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Fantasy Gotta do the casting by the book

MAGNUS THE IMMORTAL, sorcerer extraordinaire and immortal celebrity was actually having something of a relaxing evening before an elf smashed into his dining room table. He had just prepared a roast dinner that he had cooked himself by wand, and was roughly three glasses into a bottle of wine nearly older than himself. "Hmmm... yes, I detect... a grape... taste..." He had wisely mused to himself upon his most recent sip, though once he placed the glass down and brought up his cutlery - he was unfortunately not able to enjoy the roast dinner before him, because it was now on the floor with the rest of the table.

Upon his now-wrecked table was, inexplicably, a panic-stricken elf. Where exactly this elf had come from was not entirely clear, but luckily Magnus was a composed and cool-headed man who responded to the situation appropriately:

"BY THE GODS!" The Immortal Sorcerer yelped as he toppled backwards in his seat, almost immediately splaying across the floor. "W-What's the meaning of this?!" Magnus hastily hoisted up the chair and defensively jabbed its legs in the direction of the elf. "Are you an assassin? How were you able to teleport into a warded room?!"

If this assassin had managed to bypass his defenses, it could only mean one thing. This elf before him had to be one highly trained, elite magic user.



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That was farther from the truth since this elf, whose name was just So'ralias, had no idea what just happened and jolted away from the threatening chair being jammed at her. She puts up her hands and franticly speaks between a strange elvish language to normal elvish and finally, she speaks common. "I- i am so sorry! I did not mean to - to" she has a hysterical look at to what she's about to say, "crash in like this!" The elven woman is shaking from the fact she just bodied a well crafted table and onto various of plating and food, tears brimmed her eyes from the pain as she tried to move up and away from this man before her (and the mess she had created).

"Please don't worry i - i am not here to hurt you and - did you say this was warded?" She asked, looking around. There was no resistance or denial of entry upon the spell, then again she had no idea how she casted it. She said a couple of fumbles of words but, judging from her situation, that wasn't the right spell. "Sir, i am a wizard in training and I may...have gotten... A spell wrong-" her voice goes higher as she laughs off the last part. Her hands were clasped together in front of her lower stomach, her head bowed in shame and nervousness. It was pretty strange for an elf her age to be failing at magic, especially elves from the defect goddess. "I-I'm very sorry," she starts again, avoiding eye contact. "I can fix the table and be on my way if you'll allow it." She ventures, considering she is not only trespassing but is an assumed assassin.

Gods, what did she get herself into?
Magnus the Immortal peered curiously at his uninvited guest over the chair he was still clutching. "You mean to tell me that you, a wizard in training, deceived the archaic wards around this very structure, and teleported yourself into my dining room by accident?" A ruse, perhaps? The girl certainly didn't appear very well equipped to be an assassin, and Magnus was sure that assassins didn't weep on the job. He wasn't entirely sure how to act at all.
For a moment Magnus just stood there, chair raised.

Then he began chuckling.

Soon he was utterly enveloped by a fit of sudden laughter. Magnus set down the chair. "Come, you cannot leave now!" He managed to reserve enough breath between exasperated laughs to keep talking. "After performing such a feat? You must tell me how you managed it! This 'wrong spell' of yours could be worth a fortune!" A wave of his hand and the table began to gradually reassemble itself. "A dark elf wizard, no less! Why you must be from another realm entirely, there's nothing of the sort around these parts." Magnus tried to contain his overflowing intrigue as he frantically pulled up two surviving chairs and poured himself a drink with a shaking hand. "Why, you simply must tell me what happened! What was the original spell? Where exactly are you from? Just who are you?" Magnus paused mid-wine-sip to consider whether the elf came from further away than would be feasible to return to without a way to reverse the apparent spell.


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The accusation made So'ralias look even more ashamed, giving a meek 'yes' in response. She awaited to be thrown into jail or maybe executed - considering her kind has done many terrible things. But the laughter took her by surprise, looking up with eyes wide with confusion. "But sir-" She starts and watches the table mend itself as if it hasn't been broken to pieces just moments ago. There's an expression of fear and realization that she was in a sorcerers home. The elven woman felt embarrassrd as the man went on with his questions, her ears lowering slightly as she seems rather unsure of what to do or how to answer before she perks up again. "Different- realm?" She asks, mild disbelief in her voice. Did she just teleport herself to a different realm? How?

Her ears dropped slightly, her eyes looking down as she seems deep in thought. "I...I am So'ralias- I was in my room, practicing basic teleportation spells - a blink spell," she explains slowly, still standing far away as she can and avoiding looking at the other. "I don't know what went wrong - and i am not sure where i am..." The elf looks up at him slowly, tensing up. "Sir, where am I? Am i able to go home?" She is almost pleading for an yes.
Magnus swirled his wine in its glass. "Home? That may be... uhm, difficult. This the city of Riftos, or more specifically, the Royal Palace of Riftos. I am the King's sorcerer." His throat suddenly became dry, and Magnus quickly drained the remainder of his wine. "Due to... shall we say, recent politics, I'm afraid someone of your... elven complexion may find themselves unwelcome by many throughout the kingdom. To think, if you had teleported into the King's room instead of here, I have no doubt you'd-" Magnus quickly stopped talking and let out a nervous chuckle. "Ah- nevermind, I'm sure everything will be just fine. Just... fine. Just tell me where you came from and I'm sure the spell can be reversed." He tried his best to sound hopeful.



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"Riftos?" She questions, panic slowly sinking in. Riftos was briefly glossed over in one of her books, explaining that Riftos is a forever flourishing kingdom in the realm of the fea. She really is in another realm. Now that she thinks about it, the flow of time felt faster here almost...rampant. She looked down at her hands but failed to notice anything since her eyes blurred with tears. The elf cried as silently as she could, but her quaking voice gave away her distress. "I am going to be stuck here and as a fugitive as well?" She asks, looking up at Magnus.

She doesnt wait for an answer, instead she backs up against the wall and slides down, curling up into a ball. In all honesty, she didnt even want to go back. Her classmates and teachers always sneered in her direction for both her poor spell casting ability and her racial descent. At least here, she was something different, as feared and hated it was. "I don't have a home. Not one I want to go back to." She says, her eyes downcast as she rests her chin on her folded arms. "You can throw me in jail - or whatever the punishment may be." Her voice sounded weak and void of any feeling other than pure doubt and misery. So'ralias had no no where to go, no where to be. A elf like her disappearing wouldn't matter, and it pains her to say that its completely reasonable.
Pins were on the back of Magnus' neck. As if things weren't awkward enough with an elf suddenly smashing into his dining room table in the middle of supper, the same elf was now quietly weeping in the corner. This wasn't quite the relaxing afternoon he had been hoping for.

"Come now, there's- um, no need to panic." Magnus did his best to sound reassuring, which was more or less on the same level of a dentist attempting to calm a child before removing a tooth. After a moment, he took a spot on the floor across from So'ralias. "I for one don't sympathize with the King on this race war he's cooked up, and there's pressure from all over the kingdom for him to give it up. Things are just a little... sensitive right now."

If So'ralias had no desire to return, Magnus was suddenly afflicted with the deliberation of just where she could possibly be safe in Riftos. Nonhumans as a whole got a bad rep all over the city, but a dark elf...

Magnus decided not to mention that jail probably wouldn't be the punishment someone of the King's disposition would settle on.

"Maybe there is a place for you here." Magnus mused, before getting to his feet and hurrying over to his wardrobe to retrieve a marron hooded robe, which he promptly draped over So'ralias' weeping figure. "I can declare you my apprentice! Then the King would have no choice but to spare you." Magnus put a hand on his chin as he marveled at his own ingenious idea.


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The tucked herself tighter into a ball when the man sat next to her, his words rejected with a look of doubt. She didnt watch him get up, but her ears perked a bit higher as he walked away. She listened to his footsteps and jumped when a somewhat heavy material was drapped over her. "W-What?" The elf peered from under the heavy hood.

So'ralias couldn't believe her ears. "Apprentice?" She questions, "How could I- I have no skill in spells and I cannot possibly control magic here if i cannot do so from home!" She says, looking up at him with wide disbelieving eyes. "You shouldn't burden yourself just because of my tears."

"Nonsense! You have just traveled across realms! Not just anyone can pull that off - there's potential in you yet. Why with some training, I'm sure you'd make a fine magic wielder." Magnus looked the girl up and down. "Hm, that hood should serve you well enough as long as no one gets too close, I suppose. There is just one slight complication, in that any apprentice I take has to be presented to the... um, King." He idly adjusted the sleeve of his robe. "This evening you should be safe, but come morning and you're bound to be discovered by a servant. I'm afraid news of a elf slipping past the sentries into the royal palace won't be easily explained away."

How exactly Magnus was to go about presenting So'ralias to the King as his new apprentice and have him willingly accept without revaling her elven heritage, wasn't exactly clear in Magnus' own mind.

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So'ralias had a nervous appearance, her eyes looking towards Magnus with uncertainty. "It is dangerous for you." She says simply. "What do you gain from this - its all too risky with no garentee for a reward." The elf stresses, fearing what the king might do to Magnus should she be introduce to him. She doesnt know too much of Riftos, but with the kings sorcerer speaking of such things, it scares her greatly.

They are both playing a dangerous game that she has gotten them into, making a bout of guild rise in her. "Why do you put yourself at risk for a simple accident that could be nothing more than that?" She questions, brows furrowed with concern. This great sorcerer is extending his hand to her, and she cannot understand why. Practically broke into his home and now endanger him of having an entire kingdom turn on him. As powerful as he is, such a burden shouldnt be placed on their shoulders. Not after working to make a name ans keep a highly regarded position.
"Ha! Do you think I became immortal by simply uttering an incantation from a spellbook one evening? My entire life I have spent learning from others so that I may gain the knowledge to further myself, and in doing so, I have performed favours with no regard to my own personal gain. If I had balked at the first sign of danger at any point in my long career, I would have already been dead for decades now!" Magnus of course threw his hands about dramatically throughout his entire monologue. "I do not question what good it will do me when I aid others, my charity is not repaid by them, but by the Gods themselves - who have blessed me with eternal life."

Magnus appeared to remember the gravity of the situation again and returned to his quiet musing. "Although this is certainly no easy task... but I'm confident that it was the Gods' will to have spirited you here to this precise location, perhaps you have a destiny here yet."


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So'ralias furrowed her brows more, weighing the options. She is given a chance for a small possibility of living and grow to be a wizard she always wanted to be. She stands up slowly, wobbling a little due to the cape being long and holding some weight to it. She held out her hand and smiled through her older tears. "I accept to be your apprentence then, mister..." She blinks, did she ever get the mans name? He did mention he was immortal... And he's human. She tilted her head in question, appearing a bit cute since she looked like a puppy in a large hoodie.

./ this is short again i m sorry! Hopefully after the finalization of their agreement it will be longer!
Self consciously, Magnus rubbed the back of his neck. He was so used to people just knowing his name that he had grown accustomed to forgoing introductions, and quickly realised that this girl he had just offered and apprenticeship to didn't even know who he was.

"Well, now that matter is more or less taken care of, allow me to introduce myself..." Magnus flung his arms out dramatically, flaunting the cape of his merlot robe (and inadvertently knocking over the glass he had set down, which he painstakingly ignored in an attempt to retain theatrics) "I am... MAGNUS THE IMMORTAL! Royal sorcerer and immortal... one. At your service." Once he had concluded his (self-assumed) grand display, Magnus made to offer his new apprentice a celebratory glass of wine.

Or would have, if someone hadn't just knocked at his chamber door.


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The elven woman was a bit taken aback by the grandiose introduction, trying to peer behind him briefly to where the glass had broken. She covers her mouth to stifle a laugh, "ah, well... Its a pleasure, Magnus sir." She greets politely. Her hand extends to accept the glass when she is startled by the knocking of the door, making her look just as panicked as she did before.

So'ralias looks up at Magus for a sign of what to do but then looks around frantically before she decided to settle for hiding behind him, even using his little cape to hide under it. She may have looked silly but she really didnt want to face anyone else right now. The elven woman jumped at a series of knocks at the door again. "Magnus! You better not be drunk off your wine tasting game!" A man shouts through the door. "Hurry up and open up, there's something i need to speak with you about!"
For a moment Magnus simply stood there, quite unprepared for the situation that had very suddenly presented itself to him. So'ralias couldn't have picked a more inconvenient place to hide, but unfortunately there wasn't a considerable amount of time to ponder which wardrobe he could conceivably stuff her into.

"Drunk? What do you take me for!" Magnus' incredulous response was both laced with nervousness and the secret hope that this was, in fact, a drunken hallucination. "Come in! The door's unbolted." As the man entered, Magnus did his best to look casual as he stood completely still in the center of the room for no reason.


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The door swung open and So'ralias was just as still as Magnus, almost holding her breath as she placed her hand on her new mentors back. There's a subtle feeling of her trembling but other than that, its like no one is behind him under his cape. The man who walked in was none other than the human advisor, Nyx Raizel, who deals with many things such as matters the king did not wish to do. It stressed him out tremendously to a point his hair had gone grey even if hes only in his early thirties.

He's just a little shorter than Magnus and dressed less loudly than him, finding that simple is far better since he has to stand next to the king a lot during meetings. His eyes are an bright green and his hair a dark homegrown with silver running through it. A bit of stubble presented on his jaw line but nothing more than allowed in the court. "It took you long enough, Magnus. The king has a sudden fancination with your ma-" The advisor came rushing in with his arms full of papers and other documents that he didnt notice Magnus' strange behavior until he looked at him. "What in gods name are you doing in the corner?" He asks, peering curiously at him. The elven woman gripped a little at his shirt and inwardly panicked.
"Nyx Raizel!" Magnus bellowed with a tight grin on his face, ducking the advisor's question entirely. "To what do I owe this... pleasure." It was an effort to keep his features neutral as So'ralias pressed into his back. Stiffly, Magnus shuffled directly towards Nyx, keeping his legs straight so as not to expose the elven silhouette behind him. "I suppose you have a very important message for me that you have to deliver and be on your way." Working as the King's advisor made Nyx a lot nosier than Magnus cared for, though how exactly he would react if he discovered Magnus had been harboring a dark elf in his room was up in the air.
"You look very healthy by the way." Magnus added in idly. "Not a day over forty."


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The tense demeanor of the sorcerer was quite odd, causing Nyx is eye him and almost pick apart his tension. He doesn't say anything to his idle comments until, "Magnus," He says with a very long pause, eyes intense with suspicion. So'ralias could smite herself right now by how awful Magnus was at keeping cool. He was acting so differently that it hurt her! "Did you do another experiment and get yourself hurt again?" The human asks, scoffing. A rush of relief washes over the elven wizard, resting her forehead against the back of her teacher. "Your freedom disgusts me sometimes- honestly what else could you possibly do aside from play around with -- ah." He suddenly stops his rant and rubs the bridge of his nose. "Nevermind, i didn't come here to rant. The king has grown very weary of the elves and their magic and has requested you come and set up newer and stronger barriers."

The advisor rummaged through some of his papers, nimbly thumbing through them. "Specifically just in his chamber room since he is never quite alone outside of it." Nyx hums, "I think it would be better to just go and pretend you're uping the security." He says with a tired voice. "There's no need to come up with a stronger spell since he already wants it done now." There's a look of irritation on Nyx's face as he says all this. Frankly, he was far too tired and stressed out to even tend to his own needs. If Magnus were to tell him about the elf he's keeping, he could just wave it off as a 'social experiment' or something. If theres anything Nyx doesnt like, its more work. And if he can keep the king off his back for longer than an hour, he would be living life.
"Nyx." Magnus spoke crisp, cleaving the vexed air that Nyx had brought in with him. He had an idea. "There's something you need to see."

In a single move, Magnus vigorously stepped to one side, revealing the dark elven woman who had been concealed behind him.

"BEHOLD!" Magnus threw out his arms in a grand gesture toward his newly-exposed apprentice. "My latest concoction, a glamour spell that can disguise one as a dark elf - a valuable asset to the King's war, I'm sure. What you see before you is the first test on my dear chambermaid. What do you think? Can you even recognize her?"
Magnus knew Nyx wasn't stupid, but he was betting on the advisor's tendency to turn a blind eye to antics that could land him with extra work. Of course, there were a number of holes in the elaborate lie he was spinning: why perform tests on the chambermaid and not the dungeon populace? What was she doing behind him the whole exchange? Why is the dining room table mending itself? - these were all very valid questions that Magnus dutifully ignored in his head.


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Nyx looked at him more clearly, "What?" He raises an eyebrow. He backs up a little since last time it was something very unpleasent. The advisor stayed weary as Magnus took a large step to the side, revealing a dark elf. His eyes widened at the sight of a panicked So'ralias, who stared at him then to the beaming sorcerer, then back.

The dumbfounded expression Nyx gave made during his long pause made the elf fidget with her hands. Nyx was far from stupid and he pieced things together slowly, considering there is a mending table and the fact the 'chamber maid' is in Magnus' cloak. After a few moments, he speaks through a sigh. "Is this a sad attempt to hide an assault?" He asked with a dull tone. "Gods above, Magnus. Why do you never do anything normal." He mutters, "come here, girl. I'll take you back to your room." He says while motioning the elf over. She looks even more terrified, looking back to Magnus.

"I don't-" She starts, but Nyx cuts her off swiftly. "Girl, i assure you whatever he said to you won't matter- since you won't be staying long anyway." It was quite omnious, and by the way Nyx was talking... He knew and was going to promptly get rid of the problem. So'ralias teared up again, looking at Nyx in a remorseful way. "Please don't- I don't want to." She cries, wiping her eyes as she cried. The advisor seemed taken aback by this and looked to Magnus for answers.

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Magnus' eyes spun like the display of a slot machine as he wildly flicked glances between a tearful So'ralias and a suspicious Nyx. Things were going downhill unnervingly quickly, and letting Nyx lead So'ralias through the palace was perhaps the worst possible outcome of the exchange. Nyx had figured something out, Magnus could see it - and it became increasingly clear that perhaps an alternative solution was necessary.

A sudden cold breeze blew through the small space under Magnus' chamber door.

"Maybe that's a good idea." He turned to So'ralias. "You can go with him, don't worry. Everything will be just fine." There was something sinister in his look as he once again regarded the advisor. "Goodbye, Nyx." Magnus stepped over to the door to see him out. When he opened the door for Nyx, however, it wasn't the firelit hallway of the palace that greeted him.

It was the roaring icy winds of a snow-laden forest.

With a single thought, Magnus had transformed the doorway that connected his chambers to the hallway into a doorway that connected his chambers with another point in space entirely. "Ah, this must be your stop." Magnus observed the frozen forest outside with mock curiosity.


everything will be daijoubu
So'ralias would've broke down if she wasn't in such disbelief of the way Magnus was handling this situation. But if she didn't trust him, she might be dead within a few months. Nyx was slowly getting more alarmed by the way Magnus was acting, as spontaneous as this man was. The advisor felt confused and a bit guilty since he had made the women cry somehow, his mouth opened to say something but no words left as he sighed. His eyes followed Magnus to the door and felt a blast of icy winds rush past him and So'ralias. "What- Magnus! Shut the door and stop playing games!"

Nyx is thoroughly freezing now, as is So'ralias who clings to the heavy hooded cape on her shoulders. Was Magnus about to throw him into the snowstorm?! "Master please don't kill anyone!" The woman cried out, mind in horror of how stressful things have gotten. She didnt rven noticed she called him 'master'. Now this, Nyx appeared to be in more clarity of the situation. "You were going to kill me over this?! Just what is going on Magnus! I have no time for this!" He shouts over the blistering cold wind, walking over to slam the door.

He has frost in his hair and clothes that slowly melt, his finger is pointing to Magnus now as he seems to be over this little game of his. "You, Magnus, are an absolute mad man. And I dont care how powerful you are but your jokes are seriously too much for me right now." His voice is low as he continues. "Now, judging from your outrageously over the top way to send me off to meet my mother, that woman over there is not a maid, is she?" Nyx glances over to So'ralias who is shivering still but looking down and away from the two men at the door. He looks back to Magnus and has a intense gaze. "Do i have to explain how tense everything is here?"

The thing about Nyx is that, one, he's and overworked advisor. He doesnt have complete loyalty to the king since he is treated like a scapegoat, which is just plain insulting to him. Second thing, he is smart and cunning. Trying to hide anything as crazy as this will be revealed sooner or later. Besides that, Nyx has balls of steel. Magnus may be powerful, but Nyx is the only one aside from the general who even stands up to him or tell him off. People are afraid of him since he does have tremendous power, but its not like he's still human. "We cannot keep her here, the king won't allow it- and shes a woman! Do you know how scaldous this seems?" The advisor is practically scolding Magnus like a mother would.

So'ralias fidgeted, "Sir, please don't be mad with him. It was me who caused all this..." She speaks up, her lithe frame trembling. Nyx looks over to her with hard green eyes, which makes her weary that she spoke out of turn. "How so? Did you just drop in on his table or something?" He scoffed a dry joke, but when So'ralias seemed to lower her head in embarrassment, he blanked out. The advisor looked between the two and then the table, which is on its few final pieces of being put back together. "By the gods, you are serious." He says, crossing his arms.

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