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Give the person above you a superpower!


Frightfully funny, frightfully friendly
You can see into all dimensions, unconstrained by linear time

what would I do with that? I'd go insane probably yikes


the monster under your bed
I don't know why this old thread of mine is still alive, but I had a good time reading some of the responses! Thanks for posting, everyone!

Since I'm here, I shall bestow upon you the ability to manipulate life force.
I would use this ability to remove the life force from things like weeds, mosquitoes, spiders, etc., and use it to heal sick or dying people.
(If I already used this superpower, I apologize.)

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Probably because it's a pretty cool concept my guy.

You will be granted the power to have lucid dreams
I just think that if I'm going to sleep and dream anyways I might as well control what happens in them

Dana Zane

Holder of the Book of the dead.
Super smarts, Well being smart is a plus in the world but you got note that somethings has downsides. And you can make a lot of money.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
The ability to transform anyone into a candy representing themselves.

I would use this ability only in an absolute emergency, any other scenario I'd be labeled a psycho I feel....


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
The ability to lay any undead to rest.

Which would naturally be used to confirm who may or may not be an undead aorund me.

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