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Junko took a deep breath as she looked over at the campus, she seemed to be one of the very first ones there. There was a couple of other people who were there, which made her wonder if Levi was already there or not? She looked down at all the people as she wondered around the courtyard. Junko sighed when she didn’t see him, sliding her bag closer to her chest and opening it. “What a shame… Now I’m gonna be bored and alone.” She mumbled to herself as she pulled something wrapped up in tinfoil out of her bag. She zipped up her bag before taking the foil off, grabbing a rather large turkey leg out.

Junko crumbled up the tinfoil before tossing it into a nearby trash can. She stared at the piece of meat with a massive smile on her face, “Hello, my love.” She whispered to it before squealing, sinking her teeth into it. Junko was known for carrying more food than important school things inside of her bag. She got in trouble for it every single year, but she never learned her lesson. She plopped herself down on a bench, deciding to wait to Levi.

Nyx slowly made her way up to the academy. She really didn’t want to go back, but if she didn’t they would’ve found her and dragged her back. She just didn’t feel comfortable being around that many people, it’s was too much for her. Nothing was worse than the looks some people would give her when she would walk past them. It made her worry. What were they thinking about? Was it her aura? Is she walking weirdly? She shook her head, wanting to stop thinking about thinks like that altogether. Besides, there was a even bigger problem. Who was her roommate this year? Nyx had been praying that she would somehow end up alone in a room, or at least have someone who was never in the room at the same time as her.
Nyx walked up to the academy. Thank god. There wasn’t too many people there yet, and most of them seem distracted anyway. Classes haven’t started yet, which meant she had time to people watch. She quietly walked around, looking for someone to draw. That’s when she saw a rather big woman, probably the biggest person she’s seen. She wasn’t even standing up! Nyx looked around before going to a spot underneath a tree, plopping herself down and placing her bag besides her. She slid out her art book before taking another peep at the woman. It would’ve helped if she didn’t have to wear sunglasses just to be able to see better. Nyx sat her book down on her lap with a sigh. She would have to get closer if she wanted to draw her.


The void was filled with fragments of dream and memory.

"By the decree of Thrud of the Valkyries, before the eyes of Tyr, Da Ji is to be detained and placed on probation for two years at Trinity Academy."

"Sister Fox, Sister Fox! I took Mila's head, just as you asked!"

"Spare me! Take anything, but spare me and my children!"


The thread of recollection spun further.

"Maria...where are you? Please come home..."

"...I am not your child, woman. I should be much more than a pup of man."


A plump fox with an almost cream-colored coat sat curled up on a pile of old papers in a storage closet, a tiny chain anklet plated with pure silver bound around its forepaw. And hanging off that anklet was a small plate bearing the tiwaz rune, symbol of Tyr, the god of justice. The god that had pronounced judgement and bondage upon it.

With a start, the fox awoke, stretching out and letting out a very human-like yawn. Shaking out its fur, it hopped off the paper, its eyes adjusting to the light filtering through a dusty window. Instead of taking the door, it flicked its tail up, undoing the latch holding the window shut. Nudging it open, the fox slunk out, landing gracefully on the grass next to the building. Giving a jerk, almost like a sneeze, the fox erupted upwards, forming into a curvaceous girl with bleached blonde hair, wearing nothing but a white T-shirt. A bushy orange tail hung out under it. Idly scratching her belly, Da Ji circled around to the front of the storage room.

Sitting there, as though in anticipation of her sleeping inside, was a duffel bag. Of course. Today was the day term began. Which means today was the first day she was expected to attend the Academy as a student, instead of pacing its empty halls as a prisoner. After weeks of eating processed food (and the occasional bird or rat) alone, and attending "remedial classes" under the eye of some of Benzaiten's subordinates, it was a comfortable change of pace for her to re-enter...something resembling society.

The anklet, which had magically grown into a bracelet to accommodate her change, weighed insistently on her arm. Sure, she could take it off, but then Tyr would know. So this is what "house" arrest felt like. Opening the bag, she found a set of school uniforms and plain, frankly tacky clothes. How tasteless. Her phone or any of her plunder was nowhere to be seen. Who would she call at this point, anyway?

Slipping into a nearby washroom, she got clean and dressed. No makeup either...no problem. Staring into the mirror, Da Ji gave a little wink, a set of red "whiskers" appearing on her cheeks, alongside the expected applications of foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss.

Satisfied, she walked out, stretching as she blended into the arriving students.


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The twins turned and stared at each other before their eyes drifted back towards the Academy. This was not their first rodeo at schools like this, but little did they know it was the first time they would be with...similar...beings to themselves, even if they did not know this yet. Alexis took charge like he always did, dragging his sister along by the arm. Who knows what kinds of tomfoolery could happen here. So many people and so much enjoyment to have! Or at least that's what went through the Brother's mind. His eyes were constantly shifting and...

...that was a large woman.

Both Alexis and Alexia noticed the taller young woman chewing on a large Turkey Leg. They just stared at her for a moment then turned to look at each other awkwardly before Alexia spoke up. "So...you going to talk to that one or...?"

Alexis blinked, turned back to look at her and then rubbed his chin a little bit. That one would be fun to get to know, especially because she seemed like the fun type but at the same time. He remembered what his 'parents' said to him before they left for this place. "Alexis dear. Please don't cause an incident on the first day...again." Yeah he was not going to risk anything. At least for the moment, better keep 'mother' happy. So he shook his head and continued into the building. "Eh- maybe another time! There are always other chances dearest Alexia."

"Don't call me 'dearest'. That's fucking weird."

The young man shrugged at his sister's blunt words before taking note of another young woman that seemed to have a Fox Tail..? Oh boy it was one of those places wasn't it! Now Alexis was even more excited to see what this place had to offer. He started humming a small tune.

Alexia seemed to trail behind her excited brother. She wanted to be anywhere but here, but she was also not stupid. There were reasons they were here and she would just have to put up with it. Alexia's eyes shifted towards a lone young woman with sunglasses on and a book on her lap. At least there were people of like mind here. Did that one read? She seemed like the type. Alexia consider approaching her. The sister's eyes moved to the brother then back the Sunglasses girl then she shook her head. No need to embarrass herself on the first day.

"Oh? See something?"

Damn. Her twin noticed who she was staring at and a wide and somewhat chaotic grin crossed his face before Alexia slapped Alexis across the back of head. "Don't."

"Awww- but you could actually make a friend this time~"

"I swear. The look on your face, I don't trust it."

And so the Siblings squabbled a little bit.
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Kagerin Takanashi

First day of attending the Highschool. Before she came here, she was a loner, fending for herself while also spending quite alot of her free time in the ocean. Her parents didn't leave her alone or abandon her however, she just felt that she didn't belong with them, even if they spoiled her like a princess.
During her time in the ocean, she had seen alot of amazing things, and explored many of the ocean depths to discover all kinds of secrets. This was when she first met Him.

A man around her age, if not slightly more. His body, covered in tatoos of tentacles. Kagerin didn't know why, but she did not like him one bit. A flame of hate influenced her into attacking the tattooed man. Who would have thought that their fight alerted a certain team of explorers from the school and had them step in to stop their fighting? Fast forward to the present day, Kagerin glared at the school building.

"So squid boy will be here as well." She looked down and exhaled a small puff of steam, before walking ahead towards the main enterance into the building.

(Mentions: Kakyoin Kakyoin )​

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Kostas Mitropoulos (The Phoenix)
Kostas walked towards the academy, a visible smile on his face as he ruffled his wings a little. "Ah, it's so good to be back," he said, mostly to himself, but loud enough so that others could hear. He passed through the courtyard and noticed the giant woman taking a large bite out of a turkey leg, as well as two other figures (were they dating?) standing around her. "Hey, uh, don't want to intrude, but let me just say welcome!" He slowly moved closer toward them, as his tail feathers swayed in the wind. "Or welcome back, I'm not sure which one," he added. "I don't really know any of you that well." He stretched out his hand. "I'm Kostas, it's a pleasure to meet you," he smiled.

After formal introductions, Kostas turned to sit under a nearby tree as he tried to smooth out his wings. The feathers had become all matted and frayed after an entire summer of trying to hide them and not using them. "Sometimes I wish we were more accepted for our... oddities," he sighed as he plucked a dead feather out of one of his wings. After a few minutes of this, he leaned back and felt the breeze on his face as he took a little rest.

Garin Hassad (Horus)
Garin hoisted his backpack over his shoulder as he walked up the stairs to the main entrance. Visibly very nervous, he found his locker and fumbled for the combination. After a few failed attempts, he finally opened it and deposited his backpack inside. He whistled softly as he strolled down the hall in order not to show his nervousness. As he whistled, a falcon suddenly flew through the entrance and landed itself onto Garin's shoulder.


"Of course I wouldn't forget you, Abjin," he chuckled as he stroked the falcon's head.

Ever since he'd found out about his more inhuman nature, his family had been extremely cautious around him. So even though this was the first time he'd be away from them for more than a weekend, he was a bit relieved that he would be gone from them. He found his way to the auditorium and waited patiently for the welcome meeting.

Corbin Farghad (Hephaestus)
It didn't help that Corbin was already a little late to the academy, as he limped towards the courtyard. He took a second to pause and admire the beautiful architecture of the school building, and sat down to make a quick sketch of it on a scrap piece of paper he'd found in his belongings. He didn't worry too much about details, he'd add more to it later. He grabbed his crutches and stood up, once again making his way, slowly yet surely, to the courtyard. "I... I'm sorry I'm late," he muttered as he finally found some people congregating in the courtyard. He sat down on a bench across from the giant woman, leaning his crutches against the side of the bench. "Did I miss much? I heard some great things about this school, but I didn't want to miss out on anything."


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Levi took his time strolling up to the academy, having a bit of mixed feelings about going. He didn’t mind going, he loved hiding out in the library or being with Junko whenever he was able to. He never really cared about making friends before. He didn’t even really feel the need to have friends. What was the reason? Then he met Junko, and for some reason he was perfectly fine with her. She was the only person who has ever respected his wishes and was kind to him no matter what. She just clung into him since the first day that they met.

Levi glanced over at the academy as he got closer, which made him wonder if Junko was even there yet. He made it to the courtyard, seeing her right away. She always did stand out, so finding her was easy. He didn’t know how to approach her though, there seemed to be too many people around her. Well, she was a beautiful woman, so that much could be expected. Levi wasn’t really sure what else to do, should he wait for her? Part of him felt as if it would be rude if he didn’t.

Junko~ (Mentioned: Master of Lava Master of Lava ; Kostas

Junko went to go take another bite, but paused when she heard someone speaking. She looked over at the small man with wings. ‘Awww, everyone is still so tiny!’ She thought, thinking they all looked so cute. She just wanted to squeeze them! She looked at the couple who were too far from her, not really sure if he was talking to them or to her, but who cares. Junko looked down at his hand before looking down at hers. She sunk her teeth into the meat to hold it as she wiped her hands before wrapping it around his. She tried to be very gentle, mainly because she didn’t know her own strength. She tried to speak with the leg still in her mouth, but it wasn’t understandable.

Junko watched as the man went to go sit down near a tree, she didn’t even spot the other tiny human that was also sitting under the tree. That when she noticed him out of the corner of her eye. She snapped her head towards him so quickly that the meat when flying out her mouth. “No!” Junko jumped out her seat, trying to grab it, but it sadly plopped onto the ground. She stood over it, staring at it as it laid there. She knew she couldn’t just pick it up and eat it, though she was tempted. “I loved you.” She mumbled to herself. Junko heard someone speaking and looked at him with a sad expression on her face, shaking her head. “No… School hasn’t started just yet.” She couldn’t help but to glance over at his crutches.

Eren had showed up to school extremely early that day for two reasons. To hide from the mega bitch and to take a longer nap. He was hiding inside of the gym, laying on top of the piles of mats. Every time he saw her, it ended up in a fight and he wasn’t even sure why. She just randomly attacked him one day, but not this year. Woman or not, she was gonna get dropped. Eren laid there, knowing school was about to begin soon. He was bound to bump into her. She was probably mad cause she smelled like fish poop in his opinion. He chuckled to himself as he thought about it. “Fish poop.” He mumbled to himself as he chuckled.

Nyx~ (Mentioned: DracotheStern DracotheStern ; Alexia & Master of Lava Master of Lava ; Kostas)

Nyx watched as more and more students started to come in. That’s when she felt a pair of eyes on her, glancing up at the woman who was looking at her. She knew that they wouldn’t be able to tell that she was looking back at them, due to her sunglasses. Her face slowly started to become red from embarrassment. ‘Oh, great…. The looks have started once more.’ She thought, looking down at her art book. Nyx gripped her pencil a bit tightly, rubbing her thumb on it to calm herself down a bit. That’s when someone sat not too far away from her. She wanted to get up, but she couldn’t move. It might seem rude, and she didn’t want that. She was just so nervous. That’s when she was saved by an announcement from the intercom.

“Students, please put any personal items in your dorm room if you haven’t already. For those of you who don’t know, the girl dorms are on the left side of the build and the male dorms are on the right. The orientation will be taking place in the cafeteria in ten minutes. Thank you, and have a wonderful first day.”

Shigume -surgess-

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Shigume chuckled as she was yet again getting into trouble she was putting glue on the toilets in thick lines to insure they won't dry until someone sits on it. It would certainly hurt ones someone got off it. She peaked her head out before slipping out of the bathroom. A stupid grin on her face as she walked away before stopping as a tall giant women stumbled in front of her losing a..Turkey leg? She couldn't help but grin as she spoke the worlds 'I loved you' to the food on the ground. She pondered on weather to joke around and toy with her feelings or leave her be... HAH! Shigume leave someone be? Not gonna happen. "Hey I got some food if you would like some... Would you like a steak or some chicken legs?" She kept a straight face when saying this.

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