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cat pancake
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hello there! thank you for checking on my little interest check, first of all. this is a remake of my old interest check thread because i wanted to make major changes now that i'm back in action with rp completely. i also think i can open up my interest checks again... maybe. i always want new rp friends ;'). with that being said, away we go~!

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・‥…━━━☆ about me

- my name is cealen (seal-en)! i'm 20 years old, go by any pronouns, and am a junior in college, studying chemistry! so... my schedule varies a lot. this makes it so i may be able to reply multiple times daily, or once daily, or at least multiple times a week.

- i have a ton of experience! been roleplaying for a very, very long time.

- my time zone is EST (UTC -4:00), but we should be able to work out any time differences, really.

- i am kinda... a very excitable person... LOL. i use emoticons, like, a lot :^). i like to appear as friendly as possible! if you find that annoying... perhaps we won't work that well together ;'). i get very attached to rps if i'm into them, making jokes and overall having a good time.

- while i talk casual ooc, ic i write like a "normal human", with proper capitalization and punctuation. i promise.

- i do not really care for literacy labels, but i thinkkkkk i am considered semi-lit to lit. i write about 400 words to 900 words per character, but I can definitely write more, depending on what's happening! if you want a writing sample, stalk my profile and look at the public 1x1 rp threads i'm in. i give you permission to stalk me!!

- i am open to doubling, but nothing beyond that for main characters. i get a bit overwhelmed if there's more @_@. i still love to have a bunch of side characters running around, though!

- if we are smashing our ocs faces together, then i only do mlm or wlw pairings. what that means is no romantic M/F. i also do platonic, though, where we can do any pairing!. like everyone else on this site, i prefer slow burn romance that happens overtime. keeps things interesting!

- i ONLY play LGBT+ characters. i represent myself in my characters! sometimes this is a big focus, sometimes its as background information as what their hair color is. i am not making cishet characters for your comfort. if you cannot handle LGBT+ characters, or have a "problem" with LGBT+ people in general, do not contact me. i have to make this very clear... i am not rping with someone who finds my IRL existence "uncomfortable" :-(.

- in terms of "dark topics", i am ok with most, but i will not rp these situations out with you: abusive/toxic relationships, incest, "age gaps" with a minor character, extreme body horror,
extreme homo/transphobia, or just misery fests
. by "misery fests", i mean where something awful is happening to a character every other reply. that just makes me feel sad! note that i said that this is what i won't rp out with you. you may have these topics in backstories, but please, have some respect, and not put it in there to "spice up your character".

- i love ooc chatter and making friends! i'm very communicative and will love running by plot ideas/developments with you, or just having a nice casual conversation. i am not your content farm, and you aren't either!

- i am on mobile a ton of the time, so please use mobile friendly codes with me! and, if you do use coding, i will match your coding.

- ghost friendly :-)

well... that got wordy! i just like making myself clear :-D. onto what i look for in a partner!

・‥…━━━☆ about you

- I am looking for longterm partners and friends, mostly!. i would like you to be as friendly with me as much as i am friendly with you :-D!

- please be over 16 years old! sorry, any younger roleplayers. just a comfort thing :-).

- i do not mind if you are not as literate as I am, or even write more than i do, but I do find myself losing interest if we can't keep up with each other. no shame in how much you write, it's really just a me problem, so please keep that in mind if you contact me that we may just not mesh well, and its not your fault!

- i would like it if you were as into plotting as i was!

- i would like it if you treated any dark topics with respect, and ran stuff by me before randomly inserting it in. communication is good!

- this is more a personal preference, but if you are lgbt+, great! i really like rping with other lgbt+ people. if you aren't, you can still contact me, no worries ;-).

ok, onto rps itself, now that that's out of the way!

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stuff i like: fantasy (all types), mystery, adventure, action, supernatural (the genre), romance, slice of life (interesting concepts only, though), magic in general, heavy character driven things, fluff/angst concoctions, drama

stuff i can maybe do: sci-fi, historical, light horror

stuff i don't do: any fandom (fandom inspired is ok, if you explain it well enough to me!), heavy horror (i am not scary qwq...), straight up angst (ask for clarification if needed?)

༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺

annddd... i think that's all! if you think we're a good match, my pms are open for you to make residence in ;-). if you need clarfication or have questions on something, feel free to reach out to me as well! thanks for reading through this monstrous interest check. i just like being as clear as i can. hope i rp with you soon! or not.


cat pancake
a very tentative bump ^.^ i’m trying to reawaken my muse by getting new partners! i do have some plot ideas floating around my head, so please pm me any genres you’re really into or a plot you’ve been craving if you think we’re a good match~


cat pancake
just giving this another bump, can probably take 1-2 more partners! please send me a pm if you think we’re a good match~!

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