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Realistic or Modern Goodnight Moon - A Werewolf/Vampire RP ~In-Character Thread~



Lazy Waste of Oxygen
Two Nights Prior,


A heavy rain fell in the southern parts of town where the Raven was on the hunt. Well, perhaps hunt was the wrong term. She'd laid a trap, and was lying in wait for someone to take the bait. A local college girl with little to do and a need for money to pay off student loan debt, and a little of the Raven's own money. A simple trap, and risky, but effective as all hell. The general idea of the trap was simple. The Raven discreetly pays someone of relatively small stature and non-intimidating appearance to walk around a certain area in a 'hot spot' for monster activity. Years of study had told her that such targets were the preferred of any monster, simply because they were easy, although there was some variation. Vampires preferred vulnerable prey, and although high-ranking and elder vampires would have blood brought to them, the youngest of any vampiric bloodline, or a newly converted vampire would be active, trying to make their own kills, experience the strength of their new dark powers. Werewolves were more likely to target larger, dominant appearing individuals, as werewolves seem to be largely territorial and view such people as threats, at least those who haven't gotten smart enough to blend in properly. Only the younger monsters of both kinds fell for this sort of trap, but it tended to be the youngest who committed the most violent acts, after all.

Usually, it involved sadistic fantasy, and a violent, messy killing for the unfortunate victim, but the Raven had this girl's back. After all, she was watching from the roof top of a nearby building, palms to the roof as she watched the woman walk, rain gently falling on her cloak, her hand clenched around the hilt of her curved hunting blade as she watched the woman move. Her instructions had been clear, to walk, three times, clockwise around the block, and to wear something that revealed the neck. She was given a can of pepper spray by the Raven as reassurance that she would be fine, as well as the Raven's own protection. She just had to unwittingly be bait. Of course, she wasn't told any of this, told that it was part of the university's sociology department doing an experiment on how safe people felt walking around at night in the community they lived in, all that nonsense. The rattling off a few made up names and a bit of money usually soothed any doubts. And besides, she hadn't lost one bait yet.

It took twenty minutes and two rounds for a response, and the Raven tensed up. A figure emerged from some night club, clad in a dark outfit. A coat, and dress shoes. He wasn't a mugger or normal criminal judging by the attire, and his hands were at his sides, meaning he likely carried no weapon. The unbridled arrogance of his step told her quite a bit as well, she'd seen it many times before. Typical, the Huntress thought to herself, beginning to move forward, creeping towards the edge of the building. He was most likely a vampire. Young, and looking to prove himself to the new, arrogant secret society he'd joined. Either naturally snobby, or looking to make up for something with his actions. Easy prey, he wouldn't see the Raven coming.

The man moved with a quick stride, catching up with the woman, the loud clack of his dress shoes on the pavement getting the student's attention. She began to move faster, and he moved to give chase, only speeding up to a fast walk as the Raven's feet touched the pavement, and she broke into a sprint, her long, curved blades freed from their sheaths. The rainfall was too loud, and his senses too dull to have heard the Raven coming, and as the young woman turned to fearfully look over her shoulder again, she was alone once more.

The vampire landed in a graceless heap in the alleyway, scrambling back to his feet as the rainwater soaked his fancy clothing. He opened his mouth, pointed fangs gleaming with the distant light of neon street signs. Only a few, insignificant words left his mouth, before he saw the Raven truly, and if vampires could pale, he would have. His arrogant sniveling turned to pleading as the Hunter moved forward, the two blades at her sides. For a moment, she thought he would merely curl up and beg for mercy, but that desperate, animal gleam in his eyes dark eyes betrayed his intentions. The Raven shifted to the side, heels turning upon the wet concrete as the vampire lunged past her, earning a deep cut across his ribs for the attempt. The cut wasn't meant to kill him, of course, only to make him bleed, to make him reckless in his pain.

He turned, swiping at her with his right hand, the fingernails sharpened into some sort of claw. His strike met only the Raven's blade, the clash and its sparks provided just enough light to see his face, a sort of realization dawning on him. The Raven's other blade sliced through his forearm, his right hand falling to the ground as he reeled back in agony, clutching his stump, hissing at her.

The vampire began to speak, cursing the Raven, wishing her a thousand painful deaths, and echoing that same, hollow threat: "My Clan will avenge me."

Beneath the mask, the Raven only grinned that warped grin, and shook its head, striding forward with the practiced, measured stride of someone with all the time in the world, before she finally gave her answer in that low, rasping voice. "I don't think they will."

The Vampire lunged once more, swinging its claws and snarling at her, its superhuman durability keeping it standing. The Raven weaved between its strikes, all too clumsy to be of threat. Vampires were stronger and faster than humans, but new bloods never wielded that strength properly. They could have all the strength and speed in the world, but with no technique behind it, they were nothing. The creature threw itself forward in an attempt to get past the Raven and out of the alleyway, its confidence finally shattering, only to catch the Raven's outstretched foot. The Vampire's face smacked the pavement with the sort of soft, fleshy crack that signified a broken nose. The pathetic creature of the night began to crawl forward, whimpering,sobbing, and bleeding as the Raven sheathed its blades. The hunter reached down to its side, gloved fingers brushing up against the worn grip of a trusted revolver, and slid the weapon from its holster. It was only a slight motion to pull back the hammer and hear that click, and just one more to put an hole the size of a quarter in the back of the vampire's skull.

The next morning, his fellow leeches found his corpse there still, an Iron Raven clutched between his bloodied teeth.


Definitely a Wine Aunt

Katarina Volkov
Location: Lupa's Bar
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As much as Katarina loved alcohol, sometimes she absolutely despised being a bartender. She's generally a kind person, and doesn't mind listening to other people vent. But the thing about wolves is that they drink until they can't. And wolves are very sloppy drunks, like frat bros who made too much jungle juice but have to drink it all because they spent good money on that booze. Kat cringed at the image, suddenly very happy that she never went to college.

"Hey, bartender," someone called, banging their empty glass so hard on the bar top, Kat was surprised it didn't shatter. She turned to find a fang on the other side of the bar, staring at her condescendingly. Kat was used to the wolves at the bar checking her out, asking for her number, and showering her with pathetically creepy comments. But at least they tipped well. The vampires were apparently pompous assholes who treated her like a servant instead of person. Narrowing her eyes at the vampire, Kat walked over to him and said bitterly, "Yes, what can I get you?"

"Can I-" the vampire began, but was cut off by Katarina slamming a sturdy pilsner glass on the counter. The vampire's eyes widened in surprise as he flinched back a bit. "Is that annoying?" Kat said before slamming the glass down again, a spiderweb crack splintering up one side. "Is that rude?" The vampire's jaw dropped, apparently rendered speechless. Kat crossed her arms over her chest and shot him a glare that could stop Medusa in her tracks. The vampire turned and left without another word. Kat smirked and moved on to the next patron.

The bar had gotten loud and busy, the sound of steady classic rock, clacking pool balls, and chatter filling her ears. By the time Kat had to make a sixth Bloody Mary for a vampire who was far more entertained by his own stupid pun than she was yet still kept it under wraps because there were humans in the room, and Kat was losing her patience. The scent of blood was stressing her out, reminding her of darker times, and these vamps were far less than courteous about her heightened wolf senses.

She whirled on the vampire and slammed his drink down on the bar. "I get it. I'm laughing so hard. Can you leave now?" Frowning, the vampire turned and walked away. Finally, Kat had a moment to breathe, and she definitely needed more booze in her system if she was going to survive the night. She poured herself a rather large shot of the expensive vodka and glanced around the bar. So far, things seemed to be going well. It was a busy night, and the other bartender seemed intensely overwhelmed, which was entertaining. So at least there was that.

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Definitely a Wine Aunt

Leonardo Beaumont
Location: Lupa's Bar
Mentions: Katarina
Interactions: Open

Leo watched his scenic surroundings speed by out the window of the luxury sedan. He couldn't deny that Moonlight was a beautiful town with many gorgeous views. It could never compare to his coastal home in France, but appreciated the sights nonetheless. He missed France, and often thought about returning. But something about going back to the place he saw his parents beheaded didn't seem like a good idea. Especially since industrialization has probably covered the land with streets, subways, and Starbucks.

"We're here, sir," a rough, yet still gentle voice drifted into his thoughts. Leo's head shot up, meeting the gaze of the human chauffeur in the driver's seat of the luxury sedan. The man was older, with salt and pepper hair cut relatively short, and a graying mustache. He had wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, and age spots on his hands. The old man had been driving Leo around for some time now, completely oblivious to the bloody secret he held.

Glancing out the window at the hole-in-the-wall bar, already appearing to be a bit crowded with people, Leo couldn't help but grin. Scratch what he had thought earlier. This would definitely be a meeting he could enjoy. He could faintly hear the sound of music along with idle chatter drift from inside the establishment. It had been a while since he had any social interaction outside of the vampires. Maybe he could make some new friends here too, knowing the bar was open to vampires, werewolves, and humans.

"Thanks, Gerald," Leo said as he slid from the smooth leather seats to his feet in the parking lot of the bar. Shutting the door behind him, Leonardo took a second to take in the people milling about outside. A few were definitely werewolves, some vampires, and he smell a few humans. Without waiting any longer, Leo confidently walked into the bar, immediately greeted by classic rock and the sharp scent of booze. He began to move through the crowd in the direction of the scent, popping down on a stool towards the far end of the wooden counter. Waving to the brunette behind the bar, and recognizing her as the Selene Pack's delta, Leo ordered himself a scotch.

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Asher Wild had an interest in humans and their human things, but he did not have an interest in doing such human things. He did not go to bars and drink with things like friends, nor did he get himself so intoxicated that he couldn't walk straight. That seemed to be the goal for just about everyone else here. The moment he slid through the door, noise reached his ears, and his eyes, covered by a pair of dark sunglasses, scoured the room. It was decently loud, and there was music playing that some humans might deem to be old. Voices blurred together in the back of his mind, but he didn't try to filter them into coherent sentences and conversations. His attention was elsewhere.

A fellow clan member was here, Beaumont, but, aside from a spared glance and a quick tilt of his head, he was otherwise ignored. His eyes were focused on the bar, instead. There was a woman bartender there - wolf, his mind provided - and Asher watched from afar to determine if he should move in or not. For the time being, he leaned up against the wall near the entrance to watch. A vampire, one he did not know and did not care to, moved up to the bar and the woman, slamming his glass on the counter with some kind of greeting (not that that's what he would call it). Asher cocked an eyebrow up at that, black-and-white eyes glancing over to the woman to watch for her reaction.

She did not disappoint.

She interrupted the vampire by slamming her own glass down, and then doing it again, emphasized with words. The offending vampire, clearly shaken, left not long after. Asher was genuinely amused by the end of it, lips quirking up on one side of his mouth before slipping back down into the impassive mask he was wearing when he walked inside.

The woman seemed to slowly lose her composure over the next few customers (much to Asher's own delight), because when the last one left, after she not so politely gave the vampire his drink, she poured something for herself.

Having made up his mind, Asher strode to the bar and slid down into a seat (away from the others, mind you) with all the grace of a jungle cat. The vampire rested an elbow on the bar top and propped his chin up with the palm of one pale hand, fingers curling over his cheek. The other tapped against the counter, black nails clicking on the hard surface in no particular pattern. He eyed the werewolf for a moment before giving her a crooked grin that only just revealed dark gums and pointed teeth.

"Hello, love," he purred, meeting her eyes behind the sunglasses that covered his own. "Hard day at work?"

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Korrigan Rossi

wearing: x
Location: lupa's bar| Interacting with: open | Mentions: @MadiRaiCat (leo)

Korrigan was quite sad to have missed the festival, but alas, she had to work that entire weekend. Well, at least she made a good amount of money from the local cafe. It was worth it, right? Probably not. She would have rather been chilling at the festival, eating nasty food and riding the ferris wheel. It would've been the perfect time to get rid of the pesky writer's block she had going on. Oh well, maybe tonight she could.

Having a free day from both work and the university she was studying music at, Korrigan wanted to enjoy her day. Refreshed after sleeping twelve hours, Korrigan felt like she could take over the town. "What's the best way to get rid of writer's block?" she thought, "Alcohol."

The Italian slipped onto a random black shirt, black skinny jeans, black vans, and an oversized jean jacket as well as simply brushing her short blue hair. She missed having long hair, but Korrigan's hair was dying so she had either the choice to cut it and keep her iconic blue hair or let her natural colour grow it. Korrigan despised purses and tried to fit everything into her pockets. She grabbed her phone, which also acted as a wallet, and grabbed the lanyard that held both her house keys and car keys. Korrigan had a car but hated driving it. Gas was too damn expensive, especially for a college student. The bar she wanted to try was close enough to walk anyway. One of her friends had recommended a bar and today was perfect to try one.

Walking to the bar was relaxing. As far as she was aware, the town never suffered from crimes and believed it was safe to walk its streets, whatever the time. As she entered the bar, Korrigan glanced around the place. The bar was cute and definitely had a unique charm with the classic rock playing and - was it her or did the atmosphere feel tense? She shrugged and headed towards the counter where she witnessed an angry bartender.

She might as well ask someone for recommendations. Korrigan was most definitely not a shy person; she enjoyed to talk to people and make friends everywhere, including when she goes to the public bathroom. Talking to people also helped getting rid of writer's block. She sat next to a random dude. "What's good here?"
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Eric 'Abel' Black
Location: Pier - > Lupa's Bar
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Interactions: Celestine| Kat | Korrigan | Nearby patrons at the bar (Open)
Tags: @Brookflower @MadiRaiCat @best gril

Festival Night
Truthfully, confrontation wouldn't be nearly as fun if it was one sided. So when Celestine began her own verbal jabbing he was more than happy to let her talk. For Eric talking shit was akin to degenerate poetry. It could be dramatic or subtle and sometimes the most impactful message was the one that wasn't spoken out loud. Like her jabbing a finger into his goddamn chest. Needless to say he didn't like that and his silent response was simple enough. He had half the mind to parrot out a quick 'don't you touch me or I'll bite off your ears!' but that would be petty of him wouldn't it? Eric's simple movements didn't hold any emphasis or hesitation but could be best decribed as casually disrespectful. Taking his cigarette from his mouth and ashing the end with a quick tap just over her hand before putting it back between his lips. He didn't want to be rude and interrupt but passing up the opportunity to extend the most sincere 'fuck you' wasn't on his agenda either.

It didn't need to be ashed yet. He knew this, she knew this, the cigarette knew this.

"Wow." he chortled before letting the word hang in the air for a moment.

"Are you actually this dense or are you just being funny?" he questioned her; failing to stifle the beginning of grin, "Like 'Haha' funny."

Surprisingly enough he'd take the first step back and break the point of contact between the two.

"You fail to see how that could be my concern, huh. That is pretty short sighted of you don't you think?"

His shoulders lifted in a tense, jaded shrug of a motion. "So what, you're just gonna settle down and play at being a doctor? You got your loner life all planned out fuck everybody else, yeah? That is actually adorable in an ignorant kind of way." he smoothly lashed out with a crinkle of his nose. Sure he could control the volume but the obvious tone of irritation rang true in his words. He wasn't boiling near the surface but it would be safe to say Eric was known for being hard to get along with on his good days. He'd like to believe he just had that charm that made others contemplate the morality of murder sometimes. Though he seemed to catch himself trailing down the lecture road and quickly raised his hands up in a tense, but playful gesture. "Listen, listen, listen." he quickly added as if to cushion the edge of his last shitty remarks.

"Honestly, I thought you bumped into me on purpose. It just didn't pass my mind that you were so oblivious that you couldn't pay attention to where you were going. Who would'a thunk?"
Later that night
She ruined his night. Instead of partaking in the beauty of light-hearted criminal mischief, leaving nails beneath the tires of cheery festival goers, he got sidetracked arguing. The fireworks were wrapping up and he was on his way home in a hurry.

Even with tempers between him and Celestine brewing that night Eric wouldn't have considered it the worst festival he had ever been to. With the way the world was he tried to cherish the little things more than anything else, even if the little things consisted of petty fights and black eyes. Tomorrow was never a guarantee.

That should've been the end of his night. He wished that was the end of the night. Thankfully he had a variety of places to crash but nothing could ever replace home. Eric's home wasn't much at first glance but it was his and it was loved it. A run-down dump of a trailer you could find hiding in the Northern territories treeline. Without a doubt his small little home was far from regulation. The porch steps were rotted out, the front screen didn't close and the door behind that was always a struggle to open without some elbow grease. One narrow window had been smashed out long ago probably after a failed attempt to negotiate with the front door but there was also a decent sized entry straight through the metal of the ceiling for who knows why. Needless to say the interior wasn't much better.

Trash. Junk. Dirty dishes. Empty Fridge. Drugs.

His own personal haven of chaos hidden behind one persistently troubling door. He managed to get inside the den, slipping from his jacket and shoes and leaving them where they fell amongst the array of other dirty clothing. He carelessly thudded into his bed with a quick flinch as something sharp jabbed into his side.

He fished around the blankets before finding the offending wooden container he had left on the bed.

He chucked it somewhere and slouched back into his bed. The rare hum of phones vibrating from a makeshift nightstand nearby alerted him to the incoming text messages. He had a few different phone numbers; one for business, one for pleasure and the other for family matters. Like most nights he'd handle business in the morning, probably.
Three days later
Death hovered over the territories like a thick fog. While the world kept spinning, for those unaware, it remained a simple reminder of how truly unfair a hunter's justice really was. They would be punished by their worldly peers for being a little different. Who was the savage truly; the hunter or the dog?

Today was the day though.

Between his job at the casino and his freelance work Eric tried to keep busy. Making his best effort to stay distracted until he had a plan of defense for the more recent stupidity that had squeezed into the pack's streets. The meeting that was planned was inevitable. Eric's phone buzzed with a time, location, and date only a couple days prior from Nyaja and he knew better than to run late.

On any other occasion Lupa's Bar would've been one of his favored hangouts but today wouldn't be nearly as kind. The stench of their blood sucking, bar 'buddies' was more than evident to the Beta even behind the wafts of booze and smoke. Kat was already setting folks straight at the bar as Eric let the door swing shut behind him. He waded smoothly through the tension to steal a seat by the bar that landed him on the opposite side of Korrigan.

The noisy melody of patrons was hard for Eric to tune into but at least one question caught his attention.

'What's good here?'

"Booze." he piped up without missing a beat with his less than helpful comment. He thought he was at least a little funny. Maybe.

He'd nod his head at his favorite Bartender while she worked, knowing better than to pester before he got his booze. At least he made it to the bar a little early. He would wait for Nyaja before moving on but for now he might as well get comfortable.



Io Polaris | The Regent
"Where's the doctor? Get the room open! Patient is going into shock!"

Frantic yells echoed and chaos ensued as doors continued to open and close in front of the trauma hospital wing. Ventilators. The taste of iron. Blood. Everywhere.

Drip Drip.

The small dip in the water caused small, swirling motions forming a minuscule typhoon in the dispenser as it mesmerised her. She stared blankly ahead watching as the water poured out and into a cup. She didn't take note of all the silhouettes around her, images being distorted into one big blur. Everything was sound out, muted, as if she couldn’t hear coherently as just muffled voices came in one ear and out the other while warped visuals in front of her continued. It was only when she felt a small tap and a light shake of her shoulders did she come out of her reverie.

“Nurse Polaris? Are you alright? You’re looking a little bit . . . paler. . if that’s even possible.”

“Oh. . . my, yes, my apologies. Was there an inquiry? I was a little bit -“

“Distracted?” The nurse smiled, a small chuckle escaping her lips. “Don’t worry about it. We’re colleagues, don’t need to be so formal.” She playfully commented, gently pushing Io’s shoulders. “It’s been a long few days and with the recent . . . patients, no one will blame you for that.”

Her brows lifted in slight surprise as Io blinked back the surprise before her lips formed a thin smile. “Thank you, Nurse Hopper. No, everything is . . fine.”

Not believing her, Nurse Hopper continued, “As a fellow nurse, I can’t let you slide. I can smell a lie from a mile away! You stay here. I’ll take your shift. It’s in a minute, right? No ands, ifs, and but. I won’t have you passing out on my watch! So, rest. Now.”

Another surprise came her way and Io could only stare at the younger woman in awe and amazement. A small smile made its way towards her lips once more as she gently placed a hand by her lips, covering a small amuse laugh. Oh, she reminded her of herself, once upon a time. Was she like this towards Kasra? But, what caught her attention were Nurse Hopper’s choice of words. Her? Faint? Is that possible for an Old One like her? Perhaps she yearned for a tear to fall but the emotions swirling inside were enhanced more than she liked. But, feeling faint didn’t cross her mind, at least, for a vampire.

Shuffling towards Io, Nurse Hopper attempted to drag Io along, not allowing any protest. Deciding to help her, Io leaned slightly in her small stature, moving from her position as Nurse Hopper wanted her to sit down on a lounge chair in the break room. With a wave and a stern look for Io to unwind, Io raised a hand in surrender, quietly laughing at the scene as she nodded in reassurance towards the other nurse.

Once Nurse Hopper left her to rest, Io internally sighed, staring blankly ahead once more. Closing her eyes, Io leaned back against the cushion as she absentmindedly massaged her shoulders and moved her neck from side-to-side, getting rid of the tension.

"Would it matter if I said no?"

Soft whispers echoed in her ears as a slight shiver went down her spine, an involuntary action. For a moment, she remembered his warmth against her frame, an odd, dulling sensation she never believed she'd be able to feel again. But, it was comforting, for just one night, to let go, to walk among the living as if they were renewed, the same as humans. The heritage fesitval was surprising, things took a turn for the better - peaceful, calming even. Whether it was genuine or for show, she never questioned it, fully knowing she didn't want to know the hidden answers behind both of their actions. Io wasn't uncomfortable, despite the blaring height difference between them, no, it felt right. It didn't make sense.

However, her brows knitted together, remembering the argument the two shared. It was a but a fleeting moment, one that disappeared within a blink of an eye. Eadwine came to them in the wee hours of the morning, returning to the mansion. There was no use. It was wrong for her to let her guard down. Wrong move. A bubbling sensation of anger rumbled in the pit of her stomach as Eadwine relived his nightmare. No one expected such a quick and risky attack.

Corpse left and right. Hidden away and burned. The smell of soot and flesh still burned her nostrils.

But, it was only the beginning.

Within the next three days after the Heritage Festival, the attacks became more prevalent. Suspicions raised. Hands blamed. Io couldn't fathom what was happening, but, she knew she and Kasra had to act fast. Between bringing blood bags for her kin, working at the hospital, and quietly arriving on the scene of the murders, Io's head was spinning. It didn't help that Kasra didn't give much of an input whenever she needed his opinions. It was just like him to act in such a manner.

The wolves were restless. The vampires were ready for killing. But, most of all, Io was beginning to feel herself become ripped apart, hating the fact that she couldn't protect her coven. Hidden truths. She worried relentlessly. If it came down to it, Io wasn't sure whether she wanted an all-out war to break out. They'd fight to the death and thats what concerned her the most.

If she could take out her own heart, feed it to the wolves, she would. But, seeing Eadwine that night only made her internally fear what would happen if the attacks continue. If Kasra moved, it was the end.

Buzz! Buzz!

Opening her eyes, Io looked down, a small hiss escaped her lips as she looked at the cellular device she kept on her in case of emergencies. Technology changed within generations but, it didn't mean she followed with the times. As she flipped the phone, a message blared at the screen, catching her attention as she narrowed her eyes. Alpha Nyaja of Selene A reminder of the meeting between the two differing clan. Io could only internally sigh, reminding herself that a compromise was made: the wolves wanted her kin to step into their Northern territory. Was there still a truce or would she have to worry about a trap awaiting them?

Although she had spoken to the young Alpha of the wolf pack briefly in their spontaneous encounters, Io still didn't want to act unless it was necessary. But, it seems a risk must be taken and Io would have never complied or allowed the wolves entertainment of potentially commanding them or harming her kin. To fight or flight? Were they their enemies or was it another greater unknown? Io hated not knowing.

It was time.

Dialing Kasra's number, she could only hope he picked up the phone.

"Kasra, when you get this message, I do hope you are on your way to Lupa's Bar in North Moonlight. We shouldn't be late. If Eadwine is with you, we should have him arrive to the meeting. He's the only one who . . . has seen one of the perpetrators. Come." She paused for a moment and in a low whisper, she took a deep breath, "Please." And at that, she hung up.

Without a word, Io got up from the lounge chair, leaving the hospital as she clocked out.

Cars. Absolutely hated the contraption. But, it would look off if she walked to the bar late at night. Nevertheless, the smell of musk and dried blood filled her nostrils. Her nose scrunched up as the different scents intoxicated her senses. It wasn't a pleasant smell, but she could make-do with the fumes. With a deep breath, Io opened the door, entering the wolf's den.

Io scanned her surroundings, taking note of the different furniture and various aroma once more, not sure whether she appreciated it or it reminded her of an odd familiar sensation. However, as she glided into the bar, fully noting that her arrival caused some raised brows. Io never turned her head to pay mind to those inside, only taking notice that some of her coven were surrounding the bar, mingling with humans and wolves alike. A small smile made its way towards her lips as she slowly approached, her small stature walking with ease and less intensity. Though, seeing that the Beta was also waiting for his Alpha, Io was intrigued. How similar.

"I hope these boys," Io started, referring to her kin, "aren't giving you too much of a hard time?" She rhetorically asked before looking towards the rest of those at the bar, her crystal blue eyes finding it's way towards the pile of darts on the counter. Gently taking them in her fingers, Io hummed softly before asking around politely, excusing herself in the conversation, "Would anyone be interested in playing?"

with: Leo and Kat [ @MadiRaiCat ] , Eric [ @Azure-Smiley ] , Korrigan [ @best gril ] , Asher [ @Touya ] || mentions: Kasra [ @Cosmo ] , Eadwine [ @xXDADDYHUNTER69Xx ] , Nyaja [ @Cecilia ]|| location: Hospital - Lupa's Bar || mood: "let's all be civil"
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Katarina Volkov
Location: Lupa's Bar
Mentions: Leonardo, Eric (@Azure-Smiley)
Interactions: Asher (@Touya)

Katarina looked around the bar for a moment, noticing how packed and busy it had gotten in the short amount of time she had been working that night. On most nights, there would only be one bartender on staff. But in preparation for the meeting, Lupa's had decided to make sure two bartenders were on duty. Given the crowd, Katarina still didn't think that was enough. Sighing, Katarina pour a double shot of the same vodka into a high ball glass, knocking the clear liquid back without so much as a wince. As an Australian-born Russian, Katarina was fully able to hold her liquor. She put the empty glass underneath the back bar, no doubt going to need it again before the night was over.

Eric joined the bar not too much later. Kat quickly made him his usual, and slid it down the bar to him. Down the bar a bit, another vampire casually raised his fingers to signal her. He mouthed scotch, and Kat nodded, spinning around to pour his drink. Most vampires were not hard on cash, so she grabbed the highest quality bottle of scotch that Lupa's carried, and poured it neat into a glass. Kat expertly slid the glass down the bar directly into the vampire's waiting hand. He nods his thanks and takes a sip before turning and talking to a human girl next to him. At least not all vampires were as obnoxious and annoying as the ones she had served before.

"Hello, love," a voice began from behind her, "Hard day at work?" Maybe she spoke too soon. Kat turned to face the voice, finding another vampire she didn't recognize sitting at the bar a bit away from the other people in the bar. He tapped his fingernails against the bar, flaunting porcelain skin, sharp teeth, and sharp features. His eyes caught her a bit off-guard, finding no color there. He seemed intrigued and curious, but not annoying or obnoxious. Yet. Kat walked over to him, a bit curious herself. "Not necessarily hard," she responded, shrugging her shoulders with a smirk. "Irritating would be a bit more precise. Can I get you something to drink? Though if you also say a Bloody Mary, I may have to break a bottle of vodka over your head."

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Leonardo Beaumont
Location: Lupa's Bar
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Leo grinned as the glass of scotch slid smoothly into his hand. He had to admit, that bartender was pretty decent. The glass didn't even spill a drop. Leo sipped on the scotch, cringing slightly at the bitter taste of alcohol. It was smooth and smoky, definitely expensive. But not exactly Leo's favorite drink in the world. Nevertheless, he was going to pay for it and therefore should probably finish it. Leo took another drink as a girl with bright blue hair sat down beside him. She was definitely human, and appeared to be a bit flustered. He wasn't quite sure why, and wanted to ask. But before he could do so, she asked, "What's good here?"

Leo glanced down at the glass of scotch. Since she was human, and appeared to be fairly young, Leo could only assume she probably wouldn't like it. Because he was a vampire, he couldn't say he had spent enough time in the werewolf bar to know what was and wasn't good. Thankfully, the Beta of the Selene pack sat down on the girl's other side. While his suggestion was simple, Leo probably didn't have one that was any better. Smiling lightly at the girl, Leo shrugged his shoulders and nodded towards Eric. "He would probably know better than me. But yeah, I hear the bartenders here are pretty talented. So, a cocktail would probably be your best bet," Leo responded, taking another sip of his scotch. He then added, "I'm Leo, by the way. Nice to meet you."

It was then that Leo noticed a petite blonde enter the bar. She had flowing blonde hair and striking blue eyes, causing Leo to immediately spin around and look away from her. She bore such as resemblance to her that Leo's heart began to race. It couldn't be her right? Leo glanced back over his shoulder at the blonde vampire again before turning around and taking a large drink from the scotch. She looked like her, sounded like her, walked and talked like her. Leo could barely believe it. He couldn't deal with the rush of emotions right then, not when his people, friends were dying. Finishing the glass, Leo decided to ignore the memories and focus on the task at hand: meeting with the wolves and discussing the recent increase in supernatural deaths.



Halloweentown Resident

Morgan Ciar

Location: The bar

Scenario: Time out

With: Io

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"Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.”

For Morgan there was never a bad time to drink. Or at least, that's what she told herself to reason with her tippler lifestyle. The bar was a common location for her to ease her troubles after an unpleasant call with her father over the sudden "excitement" hitting Moonlight. He was angry with her; it seemed like he was always angry recently. She couldn't catch a break. She couldn't do anything right and so she learned to just suffer in silence through his endless barrages as he questioned (and insulted) her: Why hadn't she been keeping tabs on new arrivals in the town, why hadn't she investigated the supes to see if they were getting ballsy, why hadn't she done anything except go to a goddamn festival and neglect all of her training? She had no answers to his questions and so he ended the call with a clipped, 'You're the successor for the family business whether you like it or not, so either act like it and grow up or you run away and get yourself turned like your brother.' It hurt. A lot, but in a sort of way, Morgan felt relief. She was relieved that her father had the ended the call when he did rather than forcing her to struggle with some response to his anger and make the interaction even more painful; extended interactions with her father were always painful even when he wasn't tearing her a new one. He was just an unpleasant man to be around.

Mr. Ciar was the type of man who would drive a person, without a smidge of shame, to make a hasty excuse about having explosive diarrhea to escape his presence. The thought made Morgan snort lightly in amusement as the spirits finally working their way through her system.

She wasn't drunk. It was too early and too messy to be drunk, and getting shitfaced was never the plan from the start. Heading over to the bar and having two drinks or so was the quickest to loosen up without crossing paths with her family. Her dad would be waiting for her and routinely checking all of her typical spots for a confrontation —he was never satisfied with an angry phone call, he preferred to spew his disappointments face-to-face. In moments like this, the bar was her quickest escape because her father despised them. He wouldn't come in unless it was for a job.

Avoiding her father was like a perpetual game of tag and the bar was home base.

With a lazy roll of her shoulders, Morgan pushed away from the bar counter and made to exit the building, but stopped short as a blonde "young" woman entered through the door. Morgan recognized her within an instant as one of the members of the vampire clan; it wasn't anything special to see the vamp enter when she there had been supernaturals filing in rather large quantities since she'd planted herself in a seat. She recognized the majority or them and no doubt they'd recognized her. But with the numbers accumulating in the bar, it was clear she posted no threat and so Morgan decided that whatever they had gathered for was not her problem -knowing her parents, they probably already and would debrief her when she finally showed her face around the Ciar Manor. This particular vampire, though, she actually remembered aside from her supernatural tells of pale skin and bright eyes, she'd become some sort of guardian or mentor for her brother. She didn't know her name (she didn't know most of the supes names, it was best to stay as impersonal as possible unless they were in charge) but as the asked if someone wanted to join her in a game darts, Morgan decided that now was the best time to ask... Alongside other things.

"I'll join, although I may not stand a chance even with my keen eyes," Morgan mused walking over to the vampire's side. "Should be fun, though."

So long as people keep their heads on...




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【 you messed with the wrong wolf 】
In the span of time following the festival, Nyaja Cooper's life went from hectic to chaotic. Werewolves and Vampires seemed to drop like flies around her, and she was steadily growing more and more irritable. She stopped spending time with her pack and spent more time between her office and the more covert workings of the pack. Anything to stay productive and not go on a rampage to revenge her fallen family. Quite often one could find her on the phone with allied alphas from other packs, or even with the vampires in town. When she was finally able to nail out a time and a place to meet with Kasra and Io, she was more than ready to spill more blood. However, she channeled that anger into determination instead and made the summons to her pack and especially her beta Eric.

The day of the fated meeting came about with the young alpha eager to get the ball rolling and figure out just who was murdering the supernatural in Moonlight. Nyaja spent the time before she absolutely had to be out the door and on her way to Lupa's Bar steeling her determination and letting out a bit of her anger in the pack house gym. She didn't need to walk into the bar pissed off. That would only end horribly, especially with the presence of more vampires than usual. After working out for a while, she resorted to baking. Maybe it'd lighten the mood a little if there was something sweet around. On a last minute whim, she sent a text off to Elijah, the pack's treasurer. "Lupa's Bar. You better be there today." was all she wrote, short, simple but to the point. She had a feeling she'd be in need of both of her best guys, along with the delta, at some point. She didn't bother messaging Kat though, as the girl was more than likely already there. As time drew closer, she dressed in leather and combat boots and headed out the door with a cup of hot chocolate--not coffee--in one hand and a basket of freshly baked strawberry cheesecake cookies in the other.

It didn't surprise Nyaja at all when she entered the bar that it was already bustling with activity. Wolves, humans, and Vampires alike all filled the space. Her 5'3'' self set a course straight for the bar, not caring about any looks she was receiving. People either got out of her way, or she moved them forcibly. Upon reaching the bar, she made a bee-line over to where Kat seemed to be in conversation with a guy--one of the vampires. She didn't know the mans name, nor did she really care. The alpha merely claimed a seat beside him for the time being and set the basket of cookies on the bar top. She waited until there seemed to be a short break in the conversation to chime in, and in that time to note of who had arrived. She made note of Io and Eric, both of which she nodded a greeting towards, and then took a count of the vampires and wolves she could easily spot.

"Everything going alright Kat?" She chimed in, directing her focus completely towards her delta. With this many people. she wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly, and if Katarina needed an extra hand, she was more than willing to jump in. Kasra had yet to arrive it seemed, so there was no need to start the meeting yet. Her attention turned to the vampire beside her, who she was still having trouble remembering the name of despte the fact that he seemed to be pretty decent looking. It didn't matter though, her offer would be the same either way. "Would you like a cookie? Freshly baked, I might add." She questioned with a smile, and gestured to the basket she'd carried in with her.

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