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The Neurodivergent Urge to go feral
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Hello There!! Please call me Gal/Gals/Bennett/Ben/ ect. I don’t mind whatever you call me!
!! They/She Pronouns, 19 going on 20. !!

Lately I’ve been having a very specific itch Roleplay wise. I’ve really been wanting to rp as a few canon characters from Genshin Impact after coming back from my Genshin Break.

I’m looking for Canon x Canon Pairings if you please, I’m wanting to get better at writing canons! Not fully caught up on the story yet. Mainly looking for romance, but am open to Platonic stuff too!!

I write 2-4+ paragraphs in 3rd person. Im looking for a partner who can match that. I don’t do 1st person or asterisks. Please no one liners either. I’m open to moving to Discord.

The Canon Characters I’m wanting /open to write:


-Kamisato Ayaka


-Raiden Ei (would be new at writing)



-Open to writing some Genderbent guy characters as well!!

Like I said above, I’m looking for Canon x Canon pairings, either FxF, or MxF. Im looking for romance (some platonic also welcome!), but and more than happy to mix in action, adventure, drama, and even AUs!

I’m not picky on who my partner plays, I’m open to any (non illegal) ship be it popular or a rarepair! Come at me with potential pairing ideas, I’m happy to discuss with you!!

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