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Martell for me please!

Would also be interested in the Karstarks or Buckwells, not sure who exists when this is set!
If you chose the Martells, you would get free range on creating your character! I will ask my counterpart about the other houses now!


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Great thanks! Checked the wiki but it wasn't super clear about dates so thought it would be best to ask!
No problem! Also, songbird is busy right now, so you will most likely find out about the other houses tomorrow (or later depending on timzesones). I don't want to make a quick guess based off a quick wiki check!!!

Vote Saxon

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All good! Don't rush on my account, I appreciate the effort!

Looking forwards to this as I already have a few ideas for my Martell.


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All good! Don't rush on my account, I appreciate the effort!

Looking forwards to this as I already have a few ideas for my Martell.
Thank you for being patient with us, it really does help!

I am sure it will be a wonderful character!


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Character Sheet (Not all characters need to be filled):

Some of them have backstory, so just ask if you want to play that character. @Songbird500 may put something up describing their personality, traits and backstory

Unplayable: This means that they are there for lore reasons; no player can control them unless they are interacting. This will most likely happen to some characters as not all will be filled.

Due to some dynasties and houses not existing yet, we cannot add some of your requests. Other houses, such as the Frey's. could be added however.

Targeryen Dynasty (Iron Throne) :
Maekar I Targaryen (King of the Iron Throne) - @Songbird500 or @MinTea)
Dyanna Dayne (Wife of Maekar, mother of Daeron, Aerion, Aemon, Daella, Aeyon and Rhae) -
Daeron (Male, eldest child) -
Aerion (Male, second child) -
Aemon (Male, third child) -
Daella (Female, fourth child) -
Aeyon (Male, fifth child) -
Rhae (Female, youngest child) -

Stark Dynasty (The North) :
William Stark (Warden of the North) -
Melantha Blackwood (Wife of William, mother of Joyce and Edwyle) -
Joyce (Female, eldest child) -
Edwyle (Male, youngest child) -
Marna Locke (Wife of Edwyle) -

Eyrie Dynasty (The vale) :
Donnel Arryn (Lord Paramount of the Vale) -

Lannister Dynasty (The Westerlands) :
Gerrold Lannister (Lord Paramount of the Westerlands) -
Rohane Webber (Wife of Gerrold, mother of Tywald, Tion, Tytus and Jeson) -
Tywald (Male, eldest child) -
Tion (Male, second child) -
Tytus (Male, third child) -
Jeson (Male, youngest child) -

Baratheon Dynasty (Storms End) :
Lyonel Baratheon (Lord Paramount of Storms End) -

Martell (Dorne) :
Unknown (Up to 3 People can make a character) -

Tully (Riverlands) :

Unknown (Up to 3 people can make a character) -

Leo Tyrell (Lord Paramount of the Reach) -

Extra Characters:
Brynden Rivers (Bastard son of Aegon IV Targaryen, hand of the king) -


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We will start a creation of the formal area. This is where we will put lore and information; you will also be able to post your character sheets here.




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Big GOT fan reporting in. As I find myself with more time than expected due to the Quarantine, I am free to take any character that needs to urgently be filled in this RP and/or if someone wants someone to join their House. Just let me know.

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