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Fandom GO TO SLEEP!!!

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Action, Adventure, Horror, LGTBQ, Romance


Luigi is the best Ghostbuster!
Calling all Creepypasta fans! Looking for a Jeff to ship with my crazy, cute, creepy lass!
Nellie Black, AKA Moonstone.
A blonde with bright red eyes who wears a white tank top and heart leggings, the hearts made with blood fom her victims.
Weapon of choice: an old, slightly rusty cleaver named Slashley and a switchblade names Stabitha.

I'd be interested in a High School AU where Slenderman started a school called "Slender Academy" where there's normal people learning alongside the pastas

All I ask is no ghosting and don't snap at me if I don't reply on the spot.

DM me for more info
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