Veleda can hear the sounds of the Dursts' daughter Rose playing the harpsichord in the Conservatory across the hall.


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Hello --

Unfortunately this area of the Castle in the Mist forums is meant to be for Curse of Strahd parties that are hosted through our server on Discord. You're free to join us! I can DM you the join link, but otherwise I'll ultimately need to clear this thread out later today.

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