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Fantasy Girl looking for people do do a long term, low fantasy, medieval plot with!!!

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Hello!!! I'm looking for people (mostly males) to do a long-term, slow-burning, medieval roleplay with, preferably with some tension and possible romance along the way. I use different platforms than rpnation, we can discuss these platforms if you are interested. I like doing slightly shorter replies, but exchanging them "often". A d1scord paragraph is a nice length in my opinion. I've got a little setting starter, it is inspired by a book, though you do not have to know anything about the said book to do this roleplay. We will have to discuss a good plot for this setting, so I'd like my partner to be quite the brainstormer. I hope you like it, feel free to leave a comment or DM and I will hit you up.

The Ranger Corps is an organization established during King Herbert's reign of Araluen. They are an elite paramilitary organization, tasked with foreign and domestic intelligence gathering, law enforcement within Araluen's borders, and special operations.

The Ranger Corps was originally founded during King Herbert's reign, 150 years ago. There are 50 Rangers, one for each Fief.

A fief was an area of land ruled by a Baron.

In Araluen, it possessed its own population, Battleschool, and Craftmasters. Each fief had one, usually central, castle or fort where the Baron resided. However, there were occasionally other smaller keeps or castles with their own lords within the fief, as well as numerous villages and hamlets. Araluen Fief and Gorlan Fief were the only fiefs that had no baron, since Araluen's governor was the King and Gorlan's territory was split between two neighboring fiefdoms

During the reign of King Oswald, a number of ambitious barons-led by lord Morgarath started to take over Araluen, as the king's mind was old and compromised. They had Prince Duncan sent to a far corner of Araluen and began to get rid of the loyal and potentially dangerous rangers. These Rangers were banished and replaced with unqualified noblemen who gained entrance to the Corps by paying a pension, resulting in the corruption of the Ranger Corps. Around this time, Crowley and Halt first meet; both were Pritchard's pupils and taught as rangers should be. Together, they managed to revitalize the Ranger Corps and bring an end to the barons' schemes.

To minimize enemy knowledge about them, the Corps shrouds itself in a wealth of mystery and misinformation.

A Ranger's most essential article of clothing is the mottled green and grey of varying shades camouflage cloak. Made of tightly woven wool, it offers protection from the weather, and the color makes it easier to remain unseen in the forests of Araluen.

The cloak has a heavy, deep cowl which, when pulled over the head leaves the Ranger's face in deep shadow. This hides the Ranger's face and allows him to scan his surroundings without being too noticeable. This cloak also helped start the rumor that Rangers studied witchcraft because, when a ranger reveals himself after being camouflaged, they seem to conjure themselves out of nowhere, as stated by various individuals.

Most Rangers wear a long sleeved, green linen shirt covered by a brown leather tunic that also aids in concealment and helps the Rangers to carry all of their tools and weapons.

They wear light-weight, soft-soled, brown leather boots, which allow them to move silently but also aid in riding. They never polish their boots (nor their buckles), as the glint of reflected sun can give their position away.

They usually have a leather gauntlet on their non-dominant forearm to protect them from the strings of their own bows when firing.

On their belt they wear a double-scabbard with their throwing and saxe knives placed next to each other. They carry a quiver of 24 arrows on their back (with extras in their pack) as well as a longbow. Apprentices often use recurve bows to start out with.

They also use dual brass cylinders called Strikers. They can close their fists around them, leaving the end open, which can be used to knock out enemies. They can be thrown too.

Around their necks they wear a metal oak leaf on a chain, bronze for apprentices, silver for fully-fledged Rangers, and gold for retired Rangers. Although this is usually hidden beneath the shirt, for the same reason they do not polish their boots.

Rangers are best known for their longbows that they carry and the twenty-four arrows in their quiver - this, combined with the fabled accuracy of Rangers, gave rise to the saying "a Ranger carries the lives of twenty-four men in his quiver." They, of course, carry extra arrows in their saddlebag. Rangers are extremely accurate with their longbows and can shoot rapidly with accuracy. A Ranger's main tasks include special reconnaissance, intelligence, assassination, national law enforcement, situational intervention, and special operations. They also wield a throwing knife, a heavy bladed Saxe knife, and strikers.

Occasionally, one of the older and more experienced rangers take themselves an apprentice when they see someone with the potential to fulfill the demanding role of a ranger. The apprentices taken are usually around eighteen but may be taken at a younger age

For five years they are trained and regularly assessed at the annual Ranger Gathering by a number of rangers who are delegated that task. They are first assessed a number of months after first being taken on as an apprentice and if they pass are given their bronze oak leaf. Over these five years the apprentice ranger is gradually given more and more responsibilities and missions to carry out and handle until they are believed ready to be made a full ranger and given their silver oak leaf.

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