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The Black Knight

One Thousand Club

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. Within Seoul are the five top Hunter Guilds in the country (in order of strongest to least strongest): Noblesse, Cerberus; Spear; Blitz; and Dynasty. Seoul has a population of 9.7 million Hunters with only 9 Hunters that are S-rank at present time. The guild with the most S-rank hunters is Noblesse. GM Note: Seoul has multiple districts, and you are free to mention the names of specific districts (Itaewon, Hongdae, Gangnam, etc.) your character travels to, but for game purposes and ease of in-game navigation, I have marked them on the map as numbers. In game, they will be referred to as "Sector." So if something happens in "Sector #," then you should be able to look at the map and orient your character. If you say your character is from a specific area, please mention only the sector number so players understand. Same for if your character runs a business.

Mayor: Dong-Hyun Kim (fictional)
Population: 9,733,509
Currency: Won
Major Organizations: South Korean Hunter's Association, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Game Date/Time: September 2031


Personal Vehicle
Regional Train
Bullet Train
Major Telecommunication Companies


Government Entities

South Korean Hunter Association
- They aren't a guild. They are the overseeing organization who records the rank of every Hunter in South Korea. If a foreign, high-ranked Hunter visits the country, then its Monitoring Division intercepts the Hunter to escort them to the Hunter Association President. High-rank foreign hunters must submit a special request to visit South Korea, and the request must be approved by not only the Hunter Association President but the South Korean government. The Seoul Monitoring Division tracks the growth of every Hunter in Seoul. Hunters who feel their rank has increased due to improvement in the portal dungeons can have their rank evaluated at Monitoring Centers. Some Hunters may experience an awakening that can have them randomly jump to a higher rank. The Monitoring Division takes its job very seriously. No Hunter is allowed to operate in South Korea if they 1) do not have a Hunter license, and 2) are not registered in their database. Some Hunters go about masquerading a false rank. They are very dangerous and are called False Rankers. The Monitoring Division tries to deal with these threats as soon as they detect or catch wind of one.

Seoul Metropolitan Government - They are the Mayor, the police, etc. All other government agencies in South Korea and Seoul specifically are being lumped into this category. The people don't believe the government is actually running the country. There's a conspiracy going around that the Hunter Association actually runs everything.

Player-Created Locations
If your character has a residence, business, or they are creating locations that other characters can visit, then they will be logged here so that other players know where they are and who created them.
1. Jiwon's apartment - Location: Sector 23 by HeyitsJiwon.
2. Cult - Location: Sector 10 - A café which offers a variety of drinks, sandwiches, and pastries from 8AM to 10 PM. They are all freshly made at least 1 day in advance. - Created by Duck Prince.
3. 7/11 - Location: All Sectors - A convenience store where one can get food and other confections. It's where Jeoung-nam works. - Created by Misuteeku.
4. Hyong Aparments - Location: Sector 10 - A middle-class apartment complex. Decent in size and quiet. - Created by Duck Prince.
5. Juknokwon Apartments - Location: Sector 12 - Middle-class apartments of decent size in a quiet area; however, due to their proximity to the university, the rent is high. - Created by Megilagor.
6. Korea University - Location: Sector 12 - Requires a special pass to enter certain parts of the university. Otherwise, public. - Created by Megilagor.
7. Perth Vet - Location: Sector 8 - Animal hospital, and place of apprentiship for many young Vets such as Hana. - Created by Megilagor.

Player-Created NPCs
While the GM does write a bunch of NPCs, you may have NPCs of your own that are family members, friends, landlords, etc. Any relevant NPC created by a player will be logged here.
1. Oswald Lark - Location: Sector 10 - Owner of Cult and Chin Mae Jun's boss. He is a tall, 6'2" man with black hair who works the front of the café and often seen in a server's uniform. - Created by Duck Prince.
2. Ji-Hye Geun - Location: Sector 12 - Landlady of the apartment complex where Narae "Hana" Hanaeul resides in, he rents a room in her apartment for cheap. Old sweet lady who cares for people from her apartment complex. Grandma/Mother figure for Hana. - Created by Megilagor.
3. Jwan Jeong-Ho - Location: Sector 12 - Jwan Min-Jee's brother and youngest of the family. All heart, some brawn, and no brain. Jeong-Ho is the complete polar opposite of his big sister; for whom she's picked up a tendency of pushing her buttons every chance he gets. - Created by Haze-
4. Jwan Dong-Yul - Location: Sector 12 - Jwan Min-Jee's father and recurring source of her headaches. A traditional man that thinks of himself as 'showy' or 'stylish', much to his families annoyance. Dong-Yul was once loud and foulmouthed but becoming a househusband has done things to him, rewired his brain. He is still quite flippant and boisterous, but has learned to quiet down whenever his wife enters the room. - Created by Haze-

Hunter Guilds

Guild Leader:
Yu-Jun Bu, "The Red Queen"
Description: Noblesse is known for having the most S-rank Hunters and for being the wealthiest guild in the country. Interestingly, with having so many powerful hunters, they are the smallest guild out of the five. Noblesse doesn't just recruit anyone, and they certainly don't recruit small fry. If you're a member of Noblesse, then you're someone to be feared. It is a guild for the few and the proud and because they are so few, meeting any Noblesse member on the street can be shocking. Noblesse has Hunter Academies that only the most wealthiest families can afford putting their children in. Being apart of this academy doesn't guarantee one a spot in Noblesse, instead, it is just another passive income for the organization. While there do exist stories of Hunters graduating out of the academy into Noblesse, they are few. The Red Queen is called such for her love of the color red. She is rarely seen not wearing red.

Guild Leader:
Dal Jin, "Prodigy" (Child Prodigy)
Description: Cerberus has the third largest guild population. Like Noblesse, it is top-heavy, but it doesn't make such a big deal of straining the masses to find the one gold nugget. If you're A-S, Cerberus will snatch you up. Being second to Noblesse has made the guild starving to exceed them in power. Cerberus has a mining and collection group that works for all the guilds. However, Dynasty, the newly rising guild, has started to create its own mining and collection group, realizing the passive income it is for Cerberus. Cerberus will hire miners regardless of their rank to enter portal dungeons behind raid groups to farm mana crystals. The collection group gathers the monster corpses for materials. Dal Jin is known as Prodigy or "Child Prodigy" because he is the youngest guild leader out of the five. He is merely a teenager who started as an E rank and was reawakened into an S-rank. I wouldn't call him a kid to his face if I were you.

Guild Leader:
Ha-Kun Yang, "The Commander"
Description: Out of all the guilds, Spear has the best leadership and the least amount of corruption. However, Spear's "Commander" hasn't left the military mindset. He believes himself to be a general and that everyone in his guild is a soldier. He prioritizes only those Hunters who served their military time. Spear is run like a military where they have their own raid training, combat and leadership classes. The best raid commanders are in Spear, so if your raid commander happens to be from that guild, then your success for completing the dungeon is higher. This doesn't mean everyone will make it out alive. Increased success is only guaranteed.

Guild Leader:
Ju-Won Jeong, "Warrior Princess"
Description: The most interesting thing about this guild is that every member is a female. Only females are allowed in Blitz, and the idea of an all-female guild has attracted many women across South Korea and other countries, making them the second largest guild. They have nothing against men. Ju-Won just wants to give all females Hunters the spotlight and a chance to shine. Blitz even has its own K-pop group that is a huge success in South Korea. Ju-Won doesn't go easy on training her guild members. Some of the most bad ass female Hunters come from Blitz. Ju-Won is called The Warrior Princess because she has been ranked as the most beautiful Guild Leader (making The Red Queen secretly jealous). She looks dainty and doe-like, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

Guild Leader:
The Emperor
Description: Man? Woman? The Emperor is an androgynous figure and no one has ever dared to ask them their gender. Regardless, Dynasty is the largest and most popular guild in the country because they don't have any special requirements to join. E ranks can join. Dynasty takes everybody. They have created their own mining and collection business to farm mana crystals and monster corpses. They are becoming one giant processing plant for gear and almost every member is clad in some impressive equipment, which draws many Hunters to quickly join their ranks. The Emperor believes that every Hunter is already apart of Dynasty, they just haven't realized it yet.

IC Rules

1. Do not open portals. Players do not open portals whatsoever.
2. This isn't Grand Theft Auto. Almost every person in the world is a Hunter. You just don't know what rank they are at times. Do not go committing terrorism throughout the city and have the cops and government, or Hunter Association chasing you down. Your character will be dealt with and you may lose them as a result.
3. Obey the GM Interactions. I mean, you don't have to but you may not benefit. You can also choose not to obey them for story purposes. You were warned though!
4. No Meta-Gaming. The knowledge you know IRL is not the knowledge your character knows. Please do not do this.
5. No God-moding. Do not control other player's characters without their consent.
6. Romance. It can happen but please follow the RPN rules. A kiss on the cheek and a hug is okay. Anything above that, nope. Don't do it.
7. Watch the News. This isn't really a rule. I'm telling you that your character needs to watch or read the news somehow to know what's going on. You may see the GM drop prompts, but they aren't seen until you post your character seeing them.
8. Picture Sizes. Please control the size of your picture. If you are posting from your phone and can't size down the art, then don't post it until you're at a computer. Nobody wants a massive picture taking up their webpage and lagging things.
9. No neon colors. Some people are on light mode. Some people are on dark. Just avoid neon colors please or just don't even use colors if you can help it.
10. Log your gains in your CS. You need to add the "date" your character received it. You need to add anything you gain to your CS. If you aren't keeping track of your gains and I audit your sheet, you will be warned only two times. After that, I'm sorry. Cheaters do not prosper here.
11. Travel. If your character travels from one sector to the next, then they must spend a turn doing so. Your character cannot travel, for example, from Sector 1 to Sector 21 in one post. Also, if there is a portal dungeon open in another sector, and players are already engaged with it, you must wait until 1 round in their posting order is complete before you can join the scenario.
12. 10 person portal dungeon limit. In order to enter a portal dungeon, you need a party of ten. No more than 10 is allowed in the portal dungeon. This is more an OOC rule than a story rule. This 10 person limit does not restrict GM NPCs. If there are enemies outside of the portal dungeon, then great. This rule doesn't apply. It only applies for inside a portal dungeon. Who can go into a dungeon; who can join whose party; is drama that needs to be resolved and decided between characters IC.


Use this tag at the top of your posts.

Class:[/b] Job Class
[b]Location:[/b] Sector # and exact location
[b]Tag:[/b] Who are you interacting with directly?
Active Dungeons

Fairy Woods

Goblin Hive
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One Thousand Club

Jiwon opened the door and stepped out of his studio apartment located in Sector 23 (Gangnam). It wasn't a very nice apartment, but its location couldn't be beat. With high rises, brand new buildings and skyscrapers dominating the skyline, this area of Seoul was the place to be. More importantly, it was close to where all his family's real estate investments were, so traveling around for work was a breeze. Some days, he could literally just walk to work a few blocks away. Today was not one of those days though. His dad wanted him to check out a building that he was interested in near the Han River. Walking there wasn't really viable... not unless he had plenty of time. He also didn't want to drive there since he didn't want to have to deal with the morning traffic. So, Jiwon elected to walk to a nearby bus stop and jump on a bus. Sure, it might take a little longer to get there than if drove there, but he could relax, check his phone and listen to music without having to weave through traffic and constantly pressing on his brakes. As the sound of his dress shoes clicking against the pavement in a steady pattern filled the air, Jiwon took a deep breath. Moments later, he arrived at the bus stop, put on his ear buds, and started scrolling through his music list. As he finally picked a song, the yellow bus arrived.

I told you that
I would never
leave you on your own
when someday, a day like this comes

All around us are cliffs, look
It might hurt
more than we imagined

But if you hold my hand
you’ll feel like you’re flying
or maybe something better than that

Jiwon got onto the bus and scanned his T-Money card. Taking a seat, he pulled up his phone again and started checking his emails and reading the news as his eyes darted across his phone, absorbing the artificial lights from the LCD screen.

Just close your eyes and fall
Trust me close your eyes and fall
Just close your eyes and fall
Trust me close your eyes and fall
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Isekai'ed Soul


the healer

The glow of his phone screen illuminated his face as his finger scrolled through the endless videos of Teddiz. Out of everything popular social media site Tedz had to be his favorite. The announcement for the next stop showed on electric display sign and his grip on the grab handle tightened with the bullet train pulling to a stop. The doors opened and in came a pour of people on the already crowded train. Students like himself, office workers, sale marketers and every other type of commuters you could think of it. Everyone on this train looked normal like there wasn't anything special but that was wrong. Unless you were from another world or something you'd know that every single person on this train was a Hunter. Even the youngest.

It was early in the morning- around 7ish and mostly everyone was heading to work or school. Switching hands for a second, he reached up to rub his drowsy eyes before an abrupt yawn made it's appearance. Perhaps he did stay up a little last night but it was only till 12! Jeong-Hui would never dare stay up later than that, not after he learned the consequences of doing so once before. Waking up and seeing that the clock said 8:00 am instead of 5:00 am was something that absolutely terrified him. The earful he received for being late from that drunkard definitely wasn't worth it either.

Jeong-Hui's head lifted at this, it was his stop. Lugging his backpack out between and lifting the straps over his shoulder he began his exit out of the train. The cool air greeted him as soon as he left the station. He took a moment to stare up at the sky. Clear blue skies, birds flying through the air and white puffy clouds drifting overhead.
"Hubae over here!!!"
The calm tranquil morning air was broken by a voice Jeong-Hui was familiar with. It was Min his upperclassman. The overjoyed being strolled over and slung his arms over his underclassman's shoulders. Min was Hanyoung High School's lead basketball captain and his physique proved this.
"Ah, good morning sunbae. How are you doing today?"
This question was pointless actually for he could already tell what his senior's disposition was currently.

"Good! The air is fresh today, streets are bustling and my most wonderful classmate has joined me. Oh! I think first period is gonna be starting soon. Lets hurry."
Min removed his arms and began walking towards the direction of their school. Jeong-Hui follwed after. The aforementioned school, Hanyoung High School was one of the best in Mapo-gu. This school was well known for it's advanced academic programs and curriculum. The success of its students in the college admissions process was 96%, with over a quarter of the senior class gaining admission to the nation's top universities. However don't mistake it's for it's namesake Hanyoung Foreign Language High School in Seoul though.

For Jeong-Hui it was actually pretty hard for get into this school. But since he had the choice of either going to a school far away from his home or Hanyoung he chose the latter and studied hard for it. Luckily when he arrived first period still hadn't started yet and it was homeroom hour. Min wasn't in Jeong's class having to split off to go to his own. Taking a seat he almost immediately zoned out. Glaze taking an interest outside rather than paying attention to his homeroom teacher who was announcing something, it didn't sound important anyways.

♡coded by uxie♡

Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino

Dae-Jin stared at the blank word document on his computer for what seemed like forever. However upon checking the time in the bottom right. It turned out that it had only been twenty minutes. Which wasn't forever but was still twenty minutes he was never getting back. It would appear that his creative juices just didn't feel like flowing today. As a so called professional novelist. He was expected to churn out decently selling books. Unfortunately he just couldn't think of anything to write down. The last volume of his light novel Sins of a Black Swordsman had been received fairly well despite Dae-Jin kind of rushing to finish it two days before the deadline. This was a semi-reoccurring situation, despite the protests of his editor Sun-Ah. Honestly he couldn't help how the inspiration nodes in his brain tended to explode with creativity at random times. Pressing random keys on his keyboard whilst beginning to tune out. All that began to cover the page was pure gibberish. Tapping away at the backspace key to get rid of the literary mess he had created. Dae-Jin decided to take a break to do literally anything else.

Despite being an author of some sort. Dae-Jin only made about 40,905,511 won a year if he did pretty well. However that ultimately depended on whether or not his books sold. Light Novels tended to be bought by teenagers or college kids. Which were demographics that didn't tend to have money in spades. Opening his fridge and staring at its contents. He was surprised to find unopened cup noodles in there. "The hell?" said Dae-Jin as he plucked the Styrofoam cup from its place next to the cola that was flat by this point. As he went about preparing his meal in order to feed his stomach, which was lightly rumbling. Although he could buy something better for himself. He'd been a bit distracted by his latest obsession to order groceries. Sitting down on his bed and staring at his phone. The blaring lights of the popular phone game GrindDungeons drew his attention away from his noodles. It was a simple idle rpg but surprisingly addictive. Ever since discovering it the other day. Dae-Jin had been playing it religiously whenever his mind couldn't conjure up anything to write for his novel. Tapping away at the pixelated images on his device. The rest of the world ceased to exist for him.


New Member
Sunlight crept into the eyes of Dae-Jung as he opened the curtains, he had been awake for a couple of hours but as usual, decided not to open the curtains for another couple of hours to make sure he did not wake Yun-Yeong, his daughter up. It was about that time for the dreaded morning event to take place, it was time to wake Yun-Yeong up and get her ready for Dae-Jung's mother to take her to school. Breakfast had already been prepared and, Dae-Jung had already does his morning jobs which consisted of his workout, getting showered, making breakfast for the duo, and getting dressed for work now all that came was the moment that would make the small apartment in sector one a lively place to be.

Dae-Jung crept and quietly opened the door to the one-bedroom the apartment had looking into the best it was clear his daughter was still asleep, which was good he had a certain way to wake her up that he found she hated which always made the morning a fun place to be in the Jee household. Approaching the bed Dae-Jung placed his hands under the girl's armpits and begin to tickle her, one thing Dae-Jung knew about his daughter that was certain was that she hated to be tickled. The tickling onslaught nearly immediately woke Yun-Yeong up who begun to try and stop the onslaught to no success, Dae-Jung's hands held firm and for the next five minutes the shrieking of Yun-Yeong could be heard asking Dae-Jung to stop but mostly laughing lots of laughing. It was a normal simple morning in the Jee household and Dae-Jung wouldn't change it for the world.

"Come on dad, do you always have to wake me up like that, I told you today I was gonna be a big girl and get up myself I had my alarm clock set and everything." The tickling had stopped at this point and now able to catch her breath Yun-Yeong began to complain about her apparent mistreatment. Her face suddenly dropped as she looked at the aforementioned alarm clock which currently had no power running to it. " But I swear I..." The sounds of complaints swiftly died down as Dae-Jung face grew into a teasing smile. "There's pajeon for breakfast." Standing up a rather dejected looking Yun-Yeong followed him into the rather cramped living room the teasing smile stayed on Dae-Jung's face as he plated the food.

"I turned your alarm off." The sound of chopsticks hitting the plate was the next thing that was heard after Dae-Jung revealed the truth. "Why would you, that's just mean I wanted to be a big girl and you ruined that." Yun-Yeong voice gave away that his actions had annoyed her. "I'm sorry it's just...your growing up so quickly and I just wanted the chance to wake you like I always do before you outgrow it." Dae-Jung replied getting a simple "Yeah well don't do it again." Followed up by a noise that can only be described as a hmph came out of her mouth to a 7-year-old it was too much of a foreign concept. The rest of breakfast was eaten pretty much in silence and as the meal was over Yun-Yeong muttered a few words "I'm sorry that was mean of me to say." A small smile covered Dae-Jung face. "Awhh sweetie don't worry about it, it was my fault in the first place tomorrow I'll let you wake yourself, now go get ready grandma will be here soon." Dae-Jung said getting a nod from Yun-Yeong "Okay." She responded running off to get ready.

The door to the apartment opened showing a woman in her late forties, this woman was Dae-Jung mother, Hee-Young. The rest of the early morning was pretty uneventful all up to the moment before Yun-Yeong left for school. "You know the rules." Yun-Yeong said as Dae-Jung smiled with the type of Job Dae-Jung did and the danger involved of being a hunter the two had a rule. Going down to her height and leaning forward Yun-Yeong braided a singular part of Dae-Jung's hair and kissed him on the forehead. "Stay safe dad." Yun-Yeong said getting a nod from Dae-Jung. "I will princess, have a good day at school," Dae-Jung responded and the duo left. Dae-Jung had 10 minutes before he needed to set off just enough time to see if anything interesting had happened on the news.
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Of Fate
Sector 3 (Nowon)

"First assignment for the day, and it looks like your after a.... vampire!"

Throwing his arms up in an imitation of a monster from behind his desk as he spoke the last words, Sang finished his impression with a low growl, pushing his long side swept fringe back into place as he looked up at his youngest employee, Young-Soo, who could only smile at his bosses idiocy.

"Ppeongchiji ma" replied Young-Soo, in a kind hearted tone as he perused the report Sang had just handed him.

Being the youngest and latest addition to Keullaeseu Kapture services, Young-Soo bore the brunt of his blue haired bosses jokes. Though he personally enjoyed Sang's attempts at humour, other people in the office certainly didn't, with the huge groan from Alex's desk across the room attesting to that, the enormous American rolling his eyes as he got up off his chair and grabbed his jacket. "Oh quiet down, Alex! That's what it's called!" retorted Sang, looking over at his long time friend and comrade.

"It's a prissy little Water Deer, Sang. Nothing like the massive Elk or Moose back in the U.S.A" answered Alex, as he struggled to zip up his khaki coat over his muscular chest, which was already straining against his work overalls.

"Your the prissy one bro"

If looks could kill, than the chuckling Sang would surely have been dead as Alex glared at him from the corner of his eyes. Only Sang could talk to the blond haired behemoth like that though anyone who knew the pair, Young-Soo included, knew there was no ill will between them, this was just how they were. When he was being trained up by Alex, the bearded beefcake had told Young-Soo that him and Sang had served together in the military for most of their lives, with Alex being stationed at the U.S Army base in Yongsan and Sang being a military advisor for the foreign fighters.

Though this was years ago, and now they were Animal Control officers contracted to the city of Seoul, with Sang at the head of this six man operation. Luckily, for the other officers, they were already out and about, leaving only Young-Soo in the white walled office with the argumentative Army buddies.

"Come on Young Blood, I'll walk you out"

Turning to Alex, who was now zipped up and ready, Young-Soo followed him out the door putting the report into his leather satchel. "Don't mention blood when the kid's on the trail of a vampire, Alex!" shouted Sang from his desk, a big smile already on his face as he pictured his best friends reaction outside.
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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Sector 10

Na Kyung was late for school. That wasn't so surprising, if you knew Na Kyung. Neither was the fact that he, in actuality, had no intentions of going to school today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that. Who has time to sit around in a desk all day learning stupid, irrelevant lessons that won't advance him any closer to his absolute goals? Not him. School wasn't for everyone, and it wasn't for Na Kyung. What was for him? Why starting and operating his own Hunter's Guild, of course. And unlike school, his Hunters Guild was very, very much for him.

They were Eclipse. They were... Not all that impressive, at present. Least, when compared with their "competition", where the word competition here is being used quite generously. The truth of it was that a few of Na Kyung's childhood friends and he had formed the Guild a little while ago, with more-or-less mixed results. They had uniforms, they had a Meeting Ground, which was in truth just an empty outdoor theater that saw scant use during off-months where they held somewhat frequent meetings to discuss current events and any news of portal activity, and they had a loose hierarchy. Na Kyung was their commander. He had been since the Guild's inception, and their numbers had remained more-or-less consistent since then. A few new-joiners here and there, and a few deserters. Some of them had flocked to the up-and-coming Dynasty, a noted sore spot to Na Kyung.

He at once looked up to and resented the Big Five for, mostly, the same reasons. They had everything he wanted. Money. Power. Respect. Na Kyung told himself over and over that one day it would be his name up in lights, his guild that commanded the top spot, his members who struck fear and reverance in the hearts of passersby as they saw the emblem emblazoned on their uniforms. It was all he could do to keep from despairing.

Today they were having their scheduled meeting. Na Kyung was awaiting the others' arrival as he sat back on his bike, easing his feet to the ground. He checked his watch. Still early. Unlike his studies, when it came to Hunters' activities, Na Kyung was obsessively punctual. Which left him many times in situations just like this: waiting, more-or-less patiently, for his friends to arrive. It was like a dream.

Then he checked his watch again. Just to be sure that time hadn't somehow advanced twenty-five minutes in the scant seconds he'd spent daydreaming.

It hadn't.
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From HR
Sector 15
Seo-Yeon was never a fan of airports, even as nice as the ones in Korea. It wasn't because she hated flying. The simple fact that being put alongside others was a displeasure in and of itself. She belonged in another realm compared to these people, accomplished through hard work and ambition to give herself a better life. Where she was now wasn't given, but earned through a mind that focused on sheer need to rise above others. People may believe that she needed to be humble of her results, but those were words that simply enraged her. Humble? To downplay the work and suffering when dealing with arrogant Hunters stronger than her simply by luck was nothing short of an affront to her mindset. Power relied on the luck of the draw when born into this new Hunter society. The world was not fair, but that didn't mean she couldn't carve herself a position befitting of her pride.

Great, she was irritated now. Her flight to the U.S. was supposed to be a pleasant one too, instead she's here berating high ranking hunters because they didn't give her the light of day to listen to her proposals. At least she managed to visit her parents before leaving. That was a nice reunion, especially since her father had just brought back some steak to grill for her. The old man was still very much in his prime after he had forced her to do his usual fitness check to make sure she kept up with her health. And mother had been always the type to rein in her husband when he treated their own daughter like his own soldiers. Truly a woman to be feared.

With a sigh, she checked her phone to see where the company vehicle was waiting. Seems like they were early today, seeing that the chauffer had already begun to open the door for her. Hmm, strange. Did they change her assistant?

"Was your flight to the states pleasant, ma'am?"

"Mmm," she responded as she sat down on the backseat. "You're not my usual. Where's Ji-Wan?"

"She's taking leave to deal with personal problems," he responded. "My name is Jin-Woo Kim, I'll be your temporary assistant until she returns."

"Did she recommend you?" She asked absentmindedly as she scrolled through her list of light novels. What to read today? She needed to take care of her backlog soon.

"Yes, ma'am. I've been under her wing since you left for the U.S."

A small grin formed on her face as she leaned back, her coat cushioned her. "Well then, I hope she's told you what type of person I am. For your sake, Mr. Kim."

Nothing made her day more than seeing his stoic façade falter as his back shivered at her final words. It was good to be back home.


One Thousand Club
Sector 23

Jiwon stepped out of the bus and onto the wide sidewalk. He looked at his phone to double check the route that his GPS was telling him to follow. "Two blocks down, and three across." Jiwon muttered to himself as he began to walk towards his destination. He began checking out the the general area. There were a few towering skyscrapers, no doubt housing offices for large Korean and international brands. But, in between the towers were numerous cafes, restaurants and small clothing stores. There were even a few posters and advertisements featuring some Blitz members who were sponsoring some sort of perfume. The entire block seemed to scream "Chic" and "Trendy". Foot traffic was decent with quite a few people seeming to walk by these stores. So far, the area showed potential and Jiwon made a mental note of it as he continued to walk towards his destination.

He finally arrived in front of a cafe. This was his destination. At first glance, the cafe seemed like every other cafe around the area. However, that wasn't a blessing when it came to business. The cafe seemed completely unremarkable, and based on what his father said the place was having trouble drawing in customers. Now, this cafe was planning to close and sell the space. Jiwon casually walked in. He was immediately greeted by an employee and shown to a seat. The place was completely empty without any other customers, though to be fair it was still rather early in the day, the brunch crowd was going to start marauding the streets soon enough. Jiwon ordered a simple Americano and waited. After a couple of minutes, Jiwon got his drink. He took a small sip and his suspicions were confirmed. This small cafe had nothing really remarkable about it. The decor was similar to other cafes. The menu was rather bland and cliche. Plus, the drinks here seemed to be nothing special either. There were simply too many cafes in the area for a generic cafe to survive in this environment. Jiwon took his time, drinking his coffee and as brunch time arrived, only two other customers had arrived, specifically two young mothers who had dropped off their kids at a daycare nearby.

By this point, Jiwon figured that he had seen enough. He paid for his over-priced drink with a credit card and walked out into the street. He took out his phone and called a number.

"Hi Dad, how are you doing?"


"Good good, anyways. I just visited the cafe you asked me to check out. It looks like what we thought was correct. Way too many cafes in the area... and there's nothing special about this cafe and they barely have any foot traffic in their store. No wonder they're just trying to sell the building."


"Yea, if you bought the property and instead converted it into a Starbucks or some sort of fast casual place... it might be a good investment. There's a bunch of offices nearby with workers who would likely want something quicker than a sit down cafe or restaurant. Plus, there's a bunch of boutique clothing stores here. I'm sure that customers would drop by to a Starbucks to get a coffee to-go before going shopping too. There doesn't seem to be a lot of on the go options around here."


"All right, good luck with talking to the seller. Hopefully, they'll give you a good price. After all, they've gotta be bleeding a lot of money."


"Okay, talk to you later."

Jiwon hung up his phone. And now, it seemed like his schedule was clear for the day. With nothing much left to do, Jiwon decided that he would just take a walk around the neighborhood. It seemed like a waste to return home when it was still early in the day. So, with his phone in hand, Jiwon just started walking down the block, exploring the neighborhood and looking for a Starbucks or somewhere he could grab a quite bite for brunch.

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There was a loud smash and clatter of a garbage can tipping over in an alley. A cat angrily screamed before it darted out of the alley in front of Jiwon like a furry bolt of lightning. In a blur, the creature crossed the street, racing into traffic and causing cars to screech and honk. In the alley, pawing through the trash was another cat…or was it? The creature was stark-white with an ethereal glow. Long, floppy appendages laid on the floor at its feet as it stepped further into the trash can. Lowering its head, it bit down on something and when it raised its head, the object appeared to be a shiny and star-shaped.

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Sector 1 - Sector 7

The news was boring this morning and nothing caught Dae-Jung's eye which was the usual most days, which mean's he had to go do his normal job. Dae-Jung didn't mind his normal day job by any means it paid well, was good work and his days went by fast, but since he became a hunter it just wasn't the same. He loved the enjoyment of his job, the thrill, but also the fear it was something that if you asked him a few years ago he would have never imagined him doing or even being a possible job, but he sure loved it.

The house was always eerily quiet without Yun-Yeong running around, luckily he never has to stay home alone often. Putting his work boots on and pulling out his phone he sent a message to his boss. "Will be in work today, not hunting yet this morning." He was lucky his boss was understanding about the hunter situation and was more than happy for Dae-Jung to run off whenever he needed to. It would be too difficult at Dae-Jung's level to live purely off being a hunter, but soon he hoped that would change.

The travel from Dae-Jung's apartment in sector 1 to sector 7 didn't take too long, all he had to was simply jump on the metro, and he was there. Getting to the station and getting on the metro was very uneventful and Dae-Jung arrived in Dongdaemun (sector 7) and decided to check out Gyeongdong Market. He did this most mornings to pick up some lunch for work and to pick up some groceries for use at either home or his co-workers, not to mention check out the medicinal shops, this was, after all, the biggest market for herbal medicine.

Dae-Jung loved shopping in Gyeongdong, even just the smell of Gyeongdong made Dae-Jung fall in love, the pure smell of ginseng in the air always brought a smile to Dae-Jung's face not only that but this was one of the best places to get fruit from. Dae-Jung began visiting all the various vendors he didn't need anything other than lunch, but Dae-Jung was always weak to the selection of things on sale.

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A woman had been standing before a food vendor stall with her white, leather shoulder bag held close when a hooded figure passed her from behind and snagged it. The woman felt the pull and clung to her purse until the hooded figure yanked her to the ground to get it. “Eeyah! Thief!” she screamed.

A sudden window appeared next to Dae-Jung. People continued to walk and go about their day as though not noticing the thief or the mysterious window that had appeared out of thin air.

A quest is available. Do you accept?
Yes | No

If Dae-Jung selected No, then the window would merely disappear.

If Dae-Jung selected Yes, immediately after making his selection, the dark figure would pass right by him. Time would suddenly slow, and Dae-Jung would be able to see the thief turning his head to look at him. In the thief’s hood was nothing but darkness, but manifesting in it was a smug grin. Time resumed and the thief maneuvered so quick and efficiently passed the shoppers that they didn’t even move to avoid him. They didn’t seem to know he was there.

Quest: Catch the thief.

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Jiwon was startled by a moment by the sound of a trash can falling over in the alley and the cat bolting towards the street past him. Jiwon looked into the alley and at the creature. It certainly wasn't a normal cat. Hell, it seemed to be literally glowing. There was no species on earth that did anything close to that. Was it a monster that escaped a dungeon? That seemed to be the only logical conclusion that Jiwon came to. If so, for it to have gone unnoticed by the Hunter association made Jiwon think that it was either a low level monster that wasn't worth anyone's time OR it was simply good at running and hiding. Surely, if it were a dangerous monster, then the Hunter Association would have dealt with it by now... right? It was probably nothing more than a weird cat like creature. Jiwon walked into the alley, but took care not to get too close to the creature. It looked like a cat, so he figured that it would get spooked easily like a cat if he got too close. Instead, Jiwon squatted lower to make himself not look as big and began to gently say "Pspspsps, come here little guy. What are you doing here, little fella? Trying to find some food?" as he tried to beckon towards the creature to come closer.

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The creature rose on its haunches when it noticed Jiwon. Its long, ear-like appendages raised like rabbit ears as it stared at him. When the human creature started calling it by making a strange sound, it lowered onto its paws and slowly, but curiously, approached him. Once the creature was within reach, it seemed to hold the crystal out to him. If Jiwon took the crystal, then the creature would turn and scamper away, fading into nothing. If Jiwon didn't take the crystal...

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Sector 24

Dae-Jin put his phone away and stared at his ceiling. That was an hour gone without anything of substance happening. Plus he had forgotten all about his noodles. Now they were cold and inedible. Rolling around on his bed in despair. Dae-Jin contemplated finding a dungeon or something to grind in. Most people wouldn't casually think about entering a trans-dimensional space so nonchalantly. However Dae-Jin was a Hunter, albeit a low ranked one. It'd certainly beat losing braincells trying to come up with material for his novel. Getting up off of his comfy bed and dressing himself. Dae-Jin opened his Inventory in order to properly arm himself. His current stockpile of goods was questionable at best and literal garbage at worst. Everything he had was either found on an undead or taken from a dead C-Rank. The death of said C-Rank was in no way his fault. However the shield earned from looting the body was an asset that would have gone to waste on a corpse. Once he was properly kitted out. Dae-Jin Kim said goodbye to Mr Kitty, his cat before locking up. Dae-Jin's apartment was one of a few located above a cafe. The scent of coffee wafted into his nose holes. Buying something to pep him up. He walked along the street while scrolling through his phone for somewhere he could grind.


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Dae-Jung's bag was quickly filling up with various coloured fruits and a large amount of ginseng before he even realised it. Dae-Jung bought ginseng from as many different sellers as he could, always seeking for the one that stood out to him as the finest. He already had a favourite, but how are you ever supposed to find something you'll love if you don't try new things? Dae-Jung was ready to leave for work after purchasing his final item, which was the sole reason he came, his lunch. He still had some time to spare because he had done his shopping earlier than usual. Dae-Jung began to double-check everything he had purchased he had only come for a few things but ended up with a lot. It was then that Dae-Jung heard the sound of a woman shouting about a thief echoed in the air. The world seemed to almost slow down as a window appeared. "A quest is available. Do you accept?" A smile covered Dae-Jung's face this was interesting he would be late for work, but how could he turn this chance down?

Dae-Jung chose yes, he didn't know what the prize or penalty would be if he passed or failed, but it was too good a chance to pass this up. Inside the hood, the thief passed Dae-Jung with nothing but a smug smirk. Dae-Jung accessed his inventory and fitted his regular gear, knowing that he'd get some strange stares but if he didn't have the extra agility he wasn't sure if he'd catch the thief. Dae-Jung wasted little time in pursuing the thief; however, it seemed as if he was the only one who could see the thief; no one else seemed to be able to see him, leading Dae-Jung to believe that only those who got the quest can see him, well them and the lady whose bag was stolen.

Dae-Jung's quest has begun. It was time to play cat and mouse; the goal was to catch rather than kill the thief, but there was no rule that stated he couldn't hurt him. All he needed to do was bring the thief to an open place where utilising his weapon wouldn't end badly, but in Seoul, that was easier said than done.
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Jiwon muttered "Huh, you're like part meerkat?" as he watched the strange creature stand on its hind legs before it began to cautiously approach him. It then seemed to stick it's chin up to hand him the weird crystal. James slowly reached over towards the creature's jaws and then began to scratch the creature's chin. "What's that thing you're carrying, kitty?" Jiwon asked as he continued to scratch the creature's chin and tried to take a closer look at the crystal and the creature itself.


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Sector 3 (Nowon)

"Ok. Thank you very much mam!"

Young-Soo opened the door to his van and slipped into the drivers seat, all the while scribbling down the details he had gleamed from the delightful old lady who had just flagged him down. At first it seemed the rather short senior had been in distress, at least that was Young-Soo had assumed, as she vigorously waved her arms above her head from the side of the road in an attempt to get his attention. Naturally the altruistic animal catcher stopped to help the demure damsel, pulling up on other side of the road to avoid splattering her with dirt and grit from the encroaching forest that surrounded the road.

Thinking back on it, maybe it was the other way around, thought Young-Soo, the district of Nowon bordering the Suraksan and Bukhansan mountains which made this a bit of a hot spot for call outs to Animal Control. More so now with the increasing population of the district, due to the universities and residential homes, coming into contact with the sometimes curious creatures.

So, Young-Soo wasn't totally surprised when he found out that the older lady had stopped him as she had recognised his van, it's leaf green exterior and eccentric logo of his companies name being captured in a net making it it's purpose quite evident as well as stand out to most onlookers. Going back to his vehicle to grab a notepad and pen from his satchel, the younger man took down the delightful Mrs. Yun's name and details as she reported her wild animal sighting to him.

It seemed that the Water Deer had been sighted hopping between gardens in the early hours of the day, before being startled by someone's morning routine and now was trapped within one of the backyards neighbouring Mrs Yun's. She had been on her usual morning stroll when luckily for both of them, Young-Soo drove by.

So now, as the attentive animal catcher sat in his van and finished his notes, he reached into his satchel and pulled out of his laptop turning it on as he went. With time short, Young-Soo did a quick browse on his laptop for any helpful info, scrolling through old documents and procedures he had saved on to the device as well as a brief scan of a few webpages that he thought might be helpful before jumping back out of his vehicle. Heading to the rear of the van to grab his tools, Young-Soo made sure to once again thank the departing Mrs Yun as she headed up the road and deeper into the mountains giving her a hearty wave goodbye as he prepared to go the other way and back into town.
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Benji Paka (Normal)
  • Sector 11 Streets "Try that again and I'll kick your ass even harder! Every day of the week too!"

    Hands squeezed into fists, Benji huffed and puffed as he wiped the blood away from his nose and mouth. Behind him, there sat a lone classmate, clutching and wrapping his head in his arms, crawled up into a fetal position. Ever since the day where everyone was hunter, some people decided their newfound gifts were perfect to use for their own benefit.

    Even if it meant hurting others.

    Not with Benji around. Not here, not today, not ever. So long as he lived. No bullies at school were going to make anyone's life a living hell.

    Because being the best hunter meant being the best person you can be and taking on people bigger and stronger than you. No matter what.

    And you know what?

    He won. It felt good too.

    But he shouldn't get too ahead of himself. He needed to check up on his fellow student.

    "Hey? You good?"

    The other kid simply nodded, regarding Benji with eyes both wary and of wonder. Benji nodded in turn. That was a good enough answer for now.

    "I'll walk with you to school. Try and get you cleaned up? How's that sound?"

    Another nod and the pair were off as Benji dragged his bike along with him. There was a silence between the pair, and Benji chose not to break it, even with a joke. Too soon. Besides, time mended most wounds, physical and mental. No doubt his fellow teenager was scared out of his wits then and was probably still reeling from what happened.

    So he walked and popped a pair of earphones on but still eyeing his compatriot on the way to school. He might as well give the other student a little space to breathe. Time to think.

    Benji would be right there to help or lighten things up if need be.

    It was the least he could do.

    Shoot. I might have some blood on my clothes. That's gonna be a pain to wash out.


From HR
Sector 15 ---> Sector 16
It was a silent ride most of the way through, especially since Seo-Yeon's driver was already scared of the implications of her statement earlier. Ji-Wan mentioned that her boss was a bit eccentric, but she was just straight up intimidating. That may mostly from the rumors surrounding her though. Given that her father was known to be a military officer in America, she also had a bit of a temperament that almost oozed violence. She didn't look the type though, judging by her dainty figure and quiet demeanor, just looking through her phone like any other person would be.

Then she looked up and locked eyes through the rear view mirror. Seo-Yeon was clearly aware of his nervousness, especially with how stiff he was driving. Those eyes were ones that knew they were better than you. It was a silent declaration shown through her posture and movement of being superior to everyone else. Small reflexes that exposed her unashamed pride of having it all. Wealth, position, and power. In a normal world, many would consider her to already be a successful and well off woman who had everything she needed to live an easy life. Yet in many ways, that shroud of unabashed arrogance would always fall when faced with Hunter higher ranked than her. Apparently it was a sore spot for her pride, and one that was carefully tiptoed around whenever it came up. Many have said that while she was an intelligent woman that helps with managing the finances of several guilds, it didn't change the fact that she would personally equip her weapons only to brutalize monsters with her fists, something her parents did before retirement.

Seo-Yeon didn't mind it though. After all, the rumors were just that. Rumors. Though, she supposed that there was some basis of truth behind it all, but given that was back when she lived with her parents. After all, why else would she get Warrior if it weren't for her father's ever so energetic encouragement to bash a goblin with her own hands.

Reminiscing was nice, but with how the skylines changed to Sector 16's expensive skyscrapers and homes, she straightened herself up and got ready to leave once they reached her apartment. Being presentable regardless of where was an important part of her image after all.

"We've arrived, ma'am," Jin-Woo muttered, keeping his eyes facing forward. "Will you need assistance with your luggage?"

"It's not heavy, I'll manage," she replied as she exited the car. "Oh and Jin-Woo."

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Try not be stiff next time. It looks like you're getting ready to get your teeth punched in or something." She closed the door shut with a gesture, though it certainly felt like she slammed it shut with how the car shifted. "No mistakes next time yes?"

She walked away like she owned the place, like she was assured of her words without any speck of doubt. Yet the feeling barely faded that she seemed almost annoyed, to the point of leaving a dent in the car. But he only hoped it was his imagination as he drove away, not noticing the slight dent on the car handle outside.

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The creature’s eyes closed in bliss as it felt Jiwon’s scratches. It raised its chin, the corners of its muzzle curled in a content smile before its crimson eyes opened. Springing onto Jiwon’s shoulder, the creature felt as light as a feather. Its bushy tail looped around the front of his chest, while its long, ear appendages dangled down his opposite shoulder.

Spells acquired!

Summon Lv 1.
Allows you to summon 1 powerful void beast to assist you in combat.
MP Cost: 10
Fatigue Cost: 10

Tame Lv 1.
Allows you to tame a wild monster that the summoner can use in battle.
MP Cost: 50
Fatigue Cost: 40

Summon acquired!

Level: 1/10

HP: 65
MP: 120
Defense: 55
P. Attack: 10
M. Attack: 20
Accuracy: 1d100+15

Vitality: 15
Intelligence: 20
Strength: 5
Agility: 15
Sense: 5

Fatigue: 0/100

XP: 0/10


Cat Claws Lv 1.

Four razor-sharp arcs of light fly from the Kaibyo's paws like sickles to damage the enemy.
M. Damage: +5
MP Cost: 20
Fatigue: 20


Guardian Aura Lv 1.

The Kaibyo casts a ward of protection on the summoner that grants 10 Armor Points (AP). This AP can be added to your Max HP as extra HP. Once the AP is gone, your HP will become affected.
Duration: Until the AP is used up.
Cooldown: 2 turn wait to recast after the AP is gone.
MP Cost: 50
Fatigue: 30

Greater Mana Crystal acquired!

Restores 100 MP when used.
Value: 300,000 won
System Store Value: 100 gold

Give Kaibyo a name _____

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The thief glanced over his shoulder, flashing another deviant grin at Dae-Jung before he reached the sidewalk. Crouching, the thief sprang into the air leaping on one moving car to the next, crossing the busy road to land on the other side. Glancing back at Dae-Jung, the thief uttered a mischievous chuckle before he darted into the next busy alley.

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A boy and a girl opened the door to the roof top of Hanyoung High School. The girl jogged across the rooftop, twirling and giggling, while her boyfriend nervously looked around.

“Chaewon, we’re not supposed to be up here. We’re supposed to be in class,” said Sang-hoon.

“We go to class every day. Besides, we’ll only be up here for a while. We don’t spend enough time together Sang. Either you’re studying, or I’m studying. I want a moment with you.” She twirled around to face him, revealing her glowing cheeks. “Alone.”

Sang-hoon’s cheeks blossomed in pink and he swallowed the pill of anxiety that had formed in his throat. Were they going to make-out up here? He looked over his left and right shoulders once more, checking the entirety of the roof before he smiled. There was no one else playing hooky. He approached Chaewon as she backed into the chain-link fence that surrounded the edge of the roof. She leaned back against it. High up on the roof, the wind blew strands of her cocoa bean hair.
On the other side of the staircase, against the wall of its cement enclosure was a blue portal. Its surface rippled like a disturbed pond before a five-foot-six, hairy creature emerged. Its masculine shape was covered in gold-blonde hair. A nose pointed like an arrow wrinkled as its nostrils inhaled a scent that caused saliva to well passed the tusks and fangs in its mouth. It raised its fist, which clutched a stone club to its lip, wiping a rope of drool away as it turned around the corner of the cement enclosure. Beady, yellows eyes dilated at the sight of two humans, embraced against the fence. The creature’s pointed ears folded back against its head and its lips rolled back, baring its fangs like a feral beast. Growling lowly, the creature shambled toward the boy from behind.

Sang-hoon and Chaewon were lip-locked in a passionate kiss when suddenly Sang-hoon was knocked away. Hot blood splashed onto Chaewon’s face as Sang-hoon’s body rolled limply across the rooftop with a bloody, decompressed gash on the back of his skull. Chaewon trembled from the shock. Her brown eyes near bulged at the sight of the beast standing before her wielding a bloodied club. Her eyes darted to her motionless lover before darting back to the creature. Welling up inside her, her terrified scream finally shrilly escaped her throat.

The creature swung his club upward, connecting with the chin of the girl and sending her flying skyward into the air. Her body arched over the fence and fell several stories to splatter the cement below. A girl who had been day-dreaming and gazing out her classroom window jumped in startle at the body that had struck the sidewalk outside. Shaking and panting in panic, the frightened girl screamed as other students quickly rushed to the window to look. Soon more students were screaming in terror.

Did that girl commit suicide?

How? The roof is fenced off!

Did she climb over it and jump?

More hairy creatures marched out of the portal, followed by a hulking one. The hulking one snarled at the smaller creatures and shouted, “Jara grot!”

The creatures barked back and raced to the staircase. Opening the door, they started to descend into the school.

News Report

“This Duri Wan with Annyeong News! I am outside of Hanyoung High School where a mysterious suicide has occurred. The ambulance is behind me, covering the body until the police have a chance to investigate. What started out as a peaceful morning has turned into one veiled in sorrow for the students,” came the report.

Suddenly, gun shots were heard from inside the school and several screams. The reporter whirled around to gaze at the school, watching as a police officer was thrown through a third-story window. The cop’s body struck the ground, causing the reporter to curse in shock on national television.

“What is going on?!” the reporter screamed.

A man in a black and blue suit strolled up to the scene behind the reporter. His black brows were knitted behind his shades as he assessed the situation so far. In his hand was a machine that had a purple mana crystal pulsing on top. It was emitting a soft beeping noise as it examined the energy coming from the school. The man raised the device higher, and the tones quickened. Aiming it at the roof, the tones beeped their fastest before the screen read: C.

Looking back at the suited gentlemen behind him, he informed, “It’s a C-rank.”

Duri turned to face the man, holding her mic out to him, “Sir, did you just say that a C-ranked portal dungeon is at the school?”

“I did,” the man replied.

“Are you with the Hunter Association?”

“I am. Don’t worry; we’ll have these monsters cleaned up and the gate sealed soon.”

Duri faced the camera and announced, “There you have it folks. This wasn’t a suicide. A C-rank portal dungeon has mysteriously opened on top of the school. The Hunter Association has confirmed it!”
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Jiwon was stunned by the sudden friendliness of the creature, but was even more shocked when he noticed that he had learned new skills. "Huh? Summon and Tame?" Jiwon muttered to himself as he went through the information. Then he came across the information about the creature, it was called a Kaibyo and it seemed that he had to give the Kaibyo a name. "Well, seems like you're some sort of Japanese creature... hmm. How about Shiro? You like that name?" Jiwon asked the Kaibyo as he scratched the cat creature's head as it sat on his shoulders. He turned his attention back to the information that he had just learned. "Hmm, tame a wild monster... is there a limit to what I could tame? Probably, right? It's only a level one skill... probably only works on creatures near my level. Though, you never know... I should try and test it out one day." Jiwon spoke to himself in his head as a means to process all the new information that he had just received. "Plus, it looks like I can summon Shiro... so even if I left... him? her? at home I can summon them to help me no matter what as long as I have the mana." He thought to himself.

Then he began to look at Shiro's information. "Guardian Aura, huh? Well, then I guess I've got myself a guardian angel of sorts. I'll be in your care, Shiro." Jiwon spoke to the Kaibyo. "Not to mention it looks like you've got some sharp claws there too. Looks like we'll make a great team when we go to our first dungeon." Jiwon then finally addressed the information about the Greater Mana Crystal. It seemed useful for sure, but frankly it wasn't particularly valuable. The new friend and skills that he had just acquired was worth much more than the Crystal to him. He deposited the item into his inventory then turned around to start walking back to the street. "Now Shiro, are you hungry? What do Kaibyo eat anyways? Fish like regular cats? How about some hwae?" Jiwon asked his new companion as he went back on his walk and search for a decent place to grab a bite, though now with an emphasis on food that a cat creature might eat and enjoy too.


Jiwon had been walking around for a couple minutes when his phone started to vibrate from a notification. He took out his phone and looked. It seemed like there was some sort of breaking news. He unlocked his phone and pressed on the notification. Jiwon stopped in his tracks as he read the news. "What the f..." Jiwon muttered in English."How in the world did this happen? Didn't creatures show up a week after a portal has been opened? Did NO ONE notice a portal in the school for a week?" All sorts of thoughts and questions passed through his head. "Hanyang High School... it's not that far from here... but a C rank portal? Could I even be of any use as a new E-rank hunter?" Jiwon closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down. "Even if I can't fight, I can still help out in other ways. Sorry, Shiro... lunch is going to have to wait a little bit." He spoke gently and quietly. Jiwon turned to the street and began searching for a taxi. He began to wave down the first one he saw. When it pulled over Jiwon quickly jumped in. "Ajeossi, Hanyang High School, quickly please."


Isekai'ed Soul


the healer

"Student Chang? Chang!"
The sound of his name being yelled pulled him out of his entranced state. His eyes traveled to the teacher in front of him. Middle aged, balding and slightly twitchy eyes. This was his homeroom teacher alright. A small sigh escaped him, had homeroom period still not ended yet? A paper had been placed on his desk and looking closer at it he could see it was about the upcoming school festival next week. Probably taking inspiration from Japanese schools a couple of months ago Hanyoung High School had introduced this new event. But instead of it just being cultural festival, athletics would be thrown into the mix.
"If you wish to participate in the festival your parents need to fill this out!"
Just a general reminder for the class.

He was planning on going with a couple of friends, he hoped it'd be fun. Jeong-Hui folded the paper up and neatly slid it into his bag, he'd organize it later. His homeroom teacher moved back up to the podium.
"If I can have all of your attention please! Your first class will be starting soon so-"
Unfortunately he was cut off by a rather sharp scream. The girl sitting in front of Jeong-Hui looked towards the window with horror visible in her eyes. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted shadow plummeting from above. Almost every student in the class pushed to the windows to see all the commotion. That's when more shrieks started. The teacher who had been the first one to the window yelled at everyone to get back yet it didn't work.

After all it wasn't everyday a suicide happened, right? Jeong-Hui stared at the crimson color spreading across the gray cement. Painting the town red just took a literal meaning. Helpless, the teacher rushed out of the classroom. To where? Only god knows. The next few minutes were a blur for him. The principal's announcement that school had been canceled, the police arriving and more stuff he couldn't remember. But It was only a suicide right? So why the hell was a yellowed eye creature ripping apart his classmates with a club? Jeong-Hui's group were the last students preparing to leave the school yet they were attacked by these creatures.

Jeong-Hui heard a horrid type snarl sound behind him and robotically turned around. It was one of those bigger ones, eyes staring at him like he was roadkill. Was he going to die? But what about his dad? Will that old drunkard be able to take care of himself if he died? What about his aspiration of being a designer? Jeong-Hui's eyes watered. He could feel himself starting to cry like some baby. No matter how much he disliked that man he didn't want him to lose the only son he had. The creature swung it's club and he thought his fate was sealed. Smashed to pieces in the hallway of school. What a safe place this was.

Huh? What happened? Jeong-Hui opened his eyes that had closed somewhere in between everything and looked at the mangled body in front of him. That uniform jacket.. It's Min's! Terror filled his being. Min pushed him out of the way and took the hit for him! Stupid stupid stupid! That idiot shouldn't have done that! Jeong-Hui started breaking down in sobs as he cradled the bloodied jacket. He was already covered in Min's blood, guts and brain matter from earlier so at this point a little blood didn't matter.

Black dots covered his vision. His body was shutting down, he could feel it. Maybe it was the trauma of everything finally catching up to him? Whatever it was didn't matter because he had already collapsed.

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