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Fantasy Got plots?

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural


New Member
You can call me V.
I can write in para, and multi-characters.
Rps that i am interested in include: horror, fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, apocalypse, dystopian, supernatural, adventure, mystery.
I have characters that can be fitted into these categories, or i can create a new one based off an rp idea.
I hate slice of life, strictly romance, and fandoms.
I have no finished plot. So if you have plots i have characters. Im looking for someone of equal footing for writing, and who has rps they could use me to fill.
So, if you have ideas or plots planned throw em at me.,


Top of the mornin'
I have lots of plots. It depends on what you want...I don't like slice of life either, and I have some plots with slight romance...

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