Gracidea Tech [Pokémon Academy RP]

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  1. Taikamodo

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    "Gracidea Academy, a school founded exactly 175 years ago by Kantonian School Teacher and Pokémon Enthusiast, Gray Avery. Gracidea Academy, more commonly known as GA, is an educational facility that instructs young children with hopes of becoming professional Pokémon Trainers, Coordinators, or Breeders, giving them the tools to succeed in their chosen field of study. We offer in-school living quarters, three free meals a day, several extra curricular activities, and a highly qualified staff to ensure the optimal learning environment for students. We have taken an interest in you, and you are formally invited to enroll into one of the most prestigious institutions on the planet. We eagerly await your response, and hope you are honored to be receiving this invitation,


    Principal Rose Thorne"

    The school has four buildings, one large building for classes, and three smaller buildings for each division's dorms. These divisions group together students who are of similar skill, and allow the staff to better educate the students by giving them a rough idea of the student's skill level. There's the bottom level, the Zapdos Division, where all Freshman start off until they prove they deserve higher placement, the intermediate level, the Moltres Division, where students who graduate from Zapdos are placed, and the advanced level, the Articuno Division, where students with the most promise are placed. Students may only move up to the next division during each division's "Divisional Exams", otherwise known as Divisionals.

    Each student's curriculum includes the core classes of Math, Literature, Science, Social Science, and History, along with the three GA core classes of Training, Coordinating, and Breeding. Aside from these are free periods, where students may interact with each other, or go and pursue extracurricular activities, such as sports, art, and music. Students are also encouraged to explore the island our school is situated on, though the rules for exploring must be followed.

    Pokémon Battles and Pokémon Contests may be conducted during Free Periods ONLY. If done outside your period without staff supervision, disciplinary actions will be taken.

    Catching Pokémon on the island is allowed, but all Pokémon captured must be registered and deemed safe by staff before being brought on campus. Capturing may only be done during our weekly "Field Days", all captures done outside them are considered within violation of the school's rules.

    Divisional Identification Bands(DIBs) must be visible at all times.


    Several aspects of the Pokémon World are different from what you're used to.

    For one, Pokémon Trainers are only people who've graduated from a Pokémon Academy of some sort, which is essentially High School. So no 10 year olds are allowed to travel the world.

    Also, there are not Gym Leaders in this Universe. All Trainers may enter their respective Pokémon Regionals, but only the winners of said regionals may enter the Pokémon World Tournament. The Regional and World Festivals function the same for Coordinators.

    Students also have an annual tournament, known as the Junior Cup, where the top students from schools around the world battle it out to determine the best Junior Trainer in the world. The Junior Festival functions the same for Coordinators.

    Also, just an unimportant side note, similar to how in the Games and Manga, characters tend to have names based off colors or minerals or whatever, this Universe's naming scheme for people revolves around the Pokémon Types or words related to them, such as Shade(Dark/Ghost), Blaze(Fire), Rose(Grass), Ocean(Water), Bolt(Electric), etc. Not restricting your own choices, just explaining my own so my names aren't as weird sounding.
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    *slams the "HECK YEAH!!!" button*
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  3. Kylesar1

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    I need a good Pokémon RP to join

    Count me in
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    P O K E M O N

  5. PlaguedWithInsanity

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    I'm also in ^u^
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  7. PunkKat1

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    This sounds amazing. I'm totally in.
  8. PlaguedWithInsanity

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    Aww, I love your signature! My boyfriend got me a shiny female Eevee for my birthday and it was sooooo cute :3
  9. Dai tenshi

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    This sounds interesting. I won't say I am fully committed until I see the finished result. But I will keep my eye on this.
  10. Kylesar1

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    Aww. You're so lucky

    This came from some episode of the Anime. I saw Eevee with that flower crown and I just couldn't resist
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  11. Sunbather

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    I actually really like the premise of a proper Pokemon school. What writing level would you say this RP is gonna be? (How much is minimum length of a post?)
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  12. SomeStupidWords

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    This sounds pretty interesting. I'm wondering if what the restrictions on starting pokemon are, though.
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    I swear to Arceus, my notifications didn't say anyone replied until JUST NOW.

    Thanks notifications, way to go pal.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who wants to join! I'll be making the RP shortly. Aaaaand....

    @Sunbather Uh, i guess about 3-4 sentences. I don't need essays from anyone, but one liners irk me a bit, so 3-4 seems like a good middle ground.

    @SomeStupidWords I'll cover that in the actual RP, but it won't be too restricting, i assure you.
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    Good, because Deino and Mareanie :T

    i need them
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    I'm interested in joining~
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  17. In the words of M.Bison.......
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  18. Saru

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    Interesting concept 
  19. AtlannianSpy

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    Yeah I'd be down.
  20. TPBx


    Yugioh GX meets Pokemon lol. Tempting, but I don't want to be a student. Would rather be a teacher or alumni of some sort.
  21. National

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    Can i still join?
  22. NemoTheSurvivor

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    I'll throw my hat in. Looks like fun.
  23. Coralbee

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    This looks very promising. I'd like to participate if it's not too much trouble. :)  
  24. National

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  25. Taikamodo

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    My apologies, I've been really busy with school related stuff. The RP's up now.
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