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Fandom Going 'Soft' (X-Men/Wolverine)

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Action, Romance


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Please remember to read my rules!

Disclaimer: This is not a smut roleplay!

I am not looking to double up for this, unfortunately!

× Please be literate or more.

× As of right now, for romance plots I only do MxF and rarely FxF, please do not beg or bug me about MxM.

× Please be close to or within my timezone, which is UTC+2/CET. 1-3 hour difference is fine, but any more than that and it gets a little frustrating.

× Please have a good grasp of proper grammar and punctuation. You can write however you want OOC, but during the roleplay, I ask that you make an effort. It makes it easier for me to immerse myself.

× Be able to post a reply generally once a day, as I'm looking for active partners! If something comes up and you will be unavailable for multiple days, please let me know! I will do the same.

× I have anxiety and things will come up that I'm suddenly no longer comfortable with roleplaying. I ask that you understand and respect me in that regard.

× I will only roleplay with people who are 16+.

× Do not ask for smut. Making out is fine, we can then fade to black, but that's all.

× If we do not click, go ahead and tell me! We can part ways, no hard feelings. I will do the same.

× Be able to come up with ideas with me! I love making ideas with my roleplay partner, getting ourselves hyped up for future scenes etc!

My password is "Red foxes". (There is a password so that I know you have read and understood my rules.)

I really want to do a roleplay with Logan/James Howlett and my OC! The main focus for this roleplay won't necessarily be romance, but will also focus on Logan's life, and possibly his time at Xavier's school as part of the X-Men and figuring out who is, or more who he wants to be.

I've only watched the X-Men (as well as Logan) movies, and it was a while ago, so I may be a little rusty. I haven't read any comics, so this will be based on the cinematic universe.

Romance, drama, action


The two meet at a gas station. Logan wanted to ask for directions. Unfortunately, he caught Cynthia off guard. She had turned around, scared by him, and had punched him in the face by reflex.
Once she had come to her senses, she apologized multiple times, asking if he was okay and so on. That's how they first get to interact. There's a spark between them, they end up talking for longer than Logan could ever have imagined, and they exchange numbers.
Their relationship becomes late-night calls, it's nothing more than physical attraction. That's what they tell themselves, at least. Every visit they pay, their feelings evolve, they long for something more, but none of them has come to admit it.
They flirt and hesitate to leave the other in the morning, it's clear as day that they start to love eachother.
Logan denies his feelings, unable to admit it to himself yet, and certainly not to Cynthia. Cynthia senses that Logan doesn't seem interested in a relationship, so she doesn't even mention it. Logan wonders if Cynthia is the one who doesn't want a relationship then, and the cycle continues.
Eventually, one of them says something. How, when and who is of course something we can figure out together, once we're further into the roleplay!
My character
Trigger warning: miscarriage hint/mention


Cynthia has dark brown hair. It's an undercut and is often pushed back to keep it out of her eyes.
She has brown eyes and freckles across her face.
Cynthia is at an average height. She has a little bit of chub on her, but she is certainly not out of shape.

Cynthia is a kind woman. She's fierce, she's one to confront and fight back rather than tolerate and stay quiet.
She's a very competitive person, but can turn it down a notch if she's told to.

Cynthia took dance classes when she was younger. She doesn't do it anymore, and now only dances at home because it's fun for her.
She's easily spooked and will often throw a punch out of reflex if someone sneaks up on her or alike.

Cynthia is infertile. Her ex-boyfriend and her wanted children, but couldn't have any. It lead to a lot of frustration and sorrow, and ultimately ended their relationship. Presently Cynthia isn't sure whether or not she would ever want kids.

Cynthia can be anywhere between 28-35 for roleplays. For this roleplay in particular I imagined she would be 29-30.
Cynthia works as a bouncer at clubs.
She is human.

Logan will be 'working' at Xavier's school. Cynthia is aware of it, but she doesn't realize that Xavier's school is for mutants, she supposed it was for kids and teenagers who were simply 'above average'. She doesn't realize that Logan is a mutant, either.

I'd like to play around with the concept of Logan, (not necessarily keeping it a secret) , but doing his best to avoid telling Cynthia that he's a mutant. As one of the rare times in his life, he's afraid what someone else thinks of him, and he wonders what'll happen with the two if Cynthia was to find out.

I imagine we will be roleplaying 'mornings after', at least a little in this roleplay, as that's where there's (at first) most opportunity for Cynthia and Logan to interact.

For side characters and alike, I think I would certainly be best at playing Charles Xavier, but I can of course also play students, other X-Men, and what other side-characters we may need. I ask that you are also able to play side characters if needed for a scene etc.
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