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Digital gave up on art in middle school, trying to learn as an adult


roleplaying is fun!
Looks good, keep it up! As for suggestions... mmm, I think maybe there's an abundance of black in the shading? The parts around her mouth also look a bit weird as in the colouring, try smoothing these out.


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You’re on the right path, it looks nice 🥰 Only thing I’d suggest is maybe focusing more on anatomy, shapes and painting techniques instead of really defined details like the individual lashes, those can be left for last when you can get the rest of your painting to be really polished 👍🏻


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Ohh well, already it looks rather good for someone who's picking it up again only recently imo. Maybe try adding some hard/darker lines around the eyes to make them stand out more and along jawline and nose so they don't look like they're fading into the area around them. Also if you're going for a more realistic style, try lightening up the shading a little!! The first thing I noticed when I looked at her face was that my eyes were more drawn to her cheekbones and the part that is shaded by the hair. While the colours you're using with the skin work really nicely together, the darks are kind of oversaturated and end up feeling like they're swallowing the area around them.
That's the most critique I can think of!! The rest that came to mind only really apply if you're doing super stylistic artwork, so keep up the good work! You already look like you have a lot of talent and potential for art :-D

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