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Other Ghoster Issue?


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I don't know if this is just a me problem, but I'll be damned if it was. It seems that there's been a massive influx of ghosters on this site, more than I've ever heard of before, and I've experienced it. It's kind of odd, to say the least, that people are just leaving others hanging for months to even damn near years at a time with no updates. I have some conversations just hanging out in my archives, ready to be activated again, and they still haven't been after a good 6 or so months I think. If anybody else is having this issue with ghosters, please, I'd love to discuss it, it's a real issue. Maybe we can get some sort of moderation in place for things like this? I know people have lives and all, but half a year is ridiculous.


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Uhm... Well, I say there's been any kind of influx of posters recently. Granted I haven't been making a lot of new roleplays lately, but it certainly doesn't seem like there's been any greater number of them. Ghosting has been an issue been complaining about for years, there's a new thread about it every couple weeks or so. In short, it's not exactly a new issue.

Regarding why not more is done about it, I recommend looking into this thread: Suggestion - Ghosting Punishment , where one person makes a slight proposal for a potential solution. To make a long story short, it would be harmful to the community in terms of atmosphere and trust, be impractical to do, unfair to people's circumstances which are most likely unknown, and easily abusable if in any way automated.

I myself get ghosted plenty, heck earlier this summer I got ghosted by two people almost in a row. It's really frustrating spending all that time and care to make something only for someone to leave you and not even bother giving a reason why. However, it's also true that a lot of those people just can't help it. Even if we forget any chances of accidents, diseases etc... we still have to account for matters like a good chunk of the site suffering from things like depression and anxiety, which drastically reduce their capacity to handle confrontation and thus end up running without saying anything.

The truth of it is, ghosting is a problem that by the looks of it is here to stay. It's a problem, no question about it, but rather than trying to avoid the inevitable, it's best to try and find a way to cope with it.
cry me a river. this is just a hobby. nobody is obliged to do anything. it is on the internet to boot which means that people care even less. no accountability online and it should stay that way. ghosters are a part of the experience. deal with it.


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I don't think that putting people to moderate ghosting is going to solve anything. Shite happens, and there's nothing we can really do about it. It happened to me a couple of times, and there's times I would do the ghosting, not by my own choice mind you. When someone does it to me, I would shrug my shoulders and just go on with my life.

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I don't know for other people, but for me, the fact that ghosting is part of the RP culture alleviate a lot of stress on my shoulders. I never ghosted someone in the past (except maybe one or two group RP BEFORE they began), I'm still fairly active in my RP, but the fact I know that if it becomes too much I have an out is pretty reassuring for me. Even if I only take on RP that interest me, I still have school full time, work and an apartment to take care of, so knowing that I can just...pause make me feel secure.

I would not be on this website if there was a moderation aspect to ghosting. It would stress me out, especially since most people here tend to want daily answers. I would skip one of my usual RP release dates and BAM I would either have to explain myself every time it happens, or stress for the potential ghosting punishment. (again, not to say I do not warn my partners when I have life going in the way, but knowing that if I don't feel great, I can just disconnect and reconnect later on without harm is reassuring).

I think you just need to learn it's nothing personal. I've been ghosted, and I have RP partners leaving for a month before coming back, but as far as I know, it was due to external reasons (and even if it was internal...you are wayyy better off without these people. No point interaction with someone who doesn't like you).

I hope my little rant helps with showing you another perspective on the whole ghosting thing ! And persevere, there are awesome people to RP with on this website <3


its pride but my parents still arent proud
let people ghost lmao its just an rp and you can reboot it later


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Ghosting happens a lot. I was ghosted by a partner after one day, last month. And then last night/this morning was ghosted again by another partner.

Of course, this was after I stayed up later then I wanted to, and after planning the rp for three hours. I also wrote a lot. I did three posts with 5 paras each, for a total of 15 paras, and then I went to bed. I log onto the other platform this morning, only to be told by this other person, they suddenly weren't interested in the rp's we had spent time discussing, and that I had spent setting up and typing everything up.

Ticked me off so bad, I wanted to reach through the screen and smack them.


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I’ll admit that I’m guilty of ghosting, but not very often at all. It’s easier to just run away than face confrontation with the possibility of upsetting someone. However, if there’s a real life issue or something generally preventing them from making the next post, warnings would be nice (although I completely understand if that isn’t possible. I don’t know the circumstances of people’s situations.)
Especially when I’m enjoying the RP, it’s really disappointing to find that you’ve been ghosted and, personally I end up wondering if it’s just me and my writing style.
I always encourage people to take their time.
Ghosting is always bound to happen, but it still sucks.

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