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Fantasy Gods amongst themselves ( Sandbox RP )


“That’s one small step for man.”
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Absolute darkness reigns through the infinite land space of the universe, there is no sound, no light, nothing. Nothing but pitch darkness, though it does exist, barley. There is no life or joy, or anger, or sadness, once again, nothing exists anywhere. Though perhaps if you thought that it was there it could be there, though the answer is clear that its far far and even more far away from here.

Until it wasn’t, suddenly a huge surge of energy exploded across the infinite darkness creating massive spheres containing life, universes, multiverses and galaxy’s were created, all being far away from each other, darkness in between them, though not as much as before.

Out of thin air, omnipotent beings began to exist out of no where, gods with omnipotence abilities and power. They all looked at each other with curiosity, curiosity that will dead them to creating other things or even beings.

The future will be up to them.


Welcome all, this is a sandbox roleplay where you are in control of what happens to reality it’s self, players will be in charge of a single god that is in control of three domains, while placing your interest please put your reservations down!

All RPN rules apply to this roleplay, and please make sure your in the appropriate age of at least 18!

Current domains taken.

Fear, Death, Darkness.


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