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"Always Vigilant."

Yes. First partner search. If this is difficult to read I apologies.
- - - - ONI (Once Lord Shaxx), I don't really do much. I procrastinate a lot. I really just play male characters with the capability to write side/additional characters as whatever? Probably.
- - - - I like the old Dinotopia mini-series. I think Skyback riders are cool as fuck for a roleplay.
- - - - I can read I guess. I sort of know how to use proper grammar but even then I'm a bit of an idiot I can't even lie.
- - - - I really don't know what I want but I know I'm looking but at the same time I really don't like writing but I want to write more.
- - - - Military roleplayer but I with got that soft spot for soft stuff so it's cool. I'm cool with platonic (Which can be same sex) or romantic, haven't gotten a platonic RP just yet though.
- - - - Uhhh. I roleplay my main character as male exclusively, simply because.... I'm not interested in the opposite. I do however play characters of a varying age, ethnicity and ability, as well as side/supporting character of differing gender.
- - - - I'm just writing stuff because I don't really know what people want to read. I one-one roleplay in PM - PM me and shit, I probably won't reply on this too much. do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour jesus christ?
- - - - While a lot of this may be -- I don't actually remember what I was writing here.
- - - - Shout out to Woohoooo, you're pretty cool. Even though I fell off of the radar I still think you're cool.
- - - - Honestly I take forever to reply sometimes.
- - - - Fandoms (Not much of a canon character roleplayer. Right now it's just games, I'll add more shit and things.)
- Destiny.
- The Division. remove the bullet sponging elements of the enemy and you have a decent setting I'd say (Not gonna hold my breath on this, haven't seen anyone with interest in this for ages.)
- Halo.
- Star Wars.
- - - - Pairings
- Fandom
- - Halo
- - - SPARTANs (II x II, II x III, III x III Alpha or Beta Company [CAT-2]s, III x IV)
- - - Un-augmented personnel (ODST x ODST, ODST x Intel Agent, Agent x Agent)
- - Star Wars
- - - Original Trilogy
- - - Sequel Era
- - - Old Republic
- Futuristic / Science-Fiction.
- - - Colonist x Colonist
- - - Starfighter Pilot x Starfighter Pilot
- - - Sole Ruler x Supercommando (It's uhh, kinda basically just Mandalore x Mandalorian but like... Kryptonians in a way but like... space gladiators because they're captured and shit.)
- Modern / Realistic.
- - - I don't know. But I know I want something. Milly or not I lova a bit of moddy. Catching thugs? Fighting terries? Purgurnan womon? S'all gootch (Like... gucci).
- - - Note to self: Write more eventually.
- Fantasy.
- - - Something something... I'll write more.
- - - - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I don't really know what to call these.
(I know the picture is Army -- Movie's called "Camp X-Ray".)
Modern Realistic, Late twenties - Early thirties.
Real Faceclaims - Marine-Sailor/Officer-Enlisted relations. Homelife. Making it work.

"I always wanted to do something different with my life, never thought I'd end up here but I'm glad I took that leap, y'know?"

She left her old life. High school was a breeze, college was fun while it lasted but her career, that life style? It got stale and predictable, and nobody was real enough for her. She needed a change. So she toughed out OCS, toughed out the hard times and earned her commission.

Sometimes though bumping into that one high school buddy who pinched your femoral a deployment or two ago is enough to spark up something interesting back home.​
Bronze Era(ish) Fantasy.
Art Faceclaims - Unforgiving Deserts and Oasis Cities. Elves and Orcs. Royals and Warriors.

"Some kinda interesting quote I might eventually write."

If you've made it through all this fucking shit?
Thanks for reading, ONI/SHAXX.

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