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Help General Help thread because I get confused often.

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I'm FINALLY going to do some coding stuff on here. XD It's been so long since I've wanted to start and then gave up because it was hard but now I'm trying again. And because I get confused often, I'll post my questions in this one thread to make them easier to keep track of. And please be patient with me because it takes me awhile to comprehend things that might seem really simple.

My first question is for the code that changes backgrounds:

I already put the color I want in. I know that you post this at the beginning of the coding but do you also have to post something at the end to make sure that the color goes throughout the entire coding? Oh, I can't even figure out how to post the code that I'm using. It's the one from the BBcode guide here on the site. But when I try to post the code, it doesn't show it here. I'm really messing this up right from the start.
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Ummm, so that is the code. you can use the code tag or the icode tag
code tag
icode tag

also... are you familiar with classes at all?
I don't know what any of that means. :( I'm starting with no knowledge whatsoever. That's why I was wondering what tutorial a beginner should use to get started making buttons and those sorts of things.
Assume that I know nothing at all. Ans I want to use a tutorial to start learning. But I don't know which one to use since I found two of them and you just pointed out a third one to me.


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Yes you should close all your tags.
So if you are using a basic BBC tags the end tag should a square bracket [ followed by a backslash / then the name of the code, in this space COLOR, place at the end where you want that color to stop.

[Color=red]text goes here[/color]
Like this. Does that help? I assume that is what you meant.
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