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  1. Callum walked beside her, among sure to keep a slow pace so she wouldn't over exert herself. Callum kept quiet most of the trip, not sure what to say. He had begun to feel something for Emmalia, and wasn't sure what it was just yet. All he knew is that he wanted to stay by her side. He felt a sort of responsibility for her, not because she couldn't take care of herself, but because everyone needs a constant in their life of changes.
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  2. The night settled again, this time rmwith drizzling rain. While it was nothing but an inconvenience for Emmalia, her fever had returned minorly, so she and Callum decided to go into an inn. She was more concerned with him than her - the storm soon became torrential. As such, the inn was mostly full by the time they arrived, and a single romantic was available. Emmalia insisted on paying, since Callum had paid for the healer.
  3. Callum wanted to argue her paying, but he had given every piece he had to the healer at the last village. Instead, he promised to pay her back when they got their reward from Aman. They went up to the room when they ordered it, and decided to have food brought up in a bit. Callum sat on the edge of the bed and began to take off his armor plates. "Want me to take the floor?" He suggested, although he had hoped she would deny his request.
  4. Emmalia shook her head. "No need. Recall, I only need sleep maybe every other day. I'll just take this chair and wait for day." Would it be boring? Sure. But he deserved the bed more than her. As he took off his armor, she realized it was the first time in three years that she had seen him without armor. She took off her own weapons belt and her armored bodice, wearing just a normal shirt, pants, and her leather bracers. Besides, if anyone attacked them, she was a lethal opponent even without her weapons or armor.
  5. Callum nodded slowly, then added, "You have a fever and it's spiking again, you should at least wait for morning in a comfortable place. Not to mention, I probably won't sleep anyway. It's a miracle I slept well last night." He stared for a moment as she got out of her armor, looking away and tending to his own outfit to try not to seem like he was prying. He took off most of his gear, down to his undershirt of simple white, and his dark pants. "If anything you should get it over me. Or we could share."
  6. Emmalia glanced at him when he said that she needed it over him. "Callum, not to be harsh, but I'm kind of undead... comfort is not the biggest problem for me." Sure, she could feel uncomfortable, and she preferred feeling comfortable, but her whole immortal life was uncomfortable - one night would not matter. At least, that's what she figured.
  7. "Emmalia, let me be chivalric for one night." He said with a small chuckle. He resumed his normal expression after his comment though. Callum was serious in his conviction of putting her first. They were on equal terms - they both barely slept, and sure, Callum needed more care because he was human, but Emmalia was sick and needed tending to. Callum stood and said, "If you're not getting the bed, I won't either."
  8. For some reason, Emmalia found their situation amusing, and grinned. "See, you're a chivalrous knight, I'm still a scavenging dark huntress. If you're not gonna sleep on the bed, then hell, I'll take it. But don't you be thinking that I need to have it - I'm taking it because you abandoned it."
  9. Callum smiled, reflecting her expression. He realized that they were beginning to sound like children. "Maybe I will take it then. After all, I'm already on it." He laid back on the bed. "You know, it'll be cold tonight. Do me a favor and don't freeze to death." He relaxed his hands behind his head with a grin. "So you never told me how you became a vampire." He said, more quietly than before.
  10. Emmalia chuckled. "I don't generate body heat anyway - I'm only cold because if the fever. And how I -? Wow, I thought I was supposed to be the one going straight for throats." That was probably one of the most personal questions a vampire could be asked. "It was an accident, mutual destruction - he bit me, I stabbed him with my silver blade. That's all I'm willing to say."
  11. Callum nodded slowly. He had realized over the years that he said anything without a filter. Three years ago he decided to simply talk less to stop being so abrasive, but he still let out something brusque once in a while. "Sorry for the personal question. I just figured it'd be adequate since I lost an entire coin pouch to help you." He teased with a smile. "How long ago did it happen?"
  12. Emmalia shook her head. "Don't apologize, less filter is better. No need to be formal with me. As for how long it's been...." She sighed and tried counting in her head. "That was... six years ago? Give or take a year or two. They kinda blur together in the road and all. I was twenty-two when I turned, so I'm about twenty-eight. Not that I look it, of course."
  13. Callum nodded. "So you were a vam... you turned three years before you met me. I'm sorry to hear that." He said as he stared up at the ceiling. Eventually, he pulled the blanket to cover his lower half as the temperature of the night seemed to be dropping. "I don't often side with anything that's not human, but I've met you and I know you. You're a good person Emmalia."
  14. Emmalia sat down in her chair and smiled slowly, shaking her head. "Callum... you don't know me. But thank you. What happened the me is history, and swelling on it won't change a thing, I'm fraud. There's no cure but death, and I don't quite think that's a cure, in truth." She had certain things she wanted to get done before she died - though, past that, she didn't much care if she died.
  15. "I know I don't know you, but to be honest, I feel like I've gotten to know more about you than anyone else in the past few years. And I'm probably one of the only people who understand what you're going through." Callum looked over at her with a soft smile. So far he had enjoyed his time with her, and wasn't sure if it was simply them bonding or his beginning to be attached to her. For now, he silenced the thought and focused on Emmalia.
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  16. What did he mean about knowing what she was going through? He didn't know. He smelled human, he was no vampire
    So what did he mean? In the md, Emmalia knew she would have to ask to be sure. "What do you mean you understand what I'm going through...?"
  17. "Understand as in I'm not someone who would stab you with a silver sword. I get that it's tough and I get that's terrible burden to deal with." He said and sighed. "I may not have experienced what you've gone through but I can comprehend that it's not something people like." He looked over at her, staring into her eyes.
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  18. Emmalia shrugged. "Well, I appreciate that. I'm not exactly welcome in most places once people know what i am. I'm not looking for pity, though. I can't change it, may as well move on." She stared back at his eyes and added, "You don't have to walk on eggshells talking to me."
  19. "I know that, but Emmalia, you need to know that you can't work atonomously your entire life. It's impractical to think you can so long without someone to help you." Callum couldn't help but smile, arguing like children again. He hoped she could see what he was saying not as an insult but a plea. He had no intention of getting her killed, and even if he wouldn't be her companion, it'd bring him peace of mind to have someone watching her back.
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  20. "I've worked alone this long, the rest of my miserable existence can't go too badly. Look, people who stay with me are at risk. It's not fair to them. And you know, death is not something I'm going to go out of my way to avoid." Her tone had no jest to it - while she wasn't suicidal, she longed for a good death eventually, if it was possible for her. She was a monster and she knew it, she took no offense to it.
  21. "I'm not saying that's not the way to go. Every one of us travellers and adventures brave enough to face the world are in danger of dying. I'm just telling you that you need to find something to make life worth it." Callum wasn't sure how else to word it. So, instead of explaining himself further, he huddled in the bed. "Are you sure you're alright over there?"
  22. There was no way that she would admit it, but Emmalia did have a plan to make it worth it. She had killed more vampires and undead than most knew existed, but the wasn't even why she kept herself alive. She had a plan. But Callum would never know it. She just gave him a little smile and gently said, "I am fine, thank you."
  23. Callum nodded as he laid his head down. There was some charm to her that made him feel like he could talk to Emmalia forever. As the night drew on, though, Callum found himself getting to his normal, tired self. He couldn't fall asleep, even though he tried multiple times. He kept mulling over in his head what could be causing him to have actual sleep those few nights. Callum sighed as he kept his eyes closed, praying for a good night.
  24. As the night passed, Emmalia's fever only got worse, and she was exhausted and shivering, unable to sleep. Callum had the only blankets in the place, and the comfortable bed, and warmth.... Finally she got over her pride and moved over to the side of the bed. She lightly touched his arm, and very softly said, "Callum... can I, um... I'm really cold and tired." Since he wasn't looking, she felt okay being a bit vulnerable.
  25. Callum opened his eyes slowly, just barely making out Emmalia's figure in the dark. Although he couldn't fall asleep, he had been awake the whole time. After a few moments of collecting his thoughts, he chuckled quietly. "So you're tired huh?" He asked and moved over a bit, making enough room for her. Callum couldn't hide the smile on his face, knowing that sooner or later Emmalia couldn't resist the warm bed.

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