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Multiple Settings gay plots?? [MxM, Original, CLOSED]

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural


a friendly dork
Hello! I've decided to make a new thread specifically because I got some new plot ideas... I think some of them could be pretty fun. Stick around if your interested in some gay ideas!

If you aren't interested in talking outside of the RP, then please click away. I'm looking to make friends and absolutely love talking outside of the RP, and it keeps me invested. I 100% prefer talking over Discord and would be more inclined to RP with you if you have it, but I'm also open to talking over PM's... But my responses might be slower over PM's. I'm sorry if this deters you, but it's a necessary thing for me.

Some Information About Me ✌
  • My name is Samantha, but I go by Sammy! I'm a twenty-one year old female who goes by she/her pronouns.
  • I always ask what gender (or pronouns) someone uses when I meet them and what they're name is, and how old they are, so if you would be so kind as to let me know in PM's that would be appreciated! If you don't, I'll just ask you when we get talking. I do this because it makes me feel closer with the person c:
  • I'm basically a hermit: I don't have a job and I'm not currently in school. I'm home every day and have no irl friends (I'm not joking about this), so I'm never out hanging out with anyone. The only times I leave my house are to get my mom something, to go shopping, to take my brother somewhere or to walk my dog. On rare occasions I go for drives around, but that's only sometimes. If I'm talking with you and I have to go somewhere, I'll let you know because I don't text and drive because that's literally the stupidest thing ever.
  • I love calling with people over Discord and sending pictures, like my pets or dumb things, and I actually enjoy using snapchat! If you have a snapchat and want to send dumb videos to each other, or get dumb videos from me about my pets or any of the things I have in my room, then like... hmu?
  • I'm an artist and actually want to have some other artist friends, but this by no means a requirement. I enjoy sharing art tips or crying over peoples art or commenting on it, and sometimes I like showing off my own art. I have several, and I mean several story ideas, and I really like talking about them!! Creating characters and stories is just a big hobby of mine. If I get really into a roleplay or really feel inspired to draw, then I might even draw our characters! Possibly. It's not a promise.
  • I enjoy creating side characters and developing them, and then possibly making a new story for them! Or throwing them more so into plots, or throwing them out and into their own plots... I like having multiple characters but haven't really roleplayed with multiple characters/doubled in quite a long time, so I'm a bit, er, rusty on that.
  • I have been roleplaying since I was eleven, which means I've been roleplaying for ten years! I got lots of experience haha.
  • when im talking casually, i don't use caps and i don't really care too much about how my grammar is. as long as im able to convey my message!! thats what matters to me uvu
Requirements + Other Details
  • You have to talk with me outside of the roleplay. This means talking about our characters and the story, yes, but also talking about your day or hobbies and junk! I absolutely love talking with my partners and getting to know them on a personal level and befriending them, so being able to talk and form a friendship is very important to me. I definitely prefer talking over Discord, it's kind of a must for me, but if you don't have one I'll still give ya a shot. I just don't really get as invested in an RP if I don't have some fun banter back and forth with my partner! We can talk about our dumb characters or about our lives or our hobbies or pets or anything, really! I'm a pretty open-book and really just want to make some new fun friends!
  • I will only RP M/M as the main pairing. I'm perfectly alright with having MxF and FxF as side pairings, and in fact I would be totally down for some cute lesbians as the mains friends or something!
  • You have to be above the age of 18. As I've mentioned, I'm 21 and feel kind of awkward talking to people under the age of 18. I don't have anything against ya teens, but I like talking about darker themes and just feel more comfortable talking with people in my age group.
  • Please be patient with me! My reply time varies between multiple times a day and once a day, or even randomly throughout the week. Sometimes I'm not feeling the right mood to write, and sometimes my mind just doesn't want to figure out how to put sentences together.
  • My reply length varies between two paragraphs to 10+ paragraphs. You absolutely do not have to mirror me, and in fact I feel kind of bad if someone feels like they have to. If this isn't a problem for you, then that works out well! I DO appreciate longer replies, but don't feel like you have to do that every reply!! All I ask is that you have something I can reply to, which means at least a few paragraphs.
    • As an addition to that, if my post length makes you uncomfortable, PLEASE TELL ME. Also, if you have any triggers or things that make you uncomfortable, please let me know! I don't have any triggers but I do have some things that make me uncomfortable, but they aren't normally brought up in most RP's so I don't think it'll be too big an issue.
  • I need someone who is flexible with a plot and who will push the plot along. This means that I like adding variation and spice to roleplays, and surprises are always pretty fun! I have general ideas for how my ideas can go, but fun distractions or accidents are always a nice touch to a characters journey.
  • Please talk with me about if they don't like the RP anymore. I am more than willing to change a plot if my partner would want that. Heck, we could come up with an entirely new plot if you'd like! Just talk with me.
  • I'm looking for someone who wants to talk with me and get to know me as a person and not just as a person who they roleplay with. I like joking and am very open-minded about a whole bunch of stuff, including where I live (I hate it so dang much!!!) and my family and all kinds of stuff! I just want you to talk to me about things that interest you or about your life or hobbies or hopes and dreams! I want to get to know you, and I would love if you would like to get to know me as well!

  • I love character sheets and tend to always use them before we start roleplaying. For me, it's just a lot easier to keep all my thoughts in one place. I tend to think a lot about characters and having a sheet to throw all my thoughts into is a big help for me.
  • I don't use any kind of faceclaim for my characters, as I tend to draw them. I like to visualize them in my head, because I'm an artist and enjoy designing characters. You CAN use faceclaims or references if you want to, but I definitely favor descriptions more than pictures. If you do want to use pictures, I don't really like realistic faceclaims and any drawn or anime ones are more my speed.
  • I write strictly in third person and past tense, and like adding details and have my characters think about things and observe stuff.
  • I don't care where we roleplay. I'm fine with roleplaying both on this website, via thread or PM, on Discord and on Google Docs! If we do roleplay on Discord, I ask that we make a separate server so that we can keep everything in one place. If we roleplay on here, I can't guarantee that my posts will be all pretty and edited, but I can try my best!
I need romance in the roleplay. I'm an absolute sucker for romance and love talking about how relationships develop and crying over how stupid characters are and all kinds of fun stuff. Besides that, my favorite genres tend to be fantasy, drama, slice of life, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, fluff and angst! I enjoy throwing in some more spooky elements here and there, and darker themes are a lot of fun to think about! Also, right now I'm totally digging sci-fi stuff, like aliens and space ships!

Notes: The role that I would prefer is bolded. If I'm okay with either role, than neither are bolded. My big wants have a ★ next to them. Ones that I think could be pretty fun and simple have a ♡ next to them. Ones that have a ❀ next to them means they're ones that I'm going to want to develop more. Anything unmarked is still fair play!

These plots are sorted! Regular high school/college aged romance plots, plots with supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi elements, and the last two are about princes. i really like princes.

If you have a plot in mind, or if you aren't a fan of any of my plots but still want to RP with me, then we can figure something out together or you can tell me about an idea of yours!

Muse A lives in a beach house and has lead a pretty comfortable and pampered life. All things are going pretty well, except for two facts: A is bored as hell because its summer, and he's starting to develop a crush on muse B, who walks on the beach with his cat - yes, cat - everyday. A just keeps an eye on B and learns some things about him, from talking to some old ladies on the beach and talking with his friends in the neighborhood, and eventually he works up the courage to introduce himself to the cute guy with the cat. The first meeting goes worst than he thought; muse B's cat doesn't like muse A, and B won't even look at A. This makes A feel very awkward and like he did something wrong, but he actually didn't, and instead it was because of B. See, the problem is quite simple! B knows of A from their school and has had a crush on him for almost two years, since freshman year. B started walking past A's house so that he could possibly see him. B never thought that A would ever even notice him, but he did, and the poor guy was caught completely off guard. It's still an awkward meeting, and when school starts again the two get assigned as lab partners AND get assigned to work together on a group project in their history class. Forced interaction, yay! The two are basically just nervous and awkward around each other and their friends quickly figure out what's going on, but denial is a close friend to B, and this is the first time A's actually had a crush on a guy so... They need help.
(Cat boy and prep boy, fluff, DRAMA, awkwardness, slice of life, running away bc yikes feelings, pre-established feelings and a cat.)
Muse A and muse B have been friends ever since they were in pre-school, and they know each other better than anyone else. They've supported each other through all kinds of problems and did occasionally cheat off each others homework, and A always was an audience for B's performances. Muse B is a musician; he's naturally talented at playing pretty much every instrument he picks up, though he does prefer the piano. B writes his own songs and often uses A as his, dare I say, muse, and his big aspiration is to hear one of his songs on the radio. However, when it comes to any kind of social life, both boys are incredibly impaired. They're really only friends with each other, and their classmates only know them because of how closely they stick to each other. In fact, there's a rumor going around school, and that's the fact that they're dating. This is false, although B wants it to be true. Poor B has an "unrequited" love on A, and he really just wants to kiss A to get him to shut up about his stupid shows and games. However, A keeps yammering on about this and that because he's incredibly nervous to be around B now-a-days. A has no idea why - nothing's changed! B is still his dorky, quiet, musical self... What's different? It couldn't be because B got a haircut two days ago, could it? That'd be completely ridiculous! B's cut his hair before! But then, if it isn't that, what else could it be? A is concerned and nervous, and B is helplessly in love. They're a mess. B eventually formulates a plan, but that plan is scary and really random, so he has to figure out the perfect time to go through with it.
(Musician x childhood best friend, fluff, drama, "one-sided love", pre-established feelings and relationships.)
Muse A is a new kid to Muse B's high school, and he's already become the talk of the junior class. The reason why? Because A is from the South and has that charming Southern drawl! Aw, bless his heart!! Muse B is incredibly annoyed by this, because he used to be the popular new kid just last year. The two meet accidentally in the hallway one day, because A was running away from a bunch of girls, and B can't help but laugh at him. He's running away from girls! That's so stupid and ridiculous, but it definitely catches B's attention, and soon enough B starts to pay a whole lot more attention to A. The two keep meeting each other at the most inopportune time, and eventually it becomes a habit to ask each other what they're hiding from. The answers vary, but the two actually figure out that they like talking with each other and decide to become friends. However, B soon realizes that isn't enough when he kisses A. Yikes!! A reacts a bit differently than is normal, and he uhm, kisses B back. What? Why? Who knows! Definitely not because they caught feelings for each other, at all. It must be because of A's dumb Southern voice that B got completely swept along. That's the only logical explanation.
(Southern new kid x last years news, fluff, running away, drama, kisses and confusion.)
Muse A is a barista at the local coffee shop, and Muse B works at his parents flower shop. Yes, cliche, but bare with me. Neither boys really want to work at either location, but they don't really have any other options and actually know a lot about their respective jobs. A knows all about coffee beans and how to brew the best cup of coffee, and B takes care of all the baby flowers at his shop. The two visit each others shops quite frequently and know each other by appearance alone, but then one day at their university they see each other. They say hi and introduce themselves to each other, and A is totally smitten. B is nice and smiles easily, and laughs a lot, and is just generally giving off a totally lovable and attractive vibe. B also leaves the conversation feeling happy, and when the two meet again it's obvious: they're into each other. This is all good and great, but because of fears and anxieties B decides to play it totally cool and pretend like he isn't attracted to A. A obviously knows that isn't true and attempts to seduce B, to get him to go on at least one date with him. What's the worst that could happen...?
(Flowershop boy x barista boy, fluff, drama, definite angst down the line, seduce the flower shop boy barista kid. I'm rooting for you.)

Muse A is a very popular hero who has several fanclubs and has saved numerous peoples lives before. Muse B is one of his fans. One night, when Muse B goes out to fight crime himself, he runs into A and is absolutely blown away. His hero is right in front of him, in person! However, much to B's surprise A tells him not to say anything about this encounter. B, confused, asks him why, but then he sees it; the dead body behind A. Oh. That's a shock. A sighs and says he really wished B hadn't seen that, but then B asks him what happened. Was it an accident? Was the person already dead before A got there? A says it wasn't and then says something absolutely startling. He killed the person. B, horrified, says that's not possible, but A reassures him that it is and then says there's a perfectly logical reason as to why he did... but he doesn't bother to explain himself. B is absolutely lost and kind of terrified, but then A says he has to leave when there's police sirens and B also quickly leaves the scene as well. Reeling over what happened the night before, B re-watches A's most notorious moments. There's no way a hero like A could have killed someone in cold blood. There's just no way. There has to be a reason. In the span of less than a week, news breaks out that A is a suspect for the murder of the dead body. That stuns the nation, but what's even worse? A goes to B and says he has to help him. B will, right? Because he's a fan? He could really use the support right now. B says no way in hell, but A then comes clean and says he didn't really kill the person. He was set up. B is suspicious as all hell and rightfully so, but A is his hero so... He agrees to help him. Thus begins a hunt for the real killer! Or... could A just be lying about the whole thing?
(Superhero x Fan, mystery, angst, drama, fluff (later. lots later. break down A's walls.), fun times, suspicions and questions.)
Muse A is an angel who crashed down on Earth. Muse B is a scientist on a team who investigates interesting phenomena. When B's team discovers the existence of A, they take him in to observe him and poke and prod at him. The group isn't very friendly and B feels rather bad for the angel (who claimed to be a harpy), so he asks the team to let him talk with A to calm him. The team agrees and even assigns B to take care of the bird boy, and B is rather excited at the prospect of getting to learn about the angel. A isn't interested in befriending B, but B is persistent, and eventually A opens up and the two form a bond.
(Angel x Scientist, modern world with supernatural elements, fluff, possible slow burn.)
Muse A, a spy, constantly gets on a royal guards, muse B's, nerves. Everything A does bothers B, because B likes A a lot more than he probably should. That makes a bit of sense, though, because the two used to be close friends. They went down different paths and hurt each others feelings, but they still care about each other, hence why A constantly bothers B. When a violent revolution starts in the streets, they end up protecting each other and running away to somewhere safe. There, they decide to team up, because two heads are better than one, and because they used to work well together before their friendship got ruined. As the two try to navigate the treacherous revolutionaries conflicts and lies, feelings resurface and secrets are revealed.... but will they ever be able to rekindle the relationship they once had? Do they even want to go back to that, or do they want to try something different? Only time will tell, but danger is around most corners, and the two never really know who to trust anymore. Better figure out their feelings fast!
(Spy x Royal Guard, fantasy world, kings and queens, danger and violence. and possibly cross-dressing. possibly.)
Muse A is the son of a nobleman, and muse B is the captain of a pirate ship. When muse B is out plundering muse A’s hometown one night, he happens upon the noble and takes him captive (more or less). A quickly begins to doubt that he’s actually a captive because of how kindly B treats him, and when the pirate captain kisses him all his doubt basically vanishes. However, as quickly as that happens, B shows a darker side to himself that scares A. The noble starts to wonder about the pirate, but before anything can really be revealed the two get captured by some dangerous ruffians and are shipped across the sea to become slaves. Now in a completely different country from what either are used to, they must find a way to get back home while trying to navigate the new culture and language… and each other.
(Noble kid x pirate captain, fantasy world, kings and queens, servants/slaves, danger, different countries.)
After accidentally falling through a tear in the fabric of time and space, two boys end up on an alien planet set several hundred years from their present. The two, who don’t get along because of rumors and misconceptions, initially blame each other for the problem they now find themselves in. They agree to stick together until they can figure out how to get back home, and after they save each other from a dangerous encounter with a violent plant, they start to think that the other person isn’t too bad. The boys explore the planet and meet aliens, who, surprisingly, speak English, and after secrets are revealed the two start to wonder about and like each other. They bond and run away together, and probably high-jack a spaceship, but all of that doesn’t really help them get back home. They do miss their home, and their families, but most aliens are friendly, and there are some people that actually look like humans. It’s all a little weird and a little bit too familiar, but surely the two are just imagining that… right?
(Popular kid x the quiet one, sci-fi, mystery, angst, drama, fluff, comedy, possible pre-established relationships, possible slow burn, and a plot twist you (probably) won't expect!)
Muse A is a travelling mercenary, often out tracking down people or monsters that need to be taught a lesson. Muse B is a magician, one who got kicked out of school because of kind of crappy reasons. A is asked to track down B and bring him back to the school he was going to, because the school made a mistake, but when B meets A he completely refuses to go back. A tries everything he can to get B to go back, but nothing seems to work, and after an accident, A's heart gets stolen by B! Not literally, but B accidentally enchanted A to be in love with him, and he very quickly regrets it. Because A knows B did it, he remembers, and he's very much not okay with being in love with the stubborn magician. B tries to fix it, but A tells him to stop casting spells because it'll only make things worse. The two awkwardly come to an agreement: B will find someone to help him break the spell, and then A will bring him back to school. It's a good plan, and they stick with it, but along the way they grow closer and actually come to care a lot about each other, even without the magical spells help. There are dark secrets muse B is hiding though, about the school and the society he grew up in, but that doesn't really scare muse A too much.
(Mercenary x magician, fantasy world, magic, drama, fluff, mystery, reluctantly in love, and angst.)

Humankind knows about the people on Mars; that's old news. They look like humans, talk like humans, act like humans, and people don't really care that much about them anymore. However, when news breaks that the prince of Mars, muse A, is going to be sent to Earth to study at a school, the entire human race becomes incredibly excited. The first martian visitor! Wow! When muse A arrives, he's completely surprised by Earth. It's completely different from what he thought, mostly because there are heroes and villains and people with powers all over the dang place. Powered, dangerous fights happen all the time, and he's just a martian prince trying to get to school. After he gets accidentally involved in a fight between two villains, muse B steps in to save him. It's amazing, truly. Muse B totally kicked the villains butts! But, A has to get to class, and B quickly says goodbye. In class, A is swarmed by people who ask him too many questions, and he gets overwhelmed. A runs away and runs into someone who looks strangely familiar, and then it clicks: that's the guy who saved him earlier! A tries to thank him, but B isn't very friendly and leaves the martian prince. Muse A, stubborn and wanting at least one friend, decides to seek B out and get to know him, to try to become his friend. A game of cat and mouse starts, and A figures out B's hiding locations pretty well. B gets annoyed by this, but he's actually only really annoyed because A is really cute and totally his type.
(Martian prince x hero, fluff, drama, sci-fi, heroes, danger, possible angst, possible slow burn.)
The world has developed to a point where international travel is easily accessible by many people, but this isn't really about that. It's about muse A, who's from a rather closed off country, and muse B, who's an international spy. Although A is a prince in his country, he doesn't think he's very important in the grand scheme of things. He's the youngest in his family, and he's never been the first one chosen out of his siblings. However, despite this, he just so happens to be muse B's target. The reason for this? Well, it's because A is a member of the royal household, and therefore knows many secrets about the royal family and their plans (supposedly). Muse B tracks A down and meets him, and A immediately suspects him. No one has really ever reached out to him before, but A decides to humor B. After all, it's just a bit of harmless fun, and he actually likes the attention. To B, it's perfect. This is all according to his plans, really, until he starts to develop feelings for the prince. Although B chooses to keep his feelings on the down-low, the feeling is completely mutual; A is smitten. Although both of them realize how dangerous this is. When A tells B he's going to go on a trip to visit other countries, B accompanies him, because he still hasn't gotten the secrets out of A yet, he says. B is trying to keep his career a secret, but A really likes him and really wants to spend more time with him alone and B can't refuse. It's honestly a bit of a mess. Will the two actually get together? Hopefully. Will A ever spill his families secret? Possibly. Will B ever tell A that he was sent to spy on him? Who knows!
(Overlooked prince x spy, fantasy, fluff, drama, possible minor angst or just angst, quick romance.)

✩ If you're interested in roleplaying with me, then please PM me and let me know! We can exchange Discord handles over PM's too~
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pretty little head
I haven't read your plot proposals yet, but you are exactly my type of girl! I love the idea of being more than roleplay partners as well. Plus, I get all your given criteria. I'll send you a PM rn. 🌸


pretty little head
Muse A is on top of the popularity tower at high school. He's known by everyone, invited to all the parties, goes to all the football games, attends all the school dances, is in the peppiest club in school, and more. The only problem is that he's had to lie about everything to become popular. It started off innocent, but now it's spiraled so far out of control that he's lying about everything. He's lying about his family, his grades, his history, and about his sexuality. He's "straight" and really hates that he's in the closet, especially because he has a massive crush on Muse B. A wants to try to be honest and date a guy before he goes even further into the closet, and the one he has his sights set on is B.... But B doesn't like muse A at all, because A's friends have been rude to him and he thinks A is the exact same as they are. Of course, A isn't like them at all, but will he be able to get through to B before his friends completely ruin his chances?
(Liar x honest, fluff, drama, slice of life.)
Muse A and muse B are attending a summer camp, and although muse A doesn't like it one bit, muse B absolutely adores it. The counselors notice A's discomfort with the camp and ask B to help him learn to enjoy it, and B eagerly agrees to do so. After all, camp is so much fun! It's really pretty great! A isn't impressed by any of B's attempts to convince him that camp is fun, because they're really kind of bad, but A does find the time he spends with B to be pretty fun... As the summer goes by, the boys both grow closer and figure out that they like each other. Too bad not all of the campers are as LGBT friendly as B thought they were. After a rather bad experience happens to B involving some violence (which pisses A off), the camp falls into chaos, and some darker secrets are found in the woods. All B wanted to do was convince A that camp was fun, but by the end of it he's starting to seriously regret even coming...
(Summer camp fun times, modern world, fluff, angst, mild violence and potentially very dark secrets.)

I know we're already talking on Discord now, but I just wanna say that I have already read your plots, and I would like to start with these two! I also find it perfect since you left the characters I want to play for me ahahaha.

I'll be making a server in a few. ;)

@danaisnotreal that's like super fair because i honestly wrote a lot??? but when you do read them i hope you like some of them! :0 (also did you draw your icon? its super cute!!)
Hihihiii 🌸

(Yes. Yes, I did.)


a friendly dork
@danaisnotreal would you possibly be interested in combining the two ideas? :0 like muse A from the popular kid is muse B from the summer camp one? :0 idk if that makes sense, but basically,, like muse B from summer camp is in the closet but still meets muse A and has to show him camp is fun but then realizes, oh no, i like him. or we could combine it some other way! the reason i'm asking is because i already am doing those plots with other people aha, and it could be super interesting to combine them!
also if you've made the server already pls link it to me over discord!! i was dumb and slept my morning away so //big sigh


a friendly dork
hi hi all!! i added a few new plots and am still looking to roleplay, so feel free to shoot me a message or comment if you're interested in anything! i'm also interested in hearing about other peoples plots or ideas and i'm really quite flexible with the genres i like, so even if you aren't interested in any of my plots but still think i'd be fun to talk with then feel free to toss your idea my way! <3


a friendly dork
bumping again!! I recently got a massive creative block and it destroyed my mood, but I broke through it and am now seeking some RP's! If you have your own idea you like that you want to RP, feel free to send me a PM or comment about it and see if it piques my interest! I'm down for checking out other peoples plots uvu


a friendly dork
hecking cool!! i'd be down to do senioritis, since i'm kind of plotting the other two right now. do you want to throw me a pm or should i pm you to talk about it? :0

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