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Fandom Götterdämmerung, A Mythical Superhero War | interest check

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Welcome to Götterdämmerung , where the cutthroat race to write your name in the annals of history has never been so marketable! Act as a hero on TV to earn the crowd's affection by day and engage in faction wars by night as you unveil the roots of a supernatural threat spurring World War III into motion.
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Based on the world of the Persona series.

Introduction“I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it, they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain, you’re doing a good thing.”
- Stan "The Man" Lee

Whenever mankind is faced with an era of great heat and uncertainty, one of the many plagues that strikes it is that of the mind; the wishful thinking, the blissful ignorance, the soul-wrenching doubts. That is well known and thoroughly studied. What is slightly less known, however, is that once given sufficient feed, those darker aspects satisfy themselves no longer with existing merely in the realm of ideas and take a step further, conquering a reality of their own to grow into. These Shadows, as we call them, hide from plain sight in it, but do not be mistaken, as their impact on the real world is a very real threat.

Their home is known as the Frontier. Born out of a pure, unbridled desire to end the existence of all that stands against itself, the Frontier can sense whenever even the most trivial conflict blooms in the real world, sinking its teeth into it and prying apart the folds between thought and reality. Disagreements escalate. Bonds are pulled taut and strain not to tear. But eventually, they do. Consumed by their Shadows, the victims fly into mindless rages and with superhuman strength ravage each other at the seams till they succumb to their own visceral injuries. And the watching eyes are left distraught, confused, unaware of the other-world that had just briefly dethroned reality.

But there are some who aren't. Those with the potential to confront and accept their innermost desires are a breed of their own, having earned the right to harness the powers of ancient heroes, the exploits of whom shaped whole cultures. They witness the Shadows, monsters of epic proportions, waging wars of biblical scale upon each other and dare to make a stand of their own among them. Such battles are broadcast to the waking world as serialized entertainment for the unknowing masses, and through it given a platform to convey messages akin to those of the ancient fables that we allow still to define us. Fictitious or not, your ideology is a banner to stand under, should even damnation be the penalty for it.
To you, heroes and tyrants of the modern age, I impart my blessing: deyja frœknliga, minn vígamaðr.

SummaryGötterdämmerung is a superhero roleplay loosely set in the near future of prefectural Osaka. As an inexplicable streak of terror attacks wreaks havoc across Japan, with the US heavily implicated in involvement, the longstanding peace between the nations is threatened and World War III is all but inevitable. Coincidentally, a hidden parallel dimension home to the inner demons of the populace begins manifesting in the real world, with only the select few who wield extraordinary mythological powers within its bounds possessing the ability to observe it. Their battles in this other-world are broadcast across the Internet as episodes of a tokusatsu-style web series known as the Frontier War, with the characters forced to assume alter-egos to conceal their real identities and fight as entertainment for the watching eyes of humanity. It's said that the one who holds the title of the highest-ranked among these "fictitious" superhumans gains sway over the nation itself, transcending the limitations of mere entertainment to become an icon that can inspire or influence the people however they see fit.

The roleplay is meant to provide a nonlinear character-driven experience that pays tribute to the superhero genre in a bit of an unconventional fashion. By showing firsthand how the actions and motives of these supposedly fictional heroes and villains can affect the general public, I hope we can emulate something of a largely grounded setting that can also explore the sociological and psychological influence of superhero fiction through the lens of fun, psychedelic combat. Staples of the genre such as dual lives/alter egos, origin stories and the relevant allegories of human potential that practically wrote the comics of the mid-20th century will all be integral aspects of the experience.
This isn't meant to be a Persona roleplay - the themes and stories the characters will build are the foremost attraction, with the setting of the franchise only serving as a malleable narrative vessel for that.

Species/FactionsFor each of the three ethical alignments (Neutral, Lawful, Chaotic), there will be a total of 21 characters, each one corresponding to one of the Major Arcana from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Likewise, the faction and character races each correspond to the alignments. As the organizations likely won't meet the ambitions of the player characters, they can be dissolved, destroyed or rebuilt over the course of the roleplay. Though each race has a natural preference towards the faction of their alignment, which group a player character chooses to join is ultimately up to their own discretion regardless of these factors.

  • Neutrality - Humans: Naturally, the species which first gave rise to the worlds of desire. Though some real-world animals do possess sufficient self-awareness to manifest Shadows and Personas, they are few and far between.
  • Law - Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons: Their existence is classified by layers upon layers of government-sanctioned confidentiality; created by the Kirijo Group, the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons are highly-advanced, weaponized simulacrums designed to serve as a covert first line of defense against the Shadows. The Eighth Generation Weapons, designated "Memento Mori units", serve as mechanical bodies for the preserved psyches of deceased Persona-users. To prevent mental degradation, the hosts' memories of their lives are purged during their initial uploads. Anti-Shadows are equipped with various tools depending on their specialization, ranging from disaster relief and first-aid to law enforcement and warfare (although weapons can only be deployed when the unit registers attack from a threat of necessary severity).
  • Chaos - Cognitive Entities: When entities born of the Frontier become advanced enough to develop self-awareness, they may awaken to Personas of their own. Whatever they are, be they Shadows so suppressed they grow resentful of their hosts or amalgams of several similar beliefs that have become great enough to materialize, these creatures possess the capacity to become just as intelligent as humans. Their forms vary depending on what they wish to represent, be they animals, objects or people, and are so malleable to their own cognitions and those of others that some can even shapeshift at will. However, when they set foot in the real world, they become mundane and often develop more realistic bodies that can exist without the other-world's necessary influence.
    • A forced capture warrant for Kirijo operatives has been placed on any creatures which exhibit supernatural properties, regardless of their disposition, with lethal force advised in Frontier confrontations.
  • Neutrality - BAM Entertainment: BAM was one of Japan's most influential mass media production and publishing companies in its peak during the late 90s, recognizable for its flagship tokusatsu series Zephyrman, which notably took inspiration from western superheroes in having a single lead protagonist (rather than the more traditional ranger team format). In the years following its debut, the show's themes of finding strength in solitude lost favor with its audience, growing to be regarded as a conceited extension of its sole writer, Nakayama Ryo, and his condescendingly cynical outlook on life. However, with the advent of the Frontier, Nakayama saw an opportunity: by using the other-world and its warring crusaders, he could weave a narrative of an ideological magnitude never seen before. He could make them grasp and embrace the meaning that had once fallen on deaf ears - to forge onward free of shackles and strive for greatness without bias or attachment to anything, lest anyone.
  • Law - Kirijo Metropolitan Justice Department: The Kirijo Group is an international corporation and the largest Japanese developer/distributor of consumer electronics. Less well known, however, is their active role in the research and innovation of anti-Shadow technology; Kirijo works closely with the prefectural governments to monitor and neutralize any supernatural activity which poses a risk to civilian life, their operations conducted by a covert unit of highly-trained Persona-users. In light of the rise in terror attacks occurring across the nation, and with increasing pressure placed on Kirijo by the governments due to mounting suspicions of Shadow involvement, the Kirijo Metropolitan Justice Department was created as a public response unit to investigate reports of paranormal events across the Kansai region.
  • Chaos - Kamikakushi-kai: A mercenary syndicate with no known motive or allegiance - the Kamikakushi-kai have existed since as far back as the 1920s, operating as a covert security agency that offered a slew of cognitive services for those willing to pay for it, most notably protection and assassinations across Japan. The organization is divided into innumerable divisions, each possessing an individual code of ethics with no strict overarching principles. The only omnipresent rule is the prohibition of interorganizational conflict; to betray this is to be excommunicated.
    • The recent rise in Shadow-related crimes has been linked to the hitman divisions of the Kamikakushi-kai, leading them into conflict with the Kirijo Metropolitan Justice Department on several occasions.
Power SystemTo preface the following field: this roleplay will not involve dice, hit-points or damage numbers. Basic rules of combat etiquette still apply, however.

Once a human awakens to their potential, they will bond with one of Tarot's Major Arcana and sign a contract with their Persona. In exchange for its power, they must vow to stand by an ideal that's intrinsic to them, no matter the consequences. So long as they keep that vow, they will be granted the full power of their Persona and a special set of armor that'll shape around them whenever they enter the Frontier. Based on the wearer’s definition of a hero or a villain, these ‘Frontier Armors’ make Persona-users unrecognizable to foes and observers alike, allowing them to keep their private and public identities separate... provided that nothing goes south, of course.

Once they establish a contract and unlock their Arcana, your character's powers and abilities will be defined by a set of attributes and abilities that depend both on which Arcana you chose and who your character is, which you can then mix and match to better suit your envisioned fighting style. The hobbies your character partakes in in real life are particularly important here, as they will help define their specialties.

Player PreferencesDiscord participation: Highly advised! The Discord server is where most of our communication will take place. But, if it's especially inconvenient for anyone, I might make an OOC thread to facilitate any onsite interaction. I'll privately message the server link to anyone who responds to the thread or messages me directly with interest.
Writing skill: The only thing that matters is proper grammar and punctuation. I just ask that you maintain a good degree of comprehensiveness in your posts.
Posting speed: I won't be enforcing a strict pace, approach this at your own leisure. That said, please avoid rapid-posting if you can help it. I'd also preferably like to be notified if you won't be able to participate for an extended period of time, at least so I can account for your absence.
Expected number of players: Anywhere between 10 to 20; it's for this exact reason that I suggest everyone goes at a leisurely pace. If we're trying to make the world record for the fastest number of roleplay posts in under a half-hour, I'll make that abundantly clear. With that in mind, take it easy. The key to long-term commitment is not overworking yourself first and foremost, so please don't sacrifice sleep or precious time for this.

If you have any questions or concerns, shoot them my way below. I'll try to respond as concisely as possible. And if you read through this entire post, I have to express my bottomless gratitude for your dedication. I hope everyone enjoys themselves. ^^
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This is more retroactive than anything, but I'm putting my official stamp here to show that I'm definitely interested in this.


What are custom titles for?
I know this is only loosely based off of Persona, but is it better for people who are familiar with it to join? I love Persona and all but I haven't gotten the chance to play the games yet. Sorry if this is a dumb question lol


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I know this is only loosely based off of Persona, but is it better for people who are familiar with it to join? I love Persona and all but I haven't gotten the chance to play the games yet. Sorry if this is a dumb question lol
I wouldn’t think so? I don’t see any specific details from the series from what I can tell, so I think you should be fine.


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👀👀👀 count me in if it hasn’t already started friendo
Looks great!
I wasn't receiving notifications for this thread so I went a whole week without noticing your posts. Sorry about the inconvenience. V.V
I know this is only loosely based off of Persona, but is it better for people who are familiar with it to join? I love Persona and all but I haven't gotten the chance to play the games yet. Sorry if this is a dumb question lol
I wouldn’t think so? I don’t see any specific details from the series from what I can tell, so I think you should be fine.
Actually, sort of the opposite. I'm changing and expanding the lore pretty heavily, so it's generally easier for me to explain the setting to someone who doesn't have any experience with it than to someone who already has preconceived notions of Persona's setting. That's not to say it's impossible, since we have plenty of folks who've played the games, but it's more convenient if I can establish things simply in one fell swoop without having to also explain the context behind these changes.
So, I'd say you're good!


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Another grandiose RP from our boy Haz! I'll be joining this one as soon as I get the chance, count on it.

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