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Fandom Gladius: A Multi-Fandom RP (Open and Accepting)



Machine City
Human Resistance HQ

Soldiers sat inside the Human Resistance HQ, staring down the random new arrival inside who decided that setting up a table in the middle of HQ and playing cards was a good idea. The dogs just kept barking at the new arrival which led them to believe something was wrong and this stranger was a terminator in disguise.

Soldiers surrounded the man and eyed him suspiciously "Who are you?! You don't seem like a terminator or even a human."

The dogs just kept barking.

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Cortova: Her Ship, Mos Eisley, The Badlands
Cortova tilts her head, watching the knight. “Not that red tape monsters are a thing, but I feel like a metaphor was just lost on you.” She says. “Well, if you guys say so, I’ll just tell him we have an urgent message for him.” She says, looking over the page for conflict information.

“I’m sure the swarm is going to enjoy this. They need to eat, after all.”
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Namorae nods, yawning widely. “Mm, I’ve had my fill of sea travel for now.” She agrees. “What kind of creatures will we face here?” She asks. “Mostly undead, or are there other beings?”


Samus-007/Gladius I: The Presidium
[Interacting with: The Mad Queen The Mad Queen , Shining Wizard Shining Wizard , Sleek Sleek , DrBones DrBones ; Open to Interaction]

Samus couldn't leave her companion behind. Yet, being forced to evade a fusailade of weapons fire and the impending de-stabilization of whatever reactor the massive biped had left her with only one option to escape into the sewers. "Three, get out of there and keep on-comms. I'll update you with our location along the way." Every instinct screamed to stay and fight to ensure Three's survival, but she couldn't. As much as she knew that the Spartan was more than capable of handling herself in combat, Samus chided herself for having to leave. As soon as she went down into the sewer with the rest, she bitterly quipped to the rest of the party and manuvered all past them, striding ahead of the group. "Let's just focus on finding the nearest exit out of here before this whole place comes down." Boss sighed, and it looked like the day was just getting started for the both of them.


Promise Nothing Deliver Less
  • Solution: Diamond City, Badlands, Gladius-IV
    Solution breathed a sigh of relief as the horrid strumpet laid defeated on the ground. The Fusionist has shot a strange sort of fireball from her flower-shaped Baton; Solution decided she would very much like to learn how to create that.

    With the situation resolved by her and the Fusionist's quick thinking alone, the thug and his militiamen moved in to loot the spoils. First they stole the strumpet's lute, and then they started making plans to learn her foul magic through interrogation. Well, that changes things.

    Solution clapped Messier on the shoulder. "Excellent work, Fusionist!" She whispered congratulatorily. "Perhaps there's matter to your stories after all!" She turned to the Minutemen dragging the unconscious Verdi away. This was a situation that required an understanding of arcane lore that only a Shaper could bring.

    "No, I rather thik you won't find out." Solution said, stepping in front of the guards taking Verdi away. Aggro and Yugo regrouped to Solution's position, flanking the Minutemen on both sides. Simon began making her way back to the group, leaving a small pile of dead townsfolk behind her.

    "Your people have difficulty just keeping your ancestors' Constructs from mouldering in their graves. Allowing you even a whisper of this magic, especially from such a potent illusionist, would spiral out of control as soon as you could comprehend it."

    Solution lifted Verdi's chin up. For a strumpet, she was quite handsome. Such a shame for her to become a rogue hedge wizard, especially one so obsessed with destruction. The Shaper Council's lesser fields could use someone like her.
    "For the safety of your village and the security of knowledge that need only exist in responsible hands, I can only recommend one course of action: execution! You may select your own executioner or permit me to perform it for you, but I request that you make it as humane as physically possible."
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Dart Monkey
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi: Diamond City, Badlands (Gladius IV)​

The most resistance that happened with tying her up was due to the ineffectual skills of the Minutemen in manipulation of knots. Truly they didn’t deserve the merit badge for it; but against those odds they did in fact tie up a woman and looted a guitar. At this point Verdi was still in that rather dreamy state of unconsciousness – which was noted due to the fact said guitar was looted without any horrific shrieking about it. Though it appeared such a condition was winding down as Solution pushed up on her chin.

“Ces u ra… Tt-” softly mumbled out the composer as her head swiveled slightly sideways. As pressure still remained under the chin, Verdi continued babbling out. “Transitiooooon to nex-” Slowly the eyelids began to flutter open as the rock and roll star was starting to recover from the delirious state. Her pupils shakily glanced upon the scene, trying to focus on what exactly happened. The Classicaloid rattled through her recent memories before the blast; the show was going well, people were instilled with the emotions the song possessed, and there were Germans.

They truly were a blight upon the musical community. Nasty creatures those Germans.

It was at that moment she recognized the hooded cultist in front of her as one of those Germanics. At that moment the dreamy stares started to morph into a sour realization.

Verdi blinked, as she was beginning to process this current situation and assess it, as a few other things were coming to mind. Her guitar was not strung across her back, and she still had her conductor’s baton. Puffing out her cheeks for a moment as she glared at Solution, Verdi began kicking her feet out in a violent, and extravagant display as to hide the real gesture of simply using the free fingers to help push the baton into her jacket sleeve. Each leg flailed in a large sweeping manner trying to hit Solution.


This was followed by a doe in the headlights stare as she recalled a particular phrase being brought up. “I said your kind not mine!”

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Operator 6O and Jesus Christ: The Commonwealth, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
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And like that, everything was gone, or at least all the flailing burning stuff. The suddenness was jarring to Operator 6O, who hadn't been prepared for the sheer effectiveness that was Messier's attack. Seems that was all they needed to stop Verdi's maddened attacks. It took a whole three seconds for 6O to realize that the danger was gone, and she fell to her knees to give a sigh of relief.

But of course, even that small amount of relief was short-lived.

As soon as the Minutemen began restraining Verdi, Solution stepped in demanding an execution at that very second.

The android raised her head with a small whine before looking to Harry "Even if she's right, shouldn't we assess the damages before making any hasty-?"

"Finally something I can agree with!"

With a sigh, she turned and watched as Jesus floated over, twirling his sword over his head as he landed beside harry. The moment his feet returned to the ground, he ceased his sword twirling and let the tip of his binary blade tap against the ground as he smirked towards Messier "Good show, I was skeptical at first of just how much power you had, but this little incursion's taught me quite alot."

He then frowned as he lowered his sunglasses, "Didn't even give me time to put my plan into effect. It was going to be quite the spectacle, would give my clients plenty of reason to seek out my assistance in the future." it was then he turned his glare to Simon "Well, at least the ones her pet monster hasn't cut down. I was going to-"

Operator 6O stood and followed his eyes "What do you mean-?"

Once more her words shriveled up in her throat as she spotted a trail of blood leading away from the creature and to a pile of dead citizens "Wha...are...wha-"

"I know, right?" Jesus shook his head "If I had managed to lure it away from them quicker then I might've ended up outmaneuvering that dumb-ass with the guitar first. But right now there's other things to discuss."

"But-! But-! But-!" Operator 6O was still trying to get over the pile of corpses, her head turning quickly to Solution "I thought you could control those things?!?"

"The madwoman's inability to command aside." Jesus said as he walked past Harry "I'd be more than happy to bring those lost souls back if we need more bodies for-"

And then Verdi woke up.

To both Jesus and Operator 6O's surprise, the gypsies didn't immediately rise up as the musician began ranting and raving. Instead, she merely began flailing wildly in the grasp of the Minutemen holding her.

"Verdi stop!"
Operator 6O shouted before being roughly shoved aside by Jesus "You're just making it worst for yourself!"

"Before she calls back the burning dead, break her arms already." Jesus stated as he stomped over "Execution or not, you'll make a great servant once you're dead."

"Why not just restrain her and have her use those endless gypsies to deal with the rats?"
Operator 6O suggested, trying once more to minimize death "We already have her, we could use this to trivialize-"

"And have her steal my kills?"
Jesus bit back at her "Like hell I'm letting a fanatic sinner like her put me out of a job."


One Thousand Club
Corneilles (Sorry for late post!)

The bounty hunter went mute as he stared at the drone footage, watching the Skaven destroy the camp. Corneilles was silent through it all, but his body language indicated that Corneilles was paying rapt attention to the footage. His spine was straight up, and when the aftermath of the attack showed up Corneilles's hand was unconsciously dropping to his axe.
Corneilles was silent for a while when the footage ended. The bounty hunter had seen something like this before except instead of rats it was swine. And with typical weapons of the age, not the clearly advanced weaponry the Skaven were using.
"So they're organized."
"I've fought bipedal animals before. Swinefolk, as my former employer called them. Brutal and pretty organized, well, at least as organized as a bunch of pigs can get. If we're lucky the Skaven operate similar to the Swinefolk."
Corneilles scratched his chin as he turned to Cortova.
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Thomas Davies
"Right, we can't risk angering the camp. Human survivors was the last thing I expected to see here."
Davies scratched his chin, and ordered his Coelacanths to make a right and roll right past the human settlement. If they opened fire, Davies was confident that their bullets wouldn't do much to the armor of the Coelacanths, but at the same time Davies was very interested in avoiding potential hostile contact.


King: Higgins’ Hell , The Badlands (Gladius-IV)

Well hell, color King officially surprised, the bald idiot was making some sense for once. Who would've thought this possible? Enforcer seemed like he had a fair point and a way to go about this thing. They did have to take care of whoever had tried to kill them (really, just Chambers, but the attempt had involved him all the same) and this was as good a place as any to get leads to that. Though he doubted his baby would have anything to do with this particular piece of nowhere, it was too good for that, it would surely wind up around the major circuits. The thought kinda ticked him off a little, and the bodies left hanging there didn't help. That just wasn't right, the dead should be laid to rest, and really it was just kinda gross. He wasn't looking at the town with friendly eyes.

So, something would happen to inconvenience the Dark Enforcer now would it? The Turks's mounting slight frustrations and annoyances had built up to the point where getting some release sounded like a perfect goddamn idea. If it was gonna be "a bit annoying" for Steel Chambers, well, that really just sealed the deal. Outwardly he betrayed no emotion, still smiling as always, nodding to the cyborg's instructions while fishing for a new cigar. "Alright then, gotcha, come find us when you're done 'cause this isn't gonna take me long. New guy, you're with me. You've seen what he can do, so it's only fair you know why we work together", he mouthed at HUNK through the tobacco clenched between his teeth, wasting no time in heading towards his destination.

And he meant what he said too, because it was a matter of respect. It was easy to respect a roid raging man mountain practically made out of guns, or at least easy to get why you should pretend to respect that, but the smaller, thin guy in nice clothes with no weapons handy? The fistfighter enjoyed being underestimated and going under the radar some, suited his typically easygoing disposition, but if they were gonna work together he had to lay out and demonstrate that golden ground rule: you don't fuck with King. So on he sauntered towards the post office, a fairly indistinct building to him that was trying hard to look closed for the day despite the very keen, alert minotaur standing guard at the front door.

The very keen, alert minotaur that King took seemingly no notice of. Pointedly ignoring 400+ pounds of angry horned beef, no mean feat considering it was trying to bar his way while telling him in no uncertain terms to get the fuck out and come back some other day, the Turk stiff-armed the guard's snout and kicked the door down in one smooth, effortless motion, peering inside from behind his tinted lenses and cigar smoke. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, yer in for a real treat! The name's King of Costa del Sol and if you haven't heard of me you should remember the name, 'cause you and all your shit fighters are about to get a once in a lifetime lesson on the finer points of facepunching! This right here is an open challenge!".

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Messier: Diamond City, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)

When the smoke cleared to reveal an unconscious Verdi, Messier let out a sigh of relief. Harry was the first to show up to take in the aftermath of the battle, and immediately tried to take charge. Messier knew he was supposed to be a big deal around here, but it did annoy her and the underwhelming thanks did little to help with that. Even worse, the natives seemed like they wanted to take everything for themselves. "Hey, just what are you-"

Before Messier could let her complaints be heard, Solution showed up to offer her compliments and join in the conversation on how to handle the Netherworlder. The conversation that Messier hadn't been invited to voice her opinion on. "Now hold on here, how are you going to-"

Once again she was cut off, this time by the rambling of the Netherworlder. She kept using what Messier could only assume were names of people or things from her hellish home. The utter strangeness of everything she was saying prevented Messier from making any counterpoint as she had no idea what sort of point she was even trying to make. "We don't know what you're-"

Great, She was interrupted again, this time by the Jesus and his woman that he seems to have made amends with. At least he was also capable of seeing how powerful she was, although it did suggest that he didn't believe her before. But really, the important part was she still wasn't being asked for her opinion. It just didn't seem right, she put the madwoman down long enough for her to be tied up, she should get some say in this.

"Hey! How about you guys ask me what I think? Because I think killing a Netherworlder is a waste of time, they never stay dead." She then held her empty hand out to Harry, who was holding onto Verdi's strange weapon. "Now, seeing that I defeated her, shouldn't I get her weapon? Shouldn't I get to decide her fate? Because I could just babysit her. She wouldn't be the first one I've dealt with, so it will be easy." She did have help back on the island, but that was with far stronger Netherworlders. Surely she could handle one mildy crazy woman on her own.

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Dart Monkey
Higgins Hell: Post Office Interior Backroom, Badlands (Gladius IV)

It wasn't long at all before the action from outside, came to a stop as the prime mixture of man and bull, the figure who had such a leathery musculature that left little to the imagination was sent easily crashing through the door of the Post Office. As its hinges were bent beyond repair and the shrapnel from the door carved at the floor - the crowd immediately began to turn away from the current display as they focused on the townies entered their sacred hall of underground fighting.

To an outsider it presumably had little value, but it was sacred to the denizens of this domain. It was sparse and simplistic in its design, a vast rectangular room which was naturally darkened as to hide its misdeeds. It was primarily lit by a series of chandeliers which hung above and gave off a bit of a uneven glow. The floorboards and walls were made of a fairly simple and common wood, though some sections of the room had a distinctive greasy yellow paper still clinging onto it. These halls filled with a never ending stench of cheap booze and cheap smoke which seeped its way into the foundation. The most notable feature was large carvings into the floor, which sometimes had the addition of rope, sometimes not, to indicate the ring.

His speech enraptured the diverse crowd; from the many species and shades of man, to more distinctive alien creatures away from the current pugilists. Of course this allowed one of the fighters to get in a cheap shot on his opponent, a strike to the back of the head causing the man to collapse face forward onto the halls below. Sitting on the only piece of furniture present in this backroom was a decrepit old man sporting a sombrero, and a black and white striped poncho. Slowly he reached for his cane and stepped off from the stool; the crowd instinctively and knowingly parted and allowed him to eye the out of townie.

Approaching the man, he glanced up towards King before giving him the stink-eye. "Aaalright King of Costa Del Sol, I'll say this much for you." With that the man grabbed towards himself before letting out a hearty chuckle, "You've got chutzpah to come breaking down the door and declaring yourself for every competitor. Buuuut ah, talk is cheap is it not?" Raising up his cane he pointed towards the currently standing fighter with his cane, as a few of the crowd began to drag his opponent out of the ring.

"Why don't you start off where we left off eh?"

The crowd began to part so that King could see the first of opponents which dared to challenge him. There standing in the ring, with bloodied knuckles, was a ape like creature, with soaked green fur with a large snout of the ant-eater, clad in a set of suspenders holding up some denim. It began making a series of hissing noises King, giving him a ferocious stink-eye before bashing his knuckles together.

"Meet Tutty; he came clawing out of the swamp already beating folks silly. Mean set of appendages on him, with a mean swing - let's see you bring him down before seeing if you can hold up that declaration Townie Slick." spoke the man as the crowd began in a great and uproarious chanting for Tutty to murder the shit out of this arrogant townie.

As for the creature that the locals simply referred to as ‘Tutty’, he began circling out of the ring and moving towards King. His footwork appeared to be fairly bouncy, and his handwork was current down right archaic. Utilizing the stance that was familiar with old time showy displays, Tutty kept his arms out wide as opposed to a proper close guard as he began throwing a series of jabs towards King. These were thrown as fairly weak maneuver, which were designed primarily for three things.

One to get a basic understanding of how his opponent wished to react. Second it was to help further motion King into the makeshift ring they had assembled. And thirdly, it would help establish Tutty as the one in control of the pacing of the fight.

With it clear a new fight was starting, the crowd began making bets amongst each other as well as partaking in cheap booze and continued cheers for King to be beaten. Right now the audience was clearly against this cocky, brash city-slicker, for the most part. After all some recognized that dispatching their guard was no easy feat but whether that was just luck or skill was yet to be determined. After all they needed to see with their own eyes how good King was; and let that decide how many of them would seek to answer his open challenge in an attempt to dethrone the King.

The Dark Enforcer: Higgins Hell – The Plucky Bloom, Badlands (Gladius IV)

While King was to have fun letting loose, The Dark Enforcer had to be the responsible one here. By Stan how things could change at a moment’s notice. And so there he was, standing outside of the Plucky Bloom. The most noticeable feature of this saloon’s exterior was the craftsmanship present in the construction of the signs. The one that was mounted against the upper walls were carved in such a way as to make it appear as if many grassland flowers were actually growing from it. They took a decent job at painting the flowers in bright yellows and whites.

The sign which just stood above the porch, which had a few troughs and posts for folks to leave horses – not that many did of course, too was carved with the flowery lettering. Of course it appeared the sign was in rough conditions as if it was about to fall from the rope keeping it on.

The Dark Enforcer idly pointed his finger towards the sign pondering on whether he ought to finish the task or not. Strangely enough he decided against it for the moment before he pushed on the swinging doors and entered.

A jaunty tune was being played by the gangly armed Grey, dressed in a cheap knock-off suit in the right far corner as The Dark Enforcer entered the pub and smelled that wonderful, cheap booze flowing. The lower level of the saloon was simple and open, there was the bar-tender loaded with options at the back, several circular tables with barrel seats surrounding the floor. The far left corner maintained the entrance to a kitchen area, where some individuals were rushing out of to procure some simple cuts of mutton and other various meats.

But before he truly went in to start the process of renting a room, The Dark Enforcer turned his attention to his very right. There was another Grey who was behind a plexi-glass container that revealed a variety of pistols and what not being held until the exit. Scurrying from the door they approached The Dark Enforcer and began eying him down.

“...I trust you don’t want to try with the gun show?” The Dark Enforcer flexed his metallic arms as the much smaller creature nervously began patting down at his leggings for anything else that could be hidden. Finding nothing out of the ordinary he gave a distinctive nod followed by low pitched chirping noises as he returned to his position. Scoffing The Dark Enforcer swaggered over towards the nearby bar-table and tapped his finger on the counter.

From the other end swiftly came one of the bartenders, a red eyed creature covered in brown scales and three fingers. He proceeded to eye The Dark Enforcer for a moment, accessing his memories to see if he remembered this man at all.

“I know you?”

The Dark Enforcer gave a shrug and a smirk “Depends on how many cybernetic tough guys you run into who are as alpha as myself.” He lowered the shades to allow the bar-tender to get a better look at him. The Reptilian offered his hand to shake before The Enforcer responded as such.

“OH yeah! Enforcer; you still have a tab for some damages!”

The Dark Enforcer gave a contemptuous frown as he spoke. “Yeah well, you’re gonna need to add to it. Booze now, and a room. Rooms preferably I don’t want to sleep with this New Kid. He probably snores. Plan on sticking around for a little bit.”

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Karla: Mos Eisley, Cortova's ship, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)

"It's not the only thing lost on him." Karla whispered to Cortova "Bless."
"Karla, pay attention. The other mercenary is talking."
On command, the Tiefling spun around to face Corneilles "I love bacon. Though, I don't eat anything if it can talk." She looked back to Gunther "How fast to pigs reproduce?"
"Not as quickly as rats, I think. Do I look like a farmer?"
"What does a farmer look like?"
"Hmm. Fair."

She'd leave it to Cortova to explain her swarm, given the Tiefling had but a mere grasp of it. That meant that Ser Richard wouldn't fair much better.
As for Giles' contact information, there was a listing of a phone number and a email for his secretary as well as a note.

All job enquiries please find the nearest locomotive. Now transporting at Mos Eisley, Janpur and Rush Valley. A list of full locations is available on our website or advertised at every stop.
Thank you for considering the Eastern Transport Corporation as your safest and fastest means of travel and shipment across this horrific planet.

Below was an image of a smiling, cartoon locomotive, the desert beneath it. Steam flowed from a chimney atop it's head.

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The Sole Survivor: The Commonwealth, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
Solution stepped in front of him, calling for an execution of the outworlder. Before he could even get a word in, she woke up and started ranting about Germans and savages. Harry was losing control of the situation fast, and he didn't like it. That was when he noticed the dead citizens and shook his head.
Operator suggested using her against the rats, but Harry wasn't using it. The outworlder musician had killed some of the very people he had sworn to protect from the outside world, and blood had to be paid with blood. He reached for Deliverer and pointed it directly at Verdi's forehead, the silencer just mere centimetre away from touching it.
"Nobody is babysitting her." He snapped at Messier, fury behind his glasses "The Shaper is right, she's too dangerous to be kept alive!"

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Jolie Baptiste: New Metropolis, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"That's it, Marcus! Put that connard (bastard) in his place!" She delivered a few more punches to the wall, eventually breaking through with a firm kick. She fell through onto the other side, landing in front of Scarecrow but before he could strike with his hook, she quickly shot up. Standing next to Marcus she clenched her fists.
"You've lost, Crane!" She spat, a mouthful of blood landing at Crane's feet
"Your determination is interesting, but all will give into fear in the end."
"Oh, faire chier (piss off)." She shook her head
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Alva Bòideach: The Citadel Presidium (Gladius-I)
"No, I have money." Alva shook her head, following Torgo down the tunnel "It's..." She sighed "Crap."
"You sure you want to tell her?"
"I have to, Ollie."

Reaching into her pocket, Alva tossed a small seed to the ground and with a wave of her hand a small, green root grew out of it that curled around Alva's legs.
"I'm not human." She said, bluntly "Not anymore. And the reason I need plants nearby is because I need them to survive. We have a, connection. They can grow around me and I rely on them. I go into shock otherwise. Body starts having seizures."
She looked down, rubbing her left arm "So if we're in this for the long haul, travelling through space then I could die if there's no plants on board."

She shook her head again "Screw it. Let's just get the transition over with and get off the station." Reaching into her pocket once more, she handed Torgo her credit card.
Oliver on the other hand was focused on Willy as the clown suggested that they split up "I think we should stick together. After all, it looks like half this station is trying to kill us. Splitting up would be a pretty dumb idea if you ask me."

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Venkman: The Western Graveyard, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"Just ghosts, but they can take on different forms. Good news is, I'm about so I can at least misdirect some of them. Not all, but some. I don't want to say too much in case I jinx things though."

"No, I'm serious. Luck is real and I should know because I can bend it. Sometimes. Fate magic can be a real bastard if you don't know how to use it."

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Kanna Kamui
Gladius-1: Cynthia

Kanna is confused by what the tou guide have said just before everyone is down onto their knees. Their ruler, VIctor Von Doom, also known commonly as Dr. Doom, is approaching. Kanna? She just stands there having no idea what she is getting in to.

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod The Mad Queen The Mad Queen
Doom looked down at the child, stopping in his tracks.
"Who are you?" He asked "You are not from this world."
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Jolie Baptiste: New Metropolis, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"That's it, Marcus! Put that connard (bastard) in his place!" She delivered a few more punches to the wall, eventually breaking through with a firm kick. She fell through onto the other side, landing in front of Scarecrow but before he could strike with his hook, she quickly shot up. Standing next to Marcus she clenched her fists.
"You've lost, Crane!" She spat, a mouthful of blood landing at Crane's feet
"Your determination is interesting, but all will give into fear in the end."
"Oh, faire chier (piss off)." She shook her head

Marcus Wright
New Metropolis, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
Near a certain unknown part of Arklym Asylum

Marcus's rage bubbled "It's over. Crane you bastard, you've lost."

The half terminator didn't care if the Scarecrow was made of straw, he messed with the wrong half terminator today.

The half terminator held a dagger in his hand and stared the creature down. "I'll tear you into pieces."

He would not be deterred from his actions unless Jolie stepped in to stop him.

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???: Undisclosed Location, Sword Coast North (Certh, Gladius-II)

Betwixt snow-capped boughs, the light of the sun shone down into a glade, isolated from civilization and utterly lacking in animal habitation. Yet, it was far from empty or silent. The sun's rays reflected off both the snow and the gleaming edges of a score of clashing blades, creating a spectacle of light and sound. Their ebon-clothed wielders moved from form to form with practiced grace, combining with the howling wind to turn the once unblemished blanket into a miniature blizzard. All the more reason for disappointment, then, as there was only one man to witness this most wondrous display: their instructor. He was towering and gracile of build, and the only one present to have left his face uncovered. His face was almost excessively pale, his eyes sunken, and with features rivaled in sharpness only by his ears. He stood aside, watching intently as the tree he'd so carefully tended bore fruit.

Satisfactory, and with a hint of potential. With time, some of them may even earn a name. Even the lowest human acolyte demonstrates a capacity for refinement, much unlike those half-beasts and Gruumsh-worshipping brutes und-

The elf's train of thought was suddenly interrupted, as the sound of a twig snapping reached his ears. Not a single student was unaccounted for, and the local wildlife had been driven off through his sorcery. This narrowed the possible explanations significantly. Just as he moved to withdraw his weapon, however, the would-be intruder made a most familiar declaration.

"Unto he who grasps at the sun..."

"We sing our praises. Step into the sun, brother. I take that your assignment at Brymor's has gone well, correct?"

"Better than expected; my companion located an apostate residing in the town, and is likely confronting him as we speak. However, the master did not think his success likely, and intends to dispatch a hunting party."

"He has seen fit to employ my talents in the field, then? His kindness is most appreciated; I will prepare for departure with all haste."

"That is partly correct, sir. The master has assigned Broken Oath and Golden Arm to lead the hunt. Your talents are needed elsewhere."

The elf's initial reaction was one of shock, followed by a derisive snort. The master was sending that brute to apprehend a lone traitor? Unless he was content with receiving an empty coffin, the elf couldn't think of a sensible reason to send him, even with his handler in tow. No matter, the master was wise beyond even some elves, surely there was a purpose to such a strange directive. There was one man who immediately came to mind in terms of assassination, but he'd been assigned to 'other matters' in the south for some time. Perhaps that had something to do with it? Of course, the most direct means of obtaining the answer was right in front of him, leaving little reason to continue in guesswork.


"Of course. One of the cells operating under the m-" the minion stopped himself, having briefly forgotten the proper formalities, "-under Five Deadly Venoms has been destroyed, with the sole survivor having recently returned to the master. Before the master saw fit to instruct him in the art of bi-location, he spoke of a man wielding a cursed blade. One that devours souls."

"The Seven Blasphemous Deaths has made its way to the Sword Coast, then?"

"That is a possibility, sir, but he described a 'rune-touched blade of ebon steel, screaming and howling with every strike'. It suggests a different weapon entirely."

"I see. Will that be all?"

"That is all I have been told, sir. Now, I must return to the master, and then to Brymor's."

"If I may make a request, for when you return to your post. Do be sure to check on our friends in the basement. You know how selective I can be with new pupils."

"Of course, only the pick of the litter. Farewell."

"We go forth in his name..."

"To die in glory."

With that, the minion vanished back into the treeline, and the elfin instructor turned his attention back to the students. Dutiful as always, they'd continued in the exercises without a complaint or even a word. As students, they were nigh impeccable. Yet, many were unblooded, and what better way to rectify this than with a sword hunt? Perhaps they would earn names sooner than expected, or perhaps the cursed blade would devour their souls. Regardless of the outcome, it would serve to determine each pupil's true worth. Raising his voice, the elf addressed his class.

"Exercises are concluded for today. We are to depart, southbound, seeking a cursed blade and its wielder. We shall show him what the students of Shadow Whip are capable of."

@ Nobody in particular, it's intended as an establishing bit for the rest of the Sect.
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Golden ball of bloody cuteness
Cortova: Her Ship, Mos Eisley, The Badlands
Cortova passes Corneilles a set of the heat vision goggles. “Right. Guess you didn’t hear earlier. Say hello, Queen.” “Hello.” The distorted voice replies. The heat signature is a vague, misty thing, swirling around all of the humanoids, and most densely around Cortova. “Vashta nerada. Carnivorous, very tiny, and intelligent.” She taps her chin, and goes for the email. “So, what do I tell him?”

The Mad Queen The Mad Queen GearBlade654 GearBlade654

Namorae: The Western Graveyard, The Badlands
Namorae chuckles. “Mm, lady Desna does tend to take offense to those who think they can predict her.” She says with a smile, looking up at the sky. “Then again… she let us escape.”


Promise Nothing Deliver Less
Solution: Diamond City, Badlands, Gladius-IV
Solution was quite surprised at Messier's sudden altruism. Whether she was genuinely feeling sympathy for the fallen strumpet or just that she couldn't trust these peasants with executing a mighty magician, it was certainly a side of her that Solution didn't expect. Truth be told, she agreed.

"Hang on," Solution interrupted, nudging Harry's weapon off of Verdi's forehead. "Disagreements such as these can only lead to further problems later on. Since the Fusionist was the one to bring this strumpet down, it's only fair that we consider her opinion on these matters. If we run into another rogue wizard, will we go through this again? We need to end this situation decisively."

Solution took a moment to consider her possibilities. Disagreements between Shapers were primarily decided through rigid debate and, occasionally, light espionage. That clearly wouldn't work with these people.

"A trial by combat will decide who is right." Solution decided. She pointed to Harry and nodded sagely. "You and the Fusionist--or a champion selected by each of you-- will fight each other. Whoever wins has clearly shown their will and conviction, and must be deferred to in any similar cases. Well, unless the sailor has anything to add. "

Solution pointed to the clear area around her. "This place will do nicely. I'll keep hold of our prisoner while you two go to work."

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Dart Monkey
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi Diamond City, Badlands (Gladius IV)

As soon, as soon, as the gun was placed against Verdi's head, Verdi's legs began trembling as her eyes grew wide. Unable to keep her mouth simply agape, as generally a gun to the head is spooky. And of course this course of action was occurring, despite the fact that the Germans killed their fellow Germans and those of Italian blood were simply inspiring fear and roughing them up a bit. This was just a further education that Germans would never accept the faults of their wrong doing. They had to shift the blame onto other outside forces, such as the Italians, for any and all of their misdeeds.

They were nothing more than animals with a lust for blood and enslavement.

Making a distinctive hocking noises, loud snorting as she gathered up the necessary phlegm, Verdi spat a snot infused strike of saliva right at Harry's face. "Non puoi mai silenziare Musik! I can never die, for even if I were to depart, my message of revolution and glory to the Italian people will reign on!" passionately declared Verdi as her mind began to process the cultist's information. Though before that she turned to Operator 6O, realizing that she too must've been German and uttered clearly distraught "Et tu Sibby? Et tu?"

The Cultist, the Child, and the Traitor, were clearly from the breeds of Austrian that sought nothing more than the enslavement of the Italian people. They were fine with the existence of Italians, and other actual peoples - but only if they were completely detained or thralls for battle. Of course not every Germanic blooded individual agreed with this philosophy, as noted by the mutilated one and the warlord; they viewed any outsiders as threats to the German people and had to be eradicated. This was the major crux of why they could not tolerate each other. Only one could remain in the Doctrinal Conflict.

And Verdi was not quite in a good position to simply eradicate them for the sanctity of the universe. At least not yet anyway. Here she was stuck in a situation which aggravated her to her soul, as noticed by the exacerbated contortion of her lips and furrowed brow.

Verdi, would have to have some peace with the Germans. Disgusting, I'm going to need many, many baths after this.

Peering towards the cultist with a much softer gaze, Verdi gave a nod towards Solution. "Such is the way of your tribe upon sacking villages is it not? What kind of sava- mons- " Verdi let out a distinctive groan while biting at her own tongue for a moment, "Tribespeople, would you be if you did not follow your customs?" This was immediately followed by Verdi looking towards the small Germanic child, which probably had the blood of their foul chieftain William I, peering at her with a mixture of both outright hatred but with glimmers of hopeful joy.

"Child of Austria." Giuseppe pursed her lips together, clenching hard at her teeth while trying to speak the words. Not those words, that the Germans knew and were bound to, but different words Verdi would rather not admit to. "I'm r-rr-r-oooo eeeeeruuugh ewwaaa, come on Verdi just need to spit it out oot-t-iing foooor you." This was followed by a few more moments of dry-heaving.

Glancing down in defeat Verdi immediately turned towards Solution as a new thought came to her mind. "Cultist and Record-keeper of Savage Cultural Practices; if hypothetically, both the Germans lose does that mean I can just go?"

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Kanna Kamui
Gladius-I: Cynthia

Kanna looked up at Doom with a cute blank stare, eyes sparkling as the clean water. She answers the ruler in a polite manner "I'm Kanna Kobayashi. I'm the kid that was with Sougo and Woz. What did you three talked about?" She is very curious as to what the three men have talked about as she was told to stay out of their affairs for quite some time.

The Mad Queen The Mad Queen Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Operator 6O and Jesus Christ: The Commonwealth, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
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The moment Verdi looked to her, 6O looked away with a pout "I'm sorry Verdi, but Human Life is precious. Anyone who can jeopardize it so recklessly is no friend of mine!"

Though she said that, she was trying her hardest to keep a stern look on her face, unwilling to bend on this matter despite how much she wanted to. It just wasn't the YoRHa way, to allow such threats to humanity wandering about. Given how many died at the hands of Solution and her pets, she was technically the bigger threat. However, 6O was willing to overlook that at the moment in favor of just ending this conflict faster. Diamond City looked as if it had seen enough fighting already. Which is why she was actually grateful for Messier's plan, and even more grateful that Solution seemed willing to follow through on it.

But then Verdi said something which confused Operator 6O "How could both of them lose? Like, if they somehow knock each other out or kill each other at the exact same time? Is..." she looked to Solution and Messier "Is that even a possibility? Something messing with the results like that should be accounted for, so how about-"

"Or!" Jesus suddenly interrupted as he drew his revolver and nudged Harry "Or... instead of going through all that and tearing up your fine city some more, we just shoot her now and apologize after the threat's good and dead?"

"Are you serious?!?" Operator 6O exclaimed

Jesus ignored her, instead nodding to Messier and Solution before shaking his head at Harry "I mean let's be real, whatever dungeons and dragons game these two crawled out of doesn't seem to have anything close to the firearms we're packing. So I doubt either of them could really stop us if we just accidentally fill this lunatic with nice big holes."

"How is that accidentally? You're planning it right in front of-!" Operator 6O bit her tongue before shaking her head "Harry, listen. He just wants to kill her so he can control-"

"You do realize the alternative to us just killing her is someone having to go up against the pint-sized demolisher over there, right?" Jesus glared at the android "So somehow that's less violent than a cylinder of magnum rounds tearing a single babbling singer to shreds?"

Operator 6O stammered a bit before awkwardly tapping her fingers together "Well, I meant to say that controlled violence would be a better alternative to wanton violence. And I still think we shouldn't rule out the uses keeping her alive and under watch could provide so-"

Her sentence turned into a yelp as the sound of Jesus facepalming interrupted her.

With a deliberate slowness he pulled his hand from his face and once more turned his attention to Harry, "Look, I'll back you up if you want to just gun her down right here and now. But if for some ungodly reason you accept their terms, have me fight her for you."

That got Operator 6O's attention "What? Why you?"

Jesus twirled his revolver casually before glancing to her out of the corner of his eye. He then nodded to Harry "Because this guy's a key component of this city, so putting his life on the line going up against Messy over there would destabilize my economy just enough to be annoying. At least if I take her on we can be done with this petty nonsense quick, no matter who ends up winning. Time is of the essence, I can't be the only one remembering that there's an army of rats with weaponry that needs dealing with. Besides..."

He stopped twirling his revolver and shrugged "I never got to show off, after all."
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The Thing From Space
Genjuro, Sewer Dungeon, Sword Coast, Gladius III

"I see you've resigned yourself to your fate. A cowardly act, but-"

Soon the Loyalist was cut off by the swipe of a sheathed sword across his shoulder. He began stepping back under the pressure of a repeated assault from the Apostate's blunted blade, blocking as he could.

"What foolishness is this! If you know you cannot cut me down, why even make the attempt?"

"Because, the round one learns fast. A blade isn't always the right tool for a job."

The loyalist was quick to regret letting his attention leave the EMT, as the wooden staff flew from his hands and straight at the side of the loyalist's head. Though he was able to dodge it easily, the EMT closed in and landed a heavy strike with his shoulder into the Loyalist's side, continuing the tackle until he slammed into the wall.

"That spell you're using only works wherever your blood falls. And if your skin isn't broken..."

While the Loyalist was winded from the shoulder check, he pulled back his head and started headbutting the mask.

"Then whether or not it's Mystic Flame Serpent's technique, it's not going to trigger!"

A warrior must be relentless as the tide, but temper this with judgement.
As the rain makes life flourish, and the river cuts the mountain,
wisdom brings forth the strongest martial arts.

The Loyalist caught his breath quickly, however, even as his mask began to crack. He struck out at the EMT's chest, shoving him away. He followed up with a number of quick slashes, which Gen redirected with the back of his wristguards. As he switched to thrusts, Gen took a few cuts before closing in, stomping down on the sword in an attempt to pin it to the ground. The two glared at each other for a moment.

"You know a great deal about these demonic pacts, E-M-T! Tell me, what else do you know?"

"I know about the sect you're part of, and the sort of stuff you get up to."

"I see! So the tales of the Black Demon Sect have spread even to your far-off homeland!"

Genjuro jumped back and shrugged, shaking his head.

"Nah, not really. But it sounds like another dime a dozen martial cult to me."

"...What was that?!"

The Loyalist charged in, leading Gen to sidestep his thrust.

"I'm sorry, but this kind of happens a lot where I'm from. There were at least three in my hometown alone. Now, stop me if I get something wrong okay?"

"Silence! What could an outsider know about the ways of the Black Demon Sect?!"

Gen listed off his points on his fingers, continuing to dance around the sword as the loyalist continued the charge with a flurry of slashes. The rage behind each only increased as Gen ducked and weaved around each blow, beginning to circle around his foe.

"I know that you were either kidnapped at birth, or recruited at a young age from among the lower castes of society. You were trained in incredibly harsh conditions in the use of a single martial style, which was standardized beyond any usefulness for ease of use for a bunch of faceless grunts. The guys the leader of the cult likes get cool names and weapons and their own fighting style, but if you so much as try to change up your footwork your ass gets kicked. You obey orders, no matter how suicidal, unquestioningly, or they kick your ass. Even thinking about changing things up gets your ass kicked. And to top it off, they make you kill yourself after any defeat, under the guise of culling the weak. Did I miss any points?"

The Loyalist stepped back, taking up a stance as he began channeling qi once again. Gogyou took his shoulder-width stance as the strange music once again filled the sewers.

"And most importantly, I know this: An order that like has only one future for its members: Death."

The water throughout the sewer began glowing, rushing to a single point- the muck, effluence, and impurities left on the floor and walls as the ball of pure water coalesced into a single point on Gogyou's fist. The Loyalist spread several of the strands he'd used for the attack on the Apostate earlier, impaling them into the sewer wall and flinging himself upward.

"But today, your future will change."

"Bloody Bones: Bile-Soaked Nightmare!"

As the Loyalist leaped up into the air, sword overhead, Gogyou took a low, wide stance. Tightening the fist of his left hand and leaving his right one open, Gogyou waited. Too early, and it would hit the Loyalist in the face, likely killing him. Too late, and he'd nicely cut his own hand in half. But this was what martial arts was all about: confidence in your technique, and the wisdom of how to apply it. The blood-red strands coalesced to form a longer, sharper blade of ki as the Loyalist flew towards Gen, scraping a trench in the ceiling. He brought it down attempting to cleave Gen from top to bottom.


Gogyou's punch was quick and decisive. As the sword came down, and just as it was about to strike his head, his waist twisted, and he threw an explosive uppercut straight at the Loyalist's hands. The pressure of all the sewer's water released all at once, blowing the Loyalist down the tunnel to a wall about twenty feet away as the pure waters rushed throughout the fetid sewer once more. Shakily, the loyalist stood, attempting to use his sword as a balance. However, in quick order, it slipped from his hands. To make matters worse, his opponent was drawing closer. He scrambled to take up his sword once again, but his grip was weak. The sword fell out of his hands again and again. It was then that the loyalist looked at his broken hands in horror, barely holding onto consciousness.

"I have broken your proximal metacarpals. You can't take a life with that sword for quite some time, especially not your own. There is no shame in this defeat, but your order will demand you take your own life under the guise of culling the weak."

Gen looked down at the defeated loyalist, propping him up on a dry patch as the armor evaporated into steam along with the staff he had left up the tunnel. He picked up the mook's sword, and took it with him as he left.

"But you don't always get stronger from victory. You learn more from one defeat than a hundred triumphs."

He gave the Loyalist one last look over the shoulder, one last thing to hear before fading into unconsciousness.

"They don't want you to die because of your weakness in the past. It's because they fear the strength you could gain in the future. So I'm giving you just one chance. Head down the tunnel behind you, to the docks. Find somewhere, heal up, and make a better life. If you want the salty runback, that's fine. My name is Genjuro Nishiyama, Kamen Rider Gogyou, and I'll be waiting for your challenge."

With that, sword over his shoulder, he headed over to Fat Shang.

"...How're you holding up? You took a pretty nasty wound in the fight. Let's get topside so I can get a look at it."


Yubi Yubi

  • --Ryuga Banjou--
    darkred darkred zontar zontar

    Walking through the base to meet this 'Bear' person, dogs began to bark at what would be peculiarly familiar red sparks of lightning from the middle of the hall--The soldiers he was with raising their guns as a swirling black mass appeared from nowhere, a person who would bring terror to his past stepped out, arms spread open as he greeted him.

    "Evolt...?!" Ryuga gasped in alarm as he pushed one of the guards aside in order for him to see the alien more clearly--still donning the appearance of Misora's father. "How the hell are you still alive?! You're supposed to be gone!" He gritted his teeth, frustrated at the sudden world buster's appearance. He knew for a fact that Sento finished him off to merge two worlds so that he wouldn't be able to exist anymore. Speaking of Sento, Evolt mentioned how he supposedly dumped him in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and, somehow, like a caring father, asked if he wanted to talk about it.

    "Get straight to the point, already." Ryuga slammed the table the Evolt unfolded, "Where the hell am I and why are you here, Evolt?" He asked, pressing to at least get a reason why the planet eating alien is still walking around and what does he mean by Sento dumping him--they just had brunch the other day, and he seemed totally fine with his new job at the government labs! There's no way he could actually be gone, right?...Right?

Shining Wizard

Professional Asswiper

Torgo processed the new information, inputting it in the (pending) Master's profile and internally weighing her options. On one hand, the (pending) Master had a psychosomatic dependence on plants, probably because she was crazy. On the other hand, Torgo had absolutely no standards whatsoever, so this was fine. Torgo squatted down and produced a small broom and dustpan, easily sweeping the random greenery off the sheer metal surface of the corridor and pocketing it for disposal in the nearest incinerator. Weeds were meant to be plucked, after all, and she felt an odd sort of kinship with the janitorial machines that patrolled these tunnels. Come to think of it, she hadn't seen one recently...

"Correction-", Torgo chimed in as the (pending) Master attempted to add the clown to her harem, "-By Torgo's calculations, 83% of Citadel inhabitants have reasonable grounds to wish death upon the (pending) Master and associates. The clown, however, is an associate by circumstance, rather than choice. Torgo believes the clown would be able to redeem himself by facilitating said deaths and presenting at least two of our lifeless bodies to the frothing, unwashed masses. Perhaps the Principality Of Zeon would declare him a national hero prior to executing him, assuming he survived the attempt."

Knee servos whirring quietly as she stood, Torgo once again opened her mouth and forehead-mounted touch panel, holding her palms out as she ejected a stylus into them.

"Regardless, for Torgo to complete the transaction herself would be highly illegal. Please insert the card of your choosing into Torgo's oral cavity, (pending) Master."

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Bruh Moment
James Gordon
'Checkpoint' (En-route to LexCorp Tower)
New Metropolis, The Badlands, Gladius-IV

Jim raised his eyebrows when one of the guards knew him which Jim now assumes that this is Jim's world from where he came from but what catches him the most is when one of the guards said that one of them will contact Luthor because Jim himself is here. On the other hand, he shift his attention to Vasu who is obviously annoyed from the orders of the guards.

"Just do what they say and you'll have no problem, you're on our world after all." Jim said as he shift his attention back to the guards.

The Mad Queen The Mad Queen Specialist Specialist

Alfred Pennyworth
The Spa, Bliss
Free Planets, Gladius-II

"Actually, no. I don't even know how I got here and-..." Alfred looks at the swimming pool where he got almost drowned, he pointed the pool to the robot as he began to explain how he got here in this majestic and yet futuristic-looking place that is obviously a spa.

"I was sleeping, aye'? But out of no where, in my dreams, a blue light appeared and almost drowned on that-...!" Alfred was going to swear but he kept to his word that this part of spa is an all genre age where swearing or saying inappropriate words weren't allowed in this part of spa.

"And here I am." Alfred calm himself down, smiling to the android.

Carl Johnson
Love of the Apocalypse, The Walkway
Tavern of Worlds, Free Planets, Gladius-II

"Well, i'm straight, i only hit women, you kno' wha i'm sayin'?" CJ chuckled a bit, stating that he only likes women and he is a confirmed heterosexual after he answered the question coming from Karen the female krogan.

The Mad Queen

Time to kick gum & chew ass, & I'm all out of ass
The Sole Survivor: The Commonwealth, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
Harry removed his glasses to clean the spit off them. The outworlder really wasn't doing herself any favours.
He'd heard about trial by combat before. Apparently the Legion used it sometimes as well as many other savages across the wasteland and there were plenty of times he'd had to prove a point through combat. It was a savage practice where the law was determined by who was the better fighter rather than who was in the right.
"We're not the Legion. We don't settle the law that way." He retorted "There will be no trial by combat."

Operator said something that caught his attention. Jesus wanted the outworlder dead so he could control something. Harry wasn't sure what as he cut the synth woman off.
"Control what, exactly?"
Operator once again brought up the idea of using the outworlder.

Holstering Deliverer, he knelt down so that his face met that of Verdi's, her face reflected back in his glasses.
"Sacking villages, taking slaves. The Minutemen and the Railroad protect people from those savages. You killed the wrong people with your minions."
The Institute had their advanced technology, but they were little different from the likes of the Legion or any other group of raiders. They killed and they enslaved, that was close enough for him.

He shook his head and stood to his feet.
"I'm so gonna regret this..." He sighed "Italian. Do you want to take out some real savages? You could help us. Make up for what you've done here by taking out a real threat to the people."

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Jolie Baptiste: New Metropolis, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
A grin crept across Crane's face and the Scarecrow started to step back.
"You both care about innocent lives. Two killers, foolish enough to think they can redeem themselves by saving others."
"I'm not looking for redemption. I save people because it's right."
"So you keep telling yourself."

He smiled "You two may be resilient, but what about the people living in this city?"
The green fog started to envelop Scarecrow "They helped me perfect it. Testing it on such a large scale will be interesting."

darkred darkred

Venkman: The Western Graveyard, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"I can't say I've heard of Desna before. Is she some kind of Goddess?"
The way Namorae talked about her seemed to point that way.

Emmadagood Emmadagood

James Gordon
'Checkpoint' (En-route to LexCorp Tower)
New Metropolis, The Badlands, Gladius-IV

Jim raised his eyebrows when one of the guards knew him which Jim now assumes that this is Jim's world from where he came from but what catches him the most is when one of the guards said that one of them will contact Luthor because Jim himself is here. On the other hand, he shift his attention to Vasu who is obviously annoyed from the orders of the guards.

"Just do what they say and you'll have no problem, you're on our world after all." Jim said as he shift his attention back to the guards.

The Mad Queen The Mad Queen Specialist Specialist
"I'd listen to him."
A slick, black car pulled up to the checkpoint and one of the guards turned around, raising his gun towards it. The front window rolled down and he immedtley lowered the weapon.
"I wasn't expecting. Sorry."

From the driver's seat, a woman glanced over at Jim and Vasu.

"Mr Luthor will see you both now. Get in."

Specialist Specialist

Alfred Pennyworth
The Spa, Bliss
Free Planets, Gladius-II

"Actually, no. I don't even know how I got here and-..." Alfred looks at the swimming pool where he got almost drowned, he pointed the pool to the robot as he began to explain how he got here in this majestic and yet futuristic-looking place that is obviously a spa.

"I was sleeping, aye'? But out of no where, in my dreams, a blue light appeared and almost drowned on that-...!" Alfred was going to swear but he kept to his word that this part of spa is an all genre age where swearing or saying inappropriate words weren't allowed in this part of spa.

"And here I am." Alfred calm himself down, smiling to the android.
"I will have to escort you to a security checkpoint. Do not worry, sir for you are not in any trouble but this facility cannot afford to take chances. They will just have some questions and they will need to perform some harmless medical tests."
The area around the pool was completely empty, leaving just Alfred and the android.
"Although extremely rare, this is not the first time somebody has arrived on this planet in similar circumstances. As I escort you, feel free to ask me any questions you might have."

--Sougo Tokiwa--
The Mad Queen The Mad Queen

Sougo followed the planet king as he began to walk around the castle, asking about Sougo's supplies. For one, he knew he had his Jiku Driver with him, his belt which allows him to don the armor and become Zi-O; which, according to Woz, was just the armor he used when he was just an heir. The other parts of his supplies were the incomplete collection of Ridewatches; half of them were left with Geiz, who was, without a doubt, gone for good.

"For one...I'd need to find a way to make all the Ridewatches." Sougo took out one of the Ridewatches; a black and white pocketwatch looking devices with a twistable face with a peculiar looking design. Above the design is what appears be a white logo on the top and digits forming the year it was created; 2018. "These watches contain the powers of my rider predecessors. Right now, I only have about 10 out of my 19 predecessors. 4 of which are with my comrade, Geiz who was devoured by the Great Hunger." He told the king grimly as he twisted the watch's face, revealing what would be a helmet's face, with the word 'RIDER' on the visor in japanese katakana. "I think I'd be able to reach my full potential once I have all these...Right Woz?" He turned to his herald, who merely shook his head.

"Not quite, my lord." Woz told his future overlord. "The late Oma Zi-O had direct reign over time itself; controlling it as he pleases...Leaping through time...Hastening, rewinding, stopping time altogether...Predicting an accurate picture of the future..." he listed all of Oma Zi-O's future feats. "That is my Overlord's full potential; the potential to transcend time itself!"

"But, uh, well...How exactly did I learn how to do that?" Sougo asked, rubbing his cheek as he waited for Woz to catch up to the Kings.

"In accordance to the old iteration of the book, you gained the power to transcend time using this." Woz took out what appears to be an ancient looking Ridewatch, much bulkier than the one Sougo has, though it bears resemblance to the face Sougo's ridewatch had. "With this, you will be able to gain Oma Zi-O's powers...I was saving it in the likely event that I would not be able to correct you from straying your intended path to ascension." He explained, examining the strange looking ridewatch. "However, seeing as it is incomplete...I am uncertain if it would be able to function as intended."

"It feels like we wouldn't be able to get that thing to work in time..." Sougo sighed as the the Kings then arrived at a hallway filled with tourists and one of them, a familiar child they met in the forest, Kanna Kobayashi, was it? Doom eventually asked who she was, and she promptly answered. "Well, just something about the thing that..."

"My lord, it's best if we do not bring that up in front of her." Woz stopped Sougo from telling the girl that they plan to prepare against the Great Hunger, thinking that she might be eager to join in as it would be the same being that devoured her world.
It would be be difficult to tell what the Emperor was thinking, given the cold mask that hid his face but he seemed intrigued by the talk of controlling time.
"Doom will allow you to work on your device, providing access to some equipment. Make no mistake, you are on Doom's world so your work will be closely monitored."

He gently padded the child on the head "What we discussed was a topic for grown-ups, little one. A way of defending this planet from danger."
"My lord?" The tour guide asked "What are you saying?"
"There is no reason to kneel, citizens. Rise." He commanded "These two may be providing assistance to your Lord. That is all."

Avoiding eye contact with Doom, the tour guide stood to his feet as did all the other Cynthia residents in the room.
"Do you have somewhere to stay?" Doom asked Kanna

Topless Topless

--Kazumi Sawatari || Gentoku Himuro || Aka-Ao-Kiba--
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Kazumi and the others listened in as the Agent listed down the Missions that were needed help with; a scouting mission regarding some sort of indian scientist, being a body guard to some paranoid guy, and lastly, extracting some sort of helecarrier.

"All right, huddle up." Kazumi turned to his group of five, circling around as if to discuss their next move. A bunch of inaudible whisperings occurred during the 2 minutes the group spent huddling until Kazumi broke up the circle and announced what their gonna do. "We're gonna split the work load in all three of em." He said, indicated by 3 fingers. "Aka can handle the District Zero thing. Ao and Beardo can be the Gile's guards, me and Ki can handle the scouting mission."
"Are you sure you want to split up?" Stevenson asked "I'm happy for the help guys, but don't feel the need to take unnecessary risks. Last thing I want is to lose more agents to this planet."
He tucked the tablet under his left arm "There's still the matter of the Indian scientist, but I can have another agent sent out that way in the next hour. There's a few returning from deployment."

"Follow me." He led the team towards an elevator
"Lower hangar bay."
"Going down." The computerised voice of a woman spoke

The Hunting Grounds (Gladius-IV)
Daisuke Eiichi simply followed along, sticking close to Penny in particular. She had mentioned being in conflicts earlier but unlike the others trapped in the reserve did not have the look of a warrior. As they moved deeper into the jungle, heavy footsteps could be heard and the man stopped in his tracks.
"I don't think that is the hunters. They are far quieter than this."

He took cover behind a tree, for the man had no weapons to speak of and watched as three Space marines made their way through the jungle. He looked back to his protectors, waiting for them to do something.
Above and in the treeline more shapes that were invisible to the naked eye moved, observing the two groups as they closed in on one another. Would it end in bloodshed as prey turned on prey or would the groups join forces, making for a far greater hunt.

An elder, with four youngbloods behind her observed the scene intently but her gaze turned elsewhere as a single younblood, arrogant and far too eager for his own good leapt down, uncloaked and faced the group. As other youngbloods considered joining him, the Elder raised a hand. He had made his choice.
Clicking at the mouth, the youngblood lunged at Daisuke who reeled back in terror.
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Markiplier: Rush Valley, Xing Empire, The Badlands (Gladius-IV)
"Get out of here, kid! She's nuts!" Mark yelled
"I'm doing my duty." The woman's head turned, looking at Minako "What about you? You're not a local, so you must be from another world. Tell me. Are you a warrior, or a child who wants to play like one?"
With the hooded woman focused elsewhere, Mark had a chance to stand back up and regain a bit of his composure.
"Go for help, I can hold her off."
"No, you can't." She scoffed, shaking her head

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One Thousand Club

The bounty hunter cracked his neck, looking at the cartoon smiley face. It had dawned on the bounty hunter he typically traveled by foot or by horseback carriage if it got to that point. But locomotive was new.
Corneilles scratched his chin but didn't say anything. He would just follow the lead of his fellow mercenaries.
Upon Corneilles putting on the heat goggles and noticing the microscopic... swarm, or whatever it was, Corneilles took the goggles off and took a look around himself.
"So... small. Carnivorous, and intelligent."
"Define intelligent in this case."
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Namorae: The Western Graveyard, The Badlands
Namorae tilts her head, confused… but separate worlds having different gods makes some sense. “Yes. The goddess of the stars, chance, dreams, and travelers. And gambling, but that’s less important.” She says with a smile. “She protected our world from what lives in the void between stars, and her priests protect people from what would harm them when they sleep.” She pulls out a necklace with a small butterfly design from under her shirt. “Some say it’s damn near heretical that I follow her, but she’s treated me well so far.”

Cortova: Her Ship, Mos Eisley, The Badlands
Cortova shrugs. “They’re very quick learners. For instance, they don’t speak on their own. They get into the speaker, and mess with all the little parts just right to make it sound like a woman speaking. And they didn’t know English at first either, they learned it in a matter of hours in a library.” She explains. “And I mean, they’re intelligent enough to make a deal with me rather than just eating me when they had the chance, so there’s that.”

The voice comes from the speaker again. “We were born with access to the sum of human knowledge. It did not take us long to understand any of these things you speak of.”
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