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Fandom Grahamscott - Life is Strange - Advanced Lit

Sub Genres
AU, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life



Basic Information:
╰─❥ fandomLife is Strange꒱​
╰─❥ genre —꒰romance; angst; slowburn꒱​
╰─❥ ship —꒰Grahamscott꒱​
╰─❥ my character —꒰Nathan Prescott꒱​
╰─❥ character needed —꒰Warren Graham꒱
╰─❥ plot —꒰to be defined...꒱
Other Information:

╰─❥ style —꒰advanced literature to novella

╰─❥ replies —꒰be patient and aware that I just came back from hiatus and need a bit time for each reply

╰─❥ age —꒰please be at least 16 years old

╰─❥ form —꒰in DMs or discord

╰─❥ important —꒰I'm looking for a long-term committed partner with whom I can discuss plot as we go! It's very important to me that you don't leave me without notice beforehand and actually commit to writing long-term, instead of just starting and then disappearing
Trigger Warnings:

╰─❥ ꒰heavy themes will occur

—such as...

╰─❥ ꒰depression and other mental disorders

╰─❥ ꒰mentions of suicide

╰─❥ ꒰mentions of alcohol and drug use

╰─❥ ꒰mentions of assault and sexual harassment

╰─❥ ꒰psychological manipulation꒱

╰─❥ ꒰self-harm

╰─❥ ꒰mentions of murder

╰─❥ ꒰possibly others, to be defined...
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