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Realistic or Modern Gods among us CS



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1. We are gods and are very powerful but none are allowed to be Godmodded. We have flaws and vulnerabilities that said they are very hard to exploit even for other gods. There is a balance between all powerful and weak. We fit on the high end of that balance.

2. Autohitting, metagaming, etc is not allowed. That said be realitic, dodging the messenger gods speeding attacks or blocking the warrior gods powerful attacks are both incredibly hard and if done at all should express that insane difficulty.

3. Bigger fish exist even Yashnifus who many believe to be an all powerful being has on more than one occasion been defeated and needed the help from his siblings to overcome problems. We being so old and wise would know this as well which is humbling so try to avoid the impression that we are Unbeatable simply put we are not.

4. All those other rules being said gods are called such for a reason. While its insanely difficult for a god to best another god, it is several orders of magnitude more difficult for a non-god to best a god. Again not impossible...but about as close to impossible as one can get. Godslayers have only happened once or twice in the entire history of the universe which predates our gods.

5. As GM i have the final say as to what is and isnt acceptible. I dont want to be overbearing or hyper controlling and will avidly avoid doing so, but please understand there is a scale and plot underlying so i cant allow unchecked free reign for all.

(Will be filled as the CS's are made however i will enforce prior claims for up to 3 days.)

Leader of Earth's Gods- Yashnifus ( Agent23 Agent23 )

Advisor of Earth's Gods- Open and unclaimed.

Scholar of Earth's Gods- Arlathan LadyOfStars LadyOfStars

Messenger of Earth's Gods- Hysniam Jormir24 Jormir24

Warrior of Earth's Gods- Open & Claimed

Undertaker of Earth's Gods- D PlusUltra PlusUltra

Craftsman of Earth's Gods - Quinella Neo Alice Neo Alice

The CS
Delete everything not in bold and replace it with the requester parameters. If you use images delete the Words "Image or description" and replace it with your image. If using a description just delete the words "image or" and leave the word "Description"

Image or description- Either or is fine human forms and divine forms can be uploaded.

Name- Divine name.

Human Name- Who has your god been living as?

Occupation- What do they do in their human life?

Myths inspired- What myths did they inspire list them here.

Role- What are they the god of, if not one of the seven gods of earth put what they do in the grand scheme of things their high concept if you will.

Personality- while this is usually important to any RP in this one its supper important as these gods are the ones who control the world. What is their opinion of the world, its creatures, their place in the universe, and their siblings.

History- You dont need to list all that they have done in the 2.5 million years they have been alive, but what are the important parts, how have they interacted with the world and their siblings. What losses have they taken, what great victories have they achieved.

Powers- all gods possess Divine levels of Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, Senses, Regeneration, and Agelessness. In addition they possess power bestowal, Soul manipulation, Creation and Destruction. List unique powers here in great detail and if your Deity is say the fastest or the strongest also list that here as well.

Other- Whatever else i missed put here and adjust the words "Other" as needed, you can add multiple categories as long as the others above are filled.

Appearance- (Unlike gods, demigods do not have the ability to shapeshift normally though a few gain that as their divine power. Wether human or alien they have a singular form.)

Name- What is the name of your demigod

Title- Demigods are not like gods who are the lord of this or that, they earn titles through doing great things. What title or titles does your demigod have include the title "child of ____" and insert the deity that sired you. Yashnifus has no children save for one. You must select a god that exists in the Cs page as your divine parent.

Age - demigods are blessed with immortality and agelessness to a lesser degree than their parents however they can still technically live for millions of years, however as they accomplish more their tasks become harder and because of this they rarely live beyond 100,000 years.

Species- if your an alien gimme a name and brief description, if your a human List that and write "the creations of the 7 earth gods, universally average across the board, and feared for their potential." Feel free to use your own words on that last part.

Personality- What is the temperament of your demigod? This can be very important as they are usually not only several orders of magnitude more powerful than their mortal Kin, but uniquely tied to the divine in a way that lets them survive in the true forms of their parents, something normal mortals cannot do. How would that kind of power effect your demigod? Would they reject or accept it? Do they value their mortal heritage or godly heritage more? These are good questions to ask oneself.

History- This section is probably the most fun, Demigods are often great champions. Mortal empires grow around them and crumble before them, many slay monsters and even do battle with their parents on occasion though that rarely ends in a victory. Some have even ascended to godhood after taking their parents role and power in their pantheon but if that's the case you should be making a god cs not a demigod one

Powers- All demigods possess Enhanced physical or mental abilities relative to the rest of their mortal species. In addition they tend to possess abilities closely related to those of their parents. In some rare cases their physical and mental enhancements do not manifest opting instead for a more powerful special ability.

Other- if you want to have weapons, armor, pets, kingdoms ,planets, or other such possessions list them here. Along with whatever else you wanna add.

Image- Probably more important for the monsters of the universe than any other cs. I will not allow written description here i wanna see monsters dang it.

Name- Monsters often have titles mixed in with their name for example "The Kracken, Dweller of the Deep." Its not mandatory but it does look nice.

Age- Monster are not tied to their gods after creation and can in many cases outlive their pantheon however in this case the maximum age is 3 Million. Older and more terrifying monsters dwell deep within the universes dark center.

Purpose- What was your monsters reason for being created you needn't list wether they failed of were successful.

Behavior- Basically the personality section modified to accommodate those with less intelligence...or more.

History- The past of monsters are usually rocky, filled with benevolent deeds as well as dangerous outbursts as they are often used as tools of a gods fury. They have eaten demigods and have been slain by them. But a monsters work is never done, because they are woven into the fabrics of the universe in order to sever the link between them and the gods they will perpetually reincarnate usually taking only as long as the power required to reform them takes to charge. So stronger monsters stay dead longer like say the Kraken who can take up to 300 years. But weaker creatures will respawn quicker such as the Centaurs who take only a year. Your monster if old enough would have lived and died several times.

Powers- monsters perhaps have the most unique natural powers. They are cursed with Eternal reincarnation making them relive life without end. Furthermore their abilities are tied to biology and physics rather than otherworldly sources allowing them to spam their abilities with little consequence. Nearly every monster possesses some level of regeneration.

Other- monsters don't really have cars or weapons very often but they do usually have epic theme songs. fell free to add anything else you wish to them.
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Not to scale
Description- In his human form yashnifus is a stocky older man, of average height but athletically defined with short grey hair that is partially balding and a clean shaven face.
Name- Yashnifus

Human Name- Joseph Nash

Occupation- Unarmed Security Guard

Myths inspired- Zeus, Odin, Ra, And basically all other High god/goddess concepts

Role- Leader of The Earth Gods.

Personality- Yashnifus is a rather peaceful and Content being who greatly enjoys being around the other gods and humans. While he abhors conflict he does not shy away from it though is usually one of the last to get involved in matters of combat with a select few exceptions. He enjoys Crafting pocket dimensions, especially if they are seemingly paradise as he always seeks to bring peace, joy, and happiness when he can, seeing those as the greatest things one can give. That said as peaceful and kind as he may be, he does have a wrathful side that can be downright terrifying. Even to the other gods who have witnessed his wrath against outside forces of the world.

When Yashnifus awoke from the primordial chaos orb that birthed him and his siblings he found a primitive and savage planet filled with soulless animals. His first order of business was to fix that. He crafted souls that could proliferate and then altered the most advanced life forms of the earth to hold these souls giving birth to humanity. Shortly after this his siblings began to awaken one by one and with each one awoken he crafted an infinite pocket dimension for them to call their own giving each one a task to uphold after discussing it with them thoroughly. From there he kinda kicked back and relaxed thinking his system flawless, however he was a bit to lax, making the mistake of sharing his goals to elevate humanity to godhood with other deities from the cosmos.

They made it very clear that they did not support his decision as they attacked him and his siblings hoping to destroy them and leave humanity to wipe themselves out. Fortunately Yashnifus was not so easily deterred from his plans. The first wave of the outworld deities that came for them he took on alone, not even seeing fit to inform his siblings and meeting these beings on the edge of the solar system to do battle with them on the icy world of Exaltair. Though he Handily took the victory, slaying each one after the other in under half a day. He failed to realize the power they threw around and the massive ice giant world was shattered into what is today called the kuiper belt.

Even still his pride wouldn't allow him to admit that he was wrong. When his siblings asked why a planet disappeared he simply said that it was his will and they should not question it. Needless to say this didn't sit well with any of them and the first golden age of man came to a catastrophic end with the clash of their own gods. Yashnifus was powerful, strong enough to slay seven gods and shatter a planet in the process, yet even still each of his siblings could hold their own against him individually, together it was hopeless. Their mighty battle lasted nearly a year and the Earth was scarred, its once glorious super continent scattered across deep Valleys and trenches now filled by oceans. Yet It ended when Yashnifus was striken down, and cast out of the solar system.

The battles didn't end for the earth system however. Planet Edenia between mars and jupiter, the original home world of man, was shattered By a second invading pantheon. His siblings struck them down and restarted humanity on earth This time without his guidance. They had proven to him that they didn't actually need him and he wasn't as superior as he believed himself to be. At first he was enraged and left to build his own universe and craft the ultimate being. Which promptly blew up in his face, quite literally blasting him back to the solar system wounded and humbled.

After millennia of exile his siblings accepted him back not as their king but as their equal. After many more battles with Cosmic Pantheons and multiple defeats and victories the Gods of earth finally came back together and made their plan to go into hiding rather than continue their eternal wars with the outside world. However the "ultimate being" Yashnifus created did not infact die when the system exploded, it was launched in the other direction and began to assault the other pantheons until it was killed and they turned their gaze in the direction it came from tracking its origins back to Yashnifus which in turn has lead them back to the solar system.

Limited Omnipotence- Yashnifus ability to fold dimensions seems to give him mastery of space, time, and reality itself to a degree. He cannot manipulate divine objects and beings including gods, their artifacts, things charged by their power. However he can alter matter and energy to a degree that allows him to basically spawn any sort of superpower he needs. This extends to a large radius of 10,000km around him encompassing the earth and low orbit.

Limited Omnipresence- With dimensional folding Yashnifus can Actually form copies of himself and each can appear anywhere within his 10,000km range. These copies are considerably less powerful than the real Yashnifus though only having a power radius of a few hundred meters but Yashnifus can switch places with them at will.

*Limited Omniscience- Yashnifus's Senses extend throughout his entire 10,000km range. Furthermore he can sense divine energy and briefly into the future if need be. These senses have however been known to manipulated by outside forces on occasion and are not 100% foolproof.

Other- Once an Arrogant, Brash, Vainglorious god, he has become a far more humble and kind as of late more often than not taking his siblings thoughts in mind before acting. Due to sibling rivalry Yashnifus has not sired children in over 6000 years, nor has he created any new forms of life.​
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Name- Hysniam (High-s-knee-um)

Human Name- Keanan Stenzel (Male)

Occupation- Traveling writer with a magazine

Myths inspired-
Hermes, Mercury, Ninshubur, and Hermodir

Role- Messenger of the gods

Identification- Identifies as neither male nor female so they often change between genders depending on the circumstances.

Personality- Hysniam used to be very secretive and almost cocky in their ability to know what was going on around them and their siblings. Many times they would know of a devastating event but wouldn't share this information. They would often tell lies and spread rumors amongst their siblings to cause rivalries. After the issue with their brother Yashnifus, Hysniam grew quiet and started to grow closer to them. They became compliant and even helpful at times while still containing mild humor. Hysniam is adventurous and always found the creation of scenery, far more interesting than that of creatures.

History- Hysniam was the sixth to awaken and was given the responsibility of delivering. They helped many creatures develop the ability to migrate and travel. When they heard of their brother's lies, Hysniam helped battle with their siblings and cast him out of their world. As a way for Hysniam to cope with the betrayal, they helped their siblings create a new world and brought forth the idea of flight and migration in animals and later transportation for humans. While these were great ideas, Hysniam would often steal their sibling's ideas. At one point in time, Hysniam had tried to create rips in certain areas on earth for travel but it greatly backfired when water flooded through sky gates, fire poured through forests, and creatures were misplaced. With the help of their siblings, it was soon fixed but the Bermuda triangle stood as a semblance of their mistake.
When they decided as a whole to go in hiding Hysniam was against the idea for fear of outside threats but found it comforting when reminded that they were a messenger god and could find out things in another way.

Absolute Leap- Can jump extreme distances with accuracy. Can include planet jumping on rare occasions.
Self Sustenance- Due to lengthened travel, this can slow or even stop metabolism, reduce the effects of weather and immobilization.
Teleportation Rips- Can cause rips in the environment around them to transport things or themself.

Other- Has a pet named Naeriti that is nearly immortal.

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

  • Name: Quinella

    Human Name: Ophelia Von Karma

    Occupation: CEO of Songweaver Tech Inc.

    Myths Inspired: Hephaestus, among others. (I don’t really know other gods… whatever, I’m just telling you the concepts she embodies directly: Science, Forge, Craftsmanship, Creativity, Dreams, Progress and Technology.)

    Role: Craftman of Earth’s Gods.

    Personality: Highly intelligent and calculator, she never does something unless she has a plan beforehand. This is why she has never forgiven Yashnifus for his incredible stupidity that has doomed her siblings as well. Her only goal is to create her own reality, where she’s the one calling the shots without STUPID NARCISIST EGOMANIACS ruining things for her with every move they make. She was actually the one that held most respect towards Yashnifus until he screw them all, she has cut all ties with him and refuses to acknowledge his existence at all. In order to fulfill her goal, she has allowed human imagination and creativity related to progress to grow in unnatural levels which is the reason behind all the sci-fi shows and ideas you can see today.

    History: After waking up for the very first time, although the last of her sibling in doing so, Quinella was amazed by the word surrounding her, she could feel those little life forms and felt sorry that they had to live such plain lives. So she gave them a little push, some say that lightning fell from the skies and that’s how the first fire ever came to be… as if, she was the one that gifted fire to the first sentient life forms and with that action sparked their brains into function. She admired Yashnifus and believed him to be superior in every way, to the point of being in love with him and idolize him, until he took care of destroying her naïve heart with his stupidity. After he ruined their lives, Quinella refused to accept him ever again and decided that from that moment onwards she only had 5 siblings, not 6, turning her love into pure hate. Furthermore, she wouldn’t allow any descendants from Yashnifus to live since to her eyes the kids of a demon are bound to become worst demons themselves. Even today if Yashnifus impregnates a woman, she will make sure that woman dies in a terrible accident.

    After the last cycle of resetting the world she established a mortal bloodline, impersonating descendants from it to produce some of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries in the world. Since she had to pretend to be dead, she couldn’t actually fulfill her ambition but she helped things move along quicker on the shadows. Currently she is charge of her own company that develops technology, machinery and heavy armament and has exclusive contracts with other organizations around the globe. However her main goal remains to create her own reality, which she has seen possible through virtual reality. A few years she created the MegaloSphere, a powerful helmet that allows human souls to be projected into a virtual setting. Although this is unknown to them, since they believe is just a high quality virtual reality enhancer. She hasn’t completed her goal because she hasn’t figured out how to keep the souls in the virtual realm forever. In order to make it more appealing the company sold it as new generation console to play videogames it became very popular and as such it would draw more suspicion if erased from existence than if allowed to remain.


    Muse: Her pocket dimension gifted by Yashnifus was the Dreamland, from where life beings draw inspiration while they’re sleeping. Because of this she’s capable of controlling dreams and provides inspiration and creativity to humans in order to make progress flow.

    Godsmith: She’s the best creator of the gods from earth; as such she has complete authority (control) over objects (including weapons, vehicles, buildings, technology, etc.) and the creation (and duplication) of them. This includes objects made by other gods too, as long as they are within the solar system she can control those objects and destroy them. She can create effortlessly any object she has authority over, even those only imagined or dreamed that have yet to be actually crafted. This also allows her to control and summon a few elements on their own for offensive purposes: Fire, Electricity, Metal, Jewels, Glass and Sand. (Although she can just make regular weapons on the go, Check the Divine Armory for specific divine weapons she holds exclusively.)

    Cybergoddess: She’s the only earth goddess capable of accessing and controlling the cyberspace created by humans and the virtual realities within it. She has full omniscience (knows all information in it), omnipotence (can do anything there) and omnipresence (she’s everywhere in there) in it. It’s also worth mentioning that all devices within the solar system (whether they’re connected or not, even if damaged or without batteries) with cameras and microphones are her eyes and ears on the real world and she can use them as her personal portals.



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"I'm not merciful or blessed. I'm just me. I've got a job to do and I do it...When the first living thing existed, I was there. Waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights, and lock them world behind me when I leave."

Name: D
Human Name: Morrigan Bas
Occupation: Uber Driver, Delivery Driver, Sailor, Pilot
Myths inspired: Thanatos, Anubis, Yama and more.
Role: Undertaker, Lord of and personification of mortal death and life. They usher new life into the realm, watch over, and meets with each as they pass to guide their souls to their next destination.

Despite their role, D has always been one of the perkiest of the gods, fun, warm, empathetic, and caring she commonly takes the role of the maternal older sister with a relaxed approach. Her job has been known to take a backseat when it comes to her family but even still she can show a fairly carefree and neutral demeanor even with the most stressful of situations even to the point of staying out of conflicts and letting personal slights flow off them like water. Even with this easy-going nature, however, it is clear she holds wisdom all of her own as if aware of some greater plan and secrets, this along with her natural subterfuge has led some to question just how far her role extends. This is only added by the fact that she is the last of the gods to actually fight, something even her siblings have yet to recall actually occurring as well as questioning if she even holds the same overall goal of elevating mortals to godhood. She also is perhaps the most human of the Deities in how she spends most of her time walking among the souls she watches over in a myriad of forms, sometimes human, sometimes not and it is perhaps this that allowed her to become who they are today, having originally been far darker until these experiences. This also reflects in her natural form and that of humans are so similar unlike that of their siblings, the end result of this makes it clear that nobody can be said to love life as much as them in all its forms.

The undertaker represents not only the ever-present aspect of death but also life as they welcome mortals to the world and say goodbye once more before there final journey to the next step. Even should she be unable to kill the force, she will still be there to claim them in the end and it's only through her compassion to those she cares for that they may be brought into the care of others. The second of their siblings to come into existence as the first life came forth, her approach and natural role gifted her with a vast awareness of the bigger picture to a level even Yashnifu was unsure of. She never did question Yashnifu regarding Exaltair, nor did she act within the first clash of her family instead of tending to her role and those upon the planet. After each cataclysm, it was her who would collect the humans and send them onwards, speaking to her siblings when needed but rarely acting directly outside of this.

She eventually established the system of the dead as her most notable feat, planes and realms sculpted from the minds of humans with guardians and caretakers of there own tailored to the culture, beliefs, and needs. She was responsible for several creations among the ages of humans, The Oni, The Valkyrie, The Ravens, and more, imparting tales for comfort among the various cultures at times, though her biggest creation has been the realms of the dead not through her own power, but through the collective consciousness of human souls, in turn, giving her a vast empire of sorts with her personal pocket dimension simply a pit stop to connect to each. There were several occasions when she would appear to humans outside of their birth and death, talking to them and imparting revelations but more through allowing them to better understand themselves and what they really wanted, though as she left many would wonder who she had been until they eventually met again. She has been known of course to frequently attend several celebrations among the humans, The Day of the Dead celebrations being a particular guilty pleasure of hers. Her main achievement though is bringing people together and connecting people through both life and death, escorting them through difficult times as well as elevating them as they gain a better understanding as part of some greater plan.

She was perhaps closest to Gadhrann of her siblings, seeing such as their little brother in many respects and frequently visiting him more than the others as he walked in human guise. As a human, she has been known to take a range of jobs, though most of them appear to revolve around travel and delivery as a trend with a habit of showing up to her siblings through this. What is unknown to her siblings however is the partnership and pact made among the various other death deities among the cosmos, an unknown connection between each playing into their actions that has worked on a fundamental level as well as a true understanding of life.

  • Near Omnipresence: She is everywhere on Earth at any moment, but not in a form visible to humans, usually, though she can choose to be seen if she wishes.
  • Near-Omniscience: She can see all possible futures and ends for all the beings who fall under her auspices. Due to her nature, she knows whenever an entity is born, and whenever a person, animal, or plant is about to die and appears whenever that is the case.
  • Shapeshifting: She may freely change her appearance and clothing at will. Though how she appears may depend on the eyes of those who see her. This also extends to a form of intangibility.
  • Teleportation: She can travel instantly anywhere in the mortal realm that people die and live, and, so long as she shows proper respect, she can easily enter and transit most magical realms too.
  • Gift of Death: The power to free the soul of a body and send a soul to his appropriate destination (usually an afterlife or reincarnation). Inserting herself as an integral part of the process being essential for the death of mortals to take place.
  • Gift of Life: At the time of one's birth they appear and can infuse a body with life. She commonly does this at the time of birth or at certain times to give another a second chance (reincarnation) the criteria for the latter is not known. This essentially gives her partial ownership and control over each life.
  • Illusion Casting: Granting visions and displays to those she visits she may freely manipulate each of the senses or conjure previous worlds and memories at will.
  • Eternal Moment: They may freeze a targeted mortal within a single moment as the world around them stands still.
  • Ancient Rules: Despite her great powers, she bound to a complex set of rules and customs. One which requires her not to spill the blood of the family. She cannot and must not fall in love with a mortal or the mortal's downfall is assured, this, however, can be taken multiple ways given this is indeed the fate of all mortals.
  • Realm of the Dead: Her realm is not what most would think, being more of a pit stop for people when they die that amorphously changes itself depending on the souls brought within or her own whim. It is through this that it connects to the various underworlds and afterlife destinations for souls to go forward to their next destination.
  • Divine Wisdom: Holding great insight into the hearts of humans and charismatic approach she appears capable of delivering even the worst of news and being thanked in return.
  • Divine Subterfuge: When required they prove to be able to walk silent and unnoticed as an eternal presence.


"I'm not merciful or blessed. I'm just me. I've got a job to do and I do it...When the first living thing existed, I was there. Waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights, and lock them world behind me when I leave."
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Arlathan the Scholar

Human Name- Sena

Occupation- Archivist

Myths inspired-
Isis, Thoth, Athena, Minerva, Tenjin, Saga, Wenchang Wang, Loki

The Scholar, Responsible for the keeping of records, evolution, teaching, and the progression of intelligence within mortal and immortal beings. Also known as the creator and overseer of magic.

Of all his siblings, Arlathan is probably these most quiet and withdrawn. His thoughts are usually kept to himself and his plans carried out in the background where they cannot be interfered with. His love for his siblings is the only thing that exceeds his love for knowledge and wisdom. While he doesn’t mind mingling with them he prefers to avoid prolonged group interactions as their many different personalities and beliefs can sometimes lead to clashes. Despite his reluctance to interact, Arlathan does see himself as their guide of sorts and doesn’t hesitate to step in and counsel one of them when he believes their actions are leading them towards a negative result. He also doesn’t mind listening to them vent or whine when they need a shoulder to cry on.
When it comes to outside forces such as cosmic gods and their pets, Arlathan undergoes a sort of transformation. He becomes a ruthless fighter who holds back nothing when confronted with a foe, especially if the safety of his siblings is whats a stake,


In the beginning was darkness, but not silence. Arlathan awoke to the void of space already occupied by several other divine beings to which he would give the title of siblings. Third of the gods to awaken, Arlathan dedicated his time to learning and discovery. His eldest brother gifted him the realm which he now calls The Archive. While his siblings fiddled with fragile creatures on rocks, Arlathan turned his attention to the stars! It was he who named the planets and the stars, made constellations, and later brought this knowledge to the humans of Earth.

When the others rebelled against Yashnifus, Arlathan was absent from the battle. He could not see the wisdom in fighting one another over something as simple as someone being arrogant. War was a mortal act and he chose to sit out the violence. When Yashnifu was cast out, Arlathan took a back seat as well, only stepping in to caution his siblings of a choice that may not go as they hoped. Instead he devoted his time to the evolution of mortal creatures and their mental growth. That was until a group of outsiders sought to lay waste to his siblings’ hard work.To combat the new threat, Arlathan harnessed the unseen energies of the cosmos as his weapon, essentially creating what mortals would call magic. The battle was won through their combined might and strategy, and Arlathan vowed to stay present from that moment on.

When humanity was reset on Earth, Arlathan appeared in Egypt as a man with an Ibis head. He taught them minor things and blessed a few of them with higher intelligence. He spent centuries watching them grow with the gift he had given them. To the rest of the world he shared his star charts so that man may sail the seas without getting lost. The Library of Alexandria was his first attempt at storing physical references for mankind.

Although he was the idol of worship for countless souls, Arlathan was disappointed when religion seemed to overthrow knowledge on the mortal plane. To right this wrong he created a group that would combat religious fanatics that sought to make mankind blind to the secrets of the world. To this day he has mixed feelings about the Illuminati and its place in the world.

After his brother’s return from exile, Arlathan thought that he might go back to solely maintaining the progression of knowledge and wisdom on Earth, but not long after they were attacked again and again by outsiders. When they decided to go into hiding, Arlathan deployed his Seekers to watch over the solar system and be an early warning system for the Gods of Earth should anyone or anything ever come their way.


Divine Intelligence - Of the seven gods of earth, Arlathan is the most intelligent with the ability to comprehend and master new subjects within mere seconds of being introduced to them.

Magic - While Arlathan has no innate dominion over any of the elements, he is capable of creating and manipulating them by controlling the energies within the cosmos that make a fire burn and allow a lightning bolt to shock. He can also harness these energies to create spells; defensive, offensive, Healing, or even spells that allow him to manipulate gravity, and hide from other deities.

Seeker Creation
- Skeers are a semi-immortal race created by Arlathan to assist him in the collection of knowledge and the guiding of humanity. Each Seeker is connected to Arlathan so that he may find them and or speak to them wherever they may be in the solar system.


Seekers - The wisest and most intelligent souls. Arlathan lays claim to them all. “Seek to understand and the world shall become clear.” Upon their deaths, mortals who possessed remarkable intelligence or wisdom, whether naturally or as a gift from Arlathan, are sent to the Scholar God to be rewarded for bearing the burden which comes with it. These souls are turned into his Seekers and granted immortality.
While they possess the ability to shapeshift into whatever form they require, Seeker’s are ghostly looking creatures in their base forms.

The Archive - Arlathan’s realm of knowledge where all thoughts, ideas, and deeds that have been, are being, and will be done are stored within books. Linked to souls and the replication of them, each book has an owner whose life and thoughts it chronicles. Less detailed are the books for each of the gods Arlathan has encountered, all of which he has handwritten. Through the use of magic and his understanding of complex energies, Arlathan has sealed off The Archive so that none of his siblings could enter alone. It takes the combined might of all six to shatter his wards, walls, traps, and defenders. There are even live specimens stored within The Archive for future resets and such.

Royal magic library by Masahiro Sawada : ImaginaryLibraries




Name- Gadhrann

Human Name- Benjamin Giffen

Occupation- Police Officer

Myths inspired - Ares, Mars Sekhmet, Begste, Kartikeya, Honos and Virtus

Role- Warrior of the Earth Gods.

Personality - Gadhrann is the kid in school who smashes his toys together while screaming, then breaks them and afterwards, if he's feeling peckish, chews on them before breaking them into even smaller pieces. But, he only does that for fun. In reality, Gadhrann is friendly and outgoing. He loves his siblings more than he loves humans. However, this isn't to say that Gadhrann isn't as wise and intelligent as his siblings. He has a strategic mind and a great capacity for objectivity - and thus is able to thrive in conflict. He's in it for what he deems the "greater good" and is very cut-throat in regards to that. Among his siblings, Gadhrann is a solid force they can rely on to stay consistent and on top of his game as well as being a pleasant companion.
Gadhrann loves what he and his siblings have created and perhaps admires even more what their creations have created. He enjoys testing the limitations of humankind and discovering what they're capable of (which occasiaonally involves meaningless smashing).

History - When Gadhrann first woke and was faced with his siblings and their goals, he was confused. He couldn't understand or relate to his siblings and preferred to goof around with the humans than act as an asset to their group. When anyone intervened with his self-indulging activities he was quick to anger, resulting in the demise of the dinosaurs. Their first run of humankind was his favourite. The primitive nature of the first humans pleased him and he found joy in saving them from simple dangers (and causing a few himself). So, when the first wars occured, Gadhrann was astounded. He'd never considered combining the skills of the Scholar with his own and what ensued interested him. He started to try and understand the world and its complexities. He started to make connections and associate with his siblings.

Unfortunately, this was not to last. Gadhrann had never known a more primal rage than when Yashnifus betrayed them. Not only had he gone behind their backs with his plan, but, in Gadhrann's mind, his plan wasn't even worth the trouble he went to. So, during the beginning of the siblings' civil war, Gadhrann let himself go. Wherever he went, violence followed close behind. He acted without thought and unsurprisingly, reaped the consequences. Over the duration of the war Gadhrann witnessed all that he had accomplished and found it wasn't fulfilling. So, he went even harder. Anything that stood in his way, whether human, animal, planet, God or stupid mountain, wasn't going to stand for much longer. Whatever his siblings asked of him, as long as it was violent, he did without question. He was incapable of listening to reason (literally, his ears caught fire) and continued to rampage until the final months of their war.

Strangely enough, after months of trampling over the limitations of his power until his limitations had up and left: Gadhrann was tired. He couldn't throw a punch, a kick or a temper tantrum. His essence ached and both he and his ears burnt out. He was left to the mercy of his siblings who held little pity for him, but just enough. Eventually Gadhrann returned to himself and helped his siblings win the war.

This turning point is what inspired Gadhrann to take a different stance and contribute to the Gods. Some of his favourite projects are the Roman Empire, the Mongol Conquests (he's particularly proud of his influence on Genghis Khan) and the Napoleonic Wars (he loved nothing more than pitting England and France together).

Gadhrann was in the process of brewing another conflict when the Gods were forced into hiding. Surprisingly enough, the two Great World Wars had nothing to do with him.

Powers -

Exulted Strength - Out of all of his siblings, Gadhrann's physical strength is the most powerful. At his full potential, Gadhrann is able to punch through a small planet.

Hot Sword - Gadhrann carries with him a golden sabre the same height as his true form. Along the handle are intricate designs depicting Gadhrann's victories in battle. When in combat, the sabre sparks a celestial flame that can burn a God. And yes, one time while practicing Gadhrann accidentally set himself on fire, but he learned his lesson.

The Barracks - Gadhrann's pocket dimension is The Barracks. There are two rooms in his dimension: one Gadhrann uses to plan and store his collection of weapons and another Gadhrann calls "THE BATTLE SPHERE" that he uses for practice. THE BATTLE SPHERE simulates various battle sequences that Gadhrann must navigate and can also test-run battle strategies. Because Gadhrann is the most dependent on his siblings skills, he willingly invites them into his dimension for aide. For example, Quinella helped him create THE BATTLE SPHERE, through much coercion/begging Arlathan provides advice on his tactics and D often works alongside Gadhrann in general.
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Image -

Name- Ghirah'khah, the Dark One

Human Name- Josh

Occupation- Espionage, especially of tech secrets and blackmail. He also serves as a mercenary, serving the underdog in any given conflict.

Myths inspired-
Many civilizations have seen him. Many have faced his might. Few have survived.

Civilizations across the galaxy have simultaneously developed the legend of the Devourer, which humans know as the dragon myth. This being lives to be appeased, fed, worshipped. The dragon of St. George, the Midgard Serpent, Fafnir, all tell of the same being. A being of chaos.

Although not the ultimate destroyer of worlds, Ghirah is doubtlessly the most active in the present.

Role- Ghirah'khah serves as the destructive god of balance. He strikes the proud, ravaging civilizations who have overstepped, and then departs to the darkness.


Ghirah is arrogant, hostile and cunning. He firmly believes in his primacy, and has the cunning to maintain that image. Despite this, he is a being of balance, and he will take steps to maintain that balance.


Born from the Chaos Egg three million years ago, Ghirah was ingrained with the concept of balance through chaos. The first civilization he encountered was decadent, soft from leisure, and their gods were feeble. The civilization was decimated, its gods humbled, and Ghirah left to find more civilizations.

As the millennia dragged on, he grew bored with this cycle, and briefly retired to Earth to live as one of the lesser beings. He developed a fascination with humans, and almost likes them.


Hyperdimensional Being- Ghirah mainly exists in higher dimensions, and the visible portion of his being is a sliver of what he really is. This also allows him to manifest in multiple areas simultaneously, allowing him to multitask.

Physical God- Ghirah is interwoven with the fabric of reality, allowing him to manipulate physics with ease. He primarily uses this to devastate the battlefield, ripping apart foes from a distance before closing to devour them.

The Ultimate Devourer- Ghirah can devour most forms of energy, including life force. The more power he’s devoured, the stronger he is.

Wormhole Generation- Ghirah can create wormholes after draining a planet of life and energy. He uses this to travel, leaping immense distances nigh-instantly.

Chaos Sense- The Star Dragon is capable of detecting new gods forming from the Chaos Egg. He also responds to the Egg’s needs, defending it with all his might.


Soulless- The Dark One has no soul or psychic presence. He is also unable to interact with psychic forces, and cannot understand how they work.
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Appearance- A tall human with blood red eyes and white skin dotted with Freckes

Name- Samantha Jones

Title- Child of the Dark Deity

Age - 100

Species- Human, daughter of a celestial

Personality- Because she's a daughter of the Dark Deity, she's inherited some of his faults. She can be extremely rude, and cares little about what other people think. It doesn't bother her if someone tells her off because that's just who she is.

History- Samantha was born to Emily Jones, a now dead human that had the chance of meeting her father. As she grew, she became colder to those around her, including her own mother. After years of this, Emily had had enough, kicking her out of the family for good, saying if she returned, she wouldn't leave. This didn't bother her, though she felt as though she had to plan some sort of revenge, whether that was killing her mother or doing something to hurt her. She waited a few months before striking, killing her mother and her new husband. She then began to slay monsters making a name for herself. Now one the most well known demigods, she'll never let anyone take that from her.

Powers- Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Eyesight

1. Curved dagger
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Name- Siv'Kali (or just Kali for short)

Human Name- Val

Occupation- none for know

Myths inspired- Chernobog, Nyx, Erebus, hypnos.

Role- The celestial god of the night, darkness, and sleep. Siv'Kali is what humans feared was in the darkness in times of old.

Personality- despite her looks, Kali is a very friendly person, even if she's known for darkness and nightmares. She enjoys the company of others, and is always willing to talk to mostly anyone.

History- Kali hails from a pantheon far away from solar system, in a place that was simply known as Hol. It was a very peaceful place, and the gods had no real interests in other pantheons and their squabbles. they kept to themselves, raising up their people and adding new things every now and again. Everything was running smoothly, until a dark deity appeared, demanding that the gods of Hol join him to wage war against a certain group of gods, or die. The gods of Hol refused to join his army, and Kali led the charge against him. One by one, they were defeated by the dark deity, until Kali was the only one left. In a last ditch effort to save herself, Kali blinded the dark deity long enough for her to escape.

Kali would flee to the one place that stood a chance against the dark deity, the gods of earth.

Umbrakinesis: Kali can generate and control darkness. She can use this ability in a number of ways, like shooting solid bolts of darkness, surrounding her enemies in pitch black clouds of dark space and create barriers to protect herself or others from attacks.

God of the night- Kali is at her strongest when no light is around her, so she prefers to be in places that have little to no light at all.

Night Vision- Pretty self explanatory, but she can see in the dark

Shadow travel- Kali moves faster in the darkness, and can even teleport herself if she concentrates hard enough

Hypnokinesis- Kali can make people fall asleep, this power is only really effective on mortals. For immortals, it just feels like a slight nudge of sleepiness



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Name- Genesis Yashson

Title- Son of Yashnifus, The God Eater, Render of the Heavens.

Age - 157,923 yrs

Species- Methuselan- A race of beings created by yashnifus during his exile, they possess naturally high intelligence and physical attributes that rival humanity in addition to long lifespans and a slight regenerative healing factor.

Personality- Genesis has gone through phases, he was once a happy go lucky Demigod with a world that loved him and a family that he loved, after their end he changed drastically becoming a hateful rage filled monster with no mercy for anyone or anything, so long as it helped him to acheive his goal of killing His father. As of late however he has changed again. He seems bored and is longing for companionship but has spent the past hundred and fifty thousand years building a reputation that would keep most everyone away. Nonetheless his goals have not changed,he aims to see Yashnifus dead, followed shortly by his master Sylus.

History- The planet Meltzegard was created by a lone Yashnifus, its environment was made harsh, its gravity high, and it was constantly bathed in radiation. Being that he was the son of the worlds creator, Genesis was well loved and considered a great being of importance. They made him a king, their benevolent champion and protector, a role he was all to happy to fill. He smote monsters, reversed natural disasters, and accelerated his peoples advancement by an unfathomable amount. Yet most important to him, they gave him a family, a beautiful young wife who would soon carry his child.

Sadly when that time finally came so too did the end of their world. The mysterious Dark god made his approach on their world bringing with him a terrible monster that would bring an end to his world. However Genesis trusted his father to face down the dark god while he went into the vacuum of space to face the cosmic monster. This trust it would seem was misplaced, just as he delivered the final blow to the creature he turned to see his planet explode with all he loved still on its surface. His father had failed him and in his fury he turned back to assault both deities. The young demigod though charged by his ample time with his father found his power to be insufficient, and when the Dark god took him as a hostage and told Yashnifus to forsake his own family to save the boy, yashnifus refused.

Genesis felt betrayed and wanted nothing more than to end his father, he was no fool however, he knew he didn't have the power to do this alone. As such he surrendered to this Dark god and left with him into the cosmos. For tens of thousands of years he served as that beings attack dog, slaying monsters and demigods of other pantheons while the dark god slew the divine. As he absorbed more Divine power from his victims he eventually grew powerful enough to help the Dark god slay even other Gods, absorbing their essence mid battle to further strengthen himself. He hope to one day gain enough power to make his father feel his pain of loss, before killing the deity. However neither Genesis nor the dark god were naive, both informing the other that upon Yashnifus's demise their respective crosshairs would fall on each other.

Divine Essence Absorption- Genesis does not possess the physical attribute enhancements that all demigods posses, instead he possesses the unique ability to Absorb the divine energy of gods within the range of his senses. This absorbed energy is stored in his body until he uses it to accomplish an ability, and he can mimic the abilities of any god whose essence he has fed upon. Because of this he has become a dangerous weapon of the Dark god, able to weaken other gods as he fights them while simultaneously growing stronger. The more Gods in his range the more powerful he becomes. On more than one occasion entire pantheons learned that attacking him together was the worst possible way to fight this foe. Furthermore even attacks that do land on him strengthen him, while he still sustains damage, the same attack is never as effective against him as the first time it hits.

Other- The gods who join the Dark one have relinquished their armies of mortals to the command of Genesis who acts as the mortal general to the collective or mortal races that followed their gods into service to the Dark one. As such this demigod is rarely ever alone. While he has no disdain for other gods uninvolved with his worlds destruction he is in no way troubled by slaying them if they get in his way. On more than one occasion he has been punished by the Dark one for allowing gods to escape from him.​
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Image or description-
Human - A short, skinny female with chesnut brown hair and green eyes.
Goddess - A tall pale skinned female with long silver hair and blue eyes.

Name- Alfdis

Human Name- Athena Smith

Occupation- Writer

Myths inspired- Egeria

Role- Advisor

Personality- Alfdis is normally quiet, listen to everything she's told. She's also very sweet and enjoys talking to mortals and gods alike. She's paitent and willing to listen to the other gods rant and vent their feelings, even when they may tire her out.

History- Alfdis is one of the younger gods, though she did help end some of the major arguments, like how the mortals were to live without finding out that they walked amoung them. She advised the leader of the gods on how to act during rough situations, often having to help him fix them. It was entertaining to her to ese how the othr gods reacted in tough situations, and she often taught herself how to not act like them.

Reality Warping: Able to warp the reality of those around her.
Energy Manipulation: Able to Manipulate the engery around her.
Emotion Absorb: The aability to absorb emotions from those around her, mentally and physically calming them.
(I'll add more later
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Possible phone wallpaper #118 Many more to come! - 9GAG

Name-The Mana Pool and Tree of Life


Purpose- The Mana Pool is a focal point for the ambient energies of the cosmos, where those energies are stored by Arlathan. The mana is used to feed the Tree of Life whose roots grew beyond its physical body in the form of phantom roots that spread throughout the earth Those roots spread mana through the mortal homeworld, allowing for some to manipulate the energies of the cosmos as Arlathan does, thus letting them use magic.

Behavior- The Tree of Life was once energetic and uncontrollable, responsible for several unique phenomena that have become commonplace on earth such as the northern lights.. After over a million years the Tree of LIfe is quiet and easily forgotten. While it is sentient, is very seldomly makes any choices for itself and instead is very obedient.

History- Created by Arlathan shortly after his creation of magic, the Mana Pool was meant to be his greatest gift to mortals. Although it took several attempts to get the cosmic energies to be drawn to the chosen location, he eventually succeeded. Once enough mana had pooled up, he planted the seed that would one day become the Tree of Life. In a way it is Arlathan’s first child as he tended to it and cared for it as any parent would their own offspring.
At first the tree would not consume the mana pool so the first few years were a little tough and go, with Arlathan having to actually water the tree. But with time he managed to make it evolve and adapt to the new food source. The tree drank from the mana pool and in no time Arlathan saw the results he had hoped for. Life blossomed around the arboreal immortal in the shape of plants, then small wild animals appeared from the dirt. The Tree had managed to harness the cosmic energies just as Arlathan had done eons ago. As it grew and eventually reached the physical limit of its world, Arlathan instructed the tree to look to the Earth and its inhabitants. He taught it to reach out to the overpopulated rock and so it did. Like invisible roots the tree’s mana spread across the earth and deep into its core.
They had succeeded in bringing concentrated mana to the earth in a way that would not up-end mortal life. Certain mortals were now able to harness mana and make use of the cosmic energies to cast spells as well.
When the seven siblings fought amongst themselves, the Tree of Life withdrew its roots and magic left the earth for sometime. When the fighting was over and the world was left in shambles, the Tree of Life played a small part in restoring the landscape by helping plants to flourish and creating water where there no longer was any.
Lately the tree has been alone with the gods in hiding.

Mana Bestowal - The Tree of Life has the power to bestow the ability to use magic unto any mortal of its choosing, unless said mortal is cursed by another being of equal or greater power.
Nature Lives - The Tree of LIfe is capable of spawning wildlife in the area surrounding the mana pool. Its creatures range from the mundane deer to the ferocious dragon. It can also manipulate the weather and the elements in the area surrounding the Mana Pool



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Name: Wrakniet the Ripper
Age: 1,624,485
Purpose: Wrakniet was designed by Hysniam as a way to push all of his anger and sadness into one creature and allow him to absorb it afterward. The only one of its kind, Wrakniet can create holes or 'rip' ones in order to travel through space. He lives in the darkest forests that earth has to offer. While many people claim he is a werewolf or a windigo, Wrakniet can not shapeshift. He is attracted to the negative feelings people and creatures possess, feeding off of them as a source of power.
Behavior: Wrakniet is very untrustworthy and often sticks to the shadows. His power has been growing more rapidly as of recently and has found bigger prey to feed off of. This influx of constant negativity as led to the deaths of many creatures and finds himself working up. Whether he is a friend or foe of the seven gods is still unknown.
History: Wrakniet was born after the betrayal of Yashnifus by Hysniam. Once Hysniam released all of his negative feelings into his creature, he had no more use for him. Hysniam felt guilty for leaving behind Wrakniet because he was almost a direct copy of the god. Wrakniet knew of this guilt and decided to venture on his own and find a purpose other than being an emotional sponge for his creator. When Wrakniet disappeared he traveled frequently and became known in some cultures as the famous Windigo and Werewolf. He was responsible for many deaths during the plague, the world wars, and the fall of the roman empire. Anywhere where a large population of people die, Wrakniet is usually close by. This allows suspicions to stay low when he is on the hunt.
Emotion and energy absorption- Within a small radius Wrakniet can absorb small amounts of energy from his prey/predator
Teleportation- Can cause space rips and jump small distances
Energy Weapon- Can absorb and use small amounts of energy from his surroundings to fire electric impulses


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Name- Silvainus the Silver Sentinel

Age- 76,833

Purpose- Silvainus was created for the sole purpose of being a backup plan for a young pantheon. If they were to fall he would protect their creation going so far as to relocate them if needed.

Behavior- Silvainus is a oddly curious creature that seems incapable of fear and always moves towards its goal and purpose. It will go out of its way to study and understand things, seems to have a strangely artistic mind for a machine, and possesses not only strong emotions but a very strong sense of justice. Though good natured one wouldnt exactly call Silvainus benevolent after all he did save hid gods creations...by killing them all.

History- During the god wars several creation deities came together to seek some kind of way to preserve their creations in the event that they could not protect them. Their solution was to put an underworld into a gem, creating the soul gem of which they made five. Sadly things didnt really play out too well for them. All of the gods who built the Soul Gems were destroyed and the five gems scattered throughout the cosmos and forgotten. Until a little under 78 thousand years ago when a fresh pantheon still under 3000 years old found the silver soul gem drifting through their space. The seven each put in their own work on this Sentinel hoping to create a guardian who would forever protect their territory and allow them to live a more peaceful life.

It seemed successful, as in the machines first thousand years of life it repelled the godslaying demigod Genesis. Little did the gods who created him know, that this put crosshairs on their system. Sylus sent more forces, monsters, enslaved gods, more demigods. Sylvainus repelled them all ,many times having to rely on his indestructible body to get him through where power alone was insufficient. However Sylus was cunning and his resources far greater than those of the young deities. Sylus himself decided to show up bringing with him a much more powerful Genesis. The two split their assault with Sylus targeting the gods and Genesis Targeting Sylvainus.

The Machine and the Demigod waged a titanic battle, though Genesis was more powerful, Sylvainus was untiring and indestructible. Finally the young gods made a deal. They would surrender to Sylus if he spared their mortals. Because the dark god had no interest in mortals, and because he saw that the mortals would perish anyway without their deities to guide them he agreed and consumed all seven. With a desperate push sylvainus was able to get past Genesis and attempted to strike down sylus...only to be struck a blow that sent him careening through several planets and into their star where the gravitational forces would hold him in place for at least ten years.

When he finally climbed his way out of the star he found his brethren, the mortals fighting to the death over their dwindling resources. He also found a tablet containing a message for him from his creators. It held the location of the gods whom these young deities had modelled their world after, the earth gods. It also held directions that sylvainus was filled with sorrow upon reading. He was to slay the entire mortal population as only he could contain their souls to transport them as needed. With a heavy heart he tore into the planet detonating its core and causing the end of life upon it. Emerging he pulled all of these souls into his chest where the Silver soul Gem was embedded. With his tasks completed he began drifting towards the earth hoping to find their lord of the underworld so he could make his deposit and set his creators mortals up for reincarnation into the earth gods system.

Unbreakable- Sylvainus's main edge in combat and survival is the fact that like The Aegis shield of earth he is made of Divine steel enchanted to be unbreakable. He has survived in the stomach of cosmic devourers, withstood solar system shattering blows, and even spent a decade in the core of a star. All of which he tanked without dent or scratch.

Silver soul Gem- The soul gem within his chest is not only the source of the power that fuels his body, but it is also what his purpose of creation was. He can use this to store souls, and unleash powerful energy attacks, the strongest of which can be considered an extinction level attack as it can completely destroy the core of a medium sized world. However the more souls he holds the weaker his energy output is as it takes a lot of energy to contain souls.

Unyielding warrior- His sense of justice paired with an indestructible body and an inexhaustible power source allow Sylvainus to face down foes with reckless abandon leaving no consideration for defense. Furthermore his energy sustains him so that he never Tires, and never requires food water or breath.

Duality- The blade Sylvainus holds is usually folded in half and resting on his back. It too is indestructible and can channel the energies of the Silver soul gem allowing it to unleash powerful cutting arcs and devastating impacts.

Savior's sash- The red sash on his back is usually wrapped around the double edged sword duality. It offers him no boons but it does inspire hope in the hearts of mortals who see it and think of him as a hero and savior. While fairly easily destroyed it is self repairing and will always come back given enough time.​

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I can’t edit the CS so here it is:sona-odyssey.jpg
Quinella’s Monsters(There’s only one for now but if she gets approved I might do more)

  • (In total they are 3 Stages of Appearance. First is regular looking human form, second is while using her powers but holding back, third is full monster form. My data plan isn’t helping, so for HD images on the third form google ‘An Incarnation of the Radius’)
    dk3zz226o2d31.pngShigemura.Yuuna.full.2842196.pngYuna1.jpgYuna-0.pngAn_Incarnation_of_the_Radius_-_OS_Production_Book_faces.pngimages (2).jpegimages (3).jpeg

    Name: Muzena, The Despair Huntress. (Previously: Muzena, The Hope Bringer)

    Human Name: Melody Harmony

    Occupation: Songweaver’s Tech Face (Model, Singer)

    Minor Myths Inspired: Bards, Banshees, Furies and Sirens. (She’s just a monster, I know.)

    Purposes: To inspire and give hope to humans and to be the protector of the Dreamland

    Personality: She’s a joyful girl to those she deems worthy of kindness, she’s more intelligent than regular demigods but not to a god level. She used to be cheerful and passionate about bringing joy to others until Quinella’s heart broke. Unlike the goddess, she has forgiven Yashnifus and actually seeks a way he can redeem himself to her mother since she knows Quinella still loves him.


    She was the first living creation Quinella did when she was still young and naïve, as such her duties were quite simple and good. She helped to distribute creativeness to humans, usually in the Dreamworld but also making some physical appearances on earth from time to time as a wandering bard that filled humans with hope with her songs. She theorizes that Quinella made her with her heart, instead of her brain, because her initial purpose was to give happiness to humans in some degree. Muzena was happy doing the things she was created to do, she grew attached to her mother Quinella over the years and deeply cared for her. Unlike other gods that made ugly dumb monster to have fun or just because they lacked the skill to do greater creations, her mother gave her intelligence and a human appearance.

    Her happiness came to an end when the heart of her mother broke, something broke inside her too and she felt Quinella’s pain as if her own. Unlike the Goddess, she allowed the overwhelming sea of emotions to drown her, losing herself in the despair she was now submerged in. She deviated greatly from her original task and instead of spreading hope she punished those who spread despair. She even went as far as to attack Yashnifus on a couple of occasions, until she figured it was impossible for her to kill him… even worst, that wouldn’t solve her mother’s problems at all! So she decided to target humans that had committed atrocities similar to those committed by Yashnifus himself.

    That beautiful voice that once gave hope to humans… now it would be the terrifying scream that brings despair to criminals. Her alluring voice would draw mariners to her, making them crash and drown. Her once gorgeous appearance was now monstrous to reflect her inner feelings. She didn’t targeted innocents, only those that had brought pain to others were victims of her rage. This drew attention from humans and they began to make stories of her, numerous but yet all misunderstanding her purpose entirely. This didn’t alleviate her emotions at all but she felt the need to protect those she once inspired. Finally one day Quinella reached to her once more, seeing her in pain was unbearable to the Goddess despite her own sorrow.

    Thanks to this gesture she regained her part of her sanity and became useful to her mother once more by returning to the Dreamland until the Celestial Gods attacked. Quinella told her that she would have to fake her death but would be hidden among the mortals, Muzena had to wait on the Dreamland until she was ordered otherwise to ensure the effectiveness of the plan. Finally, a few years before the story starts Quinella brings her back to her side as the only model of Songweaver Tech. Muzena became a famous model and singer, bringing more attention from humans to the company by using her voice to lure them into buying the

    Powers: Aside for the regeneration a reincarnation all monsters have, she also can:

    Shape-shifting: She’s limited to assuming her original human form, when using her powers a little of her true appearance is shown by changing her palette but if she unleashes her entire power she transform back to her monstrous self.

    Presence Concealment: She can make herself imperceptible to humans and demigods if she chooses to. Gods can still see her.

    Nightmare’s Sweet Embrace: She was originally in charge of hunting Nightmares (A special kind of monster that grows in the Dreamland whenever a suffering human enters the Dreamland by sleeping. Destroying the Nighmare alleviates the human fears and emotional pain but if not destroyed the Nightmare could infect others.) but now she absorbs them for power. This has given her the ability to figure out anyone’s worst fear and use it against them in a strong type of illusion that can kill the victim if damaged by it; the only way of overcoming the illusion is to confront your fear directly.

    Enchantress: Her voice has a hypnotic effect on mortals and demi-gods, making them infatuated with her unless they have a true love already. On gods it has the effect of producing emotional pain or pleasure, depending on what she’s aiming for.

    Songstress: Her main power is to use sound as a weapon, music being her preferred way of doing so, even her own voice alone can shatter diamonds easily and can be heard under water clearly.

    Empathic Ears: She can feel the true emotions of people around her, even gods, by hearing their voice or any sound they produce. She can influence the emotions of humans and demi-gods with her songs but not gods.

    Soul Exchange: Originally: When Muzena destroys the Nightmare of a human she can approach them and offer them a deal, essentially the human pledges their soul to the Dreamland in exchange for power inside of the Dreamland to hunt Nightmares. When they die, their soul goes to the Dreamland, instead of the natural course, where they have peaceful dreams forever. Currently: When Muzena absorbs a Nightmare, she has the choice give it back to offer a deal to the human. This deal allows the human to harness the power of their Nightmare on the real world to take vengeance on whoever caused them pain by pledging their soul to Quinella instead. They merge with their Nightmare and basically become monsters but like Muzena they have 3 stages of transformation.

    Theme Songs:



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Name- The Kraken, Dweller of the Deep.

Age- 2.4 million years

Purpose- Self made

Behavior- The Kraken is a strange creature that lives in a strange Space. It tends to breech a single massive island sized appendage from this dimension into reality where it continues to split into more and more tendrils expanding ever outward seeking to understand its surroundings. While usually docile if provoked it spasms violently lashing out at everything around it while emitting a deafening and ominous hum. If happy however the creatures vibrations will emit melodic symphonies which seems to be its preferred tone.

History- There are many misconceptions about the kraken, for example most think it to be a beast of the sea, many think of it as a tool of the gods wrath, and many still think of it as the earth gods deadliest "pet" and most all believe it was born a monster. None of these is even close to the truth, The kraken is a beast of the stars and is extra dimensional, it was not a tool of the gods wrath rather a victim of it, and while it often obeys the gods it is far from a pet. Yet most importantly it was not born a monster rather a beautiful demigod in both form and spirit. Beloved by the earth gods and still not forgotten it waits for its chance to return to what it once was.
Born during the golden age of mankind on the planet Edenia as The first born son of the Sol god Yashnifus, The young man Known as Kura Khan was a bright and kind demigod who loved his fellow man and spent his days devoted to the seven gods of earth. While he would often use his vast Shapeshifting powers to entertain the children in his home city his true passion was exploration which his Other abilities helped him greatly in. You see as the Child of a god of Dimensions Kura was embued with similar abilities, while his father could control Space time and dimensions within his own radius, Kura could travel through Space time and dimensions and he had no maximum range. As such he spent most of his day gleefully exploring the Solar system and bringing back gifts for his divine family.

He greatly enjoyed being relatives of the seven divines of Edenia and never once did he ask them for a thing being content with his place in life. Yet the two he was obviously closest to were his father, who in his eyes was infinitely powerful and infallible, and The Craft goddess Quinella with whom he would spend countless moments composing songs and building instruments. All was perfect in his eyes which should have been a sign that things couldnt last...but mankind and even their gods were naive and young. When the last planet he had to explore, the distant ice world of Exaltaire, blew up in the night sky he knew something was wrong.

He had no way of knowing just how wrong it all was, when his father returned everything was different. The Civil war started shortly afterwards despite his best efforts to broker peace between his family. But nonetheless his perfect life crumbled in front of him, his infallible father was clearly in the wrong, and the family he seemed to care so much for, had begun to tear apart the world he loved with their clashing. Seeing little alternatives he broke a rule his Father and Mother had given him long ago...never travel to the future. He couldn't wait though he had to find the end of all this madness, it was unfortunate for him that he found what he sought. The End...of everything.

Kura had warped himself just past the end of the universe where he trapped himself in the void between universes, a place with no space, no time, and no dimensions. It was a black nothingness with little orbs of light in the distance like stars in the night sky. He couldn't move, he couldn't age, hell he couldn't even die. All he could do was try and get home, so he shifted stretching his arms and fingers towards the orbs of light in the distance, surely one of them would at least offer him a place to start. Though he counted to himself he eventually stopped when he couldn't think of any higher numbers, Still he grew towards the light. Eventually the memories of home faded into the nothingness and he was left with only his name, still he grew towards the light. Finally after endless repetition and with his mind failing him, the name Kura Khan was also forgotten having morphed into Kraken, still he grew towards the light...but this time things had changed.

Through his endless expansive growth Kura had grown to the size of a small star with endless writhing tendrils reaching out towards the lights, however at this size his own Being had created Dimensions space and time within the void, just enough for him to swim through the void itself. Finally when it reached out towards the light its body moved towards them. When he neared he found the Lights to be universes, but his mind did not return to it. It continued to grow branching out and reaching its tendrils into universes before finally finding the one it would call home. As it turned out movement in the void alters the flow of time and he had returned to the period he would have lived out had he heeded his parents warning. Very little of Kura remains in the monster it still seems to love the seven gods of the sol system but occasionally and without warning becomes enraged at them,likely remembering the horrors of the civil war, and lashes out at them. However its entire body has never been present in the universe, it only ever breeches with its "feeler tendrils" which are several hundred miles in length and nearly five miles in width. Endless smaller tendrils branch from these massive stalks which seem to either burst from portals in stone or in clouds as if trying to hide the rest of itself.

Endless beast- The kraken has never set foot in the universe and only ever presents its feeler tendrils to the universe usually one at a time. These tendrils are capable of feats of Tremendous strength rivaling all but a few gods in all the cosmos, and their rate of regeneration can only be described as aggressive as they will regenerate from a wound by growing a new appendage from the injured area at such a rate that it can usually counter physical attacks with the new limb before the foe can escape. It has been said a single "Feeler tendril" possesses significant threat to a god and is like facing hells fury for a demigod. Even destroying a "feeler tendril" is only a temporary stop measure as another is sure to breech at some point. Though it will usually wait for around a century before breeching again. Never have two Tendrils breeched at the same time.

Vibrations of D.S.T- D.S.T stands for dimensional space/time. Usually these vibrations only emit sounds which the Kraken uses to communicate, however these vibrations can be dialed up to the point where it heats up. Once it heats up enough the kraken can unleash electrical surges like that of an eel. When paired with its minor morphing abilities it can flatten its additional tendrils and make them like blades. However the most dangerous application is what its actually used for, opening portals and interrupting space time or dimensional travel. Making it impossible to teleport away and allowing it to strike intangible foes.

Symphonic communication- Like a whale The krakens vibrations emit sounds. They also detect them allowing it to paint images out of the sounds and electro magnetic currents near it. Using this sense the Kraken is exceptionally aware of its surroundings and is capable of emitting an incredibly vast array of sounds from mimicking voices to loud roars that carry for hundreds of miles. Strangely enough certain frequencies pick up on radios and telephones, suggesting it can also pick up those frequencies.

The original form of the Kraken.

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