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[Great Light and Brazen Shadows] Perpetual Gears of Duty [Soulsteel Caste]


Inquisitor Ordo Hereticus
Designation: Perpetual Gears of Duty ("Gears")

Concept: Hatchetman and enforcer (in whatever sense)

Caste: Soulsteel

Motivation: Drive back and strike down any manifestation of corruption in any form.

Past incarnations:

- Adasa: From Jarish, Adasa was an older factory worker noted at once for his stubborn temperament - a common note of demerit by generations of superiors - and for unflagging hard work and expertise - a common note of merit. When an act of sabotage by an ailing factory god shattered his workplace and spread toxic gases, Adasa tirelessly worked to free fellow workers and his foreman, despite the dangers. With a final pocket trapped, Adasa was told by arriving Regulators to give up the men and women as lost. Adasa retorted that he would die before any fellow Populat here did and plunged back into the maelstrom. He eventually emerged - and miraculously, the last five shift workers were alive and saved.... but Adasa simply smiled before collapsing. The poisons had eaten out his body at last.

- Captain Kerkel: A Nurad officer, Kerkel was not favored by his superiors, due to political enemies made by his brusque and undiplomatic manner, and was shunted aside on the eve of a major battle to guard a minor side tunnel with a mere 50 men. However, it quickly became apparent that his general had been mistaken. An enemy detachment in force was advancing into his path, and would trap Nurad between the hammer and the anvil. Kerkel sent two men to alert the main army and then turned to his men. "When I give the signal, we charge, and no one stops until I say stop." He never said another word to his men again. The counter-attack took the relaxed flankers by storm, and the 50 men stalemated what turned out to be 1000 long enough to ruin their surprise. Ironically, Kerkel was the only one to survive, and he went on to achieve several more victories and a famous legacy.

- Yelsin Rowe: A junior Tripartite member, Yelsin found a proposed bill of metropolis legislation meant for... corrupt purposes that would make it harder to detect and punish embezzlement and abuses by ranking officials. First he voted against it, then launched a tirade filled fillibuster in open debate. Admonished and censured severely, he dared to step out in public and preach to them about the corruption in the Tripartite. This earned him an arrest by no less than one of the Champions of Yugash. Stripped of his rank and facing trial, Yelsin committed suicide, leaving a note that he would never submit to a tainted system. This inspired a great riot on his behalf, which after quelled led the Champion whom arrested him to investigate the situation thoroughly. Dozens of Tripartite members were arrested or executed, and the metropolis went through a period of purging and purification.

Common Factor: Perpetual Gears of Duty has past souls that tend to be individualistic, do not try too hard to get along with others, but also are highly skilled and focused, and do not back down when duty is involved. Duty however has also been interpreted as to the people as well as the nation as a whole, his lives cutting across caste lines.


Inquisitor Ordo Hereticus

  • Caste Attributes: Stamina, Manipulation, Perception

    Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Wits

    Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●●, Perception ●●●●●

    Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●●, Stamina ●●●●●

    Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●●
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