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Fandom Game of Thrones Roleplay 1 x 1


I am currently looking for a Game of Thrones roleplay (18+ only).

My style is literate and I would love to find someone capable of matching my abilities, feel free to directly come in DMs if you are interested.

I would love to have it based off of dark subjects as I am looking for an ocxcanon character in the person of Ramsay Bolton.

I do have an OC for him, a male one and a female one. We can also discuss the plot at length and I would love for anyone to reply if possible.

I am quite new to the Game of Thrones roleplay HOWEVER I am currently reading the books again so I do have quite lengthy references on characters and would gladly accept constructive criticism.

I can double up for you as pretty much anyone you desire !

Feel free to hit me up, I would be more than happy to hear about your ideas, OCs and plots ! Let's have fun :)


A chap
If you're still active on RPNation and looking for someone to roleplay this, I would be totally be down!

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