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Fantasy Glowstone Guild and associates:: medieval fantasy story, from rags to royalty

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
From the Cure all remedy or a deadly poison...
Alchemists provide services and goods and respected by nobility around the kingdoms. When a Alchemist sets up store in your area you bet they are a welcome addition to any village town or city. If they have the know how and the ingredients there's a good chance a Alchemist can fix your problem or at the very least solve it temporarily.
That is of course, if you are a sanctioned alchemist certified by the Kingdom.
If one wasnt taught in the academy or paid dues to the kingdom, then they are nothing more than a greasy brewer who couldn't make it as a sanctioned alchemist. These brewers are criminals, to create and sell potions without a license is dangerous to all involved. The Heart kingdom especially cracks down on any source of illegal brewing in the heartlands.

In the world of Alchemical concoctions and mixtures, the lowest quality of Potion is known as "dirtwater" often brown in colour with minimal if any effect.
The decent stuff is known as "coloured" red, blue, green... depending on the brewing process and ingredients the potions will retain a more clear vibrant shade if held to a source of light. Most brewers and alchemists sell these for a good fair price varied by the effects of said potion.
The best stuff one can buy is known as "Crystal" thanks to its looks and prices...

However there's been rumours of a new sort of Potion in the lands of Fiefar. The people who seen it or drank one themselves call it "Glow" quality. It's something else entirely...
Man drank a Glowing potion of health, regrows his eye that was cut out five years ago... can see you perfect.
Kid drank a Glowing potion of fire, was shooting flames out his eyes mouth and hands for days... kids fine, arrested though.
Woman drank a glowing potion of something, she can now speak to the dead apparently... She ran from the city to live in the wilds.

Nonsense, ridiculous shit most likely. Except it isn't because you recently fell into a plot involving the Mystery brewer. You have seen these glow potions and their effects for yourself, you was hired by this genius alchemist to help keep him safe while he slowly changes a kingdom with nothing but complex plans and alchemy...
Its a medieval fantasy with monsters and magic, magic coming from chanting/channeling mana into a artefact or from drinking a potion for temporary abilities.
Drink a fire potion and you can fire bend for ten to twenty minutes,
Drink a potion of force to move things or people with mental effort alone etc etc

Hopefully get five or six people, posting two paragraphs or more once or twice a week.

Ask questions and show emphusiasm here
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