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Music Goji's Orchestration Studies (Feedback Welcomed!)


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"Orchestration" is (essentially) the process of arranging melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic content into a coherent piece of music.

I've never been great at that, despite having played guitar for now almost 20 years and composing for orchestra as a hobby for around 9 years... Jeez. Has it really been almost a decade of orchestral study? 2014? Yeah. Dang. Where'd the time go?! I'm oooooooold!!

Anyway, enough of my existential crisis!

I figured it'd be fun to do short study pieces to practice orchestration. They'll all be between 10-30 seconds long (maaaaaybe very rarely longer than that, depending on how much inspiration and love I have for the results). So, hopefully, they're at least bearable to listen to. Lol.

Any feedback is appreciated. And please don't hesitate to be constructively critical! I thrive on taking in notes, tips, and tricks from those who may know more than I do, or may have more experience than I do, or both. So, don't hold back on my account! However, "constructive" is the key word. If you've nothing positive or educational to add to your criticism then it's not welcome, and you may kindly escort yourself elsewhere.


Anyway! Study number one, inspired by the Lord of the Rings piece "The Bridge of Khazad Dum," by Howard Shore (and yes, I know it kind of cuts the reverb tail at the end, but SoundCloud won't allow me to replace the original file unless I get their premium subscription, and I ain't about to waste money on that for something so small when it's the music that's important, lol)!!

A new study!

No specific inspiration for this one. Kind of a brass-dominated heroic type thingie majig, or something like that.

I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: I got another one done! Again, not based on anything in particular. But I got hit with the ostinato in the low strings/brass and everything else fell into place.

I hope you enjoy!

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