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Fandom Gilmore Girls Craving!

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Sofie or Sof here! I’m a twenty-year-old looking for some roleplays now that I have some time on my hands! I want a partner that is also an adult. I’m online often but sometimes I can’t stop to reply (may just be checking messages while doing something.) ✦ I do 600-1,000 words, doubling! ✦ I always do canon/oc. But if you only want to write a canon for my end let me know! ✦ I’m open to all types of pairings. M/F. M/M. F/F. NB/F. NB/M. NB/NB. And so on! ✦ Please be LGTBQ+ friendly! It’s rare but some of my parings are F/F. ✦ Romance is a must for me, I really want something wholesome and fluffy! Maybe with a bit of angst. I love Ghibli movies after all! ✦ Be open to rambling with me, headcanons, and playlist! ✦ I hope to make friends with you!!

✦ Gilmore Girls. AU?
- Logan Huntzberger.

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