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Fantasy Gods Among us- ICRP

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"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
Remington Courts, Houston Texas, United states, Earth.
11:22 pm, December 21st 2021.

Joseph Nash was a rather average and unassuming man. His well built frame made his tan and navy uniform look rather tight, and if not for the peaceful smile he always wore and generally friendly demeanor he would likely be a tough looking man. No one would think for a second he was a god, let alone one of the most powerful ones in the universe. Though that was the idea altogether and he was happy that it seemed to be working. As he patrolled his post he began to think about what he would do with his next life after all Joseph was almost seventy now and was soon slated to perish as per his agreement with D. Perhaps a businessman, they seemed to be doing well for themselves as of late. For a brief moment he considered settling down and having children but the idea left his mind quickly. He had proven himself a terrible father, and besides Quinella wouldn't let such an endeavour succeed without strife, and he had gotten his fill of strife as of late. His musings were interrupted by the soft squeal of breaks on the other side of the lot as a car pulled into one of the parking garages.

With a sigh he made his way there arriving to find a car filled with three young people, two males and a female. He tapped the window lightly causing them to look up in surprise as he had ensured they would not spot him on his approach. While one fiddled with the keys only to drop them on the floorboard the one in the passenger seat opened the window allowing a large cloud of pungent smoke to billow out into his face. While the driver was obviously annoyed and letting little rude quips out, the other seemed to be afraid of the consequences of their actions talking a million miles a minute to try and get out of trouble. Yet Joseph cut them off with a raised hand before saying "Protocol would have me call the police...but that's alot of paperwork i do not wish to fill out, so how about you just drive away now and don't come back. This area is private property and im certain you don't wish to be charged with trespassing."

Realizing that this old man was letting them off the other two quickly silenced the driver and thanked joseph profusely before taking his advice and driving away. However he didn't have time to enjoy himself as a vision struck him at that moment. He stood where he was watching the scene unfold before him. The skies were red and filled with wails of pain and fear from the mortals of earth. Flames engulfed nearly everything around him, suddenly one of the buildings he was posted at exploded with tremendous force and from the debris and flames came a younger version of Himself with a face twisted by rage and hatred and a power that shook the world to its core. This younger him spoke with a voice that filled him joseph with terror, even though only seven words were spoken. "They're all dead, You've failed them Father." before he even had time to respond the vision ended and he was left drenched in sweat and shaken in the now empty parking garage. Genesis what have you done my child. he thought to himself and with a heavy heart he let out a pulse of divine dimensional energy, a beacon for his siblings that would reach their senses even in their own personal realms.

It had been thousands of years since he sent out a call for a meeting and part of him doubted they would heed his call. Even still he acknowledged that a parking garage was hardly a place for them to meet. As such he made his way to the tallest building, an eight story office building. By no means a massive tower but still the largest structure for a dozen miles and free from prying eyes. As he climbed the stairwell access ladder and unlocked the hatch he was careful to ensure that it didn't close behind him before sitting on the ledge and awaiting his siblings or their servants.

Deep space, Just outside of the Kuiper belt, inbound towards earth.

A beam of silver light pierced the eternal darkness of space, streaking onward at the speed of light, if one looked closely they would see the shape of a humanoid within the beam itself. The Divine Android Sylvainus, who had been on route to earth for the past seventy seven years was finally making his approach. He was mildly annoyed that his trip had taken so long, if not for his precious cargo taking up so much of his power to contain he likely could've been there fifty years ago. The thought of shedding some of his cargo had crossed his mind from time to time but each time it was cast aside by the image of his "fathers" pleading eyes begging him to protect his brothers and sisters. Finally however he detected the light from Sol reaching his photoreceptors, and several dwarf planets between himself and his target.

The impatient android lowered his speed by about 20% and pumped the now freed energy into his blade. Which he drew without a moments hesitation. The scans of the dwarf planets revealed them to be barren hunks of ice lacking any form of life...and he had no time for detours of course correction. Even slowed down at his speed he slammed into multiple dwarf planetoids per second, his blade arm firing like a piston to cleave them in half or simply drill through them. After his third dozen he had breeched through the other side and his photoreceptors finally spotted the brightly colored blue, green, and white orb of the earth. Sadly excitement had caused him to neglect to account for Jupiters gravitational forces. The pull of the Gas giant ever so slightly adjusted his course and he was moving to quick to change direction.

With impossible force he collided with the dark side of the earths moon causing the stone sphere to ring like a bell as he embedded himself three kilometers into the dead rock. The sudden stop caused Sylvainus to need a moment to recalibrate his Universal positioning system. Upon regaining his bearings he came up with two solutions to his current predicament. He could either detonate an omnidirectional blast of energy from his core blasting a massive crater out of the moon and freeing himself. However that plan came with more repercussions as it would shift the celestial body closer to the earth and rain asteroids upon the world he hoped to call home. So instead he took Plan B, Digging himself out the old fashioned way. The servos in his shoulders and back whirred to like as he began to cut through the rock with his hands much like an olympic swimmer rising for air...only he was swimming through stone. The process would take him 12 minutes altogether, and considering the gods of earth were likely aware of his arrival he decided to let out a beacon which would ping out a distress signal recorded by his "Father" which would say. "Please help...our world has fallen...we mean you no harm...Please help..." the message would play on an infinite loop and would be perceivable to all who possessed divine energy within an astronomical unit. Unfortunately its binary nature would also leave it perceptible to the earths satellites though they would need to translate the Divine tongue first.​


G'day mate
Athena Smith could be seen walking down the sidewalk, blinking. Many years had passed since the last meeting had been called and now here one was, making itself known. Her brother had ordered a meeting, but why? It was pretty obvious something had happened or else he would’ve let it slide.

Strange as it was, she knew deep down that there was a good reason for the meeting. And as his advisor, she had no choice but to attend. She continued on in a semi calm fashion for a few hours, before arriving at the very tall office building were the meeting took place, well every time they were called upon, at least. Climbing the padder, she’d notice her brother waiting. “It’s been awhile.” She murmured, standing behind him.


Somewhere in east New Jersey.

Sam walked at a brisk pace, glancing behind her every now and then. The demigod had no care for the family she had just destroyed, as they weren’t her own. Perhaps that was a dick move and she would have to agree that it was, but she didn’t really care. A grin spread across her face, her eyes glinting with every human she had seen die. Deep down, she knew there was something different about her, what with living for a hundred years. That didn’t just happen, did it? As she walked, she waited, waited for the sirens, the crowds wanting to know what happened to a well known family. Well, they wouldn’t know. Not now, not ever.


Vintage Glamor Guy
Despite having been in hiding like the rest of his siblings, Arlathan was one of the gods with serious responsibilities and he could not trust them to be ok if left unattended.in The Archive he skulked around in a giant god form. This portion of the library was silent, filled with only books and pieces of art that were lost to the mortals and stored here for safe keeping. As he maneuvered through the unending stacks of books, his robe dragged along the stone floor and his staff tapped periodically. “There you are.” With a wave of his hand a book flew off the shelves and was enlarged by Arlathan’s magic to match his size. The book was the tale of the great king Solomon, his biography as told by the watchers employed by Arlathan.
All around the library one could see Arlathan’s seekers flying in and out of the realm, depositing little notes and information. As he clutched Solomon’s biography under his arm, a Seeker began it’s approach at a rather alarming rate. Arlathan could see the residue of star dust leaving the creature’s body which meant it was one of the Seekers who he had deployed to watch their system for any signs of trouble.

“What is it? A rogue asteroid or a solar flare?” Arlathan shrunk down to a human size and met the Seeker at eye level. Just before the creature would speak, he felt the call of his sibling to gather for a meeting. Something was not right for him to be approached by these two entities on the same day.

In a raspy and distorted voice, the Seeker spoke in Arlathan’s original language shared only between him and his creations. “A...being arrives...in Sol. The moon.”
Hearing that, the god narrowed his eyes and then turned away from the Seeker. This was likely what Yashnifus wanted to discuss. “Watch the being and report back on its movements. Gauge its power and keep it in one place.” At the snap of his fingers a portal tore open just behind Yashnifus and Athena. Casting a glamour spell to hide himself from mortal eyes, Arlathan stepped through the portal in his god form. “You’re timing is impeccable as always brother. I have news.” Arlathan closed the portal behind himself, sealing off entrance to The Archive.


All according to my Scenario
‘Josh’, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Void Dragon, Maw of Oblivion, was currently lounging on a tropical beach. He slurped up a fruit drink, enjoying the hot sunlight. The radiation seeped into his mass, a delectable snack. Then he felt the pulse of divine power, and the sound of a message. A cry for help, declaring a world fallen.

Josh considered that. Had he destroyed anything recently? There was the small explosion in Russia, but that was hardly the same thing. With a groan, he teleported through the higher dimensions, phasing next to the god dubbed Joseph Nash.

“Howdy there,” he said, still dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and holding a drink. “What’s happening, man?”



Gadhrann could never understand the human written word. When he reads the divine script, his eyes can hear and comprehension parades his head like banners streaming over an army's battlecries. When Gadhrann reads human texts, he has a heartfelt urge to flee back to the Chaos Egg for eternity. It doesn't compute with him. He's never felt less like himself and more like a human than while reading. This is likely why, after a day's work with the COLP, he opens Sun Tzu's "Art of War" for the 77th time. Although, for the first time, he's determined to complete the 50 pages in under 72 hours.

But, Gadhrann's jaunt into literature didn't start as smoothly as his progress may have you believe. Arlathan was willing to lend him some novels when his brother asked, but even with an English-to-Divine dictionary, Gadhrann made no progress. None of his siblings could afford the time to teach him (Gadhrann barely affording the time to learn) and when they went into hiding, Gadhrann gave up all hope on his pilgrimmage to literacy. Until, one day in the 1800s, some schoolchildren invented the closest language to the Divine tongue to date: Pig Latin. When Gadhrann discovered this, things started slotting into place. Immediately, he assembled his novels and dictionary and waged with them the bloody battle of translation. Page upon page soaked with ink and mountains of fountian pens murdered in cold blooded frustration. Then Typewriters were invented and a metaphorical peace treaty signed.

Gadhrann stares at the first sentence of Ethay Artyay ofyay Arway as he reflects on his journey with a lazy smile. With his level of determination and grit, 72 hours will be nothing. How far is he already? With a jolt, Gadhrann hustles back to reality and returns his attention to his study. He finds his place at the top of the page and following his finger, reads, "Ethay... artyay-... ofyay-... arway-..." Gadhrann falters, then pauses. "Is that-...?"

Gadhrann closes the book. He tries to frowns, but can't help the excitement tugging at his lips. After so long: a family reunion! But, that's just it... It's been so long. What does Yashnifus need them for? Gadhrann abandons his book on the sidetable, closes the blinds and after locking the door, rams his desk in front of it - for modern locks have failed him too many times. During the bang that ensues, Gadhrann flits between his dimension and Houston, Texas where he appears with his arms crossed. He grins.

"Hey, guys."


sleepy boi
Siv’Kali wasn’t sure how long she had been flying through space. She lost count somewhere around the 30 year mark. Her body ached, and screamed at her to rest, but knew that she could not rest now. She had to make it to the solar system...to the gods of earth. She had no one left, everyone from her pantheon was dead, killed by a being of pure evil. Kali had only heard rumors about the gods of the solar system being the most powerful gods to ever be born. Kali hoped that they were as powerful as they were rumored to be, for her sake and their's. Kali slowed down when she saw a relatively small star compared to the ones she passed, and the planet that she was looking for, Earth.

Kali wasn't sure if this what the right planet, but when she felt a pulse of divine power, she knew that she was in the right place. Kali knew that the gods had probably already sensed her approach long before she had gotten anywhere close to earth. Kali pinpointed where the energy had came from, and using her power, teleported towards it.

Kali took in her new surroundings, and saw no gods. It seemed like she was a little off when she had warped, and also forgot to mask her appearance. She seemed to be in some sort of storage place for 1596760788820.pngvehicles. And in front of her stood a stunned mortal who looked like they were getting ready to scream at the strange looking creature that was in front of them. Before that could happen, Kali quickly placed her hand unto the mortals forehead, and gave themone command, "Sleep". In less then a second, the mortal was knocked out cold. Kali studied the mortals form, and adopted something similar to it in order to blend in more with the mortals and not cause a scene.

Kali took the time to adjust to the new form that she had adopted, admiring at how different the mortals were compared to the ones from her home. She once she had gotten somewhat comfortable with it, she took a look around, looking for the gods of earth, looking of Yashnifus, the one god that could hopefully help her get revenge on that thing that had murdered her brothers and sisters in cold blood. Kali sensed divine energy clustering somewhere, and once again attempted to pinpoint where it was coming from. This time, it seemed to be atop a tower of sorts.

Kali focused on her destination, and then warped over, this time actually landing on her destination. She emerged from the shadows, and was greeted by 5 gods. Kali opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. "Are you kidding me, Siv' Kali! you are the goddess of darkness, and your afraid to talk to gods!" She thought to herself. Before the attack, she mostly let her much brighter and happier sister do the talking, but she needed to step up.

Kali mustered up the courage, and spoke up for herself. "Greetings, I am Siv'Kali, Goddess of darkness...and last survivor from the Sol Pantheon," Kali started. "I wish to speak to the one called Yashnifus....I seek help, and bear a warning for you." Kali finished. She wanted to get everyone's response to her presence before continuing.

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Sweet melodies filled the room, a brunette girl singing softly as she waited for her mother to finish fixing her clothes. A blonde woman with crimson eyes made movements on the air, as if sewing with both hands. ”You should be more careful, dear. You have a public image to maintain now.” She said while the cloth merged back together following the movements of her hand, suddenly stopping for a moment after hearing Yashnifus call but then continuing as if nothing ever happened.

Muzena noticed this, cutting her singing short to ask her. ”Mama? What’s wrong? She saw how Quinella shook her head, negating any importance to whatever was troubling her. ”Is it Papa?” Only one thing could disturb the goddess, her older brother. Quinella looked away, hiding her face from Muzena. She was analyzing the area using nearby cameras to the god, it didn’t seemed like a trap or something similar. Apparently he wanted to see everyone, she sighted before replying to Muzena.

”He’s no longer your father, stop…” She was going to say something else but there was a new disturbance in the solar system, specifically the moon. She could feel his composition, he was an artificial creation and as such it could be easy for her to deal with him. However, he had something unusual, a gem powered his entire system and that gem appeared to contain souls somehow. She closed her eyes to discreetly project her thoughts to this living piece of machinery. ”Aren’t you interesting? Welcome to my domain, I’m Quinella. You may enter but keep it subtle; no mortal should see you and no other god should encounter you.” Then she showed him her exact location, Songweaver Tech’s main building. I’m the Crafter of the gods of earth, if you wish my aid come alone… Trust no one else, for all my siblings have been slayed as well. She lied. I have a meeting but feel free to come as soon as you can, my daughters will welcome you. Then she opened her eyes again, seeing Muzena in front of her puzzled. Finally… a breakthrough! I’ll go meet my siblings, stay here and welcome our future guest. Keep an eye on him and cover his arrival if needed, he doesn’t seem to be a threat.

Quinella’s body fragmented in a million blue polygons while she teletransported herself, reappearing in the office next to Arlathan in his god form. She quickly noticed the old man that Yashnifus was impersonating, making a disgusted face immediately. Keep it short, Demon. She wasn’t using his name, maybe because it was more painful that way… demonizing him was easier that confronting the feelings that came with his presence. With a wave of her left hand she made a golden throne appear in front of her, taking a seat. She gave a smile to everyone else but Yashnifus. Nice to see you all again my beloved family! Although… the circumstances aren’t the best. She glared at the old man, they had to be hiding like rats because of him. Anyway… State your business, Demon.


"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
Sylvainus, The Dark side of the Moon.

He was nearing the surface when the thoughts hit his mind clearly not his own but apparently belonging to the craft god of Earth, she had called herself Quinella. It was more so the other words she spoke that had hit him heavily. all my siblings have been slain...was he too late? He couldn't give his cargo to a god of craft, he needed to find a death deity and if there was none here than his entire trip had been pointless. Again he contemplated emptying his cargo, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. Instead he continued his digging until he broke through the surface. He let out what would've been a deep sigh if he possessed the ability for such things. He contemplated accepting her offer and venturing towards the planet but shook the thought from his mind, he had a mission to accomplish and would need to finish it, perhaps then he could visit with this lone god. Immediately he began consulting his star charts, his creators had spoken of other gods perhaps one of them would have a suitable afterlife for his people. As he was charting a course to a new star however he noticed a strange being seemingly observing him. Were he not a storage container for souls and thus aware of them he may have missed such a creature. However circumstance seemed to be on his side. This being seemed to radiate divine energy was this one of Quinella's constructs? He decided there was only one way to find out and so he approached the seeker rather slowly. "Identify yourself being, whom do you serve." he asked it very directly though without much aggression. He was however preparing himself to destroy the being if need be, if such a thing was even possible that is.

Yashnifus, Remington Square rooftop.

As each new arrival appeared Yashnifus greeted them cordially and with a soft demeanour. "Far too long sister, it is good to see you again." he said as athena appeared and took her spot to the left and just behind him. Already he felt a bit more sure of himself and internally thanked his sister for her calming presence. Next to arrive was Arthalan and as usual he opened greeted them with the offer of new knowledge. "Hopefully it is good news brother...mine certainly is not unfortunately." he smiled even wider at him but that smile seemed to falter a bit at the next two arrivals. The devourer had been on their planet for only a few thousand years and was quite the rambunctious one, he and Gadhrann would likely get along if the two spent more time together. "Nothing good i am afraid." was all he said in response to the dragons greetings, perhaps a bit to quickly. As if qued by his thoughts of him Gadhrann himself appeared earning another smile from yashnifus. "Hello brother, i am happy you are here, i fear we have need of some muscle." his eyebrow arched a few moments before the Arrival of the one calling herself Siv'Kali. "You seem a bit distressed...perhaps you should speak first...and i suggest doing so quickly as none of us have very good history with outsiders and its to my knowledge that you weren't invited to our gathering." his voice was a bit more stern than usual mainly due to him wanting to sound a bit more threatening, which he chuckled at internally given his current form of an elderly man. That was when Quinella arrived her tongue just as sharp as it had been since his return home. He simply nodded to her "I will try to be quick for your sake Quinella." he said her name with a mixture of sorrow at their current relationship, Happiness at seeing her, and pain from her words. "But first i believe we should hear miss Siv'Kali's warning. My news while time sensitive will likely be less so than hers...ive had another vision." his siblings would all know what that meant, Yashnifus had never been given particularly good visions of the future nearly all of them were some form of forewarning for disasters and this one was no different.​


sleepy boi
Kali realized that she was intruding in a family gathering for the gods of earth, and instantly felt embarrassed for invading in such a private event. She assumed that the old man that was speaking to her was Yashnifus, the god that thing told her about. Kali considered leaving and allowing the gods of earth to have alone time, but knew that she couldn't allow that to happen. Every moment that had to prepare counted, and she would have to call upon every asset that she could think of..and that was still alive. "I'm sorry for intruding, but this is vital information Yashnifus. An old enemy of your is coming to you. Sylus, a dark an evil god is trying to rally other pantheons to stand against you. Those who refuse to join him are eliminated....my pantheon refused to join his war....and now I am the only living god left from my pantheon." Kali said.

Kali tried to keep her composure, but she was starting to break down now that she had time to process what had happened to her family members. She wished she could spend one last moment, with them, just to be around them, even the ones that she hated. She now understood the saying, "you never never know how much you miss something until it's gone." She looked at Yashifus, "Gather your armies, and sharpen your blades, he is coming to kill you and your siblings Yashnifus, and whatever you fought before, is not the same as the thing that killed my family." She finished.

"In terms of what I can offer towards this up coming fight, I cannot offer much. though there are a few things that I could retrieve from my home-world." Kali finished. She then backed up, and gave the gods of earth room to breath, as well as a little privacy as they talked.


G'day mate
She looked at Yashnifus, brow furrowing in worry. “Is this what your vision was about, brother?” She asked, her voice calm. She wasn’t about to blame him, though if this was the case, what we’re they to do? Protect the world from someone that was able to destroy a whole pantheon, besides one god. There were only seven of them, so how in the hell were they supposed to beat Sylus? For once, the calmest of the seven found herself fretting about what was to come, and she knew deep down that it wouldn’t be good.

She glanced back at Siv’Kali, frowning. And on top of that, it wasn’t Yashnifus that delivered the news. She sighed, shaking her head. Whatever happened, there would be a lot of death and she nor her siblings could do anything to stop it, other than kill Sylus, but that didn’t look to good either.


Vintage Glamor Guy

Arlathan watched as his siblings arrived one after another, and the sudden intruder who had made herself at home. Outsiders were not usually a good omen in the Sol System and as she spoke Arlathan’s point was only proven. She brought news of some dark god who intended to challenge them. With a heavy sigh Arlathan turned his gaze to the moon. Through his connection to the Seekers he commanded them to travel to the edge of the system and begin regular patrols of the system’s borders.

“I was informed of a second foreigner in our system.” He announced as his attention turned back to his family. “An outsider has crashed into the moon. I have a Seeker keeping an eye on him but we must determine quickly how we plan to approach this newcomer.”


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Hysniam (AKA Keanan Stenzel)
Location: Venice, Italy

Hysniam looked out across the sea as he walked down the coast. He held his shoes loosely in his hands and he adjusted the strap on his satchel. He smiled but when he felt the familiar tug of his brothers calling, Hysniam frowned. It had been a rough transition with his brother and didn't exactly know how to feel. Deep down he also felt a small connection to his other siblings so it must be a meeting for all of them. Leaning down, Hysniam slipped his shoes back on and walked to a small cave along the rock wall beside him and called up his hidden magic.
He found himself on top of a large building, one he hasn't seen in quite some time. He looked around and saw his other siblings there along with a stranger. She seemed slightly disheveled and everyone had a look of despair.
"Sorry I am late, the debate over the beach and coming to a family reunion was quite difficult." He tried to have an air of carelessness but deep down he was happy to see his brother. He missed seeing his siblings and ever since they had departed he felt like a massive portion of himself was gone. Hysniam walked forward and greeted his siblings in turn before looking to Yashnifus.

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