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Multiple Settings Getting back into the groove. 1x1 MxM Search

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Magic Eight Ball

I am looking for someone willing to do a M//, Yaoi, MxM, Male Pairing, however you'd like to put it, roleplay. I am pretty much open to almost anything. I can play multiple characters and give quality posts. I love collaborating about plots and story lines.

I will warn you that I am a little rusty as I have been out of the roleplaying world for a while and is just now getting back into it. I am patient, I won't bug you to reply or anything.

I can do some fandoms, but is really interested in original stories.

I love fantasy, just because it gives you more room to be creative. But I can do other genre as well. Feel free to send me a PM if interested.

I do have a thought in my head that I would like to do.
Royalty/Knight(body guard) through in some fantasy, magic, and dragons an such. :)

General Pairings (Most Common can be used in any setting.)
► Rebel x Good
► Arranged Marriage

► Unpopular x Popular
► Roommate x Roommate
► Teacher x Student
► Teacher x Teacher
► Class President x Delinquent (does not always mean trouble maker)
- College

Modern Day
► Work Environment
......> Boss x Employee
......> Employee x Employee
......> Employee x Client/Customer

Time (as in general time period, no “WWII”)
► Prince x Prince
Peasant x Knight/Soldier
► Royalty x Servant
Royalty x Knight/Soldier
► Royalty x Peasant
► Noble x Noble
► Knight/Soldier x Prize or Servant

► Medieval Fantasy
► Creature x Creature
► Creature x Human/Mortal
► Creature x Slayer/Hunter
► Creature x Newly Turned/New Arrival
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