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“Thank me wiz good care for ze little wun.” the vet replied with a tired smile. Gently and motherly, she stroked Yumi’s head, before she wrapped up her stuff.

“Okay, shtable. Verstauen und los gehts.” she said, clambering back on board.

Hannah nodded to Xander, then tilted her head to the side.

“We are off to do search and rescue, but you can just rest at the triage centre once we get one up.” she offered. The rear end of Thunder mecha-shifted, the entire engine block lifting to reveal the entrance to the emergency stretcher/hospital bed at the bottom of the hull.

“You can sleep here for a bit.”

Well, if someone else didn’t seize the place first. About the only one she’d tolerate down in that spot other than Xander would be Ser Irons. The day took it’s toll on the old warrior.


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She spent the drive up to the colosseum on the radio. Any battle, over time, devolved into a high stakes game of twenty questions. Such as what to expect when they got to the crash site. Just because they were probably first on the scene with a proper rescue effort didn’t mean they’d be the only ones. Some poor overworked sod in Mistral tried to coordinate all of the various efforts. Messages flitted back and forth across the airwaves. She picked up something about an air bridge. A bit of news came in from a person on the crash site, that apparently a bare handful of people still on the stadium survived. A man even called her on her private scroll for a job offer.

“Clan Hochfeldschloss is of course more than happy to provide Lanzknecht services, herr Fard. At the moment we are however quite busy with the active invasion. Permit me to call you back. Later.” she managed to bite out, just short of cussing out the man. Before the twit could reply she hung up and popped out the hatch.

“Here we are.” she announced, somewhat redundant. As if the corpse of the Colosseum could be missed, the broken girders and walls stuck into the sky like the ribcage of a giant. Here she could drop off most of her passengers while she went on a thunder run past the ruins. She surveyed the scene. A colourful bunch of survivors. She recognized Itel and Yzebella, together with a friend who couldn’t afford shirts that fit him. Seriously the thing looked painted on. Not that Hannah would offer to buy him a new one anytime soon, because damn, that was a set of abs the world needed to see. Her gaze drifted further to a man with a very recognizable kilt and a garish hairdo that readily identified him as the one and only Roux Fard. Hannah stared at him for half a second.

“Good day everyone, I believe evacuation bullfrogs will be on the way, should you desire a ride to the city centre. I, I must ah, go on.”

“Was? Wieso?” Hans piped up from the back deck.

“Other rescue efforts.” Hannah said, and slammed her hatch shut before gunning it. Surely they could do something more useful in the town. She genuinely could not handle a full blown mercenary negotiation right now.


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As it turned out, they could do more useful things in town. There were plenty of shelters that were in wrecked parts of the city that needed to be cleared. Just because most of the Grimm appeared to leave didn’t mean there weren’t stragglers. On top of that, several places burned, and buildings lay collapsed everywhere. So Hannah found herself trundling along a street. More than once she wished she’d taken the bulldozer blade. For now, they used the tow-cables on her tank to pull away heavier debris. Three shelters down. Two had actual rubble piled up in front, the third a mere broken door lock. Shelter number four looked fine, though it went silent pretty early on for some reason. Hannah suspected Grimm, her machineguns twitched from alleyway to alleyway as they drew closer.

“I’m telling you, it’s clear here.” Brent said, sauntering beside her as he checked out the shops.

“I’m telling you I can feel something is off.” Hannah replied. The shelter turned out to be an inn much like their own Wandering Albatross, a cute little brick building sandwiched between a bakery and a clothing store. Old fashioned shutters secured the windows. Nothing moved.

“Well we arrived without something dark and snarly trying to eat our faces. Let’s see about this door then. Idiots probably lost the key.” Brent said and leaned against the heavy oak door that served as shelter entrance. It opened smoothly. “Huh, that’s odd.”

Brent walked into the shelter and immediately hurled himself back out of it, followed by his lunch a moment later. A horrible smell followed him out, and Hannah wheeled around to point her entire arsenal down towards the ominous doorway.

Silence drifted across the little town square. Nobody dared to breathe.

“Brent, did you see anything?” Hannah muttered. The boy nodded.

“Blood. Fire. Stale.” he forced out. “I’m. Okay. I’m okay.”

“Stay out here for a second.” Albrecht said, poking his own head in the doorway, rifle and flashlight at the ready. All emotion fled from his face.

“This is bad. Milady you might not want to see this.” Albrecht muttered, and lit a cigarette. Hannah shivered, but she climbed out.

“I am not a child.” she said.

“Technically-” Albrecht started.

“I will go on my Wild Hunt after this. Show me.” she commanded, hand lingering on the turret for a bit longer than needed. Something akin to burned pork mixed with an iron tang prickled her nose. Albrecht tried to offer her another cigarette.

“No thanks.” she said, and marched straight on in. She needed to experience this with all her senses, whatever it was. Also she didn’t know if she had it in her to continue if she stopped.

It was dark, several broken lights cast a gloom over the scene. Mud squelched under her boot. The stench, already strong outside, robbed her of her voice. Her retainer breathed steadily behind her, the only other noise save for the hum of the tube lights that still worked. It took her eyes a few seconds to adjust to the gloom. Dark splotches resolved themselves into people. What was left, at any rate. She staggered back as if physically punched. Her gaze worked it’s way down towards… Oh Goddesses, that was no mud.

“A person did this.” Albrecht noted. Hannah took a moment to ensure her food stayed inside.

“Explain.” she forced out.

“The door was not breached. There’s no dirt or damage to the floor so it wasn’t a burrower either. The bodies are too intact as well. No claw marks that match any Grimm. These marks are electric in nature, but… too strong for any natural source. Or the normal powerlines for that matter. Then, lastly these footsteps. These ones here. Soot stained, bloody, headed outward and finally, they’re the ones at the very top just below ours. So just after all… this, a person left here on foot.” he noted curtly. Hannah clenched her hands into fists hard enough to draw blood when the implication dawned.

“Traitor.” she hissed with a vitriol she didn’t realise she had. Albrecht nodded.

“Hostis humani generis.” he said in the same dead tone from earlier.

“Understood. Nothing for it now, I will call it in.” Hannah said, turned on her heel and marched out. Carefully she kept her sight on the exit as she stepped out with as much delicacy as she could muster. Once outside, she marched straight for her bulwark, her second skin. Only once she’d slipped into the seat again did she notice the stares of her house troops, flicking back and forth between her and Albrecht. The man leaned against the porch, smoked his cigarette and stared at the sky. Silent as the grave. She glanced at the time.

“Troops.” she shattered the peace like a stone through glass, “Guard positions outside. Bar the door. I will get Mistral troops to relieve us. We are done.”

Hans looked like he wanted to say something, but she stared him in the eye.

“We are done, Gefreiter.” she stated.


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Just under an hour later, Hannah found herself seated in one of the lower levels of Mistral’s citadel. The ancient heart of the city weathered the storm well. The sole damage would be an imprint of a crashed Alpha Nevermore. Even at this late hour people still rushed to and fro. In these vital hours so close after the disaster, every second could mean a life saved. In the background, harried specialists coordinated hectic rescue efforts. Atlas, Mistral, Vale, Vacuo, Clan, outsider. No distinction mattered, not in the face of such destruction. Hannah was pulled out of her brooding and into a bone crushing hug by a strong pair of arms from behind.

“Hai Pappi.” she managed to force out between crushed ribs and wriggled her arms in a vaguely reciprocal manner.

“My dear sweet beautiful child! I’m so happy to see you! Alive and well!” he half sobbed, rubbing her head and completely and utterly heedless of the scene he caused. Slowly he set her down. Before conversation could continue, Hannah vanished in a streak of blue that left just her hat, spinning in mid air before it fell to the ground.

“OhmyGodessesHannahyou’reokaydiyouKNOWhowworriedwewere-” her mother said. With a faint blush Hannah nonetheless rubbed her mother’s back. She could say something sarcastic like yes, she’d known because they told her over the phone just under an hour ago, or during the other phone call four hours before that, or even during the parade this morning, but…

“Hey Mutti, love you too.” she just whispered. They’d lived. All three of them lived. With a warm smile, Mutti placed the hat back on Hannah’s head and cupped her cheek. “We are proud of you Hannah.”

She just beamed in reply.

A slight cough interrupted the three of them. Her other Uncle, Balmut, stood there with some of the senior retainers. Hannah had not even seen them there, with their ceremonial uniforms and an innocuous looking black book. Hannah stiffened at the sight of it.

“Do not mind us, when you are ready.” Balmut said with a friendly smile. Hannah shook her head.

“I am ready.” she said. Her mother’s grip on her cheek stiffened, and she caught the glance in her father’s eye.

“I am ready.” she repeated, more firmly. Her father crossed his arms and nodded.

“If you say so. What will the target of your Wild Hunt be?” he said. Hannah closed her eyes and smelled the ashes.

“A murderer.”


Utterly exhausted, Hannah trundled towards where the airship should be. Blear eyed, she steered Thunder through the forest, eager to get on board and crash down for a nap. Yesterday night she spent poring over the data from the battle. She’d run herself ragged, talking with analysts, reviewing grainy security footage, and playing detective. From what small bits of evidence she scraped together, the man was still at large. Last spotted near the docks. After that, the ship he sailed off with was lost in the gloom.Her instinct told her to go chase the Monstra. They definitely tied together somehow.

While she didn’t have a motive other than ‘he liked to murder’ she had seen footage of a human figure on top of the monstra. Ergo, something that wore a human skin worked with the Grimm. Grimm that acted too smart. It fit too neatly to be a coincidence.

She wasn’t the only one that barely slept by the looks of things. She saluted a tired looking Roux Fard. Goddesses bless coffee.

“One Lance as per our agreement, Herr Fard. Me, and a squad of my retainers.” she said with a tired smile. Her squad of six from the previous night had volunteered as one once she told them of the target of her Wild Hunt. She should elaborate on what that meant to the rest of the crew, but for now, she craved a good night… day…. Sleep, she craved sleep. Thunder fitted in the lowest hangar of the Seasmoke. She could see how to roll off in a hurry if need be. For now, she happily strapped her tank down tight and wandered off to find a bed. Any bed. If someone wanted to argue about where she could or could not sleep in it, she had fresh stacks of .45 ACP to argue with.



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    With confirmation from Hannah that the group was planning a search and rescue operation after-all and that he could rest at the rear of the large vehicle, a sigh of relief left his lips as he slowly and carefully made his way towards the rest of the tank before settling down onto the small bed. While it obviously wasn't the most comfortable bed nor ride, the whole idea of not having to walk any further was enough. Carefully, Xander removed Yumi from his carrying embrace before slowly lowering her down onto the inner most section of the bed just to pull the covers gently over her small frame and giving her a light kiss onto the top of her forehead, making sure her cone was properly locked in place while she slept. Remaining seated for a few passing moments, Xander eventually helped himself to the top of the large tank only to come and find that one of the members of the group consisted of a rather elder looking man, one that looked rather familiar too.
    Taking a few moments pause to understand where he had met this older gentleman before, it quickly returned to his memories when he realized that this man was one of the contestants from the tournament. So, he made it out alive from invasion after-all. "Sir...there is a bed there if you'd like to rest. Apologies if you do decide to use it, but my little friend is also sharing the spot. She will not take up much room." With the offer given towards the man, Xander took it upon himself just to take a seat on the side of the large moving vehicle before leaning back till he practically laid upon the metal top surface of the tank. Again, not exactly comfortable, but still something to lay on that he knew he'd be safe enough and did not have to walk any further.
    Mere seconds went by and Xander had fallen into a deep slumber right on the spot. Slightly snoring in his slumber, the bumps of the road soon became second nature.

    The entire time Xander had continued to rest to regain his energy, he had never awakened until they had suddenly come to a halt back in the city of Mistral once more. The halting of the rumbling from the tank had become so common that without it, it felt strange that it had woken him. Reopening his eyes only to find that they had returned to Mistral and the airships that had been evacuating citizens earlier were now returning one after another. People exited the airships as some ran to family members that were separated during the evacuation, tears of both joy and sorrow filled the air on those who were reunited, those who found out the death of loved ones, and those who witnessed the destruction of the place they once called home.

    With all the different reactions surrounding the area, Xander soon helped himself off from the tank just to proceed to walk the ruins of Mistral, making sure not to stray too far from the tank since Yumi was still asleep on the bed.
    From time to time, he'd help with the removal of debris that blocked a path for those that wanted to enter their homes while other times he'd simply move large chunks of wood and stone around just to clear a path that was once a walkway.

    Even with all the destruction, the fact that there were still so many lives saved was a miracle.
    Eventually, Xander would turn back and return to the tank after finding little to nothing of importance left amongst the ruins. As he had returned though, the once busy members that followed the tank were now all silent. Everyone appeared rather tense for some strange reason and eyes were constantly shifting between Hannah and some other male individual. Curious as to what had just occurred to cause this awkwardness, even Xander knew well enough not to question anything at the current moment in time, rather, he climbed onto the tank and proceeded to let it carry him to the next destination where he could help out where he could.

    9AM Next Morning
    Arriving at the meeting destination that he was given yesterday, by the time he had arrived, many of those who had also been invited were already entering what appeared to have been a gigantic airship. Staring up at the massive mechanical wonder in awe, he proceeded to approach the loading ramp. Meanwhile, Yumi followed beside him the entire time, constantly shaking her head and pawing at the large cone that was around her neck from the annoyance of having to wear it. Her movements were practically back to normal though from time to time, she would attempt to turn his head towards her wound to attempt and lick it only to be blocked due to the cone.
    Seeing this reaction from her only had Xander chuckle under his breath as he lifted Yumi soon into his arms to carry her like a newborn baby in his embrace. "Yumi, stop it. I told you; you can't be messing with your wound. Not for a while." Even with that said, Yumi simply mewled before attempting to paw at his face immediately after.

    Spending a majority of the time after boarding the large ship simply exploring and being amazed at the sheer size of the interior, it wasn't until the duo had passed by the cafeteria did Xander pause before the sounds of both his own and Yumi's stomach began to growl rather loudly. "Well...we're here anyway, right?" Speaking under his breath, the two immediately entered the large cafeteria, gathering whatever food was available onto several plates and began devouring it rapidly as though they hadn't eaten in ages.



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The repetitive motion of a modest but steady workout allowed Liliya's mind to blur, her energy rising to a useful level. She'd slept enough before sunrise. It was time to stay alert and be ready for whatever came next. The whole thing felt very familiar...the airship, the bustle of crew and soldiers...it felt like being on deployment again. Memories dredged up, and swiftly discarded. They were useless, now. All that mattered was to keep moving forward.

The sound of clomping feet interrupted Liliya's thoughts, and her luminous eyes turned to the source.

"Ah." It was the Hochlander girl. She'd conducted herself well during the past day's events...fighting valiantly first in the arena at a seeming disadvantage, and then alongside the rest of her clan. And...she looked like absolute gavno. As brave as she was...she wasn't quite grown. And either way, Liliya doubted her or the rest of the clan got much rest last night.

"A-ahem. You, girl." Liliya's mouth pursed for a moment as she tried to recall the Hochlander vocabulary. "Er, kommen sie." Surprisingly, she didn't seem to be planning to stay in the parts of the ship where her retainers had posted up. Liliya leaned down, offering her shoulder to the girl who was barely a foot shorter than the petite woman. "Ruhen wir..." She paused. "Get some rest."

If Hannah offered her consent, Liliya would not hesitate to help her, supporting her weight and leading her into the hall where the crew bunks were.

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Hannah didn’t manage to sleep at all. First off, the whole place smelled new. Not bad, just new. Strange new people scents, strange new ship scents and strange new scent scents permeated the air. Then, there were the dreams. The stares of hollow unseeing eyes that burned in her mind. The troops couldn’t see her like this. Dressed in a loose shirt, floofy pants, and pink bunny slippers.

Preferably no one could, but that was the issue with a ship, there were precious few places to oneself. She half debated just hiding inside Thunder, but that would be pretty much right beside her retainers. Instead she staggered to some other place. Some place a pretty pale lady appeared to use as her private gym. Hannah tried to act like she just wanted to pass through but something gave her true state away.

Probably the bags under her eyes, the pale expression on her face or the half drunken stagger more or less into the woman’s shoulder. Wait, no, the lady actually offered her a hug. Sort of hug. Hannah decided to make it a full hug, glad to take some comfort.

“‘War schön gut, danke.'' Hannah slurred out, surprised by her native tongue. “Wait. No, kan speak English jus fine.”

“You’re… you are a professional huntswoman ja? Came up in the negotio- negati- talk thingie. Contract talk thingie. Meet the crew. Who would be on board and all that. Said that there would be people on board. Veterans and so on.”

It wasn’t a real conversation so much as the words shaken loose by the lady's own words as they entered Hannah's ear fell straight down out of her mouth.

“I just. I had a nightmare. Bad ones. Caused by a bad monster. Saw the aftermath and now every time I close my eyes they see me. S’bad. How do you stop the dream monster?” she strung out. Hannah turned an intense stare towards the woman she hadn’t even caught the name of yet.

“Please, how do you stop the dream monster?”

Then she flopped back, eager for more hug and body warmth. The lady smelled nice, like fields and good exercise. Where were they headed? This hallway looked familiar. Wait, bunks, no that would be bad. Troops were in the bunks, troops she needed to look presentable to.

“No wait. ‘S not. I need to set the right example.” she muttered, and half righted her stance. With something that approached a march she crossed the final three meters to her bunk, then glanced back at the pretty lady with the pink hair.

“Darf ich.” she started, closed her eyes and began again. “Can I ask you? Please? Stay? Just for a bit? I… I think I just need someone to be there. To talk. To help keep the bad dreams away. Please don’t tell anyone ok?”

If she consented, Hannah gratefully flopped forward into her bunk. The small bedrooms had just a bunk, a small desk and a cabinet for clothes and personal effects. She could just about have her guest next to her on the swivel chair if Hannah kept to her bunk. Perfect for the dog faunus to bask in the presence of another soul.

“So um. Why did you join? This whole thing, I mean.” she asked, waving her hand in a vague circle to indicate the Seasmoke.


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The distinctive sensation of a person leaning onto her was almost new to Liliya, despite the fact that she had spent many, many days lugging a big bag around on her journeys. It had been a long, long time since she had held someone in a remotely supportive way. And...she certainly would never say to anyone that she "hated kids", but she definitely hadn't spent a lot of time with them. Still, she was as humane as any other, and she couldn't stand there and stare into space while someone was in such a bad state.

"No. I'm not like those hunters." It was better to disabuse her of this notion, the better to avoid any unwarranted...admiration. Or anything else that might come her way as a result of that misconception. "I took a different path." A less foolish path, she wanted to say.

Really, it seemed like the girl was barely listening. And who could blame her? As bad as things were, even over the last decade or so, it's not every day one would see a city razed to the ground, the stench of blood, smoke, and ichor mingling as they fought for their lives. And...the fighting was far from over either.

The girl continued to speak as Liliya carried her, confessing her nightmares and speaking her fear. Showing such...vulnerability, even as the new pride of her clan. Almost certainly even her close family members hadn't heard of this. If her parents were at the arena, could they have been...? No, Liliya chose to ignore that notion for now.

Even with her eyes hollow, her body battered and her spirit constricted by shadows, the girl still forced herself to walk straight up, looking as sturdy and as dignified as she could in her current state. But finally, she fell, allowing herself to be at rest, if not exactly relaxed.


When she asked Liliya to stay, how could she not? Her hand lowered, pressing down gently between the girl's shoulderblades as a show of reassurance. She did not do anything else for the moment.

"You want to forget...?"

You can't.

But she didn't say that. Liliya closed her eyes, thinking back to those days. The days where she watched over those experiments with an impassive gaze. People's bodies and minds destroyed...all for the greater good? But when she actually concentrated...those weeping wounds, the failures that she euthanized, the escapees that she had to cut down...all of them were formless, void and dark. There was something close to "forgetting" in there.

"You can look forward. Never back. Set your eyes on something, anything, and never stop moving. Forward, to the side...it doesn't matter. And when you cut down the monster in front of you...you won't have to be afraid of the one you left behind either."

"Just ignore it and it'll go away."

Is that what it sounded like? What did she herself look forward to, anyway? More and more vengeance? A promise to the dead?

She lifted her hand, allowing it to alight again on the back of the girl's head. She did not do anything so familiar as scratching her ears. She thought of the long time she had spent, trekking through the wilderness, over hill and dale, with no one but the beasts for companions...or prey. Hunting down every last Aura Grimm...and then what?

"I'm here...because I want to be." A curt, dry answer. But she continued, anyway. "I'm looking for...someone. Mr. Fard agreed to help. And he wants me to help...'find' the person who did...yesterday as well. I thought that was a good trade." That was probably as good an example of "looking forward" as she could manage.

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Buc Irons
"But legends never die" Hannah completed. Pursing his lips and giving it a thought, Buc gave a nod of understanding and acceptance. He had never heard a response to that little idiom. But it did put a very positive twist to it all. "I will accompany you in this." he told her, leaving no room to try and leave the old warrior behind. Though he gratefully accepted the offer of resting on the bed, even if he had to share it with a cat. And so he stretched himself out as best he could on the small cot, his joints cracking as he tensed and relaxed his limbs one at a time. Though he had not dived deep into the Bliss, he was still sore from it's use. Muscles had torn, micro fractures had formed, and he still felt out of breath even though the battle had been over for some time now. His armor's systems even felt like it needed to chime in and tell him to rest. And so, grumbling sweet nothings, he removed his helmet to shut the damn thing up, his antlers making it difficult, though not impossible, for him to rest his head and straighten his neck so it would not become stiff as he slept. He was comfortable, up until that cat woke up, decided it wasn't comfortable, and that it would be more comfortable on top of Buc's chest. And so for the majority of the trip, he was stuck under the soft weight of the large kitten. And with nothing else to do, he drifted off to sleep. If they needed him, he was sure they would wake him up.
Buc sauntered through the airship, having invited himself along as part of Hannah's entourage. He could not pin down why exactly he had decided to do so, she was not his ward and he had no responsibilities to her. Though he did know when. It was during that little Hochlander ceremony where that man, Balmut, had written something that Hannah had said down in a black book. He didn't know many Hochlander customs, let alone one that involved any books, but he understood the importance of what was being written down in that book. He decided right then that he'd help her see through whatever oath she had sworn, Hochlanders did so love their oaths after all, that must have been what it was.

But for now, he decided to search for something to do. He could have been practicing his forms, though he was still a bit tender from yesterday's fighting. He could have gotten something to eat, but he was not overly fond of ship rations no matter how they were seasoned. He could have been staring out a window and being thankful he wasn't walking somewhere for once, but he had already done that and didn't feel like doing it again. And so he he wandered aimlessly through the halls, looking for something interesting enough to catch his attention.

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Turic Yusif

Turic trudged on in the sand as the small particles brushed across his tail, the faint feeling barely even registering in Turic's mind. As the soft breeze kicked up, Turic kept his eyes squinted, trying to keep any little bits of sand that had found itself in the helmet of Turic out of his eyes. While he wasn't entirely sensitive to the feeling, it still was a bother. His armor had slight tings as the grains slowly sanded down the polish of his steel. The lizard man walked the sand, his goal still freshly in his mind with his hopes to find whatever may lay beneath the earth in that town.

Cerberus walked ahead of Turic, digging and uprooting the scarcely found bushes and plants in the desert. The occasional bug also caught attention of the dog, his snapping and barking at the curious creatures loudened the dead sands. Step by step, Turic could see the town, its glaring academy being only a spec in the distance but more visible than it was by his starting time. His canteen sloshed with water as he unscrewed the lid and swigged down what was left of his life filling liquid. The desolate desert seemed to crawl towards the water as it was poured into Turic's mouth, a groan let out by the wind almost called in pain as the water wasn't put to the sand. Putting his canteen back, Turic felt his ear be much more intruded by air, and soon figure it wasn't air, trying to knock whatever was in his ear now out with a shake of his head to side. Unsuccessful, Turic began to take off his helmet before a voice he recognized almost seemed to resonate within his head. His skull vibrated with the sound of his contract holder. His commands were clearer than if he was right next to Turic speaking to him. The orders were nothing but direct and proven. Exactly what Turic wanted out of the partnership he had. Looking to his waist, Turic found small orbs, beckoning for a call almost how Cerberus is when he wants a treat.

Speaking of Cerberus, the pup barked at the orbs, unsure of their threat against his master. the dog in all decided it was too much work to bark until the orbs left and became complacent with their presence, walking along as usual now. Turic was still unsure about the orbs capabilities as allies and tools in his mission of secrecy and discreetness. While it may not be his forte and style of mission, he would try to keep the unneeded casualties to a minimum per his boss's request.

"Assuming you can hear me through these things, what the hell do they do? How am I suppose to make use of these things? They seems so useless, even formless. These guys just seem so useless, so unless they can give me exact positions or kill people with ease, they might be an issue. Also, you better pay me for this. Handsomely."

Turic walked on and got closer and closer to the town, the sun slowly going down on the desert landscape as lanterns and lights popped on one by one. The people were going to bed and the taverns were opening up, heathens, guards, and low classes lurked the night of the streets, giving the area a new life. A black market done in the shadows from the guards, and corruption of authority done in the shadows of the people. Undesirables hurt, contraband traded, and mead drank. These things only numerated on mass in the dying town, the academy watching on like a careless god among the land. It all seemed so, full of corruption. Disgusting. Sick. A sickness, that to Turic, could only be washed away with a cleansing flame. A weakness only able to be torn out, a cysts only able to be popped. While his desire for a cleansing of the filth he soon would find grew, his understanding of his mission and duties to it barred him from taking action, letting his mind mull over and dull the rebellious drive in him. As his eyes caught more and more detail of the town, Turic soon found himself on the border of Vacuo. Armored and accompanied by his orbs and pup, the night would hide his ghostly presence, and if fortunate enough, give him way to the academy basement.
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Flying Too Close to the Sun
Spar between Zaffre and Itel​


Atop the airship, Zaffre caught one of her wheels, literally kicking it out in a roundhouse kick, the chain extending out, giving her added range as her wheel spun with sharp spikes. Catching it, she slid forward into a thrust with it. All this was despite the high winds blowing all about them, a form of resistance training that very well could blow her off the side of the ship. Her entire body was sore from the events of the day before last, pain pulsing through every part of it. But she felt more rusty than sore. Later in the day, she'd be taking a shift of trying to figure out how to move the damn ship. Whoever was flying it now was doing pretty good it seemed like, but for now, it was her only time to get her body back into shape.

Again! Again! Again! I can do this... I can do this.

She closed her eyes, and imagined her teacher.

"Bwahahaha, not bad, not bad. Yoos sure never fought before?"

Zaffre groaned, her ankle twisted badly from twisting a roundhouse kick wrong. She had, at that point, been using her teacher's harpoon in a Grimm fight while he had observed, his own words being "Your semblance, your problem. Take 'dis and dance."

A Beowolf dissolved next to her, and Zaffre trembled in fear. She shook her head. "No! It was terrifying! Can't you just teach me to turn it off? Ability to attract Grimm is NOT a great semblance!"

The large, muscular tanned man laughed again. "We all got our demons, girl! I wish it ever got 'dat easy. I think yoos'll be a fine huntress, 'specially with your semblance. 's a good one to have. Yoos can draw fire like no one else!"

"I just nearly died to a Beowolf! I was running and crying the entire time. Is every fight lik- GAH!"

Her teacher suddenly pushed a joint in her leg back into place. He shook his head. "Yeah, pretty much is. I've seen some pretty senior huntsmen get ambushed by some pretty lowly Grimm. Yoos gets used to it. But you gots something most huntsmen don't got." He took back his harpoon, and tapped his forehead with it's butt. "Yoos got a brain, sista. Running away like a scaredy cat ain't a bad thing, it's smarts. You know what wasn't smart. Trying to overpower a'Grimm. Look at'chu! 5'4, and 120 lbs on a good day. I could probably throw you past a caber and then some."

Zaffre slumped.

"But so could 'dat Beowolf. And now it's dead. Yoos gotta be smart. And yoos is plenty smart already. Course, brains ain't gunna do any good if it's all over the pavement. So, Imma drill into you one thing. 'Da basics. Again, and again. Keeps yoos outta reach, and always movin'. A big man like me ain't so big if I can't catch'chu. Course, means we're gunna be workin' yoos through 'da pain. So. Stand up, yoos ain't hurt 'dat bad, sista. So, we're gunna walk you through the basics. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again -"

"And again. And again. And again."

Zaffre wiped the sweat off her brow as she practiced against the wind, sliding and tumbling, kicking and jumping. Her body screamed every step of the way, but her aura healed her as she worked, and she ignored it. As she did, she noticed on of the huntsman flying free through the air next to her, and Zaffre gasped in awe. And a bit of jealousy. She wished she could be that free. She also wished her semblance was useful. A slight smirk showed up on her face, and she waved at him. She tried to remember the faces from earlier. "Hey, you're one of the huntsmen aboard, right? I'm Zaffre, -" She hesitated for a moment. Her last name was a pretty well, affluent family known for mining dust in Mistral. "-Zaffre Triskaideka. So, uh, see you couldn't sleep well either. You're a huntsman, right...? Those are some pretty nice blades you've got tucked away. Where'd you get them, I don't recognize the style of the steel work, and it doesn't seem to be molded, so I'm guessing custom build? The color doesn't seem to be painted either, so smelted in with an alloy-" Zaffre whistled, impressed. Then she shook her head, realizing she was on a tangent. "Point is, do wanna a spar? I'm not a huntress... so I'm feeling pretty nervous about this upcoming mission... First to 50% aura? Don't want it breaking while on the bridge. Nice semblance you got by the way."

And my aura is pretty stretched from healing anyways.

She set her scroll to 50% on her aura, to ding if it got past that, and sent an invite to the closest scroll. A message came instantly came back reading 'hell no'. She looked down realizing she was on top of probably the observatory, and resent it to the NEXT closest scroll, which would have been Itel. That was probably Roux...

Zaffre spread her weapons out. Two wheels, each about two a foot and half in diameter, with spikes coming out of all directions that weren't the handle. On the opposite side of the handle was a small automatic gun, with regular bullets on one button, and a dust cartridge on a switch in the handle. Connecting the two wheels was a length of chain about as long as Zaffre, with several handles and buttons built in. It was, at the very least, a very complex weapon: Cycles of Heaven


As Itel peered out to the sunrise, he turned his head as he was bombarded by questions from a blue haired girl. Everything was a blur, something about his weapons, something about not being a hunter, then asking to spar and before Itel could even respond to the girl , she had already taken up a fighting stance with her weapons drawn. “Those are interesting, must be custom work as well” he finally spoke, taking a few steps. He flicked both pistols from their holsters and flipped blades out, taking a slightly crouched stance “Hemlock and Nightshade are crude weapons at best, but they could use a real test.

Itel took in a deep breath before releasing it slowly “I’ll take the first move seeing as I didn’t get much of a choice in this whole sparing thing.” He smirked before he dashed forward at dangerous speeds. He dug his foot into the ground and spun his leg around, aiming a roundhouse kick at the girl's head. If she wanted to spar against a real hunter, Itel was going to give her the fight of her life.


“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to force you int-”


Zaffre was barely able to pull up her wheels to block, sparks flying as she was sent hurdling backwards, her small body easy to punt. Her aura gauge fell to 87% in the single hit, even having blocked. She didn’t seem to have much in the first place!

However… Mid-flight she tossed out her wheels beneath her, and grabbed a handle, twisting it. The spikes suddenly shot inward, and the frame of the bike stiffened, bouncing as Zaffre landed on it, the bike skidding off with her on it. She lowered her goggles against the wind, and revved the side of one handle, the wheels spinning more as gravity dust fed into each wheel, sticking them to the surface she was on, and accelerating their rotation.

The wheels spun out for a moment, before gaining traction, and speeding Zaffre off the side of the ship! However, gravity dust hung tight, keeping her to the side, even as she sped down, accelerating, windows in the cafeteria rattling as she drove round it, speeding up more and more. Driving across the bottom, and back up, she continued.

Zaffre reemerged from the other side of the ship, going full speed. At the last section before she would plow into Itel, she kicked the wheels, bouncing several feet into the air as the weapon transformed back. The bottom wheel dragged behind as spikes shot out the side, and it flew full speed towards Itels chest, Zaffre practically flying above him.

I hope his aura’s good!

Itel smirked as the girl flew backwards after blocking the sudden attack “nicely done” he commented whilst landing from the round house kick. He turned as the girl disappeared under the ship “that’s new..” he mumbled before turning his head just in time to see her practically floating above him with the spiked wheel barreling towards his chest “shit!” He cursed and in that instant his wings presented themselves and covered him like a shield, taking the blunt force of Zaffre’s attack.

Itel slid across the deck grunting from the pain before he fell backwards and over the railing. “-Aura depleted, 78% remaining-” his scroll said out loud causing the man to frown as he fell from the ship “am I really going to have to get serious and beat up a girl” he shook his head before flapping his wings hard which sent him back towards the ship. He floated above the deck and landed on the railing flipping Hemlock in his hand. “Alright Zaffre” he pressed a button on hemlock causing it to extend before he connected Nightshade to the other end, creating a double bladed scythe

“Let’s see what you got” Itel jumped from the railing and spun in the air. As he spun feathers sharp as daggers flew from him in all directions with at least five flying in zaffre’s direction. After releasing the feathered blades, he dashed forward before jumping into the air and clean over the girl. He landed behind her and pulled his sycthe back before swinging it full force at her, making sure to face the blunt end out so he wouldn’t stab or cut her.


As the hit landed, Zaffre was yanked backwards, flipping in the air as she spun down into a superhero landing, with Itel taking all of her momentum. She readjusted her goggles, and triggered a button in her weapon, ejecting her gravity dust, switching out for fire dust. Much less safe atop a moving ship, but she had to try her hardest, and her hardest involved some risks!

Aiming both wheels forward, she saw him leap off the railing at her, a bit of awe in her face at his graceful movement… quickly replaced by a feeling of ‘oh shit’ as he launched his feathers like projectiles.

Zaffre aimed both wheels together, flipping the switch on one of them.


She aimed one fire dust cartridge with one bullet, and one regular bullet, colliding into each other with a small explosion in the middle of the feathers, tossing them off target, merely brushing against her instead of piercing against her aura.

However, it did leave her more open against the scythe swing, unable to see it til Itel was full swing.

Zaffre again pressed the ‘transform button’, the chain between her wheels suddenly hardening as it turned, vertically, into a bike, Zaffre holding it up against the incoming blow, bracing against impact as the scythe swing brought her to her knees.

Zaffre clicked the button again, the chain going limp, and kicked the lower spiked wheel by the chain at his shin.

“Man, fighting an actual huntsmen is terrifying!” She complained, still struggling against the intensity of the blow. In truth, she was very much serious about the comment, her body shaking.


While In full swing Itel felt the impact as a shiver went through his entire arm “probably shouldn’t have swung it that ha..” he jumped backwards, narrowly dodging the spike at his shin. On instinct he tried to summon his wings but his aura flickered in and out until it completely vanished. “Crap” he mumbled landing back on the deck a small distance away “no you are a little terrifying” he stated looking at her weapon. It..was creative to say the least, Itel loved the design but could see the potential for it to do real damage to him and now that his semblance timer is on reset he would have to play this smart.

“Well now, after this I would love to see your design specs for that weapon of yours, I’ve never seen anything like it” he stated spinning the scythe behind his back before separating it into twin sickles “I tend to go for the more…traditional weaponry” he shrugged before looking down at his weapon, slightly scowling before an idea crept into his head. “You know, since you are using dust, I think I will too” he flicked both nightshade and hemlock into the air, making sure to throw nightshade higher, and reached into his pouch as the both transformed into the pistol forms. As he caught hemlock and replaced the cartridge with the one he had in it before reaching out to catch nightshade to do the same.


“Sure! Got the specs in my room. It does eat most of my money though, a transforming weapon has more weak points, so it breaks more often… and most of my weapon transforms. But without my weapon, I’m pretty helpless.”

Zaffre yanked at her weapon, before she noticed Itel spinning his weapon. A glimmer fit in her mind as a scene replayed in her head.

“Get…. off… me… “

“Ha. Why? Seems pretty comfortable.”

“ ‘kay… you win the spar…”

Her teacher literally sat on her as she scrambled trying to reach her wheels just out of reach.

“Yoos weak, Zaffre. Ain’t nothing wrong with dat. I ain’t strong if a Mammoth charged me. But yoos ain’t outpowering’em. Gotta be smarter, y’hear? Don’t ever fight straight on.

Zaffre…? Yoos alright? Seems to be turning blue.”

Zaffre made up her mind fairly instantly as Itel tossed his weapons in the air, pointing at them with her wheels, flipping the switch and pulling the trigger.


She fired at each one, attempting to shoot them out the air before he could catch them and reload them with dust, the wind threatening to blow them back to the hallway to the deck, thankfully still on the ship, though the action left her focusing upwards rather than at Itel.


Itel caught hemlock and replaced the cartridge before he reached out to catch nightshade but before he could grab her, the shot from zaffre collied with her sending the gun flying down the hallway. itel looked towards his smoking pistol with a frown before turning his head towards zaffre “Well then” he narrowed his eyes and stared down the blue haired girl down with horrid intensity, ignoring the strong gust of wind as if he was used to it.

“If I have to build one more weapon because some idiot destroyed it” he angrily marched forward pointing the gun directly at the girl, yellow energy seeming to charge slowly and crackle around the gun “I wasn’t planning on using this but since I have to repair my weapon anyway” he grinned. Something about the expression plastered on his face as he stalked towards the girl wasn’t of a hunter giving a training session or having a friendly spar, but a look of pure malice. He was angry. As of late he had become angrier and angrier, hiding it under layers and faking a respectable hunter role for Yzebella’s sake. But he wasn’t respectable, something broke inside him at that coliseum, the same time the pieces of Night Hunter scattered across the arena.

There was something dark festering in him, something evil eating at his consciousness until the lines of reality and dreams began to blur to the point where Itel couldn’t tell what was real and what was poison being fed to him by the creature of darkness hiding in his soul.

Itel held the pistol up and pressed the trigger down hard causing the gun to slowly build charge. He fired the pistol multiple times before breaking into a sprint and fired another two shots of the electric bullets. All of the electric bullets remained motionless, trapped floating in midair. Upon reaching her, he spun on his heels and fluttered around her in an almost dance like manner. He stopped his spin and held the pistol to the back of her head, the hot steel emitting waves of heat and the electricity making the hairs on Itel’s arms stand at attention.

“a little trick I learned from my dad” he almost growled out as he held the gun to her head. “I loathe guns, I really do but he didn’t” a dry chuckle escaped the sickening grin on his face “no no he was a demon with a pair of pistols, even invented a way to control bullets after they left his gun.” He pushed the gun harder against her skull, moving his thumb to the little switch on the side “he had this friend with a semblance that harnessed kinetic energy…” he stopped sighing deeply “why am I even explaining this to you” he flicked the switch down causing the suspended bullets to regain motion, all of them flying directly at the two of them. He jumped backwards, intending to watch the carnage without getting hit by a stray bullet.


As Itel’s rage boiled over, the look on Zaffre’s face became peculiar. Her hands trembled, her knees buckled at the monster she’d just awoke. Her eyes went wide and empty… but her lips, they began to smile as she let out shuddering pants.

Around her, the air turned red, seeping out of her normally blue aura, the sure aftereffects of a semblance in use.

She watched sharply, the bullets in midair, before Itel managed to spin behind her with high speed footwork. Zaffre lowered both weapons to the ground as she felt the barrel against her skull. However, her thumb did rest on the dust switch, silently tapping it to ‘ON’, the fire dust aimed at their feet.

Her aura grew redder, and redder, and Zaffre, drew sharp breath, her trembling increasing.

“No, no, no, no… Not right now!“

As Itel stepped away, Zaffre’s finger trembled against the trigger on her weapon. Then, at the last second, a smirk could be seen on her face, and the finger went limp.

A large electrical discharge lit the area, and the scrolls would light up.

- Zaffre: 0% aura. Itel is the winner.-

The smirk persisted on her face, even as she was smoldering from electricity. She stood completely in place for a moment, looking up into the sky, and away from Itel. A single tear fell with her smile.

“Your dad’s friend sounds like he had an awesome semblance. Yours was pretty nice too. So was Xander’s. I’m so jealous…”

Around her, red fragments of aura faded to blue, and dissipated away into the air as she fell sideways, sprawling out on deck.


Itel shielded himself from the discharge before looking to the collapsed Zaffre, his eyes softening from hatred to regret in an instant “shit shit shit, are you ok” he ran to her, wincing from the horrid headache that now slammed against his skull like a drum being beaten over and over. He kneeled down next to her, giving her a small smile “yea he’s pretty cool” he said, a picture of his uncle flashing in his mind.

“Hey” he shouted before picking her up and rushing to find where roux housed the infirmary. Upon finding the room, he left the blue haired girl in the care of the nurse who scowled and cursed at him. “Yes I’m a horrible person now help her” he narrowed his eyes at her, his orbs glowing a dangerous purple. She quickly nodded and began to tend to Zaffre, peaking over her shoulder at the looming dark figure whose stare burned holes into her back “Mr.Lazuli I think it’ll be best if you wait outside” he squeaked and without a word, Itel turned on his heels and exited the room. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he slid down the wall until he sat on the floor with his knees pressed against his chest “what’s wrong with you Itel” he questioned himself, a few tears falling from his now golden eyes.

He slowly rose to his feet and began the walk back to his cabin. He could feel it, the beast stirring and influencing his decisions. “I won’t let you have control you hear me” he gripped his shirt tightly, looking down at his chest “I will never give in” he all but shouted before bounding down the hallway and back to the deck.


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Such a rowdy bunch of individuals, few and far between! Each had a striking personality that was unique to themselves, and shined because of that fact. Though they had long-since boarded this outlandish looking aircraft, Jack hadn't had the time to get to know anyone quite yet. Though that may be by design, considering he's kept to his own devices and observed the gathered group from afar. Studying them—to an extent. Maybe he's just a little strange for doing this!

Having preferred to stay atop the upper decks, Jack then came to witness the upcoming spar between two of the gathered huntsmen. His tail flicked about behind him, and he kept a watchful gaze over the two fighters. Once again reserving himself to observation. His red hues follow each of the fighters' movements, their skills, their methods of attacking. He sought to at least know where his comrades in arms would find strengths, and where their weaknesses lay.

The fight was filled with flair, and bravado between each combatant. It wasn't a mystery why people had come to the Vytal festival to begin with considering these were, most likely, participants of the competition. No reluctance was had with this battle, and with sheer ferocity, and skill they clashed weapons—and guns. It was proving difficult to figure out who would emerge victorious.

Itel gained the upper hand with a fancy little trick. Zaffre seemed to be having some sort of internal conflict before that went off. Yet, it was uncertain which caused the finishing blow and the fighters' aura dropped to 0.

A soft hum left Jack upon the fights conclusion. He looked around the upper deck for any other observers, until his attention returned to the two fighters to see what became of the aftermath. Itel was rushing Zaffre away into the lower portions of the aircraft, and his vocalized concern couldn't exactly be ignored. Perhaps they both overdid it just a bit, but at least someone here is more capable of treating them.

With it all said and done, Jack let his gaze drift to the sky, where he watched the clouds pass overhead as they continued their journey to Vale.​

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Yzebella Hawthrone
Location: SS Seasmoke Airship hall
Interaction: Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas

The ship's layouts and overall structure are a bit overwhelming to the girl. She cannot describe what, but perhaps the sky outside made it feel out of place. The brightness outside made her stay in the shade of the interior hall. A cramping pain in her stomach bent her knees to the steel floor. Her breath was heavy as she carries the metal box in hand, carrying it with all the burdens of its past. Regardless of her state, she stood back up and pressed forward through the silent halls.

"I'm sorry, Big brother... I'm not strong enough." She grips tightly into FLAMMA DISCORDEA with her body screaming in pain for proper rest and nourishment. Her head droops down letting her curly-messy hair curtain her eyes to any crew or significant passerby.

"You don't look so good, kiddo. The cafeteria's just ahead and turn left. If you feel any pain, the infirmary is farther on right." Said an older-looking Seasmoke crew mate. The girl nodded in reply and moved forward without a word. Lonesome thoughts returned like low-flying clouds nearly blinding her to her environment barely hearing sounds or seeing things of interest.

Until she saw a familiar cloaked man just across the hall. Appearing to be in some sort of pain despite standing tall. It was Itel.

The girl stood still like a mannequin. A good minute of silence. "Itel...?" Something about Itel's presence made her sound unsure of calling his name. If anything she felt something uncanny about the man that just saved her life yesterday. "Are you alright?" The girl looks at the man from his boots all the way to face. It was his golden glinting eyes that sew her mouth shut for a few more seconds. She hid her weapon behind her back and tried to look away from Itel.

"If, you need anything... I'll be in the cafeteria... Just ahead and turn, left. Don't be afraid..." She gulped discreetly. "To ask for help." She steps a foot forward, following with a weakened walk as she tries her best not to wrap her stomach with her arm in the presence of Itel. The girl was out of sight.

Location: SS Seasmoke Cafeteria
Interaction: Nothingness Nothingness

Now arriving to the Cafeteria, the smell of food beckons her nose to enter with haste while her gut roars in hunger. It was less lonely with the presence of a handful of individuals on board, crew, and hired huntsmen alike. The liveliness blew the lonesomeness away in her head. Now capable of observing properly again. First, she noticed the tables with leftover plates and kitchen utensils scattered in tables with a condition like this everyone seems to be in a hurry returning back to their stations. She sighs, moving over to the counter up front

"May I have... Some tissue papers, At least 20 of them." The staff behind the counter was caught off guard for split second and yet did not deny her request. With wiping papers in hand she heads to the first messy table, laying down her weapon on a nearby chair. Stacking plates and bowls, gathering spoons and forks to used cups and wiping the table clean under barely half a minute.

During multiple table cleanups, her ears would catch a voice from a nearby source, a more broadcasted and modulated voice. It was a TV news broadcast regarding Amity colosseum's downfall and other hundreds of mind-numbing news she has seen before. No mood in to hear or watch what she has already lived through yesterday. If she could find the plug for the television she would have yanked it without hesitance. Perhaps asking to change the channel or asking to turn it off would suffice.

The thought was dropped as she cleans the last 5th messy table. Gathered a towering amount of dirty dishes from previous tables and made her way around the counter front to meet with the same person who provided her with the tissues with still 4 leaves left with her.

"Oh my. These are the dishes from the tables. Thank you but you shouldn't have. We got--" "No, it is alright. I want to help as much as I can." With sincerity in her voice assuring the kitchen staff. Before she was recommended to feast, the girl has left earshot already.

Behind the snow leopard Faunus's ears would hear two heavy steps slowly approaching their table.

"Xander?" A young maiden's voice called to the Faunus. "You're from the colosseum, right...?" The girl pressed forward with a question. If the Faunus were to turn around she would find the young girl with golden blonde hair and ever exhausted face. Although her attire was drastically different from what she wore yesterday. From light blue-white to a dark red-green palette and a more adventurous design in the style of outfit.

"Are you well? Do you need anything?" She asked with a right tilt of her curious head.


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Asher Cobalt
The whole crew where in a airshio now rather convinent for them all Asher contented himself with taking a long ironically cold shower not wanting to waste the hot water that everyone else could really do better using. It once he'd finished with that the titan of a man found a nice quiet spot to pull apart his oversized sword cannon, humming a little tune as he oiled the components within the device just keeping to himself for how he'd rather let everyone else get their proper rest before trying to talk to anyone.


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Roux Fard - The Eccentric Investor
(@ anyone without an interaction on the ship)
Roux sat in a chair in the middle of a conference room, both hands over his cane, and his chin resting on them. Despite this, him and his flowing hair rocked side to side like the tide. His normal monocle sat atop a drone, being used as a projector on a nearby screen.

Again, and again, he played the same scene from the coliseum. One where the Hanging Hura appeared from a black pool, sprouting and growing into it's form. The video rewinded, and he played it back again, at half speed.
Again at quarter speed.
Again at eighth speed.

"Hmmm... hmmm.... hmmm..."
He tapped his fingers together, still rocking back and forth, back and forth. Finally, he snapped his fingers. "Aha! That's the problem! I'm not a huntsman! Such a small detail to overlook. Clearly I do not have the expertise for planning this counter attack." He tapped his fingers against a cane, then shrugged, and pressed a button for an intercom.

"Would all huntsman and huntresses who are currently bored, kindly attend the conference hall. This is an optional meeting, but I could use insight from one who fights Grimm. The object of this meeting is simple. Do Grimm normally come out of fluid like a time reversed video of fruits in a blender making a smoothie? Ta-ta for now♪~♥"

Several of the crew groaned, even if they weren't being asked to attend. "I thought you cut the comm lines? Sure, he pays us, but long as those are 'under maintainance', he doesn't generally call surprise meetings."

"I did. He 'fixed it', he then said he'd made all the wires wireless. How? D-does he even understand how electronics works?"

Another stood deflated. "Probably, yes. Man doesn't sleep, and is curious about everything... I don't think he even HAS a bed on the ship."

Roux continued to tap his fingers together as he thought in the large executive chair, clearly to big for the man. He replayed the video again. "They are clearly reforming. I wonder if there's an aerosol spray that can stop them from solidifying. Even better, I wonder if one can cause them to liquify back? Oooohoo, the thought makes me giddy. Destroy my investment, I will destroy your existence. Grimm never have bothered me much before now. But, I suppose more than imaginary black butter melting observations, I should consider the important work. What do we do next? I need the insight of a huntsman for it. If only I were born to such a station, I wonder if my life would have turned out as it has now. Huehahaha!"

Whoever entered first would find the man excitedly rising and grabbing their hand with both hands, shaking it a little too much in earnest. "Why, I'm glad you came. Could you tell me a little bit about fighting in the ground at Mistral? I was indesposed, and my AI will find whatever recordings it can. I want to know how that attack started."

Any answer would have him finding nearby security cameras to replay their fight on the projectors for all to see.


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    Spending the majority of his time practically stuffing his face full of food along with his small companion, Yumi. Xander had sat by the large window that took up the entirety of one side of the cafeteria wall just to enjoy the view of the open sky while he had feasted upon the delicious food prepared by the ship's crew. While he much preferred to cook his own meals most of the time, after the events of the previous day, having someone else cook for him so that he could relax was like a godsent for the time being. Every so often, while he had scooped up another spoonful or forkful of food into his mouth, his gaze had focused onto Yumi's stitched wound, his thoughts wandered as he came up with all the possible things he could've done differently to avoid this happening to her; maybe he should've taken her into the ring with him, maybe he should've gone straight for her rather than help anyone else first.

    As the negative thoughts clouded his mind, Xander hadn't even noticed as to when the sounds of footsteps had approached his table from behind. It wasn't until the sudden sound of his name being called that caused him to jolt in his seat, the hairs on the back of his neck quickly standing up straight while Yumi had ignored the feminine voice only to remain focused onto her food at the current moment. Slowly enough, he'd end up turning in his seat to face the individual who apparently knew his name, coming face-to-face with none other than the young girl he had met yesterday at the colosseum, the very same one he had entrusted Yumi with. Sitting there with widened eyes and half of a sandwich stuffed in his mouth. "Mmhh! Mmn Mmmhh, Mm?" Attempting to talk with his mouth full, his words were completely muffled by the sandwich causing Yumi to finally lift her head which had still been wrapped in the large plastic cone. Her own maw was covered in ketchup as she smacked Xander on the side of his head after hearing his strange talking.

    Realizing immediately after the smack, Xander would remove the sandwich from his mouth just to allow himself to speak clearly. "Sorry about that...You're uhhh...Yzebella, right? I can't thank you enough for taking care of Yumi for me during the tournament. It means the world to me." As he gave his gratitude, it wasn't until moments later, he noticed the change of attire she had been wearing followed by the exhaustion on the young girl's face did he arch a brow curiously. Even though she questioned him regarding his own wellbeing and needs, just by her exterior view, it was apparent enough that she was in much worse shape than he ever was at the time. "Nevermind me, Yzebella. Are you alright? You look like you just ran a marathon...maybe two." Questioning her own wellbeing, he made sure to scoot slightly to one side to allow room on the couch-like seat he had been sitting upon so that she might be able to sit down if she wished. "Come, come. Take a seat. There's plenty of food here."

    Immediately after offering her a spot to sit down, Yumi, who had been standing on the stand to eat her food the entire time had taken a few moments longer than Xander to register who the female was until she approached the woman ever so slightly further just to take in her scent. After realizing who it was, the small cub was quick to let out several small 'mews' before hopping from the table and attempting to climb into the woman's arms. "Oi, oi! Yumi! Be careful! Your wound!" Nearly spilling the food onto the floor when he had seen his companion make sudden movements, Xander was quick to stand to his feet with no regards for the food or drinks on the table. Luckily, with the food not spilling, he was relieved enough that the wound would not open up whether Yzebella had caught Yumi or not. His concerns for Yumi and the slight shock of meeting a fellow tournament contestant after the events that had occurred yesterday was enough of a distraction that even when the announcement over the intercom had gone off, he had barely been fully aware of what was being said before it had already passed.


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Location: Vacuo/Entrance of Shade Academy
Mentions: Nothingness Nothingness (Villain)

Turic Yusif

Turic had received the relayed message and wasted no time for making his march into the town fully. Before he did so though, he kneeled to a ready Cerberus and pet him. The dog wagged his tail as his owner removed his heavy and ripped helmet. The steel and bone of the helmet clanged on the ruined cobblestone below them as Turic sat it down, grabbing a wound up bit of twine. He knotted one end to the horns of the helmet and put a slipknot around Cerberus's neck. The dog at first chewed the twine, knowing it was going to keep him in place but in a quick snap stopped as Turic yelled at him. Turic reassured the dog he would be back, only wanting to be gone for a little, petting him and giving the dog a goodbye kiss as the lizard tailed man walked to the shadows towards Shade Academy. The night hid his figure but he was sure the orbs would come more than handy.

Turic walked into the town, many of it's residents not out at the time, guards spottily placed and patrolling around. The mercenary didn't have any worry of resistance and took liberty in walking the alleyways fairly carelessly. As he walked though, the closer he got to the academy, the guards started only getting more and more plentiful. The armor, squadrons, and being only more of a worry. Turic was taken aback by how many soldiers the poor area could spare and had in general, but he did not let it stop him from pushing on. Turic weaved in and out of alleyways, even hopping atop a low height roof to escape investigative guards. The pace did not seem to slow for the mercenary, that was until the entrance of the academy had come to full view. Posted towers, heavy patrols, guarded doors, the works of a fortress for a king. He did not stand a chance independently going into the academy. With hesitant observation of the patrols and where each post of guards stood, Turic mentally planned out his moves. Each second felt like an eternity of thinking until finally he came to a sure fire plan. Checking his surroundings, Turic commanded one of his orbs to zip through the many streetlights around the way, breaking the bulbs and bringing darkness to the entrance of the area. While the later courtyard stood lit, the immediate front now laid in a sea of darkness, a few close by patrols jogging to the new darkness. Without a moment to spared, Turic used his useful camouflage provided from the orbs and quickly took his leave into the Academy yard. As he got closer to the lights brim, he noticed the thick black that blended to the night almost burnt away as it touched the light.

Turning back a little to stay on the outskirts of the light, Turic came upon a good sized rock. While he was not near the entrance, it was within view, two heavily armored guards standing watch over the steps as two large patrols moved around the front of the large faced academy. Throwing the rock towards the wall farther down the courtyard, a loud bang and clash could be heard. The closest patrol went to investigate almost immediately where Turic had thrown the rock while the farther patrol started to go around the back, hoping to catch whatever perpetrator made the loud noise. Taking his opportunity, Turic had started for the entrance of the Academy, the patrols now readily out of sight. The light burned the camo away, the orbs now all orbiting around him as he stepped to the guards at the door. The duo simultaneously yelled at Turic to get back and that the academy is closed. Turic did not listen, of course, and moved onward, as if the guards themselves were not even present. The duo readied their halberds toward and stepped together to completely block the door. Their armor glistened a fresh shine as Turic's armored almost seemed ancient. The scraped, cuts, brushes, stains, and many more marks of battle and use were shown. The guards stood steadfast as Turic pointed to one of them, an orb quickly zipping to the guard, seeping around the cracks in the armor and entering his body. Almost as soon as it touched his body, it had begun its torturous attack on the internals of the guard. A soundless scream could be heard, with nothing more than a croak being truly uttered.

The other guard looked terrifyingly to his partner, looking back to Turic shakily as he uttered breathed unsurely. As Turic got close to the guard, the halberd he held took no time to jab forward into Turic. Without issue though, Turic grabbed the head pike of the weapon and pushed the polearm out of the way, ripping it from the grip of the guard. The guard had become truly undone now, disarmed and alone for all he knew, begging for Turic to give him mercy and spare him. Turic did not let the begging go on for long though, driving his blade through the slit of the guards armor around his neck, piercing the chainmail beneath it effortlessly. The blood spewed on the blade, the jugular of the guard being pierced. The guard struggled at the blade, cutting his hands open and spewing more blood until he finally fell dead. The blood now dripped and pooled on the floor. The armor of the soldier had become a crimson red. Before entering the great academy, Turic took it upon him to put his symbol on the door for all those to see again. Running his hand into the blood pool beside the soldier, Turic painted his symbol on the thick oak door, the three headed crimson dragon coming to fruiting. The blood dripped and soaked into the door, giving even more gruesomeness to the act of it. After wiping aa little bit of blood off on his armor, Turic opened the grand doors of the academy, a great hall and many doors and higher levels giving way, the interior surprisingly lit, even if it was poorly. The mercenary moved on to walk, hoping to find the way to the basement with little hold up.

Dmitri Tolenka

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Hannah growled in frustration.

“I want it not forgotten, I just want to sleep.” she explained. Wait, that wasn’t quite right. Damn the English abomination that passed itself off as grammar.

“I will remember it. Their murderer is literally the target of my Wilde Jagd, I just want them to stop staring at me when I sleep.” she continued. Those hollow, soulless eyes. She shivered and put her own hand on top of the nice lady’s hand for a second.

“S’too much to ask for some rest? I am moving forward fast as it goes, and it just doesn’t feel fast enough. What do they want from me, get out and push the ship?” she wondered, the bitter joke spat out along with hopefully some bad memories. Her mind latched on to something else the nice lady said.

“So, who do you seek? Maybe we can help each other out?” she ventured. “Why do you seek them?”

Her breathing went steady a few seconds later, and she snuggled into her blanket as she listened.

She didn’t respond immediately once the PA went off. Finally Hannah forced out a tired “Mnngrl.”

She could get up but frankly she didn’t quite catch the gist. Meh. Nice lady would probably wake her if it was important.

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Yzebella Hawthrone
Location: Cafeteria
Interaction: Nothingness Nothingness

They were clearly not expecting her to be on board the ship, Xander greets her with a mouthful of hello. Perhaps a more head-on greeting would have likely avoided the mid-dine face. The same Faunus she met prior seems to be healthy but she cannot say the same to the cub that she personally met Yumi. Scarred and coned over their head. She frowns at the cat's current state.

"Sorry about that...You're uhhh...Yzebella, right? I can't thank you enough for taking care of Yumi for me during the tournament. It means the world to me." It didn't take long for Xander to thank her for the brief watch over Yumi. She could only nod and stare down the floor briefly. "Nevermind me, Yzebella. Are you alright? You look like you just ran a marathon...maybe two." Her eyes looked into Xander's calmness. She couldn't utter a word to him until she was prompted to sit aside. She looked far off into the window distance outside.

"You saw it. Didn't you? The Grimm... They were everywhere...I tried to fight them off but there were more Grimm than people. Colosseum fell and Itel helped me escape. He was kind to me, he fought alongside us in the tournament and slain many Grimm. I--" She paused. Closing her eyes as she took a huge breath.

"Just wish I could have helped more... Perhaps become stronger. I... Want to fight the Grimm, Xander. We need to do something about this Grimm vileness, I joined here so I can help other people!" Her voice speaks with a passionate breath. Yumi came close in her arms and she caressed her more gently than she had before. "It's what have my brother would have said and done..." She murmured under her breath, she hugged Yumi lightly and let her rest on her lap.

"I'm glad, Yumi is safe and sound. What happened to her?" Hearing the cub mew again, albeit weakly from their current condition.

"Would all huntsman and huntresses who are currently bored, kindly attend the conference hall. This is an optional meeting, but I could use insight from one who fights Grimm. The object of this meeting is simple. Do Grimm normally come out of fluid like a time reversed video of fruits in a blender making a smoothie? Ta-ta for now♪~♥"

Her ears and eyes are up on the ceiling paying little mind to the announcement of the businessman who has gathered a handful of champions in his ship. Yzebella eyed back at the TV, news about the colosseum is all news networks are talking about. At one point a segment of two anchors briefly mentions the involvement of Huntsman and Huntresses. Yumi was on the table shoving a plate of ham sandwich with her cone. "Thank you." letting Yumi return to Xander not without a gentle pat on the head.
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Ace was currently undergoing a slight disruption in his attempted thievery scheme that being that he was presently lost with even his patented following the right wall only leading to a dead-end balcony, so Ace proceeded to do what any trained professional does.

"Which way is East!"

Slamming his head into a nearby wall with his exclamation, imitating those cool guys in the movies that also commit similar head trauma on the regular to gain epiphanies. Only the results were not having a helmet to bounce the impact off of and a deep regret of not bringing a compass not doubting the answer he received from queries being 'yeah, just uh go east', choosing to instead wallow in boredom and self-pity until the intercom echoed the so-called conference meeting.

Past experiences in Ace's opinion showed how most 'optional' meetings were covers for plausible deniability and payment issues just complicating matters better to just nap through it, get all that illegal anxiety outta their systems. Swallowing his pride as he finally asked for help in a sufficiently private manner so as to not damage his pride on board finally using his earpiece to ask for a map or something.
"I sent a map during the initial briefing, also by the way they didn't fa-"

Ace made it finally to a destination that wouldn't be filled with nobodies, fixing up his tie and a grin which circled right back to being a sneer and leer, disregarding the advice given in those etiquette classes to 'remember to blink', vipers didn't blink so why should Ace have to refuse his winnings from the genetic lottery stepping inside with a giddy jaunt into the eccentric conference room fitting for a eccentric man.

Keeping up the facade of competence as Ace had to contemplate the literalness of Roux's words realizing that he didn't really meet any of the requested criteria but deciding to go forward anyway. "Well in case it's not obvious bit buggered on the ground, seemed most of the 'smart folk' decided preserving the tourism industry was the best decision in response to a couple of ship's taking a leak over it, by the way expect airship laws to get restricted if you got stocks in that".

Waltzing into a seat then propping his feet on the table to properly relax before carrying on now that Ace's own selfish comfort was acquired. "If only there were just some huntsmen at the festival to help out" Winking obviously relishing his own excessive smugness and mockery ignoring his own lack of help in that regard or critical information to stroke his own ego.

"Ah who am I kidding probably ran off again, anyhow the ships were a dud then piss all else to do apart from watch the fireworks. Lost my bike and airship heroically saving folk which I'll have my secretary send you the bill for." Finishing his brief with a collage of photo's he took yesterday even if the majority of them were the remaining explosions he deemed cool enough to show off with a personal favorite being the midair explosion of his own ship.

"Even if I have no idea why you choose this death over od-ing in a cash bath. But It would be nice to hear the specific why and what's happening? Just give me something to pick at here."

Ganryu Ganryu


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Dmitri Tolenka Dmitri Tolenka

As the small Faunus growled, Liliya drew her hand back as if she'd been stung. In response to her retort, Liliya lowered her gaze. She was a fair bit off then, about the girl's feelings. She was hurt, afraid, even. But she didn't have any doubt or guilt in herself. That was all her own projection. "...Sorry."

The girl was certainly not lacking in purpose, nor in the support of her clan. There'd be more fighting ahead, and Liliya allowed herself a tiny bit of hope that the stout heart before her would hold up. She placed her hand down again on Hannah's back, providing the most minimal, yet hopefully sufficient indication of her presence. "A friend of mine, an officer of the Atlesian military was lost, long ago. I've been looking for them all this time." A half-truth, or at least a quarter. "I'm getting closer, at least I hope." She allowed that statement to sit in the silence.

Just then, the silence was broken by that dandy chelovek making another announcement, requesting that anyone who had participated in the battle at the arena to assemble, apparently in the hopes of providing some useful testimony regarding the monster that had appeared there, and which Liliya had only seen from a distance. She wasn't too sure if the girl had been there, but...surely there were enough survivors from there that could proffer the necessary information.

"Go to sleep." The stoic woman murmured, doing her best to sound soothing.

She lifted her hand and leaned back a little, trying to relax as well. It was just like taking watch, though doing so while the sun was up didn't happen so often.


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At first Xander paid no mind to the awkward silence that he had shared with Yzebella as he continued to focus upon his food after greeting her. It wasn't until the young woman had spoken up in a questioning manner about the invasion and the amount of death that the Grimm had caused. The simple reminder of the event practically caused his blood to boil as he tightened his grip onto fork in his Grimm hand till the aluminum utensil began to bend in half. Unable to come up with words at first as to what he could say to reassure Yzebella, Xander simply remained silent for an extended period of time while he stared out the window at the clear open sky.

"You--We will all become stronger Yzebella. We'll destroy every Grimm out there, and avenge all of those who fell by the hands of the Grimm. I swear it. As long as we're all here, we will protect everyone...but until that day comes..." Pausing midsentence simply so that he could turn his attention over towards the young female, he'd release the fork from his Grimm hand before placing it onto the top of her head while lightly ruffling up her blond hair. "We can't lose faith. If we cannot show the people our confidence, how can they relay on us?...So, keep your chin up. Show everyone that we're here...that the Hunters and Huntresses have returned and will protect them once more. Even if they shun us."

By the end of his sentence, Xander had formed a smile across his lips. Even while knowing well enough that the thought of helping those that shunned Hunters/Huntresses bothered him, the least he could do was to help possibly bring up Yzebella's morale and keep his own at a steady rate so that he wouldn't allow himself to be consumed in negativity.
Meanwhile, after Yumi had pushed a plate of food in front of the young woman before returning to Xander, he'd only chuckle at the sight of how Yumi still attempted to be helpful even when healing from her injury. Giving her a pat on the head before brushing his normal hand along her back smoothly. When Yzebella had questioned about what had happened to his small companion, his smile once more faded into a frown while his gaze focused onto the wound that Yumi had stitched up.

"She..." Hesitating at first to even bring up the events of what caused the wound, Xander inhaled deeply before exhaling a heavy sigh just to calm his nerves. "I found her in the colosseum halls...while the place was falling. I don't know the details since I wasn't there when it happened, but...knowing her, she probably saw someone being attacked by Grimm and jumped at the opportunity to try and save someone only to get herself hurt in the process. Honestly, it's a miracle that she is still alive." As he spoke of her survival, Xander's frown once more turned into a smile, this time much less enthusiastic and more out of concern and relief.


The Northwind
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Itel couldn’t bring himself to answer the girl, instead nodding his head before watching her walk off. There was so much running through his head and right now the only thing that would help is to forge. He walked around until he found what looked to be a workshop “guess this’ll do” he spoke softly, his brain still working in overdrive.

He walked over to the desk and placed the broken pistol on it before taking his tool kit from his belt. He stared at the pistol with a frown drawn across face “should I even fix you? Seems like I do more harm than good” he said, sitting on the stool in-front of the table. He breathed deeply before pulling out some tools and repairing the damage on his pistol. After about thirty minutes he stepped back and looked at his handiwork “you could do better” he mumbled before shoving the freshly fixed pistol into his leg holster.

He turned his head to the intercom as Roux’s voice spilled through “seems like I have nothing better to do” he mumbled, exiting the room and heading towards the conference room. Upon entering the room he sat at one of the chairs and leaned back, closing his eyes with a small sigh.


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Roux Fard
Couple of days skip
Interactions: Everyone Aboard Ship
Location: S.S. Seasmoke Cockpit

It had been a couple of days by now since the Seasmoke had left Mistral territory and headed towards Vale. Throughout the trip, the crew and its passengers had enjoyed their free time however they liked, whether it was to train, or simply to relax. Whatever they were up to, it did not stop the progress of the ship reaching its destination and within a matter of days, they had finally arrived.
With the large airship descending from high above the clouds, those who stood by any of the windows could see the large city of Vale coming into view as the massive ship approached closer and closer towards a large open port that had a string of lights flickering on and off in the form of a circle to indicate where the ship was to land.

Up in the cockpit of the ship, stood Roux Fard with his usual cane in hand. Standing in the center of the cockpit, he observed the large window screen as they approached the landing zone while he kept his legs slightly parted and his cane in the center with both hands over the top of it. "City of Vale in sight, Sir Roux. We have approval for landing by the local militia and Atlas troops." One of the pilot crew members spoke up only to have Roux nod his head in response. "Take us in. Surely, our guests must be itching to have their feet touch solid ground after our extensive trip." Chuckling to himself, the man soon readjusted his monocle before clearing his throat as he turned to head over towards one of the intercoms located on the wall beside him.

Entering in a number of codes into the keypad located below the intercom, he soon spoke up to have an announcement be placed throughout the ship for all crew members and guests to be aware of the current situation. "Good morning everyone! I hope you all have had a great time aboard the S.S. Seasmoke! Although I'd like to inform you all, if you haven't already noticed...we've just arrived in the city of Vale. We will be landing within the next hour or so, after which, you are free to leave the ship when you are all prepared. As we've already spoken, I have asked for your assistance regarding the matter of why we have arrived, so the sooner you all can get to that, the better. Please do not hesitate to come to me for any questions you might have and make sure you all have a wonderful day!" With the announcement taken care of, Roux hung up on the intercom before heading back to the center of the cockpit and staring out towards the window once more while the ship approached the circular landing zone.

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Location: Basement of Shade Academy/Near Library
Turic Yusif

Turic walked on into the academy, its booming halls and grand architecture was still impressive to Turic, even if he had little care for the arts. Artistry was a passion of the weak and spoiled, neither of which he ever had the want or luxury of being. Childhood left much to be wanted for Turic, an hard to find father, abusive mother, and no siblings sat him in a position of self reliance. He had no warm hugs, no cookies and milk, no gifts, no love. The only love or praise Turic had ever received was from his father, and only when Turic did well in aspects his father demanded he did. He trained, he ran, he killed, he hunted, he was a stalker of the shadows and a holder of the hilt. Humanity had been signed off very early, and thanks to the nameless, faceless, figureless being that bestowed his corruption fully, the husk of man that Turic was now stood to the entrance of a cold, dark, damp, basement.

The door was a thick metal, riveted together an held on my hinges the size of Turic's fingers. The creek of the door whined into the poorly lit basement, three figures standing there, their faces turned to the door. They were prepared for Turic, swords drawn quickly and almost no moment for Turic to step through the door. With no sword drawn, Turic took to summoning his hydra heads in the blink of an eye. The first guard attacked swiftly and fell to the ground just as quickly, his armor blackened and his skin melting through the slits of armor and chain, a cry of pain and last croak of air left the guard's lungs. The second guard took a step back but approached Turic with the same ferocity, only for his helmet and head to be crushed whole by the left side head. The armor, flesh, and bone spooled out and quickly formed a pool of blood and brain matter on the floor, reminding Turic of Spaghetti-O's. The third guard made a face of grimace but pointed his blade to Turic still, willing to strike at the tailed mercenary. Of course, this guard was no match to Turic, the sword being swiped from his hands by Turic's tail and having his chest pinned against the wall by that same tail. The guard fought at the tail, hurling his fists into the thickly skinned appendage with no success. Eventually he stopped out of defeat and looked to an apathetic Turic.

"Are you done now? Thank you. You people always do this. Yes, you are going to die. It is inevitable. Now I have found you and death will be your sweet embrace, but first, I need to know something. The vault. Where is it? What is it?"

The guard, as suspected, gave nothing of use. Turic questioned him again but was only met with "I don't know"s and "What vault are you talking about?"s. With no waste of time, Turic drew his sword across the open neck of the guard and let the man fall face first to the cold ground. His neck only adding to the pool of blood all around his comrades. Having zero help, Turic looked around the basement an found nothing of use, old crates of food and ingredients, even some old books but not a single thing to help his hunt for the vault. Frustrated, Turic kicked one of the dead guard and yelled out in anger, continuously kicking the corpse.

"You guys are useless. Useless even more so now. I am just hoping you guys didn't die for nothing. I mean, imagine if it wasn't even here. Would suck for all four of us. I am sure there will be more of your buddies to come, so I got to go. Maybe the library will help me out with finding this damn vault."

Turic left the room, the conversation not fully for anyone but himself. It was almost like talking to himself, a very therapeutic way of relieving his stress. He had a goal and did not want to fall short of that. Good hard lien was on the line for him and with that, he gave no room for failure. He centered himself to the mission again, his outburst behind him and his mind solely on the mission. The library would be his next target. Sheathing his sword and having his heads return to their inexistence, Turic walked on steadily, reading guide signs and plaques hoping to orient where he was. His sabatons were covered in blood, a matter that didn't hold any weight in his mind but did leave a footprint trail behind each step, making it not all too hard for anyone tracking him to find him.


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~Zaffre Triskaideka ~
Bypassing Customs

Zaffre stood on the edge of the lookout atop the ship. A couple of bandages and burns were the worst she'd gotten from her fight with Itel. If there was any good in the sheer amount of bad luck she attracted, it was that she was an expert at bouncing back after a fight. Her teacher had told her as much after the third week.

And here she was... pretending to be a huntress. Still, Zaffre could at least try to do some good. She remembered the look in Itel's eye at the end of their fight, and smiled. She wasn't the only one with a dark side.

She knew him, and Xander, and... Suddenly a thought struck her.

"Have I not talked to anyone else here!? Shiiiiit!"

It's alright, you can always be a crazy cat lady.

An awkward crazy cat lady. Wait, do you even like cats? Can't sew either, so knock Spinster off of possible choices.

Voices in my head, can you knock it off? At least til I can afford some medication! I'll be a rich crazy cat lady! ... Maybe I'd have more friends if I was less shallow.

She shrugged. She could have just stayed home if she wanted the pampered life, but having some funds would be nice. Refocusing, she listened to Roux's message. They would be landing soon. In about an hour to land normally. But this place was soon to be in danger. And that airport would take some time. She took a deep breath, remembering her teacher's advice.

Gotta have a landing strategy. Being dropped out the sky is a scarily common occurence for Huntsmen.

Welp... Zaffre wasn't the most social, and had failed to bond with anyone on the ship, but... the few days had given them contact information.

She sent out a group text.

"Getting impatient, I'm doing the 'landing strategy'. Left window if anyone wants a show. : P ~Zaffre"

to: All
This is why everyone thinks you're crazy. Also ': P'?

"Shut up, self"


Taking a deep breath she took a few steps back, even as the ship began to lower. Another deep breath. Then another. She slowly lowered her goggles over her head, and grabbed a few grains of dust, slapping them on her feet.

Then Zaffre began a sprint forward. She unfurled her weapon, transforming it to bike mode even as she hit max speed, falling onto it as she revved a handle, the wheels leaving streaks across the top of the ship, before bouncing the wheels, sending her flying off of the side, falling directly towards the city below, the sight of a crazed woman on motorcycle visible to anyone looking out the left window.

Messing with the dials, she scanned below her for what she could land on. Sky scrapers, too much glass... The ground below, way too painful...

Ah! That'll do!

She spotted a flagpole, ironically of Mistral, and hit a button on her bike. It transformed back into hoops and chain, Zaffre throwing it at the flag. Her wheel looped over it, catching her and causing her to spin, before rocketting her out across the street towards a warehouse. She slammed into the brick with the dust laden boots, and they began to glow purple as she ran full sprint against the building, gravity dust keeping her upright despite running at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Making it to the end of the bricks, she leapt off, finding herself directly over a freeway.

Retransforming her weapon again, her bike landed with a lurch below, with Zaffre revving it again, this time picking up speed as she headed to a clock tower in the distance, towards Beacon.

She tapped at her scroll carefully, barely able to type

'Nailed it.'

into the group chat. She didn't know for a fact she was going to be first there... but she was pretty sure she was going to be first.

Wait, am I just showing off, or am I concerned of this place being attacked. Quick way to check. What's my plan once I get there...?



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Yzebella Hawthrone
Location: SS Seasmoke
Interaction: Roux Fard

Combat Simulation in Progress

Simulated Grimm Remaining: 5/29
Artificial Terrain: Dark Deadwood Forest

Another Beowolf skull has befallen in the dark cold ground of the false dead forest. The red madness in its eyes ceased to burn as the simulation disposes of the virtual Grimm.

5 Grimm Remaining

The computer updates with its monotone voice. Yzebella stands dead center on the arena, peering through the foggy forest as the growling and the movement shadows draw closer. FLAMMA DISCORDAEI's powered engine beckons the enemy with its idle growling.

"I'll kill them." She replied to the machine, panting from such an early self-training. Holding the chainsaw in front while her eyes rapidly stream against the forest. A roar from behind forced her to turn around, nothing was there. A small misdirection exposed an opening for a near Beowulf to strike the girl with its claws, striking it down upon them.

Yzebella blocks the attack with her own bladed weapon. The chainsaw spun and sparks flew against the claws. The claws slid off as the chainsaw is tilted to the right, missing their target. It was a simulation but the weights were real enough. The girl counter-attacks with an upside-down chainsaw uppercutting it toward the Beowolf, grazing its eye blind. It roars back in anger. Swiping back furiously twice, both missed as she retreats by hopping back a large distance thanks to her aura.

She spins forward back to the target, FLAMMA DISCORDEAI following behind her, taking a strong heavy swing. She missed as the rather large Beowolf ducked, as it did another face of a Beowolf was leaping right behind, its jaws wide agape and its arms wide open to catch its prey. Pinned down in the blink of an eye. Yzebella was on the ground, even with the chainsaw sawing rapidly through its chest it paid no mind and tried to bite it's prey's face, only to eat literal dirt as it sunk its teeth into the soil. It turned its head back as it heard the scream of its fellow Beowolf.

The previous Beowolf is writhing in the orange glowing flames of its opponent. Trying to extinguish the flames from its skin in vain. The face eater only saw Yzebella a split second after she open fire, turning back to them. It took this moment to successfully bite her right knee. "Gah! Erhg!" She screamed in pain immediately reacting to the closing of FLAMMA DISCORDEAI.

"Let! GO!" She screamed in anger, hitting the Grimm with the box form weapon twice. The first one is against the left jaw, instantly breaking it and opening its mouth ajar and the second is an uppercut instantly standing it straight from its prone position. The flaming Grimm charged at Yzebella which she obviously saw coming as their glow gives away their position even in peripheral sight. She immediately transformed her weapon and sunk the sawblade directly in its chest and easily cut up. It immediately turned to ash before she could cut it in half.

With the broken-jaw-Beowolf still had plenty of fight left in itself. Successfully swiping thrice with a basic left and right combo. She ducks the fourth hit and used her elbow to put the Beowolf's head to the ground as her elbow jabs downward. She finished it off with a single puff of flames letting the creature burned.

3 Grimm Remaining

Using the small half-a-minute silence to catch her breath. She'd immediately warp-hop away from where she stood as something rolling at blinding speeds cuts through the fog and into her position within seconds. "What was that!?" She huffed. It was small yet its speed is immaculate it unrolled itself before her. It was a boarbatusk, its eyes locked on the girl, its feet readying to launch themselves. Without warning, it rolls forward like a car wheel. Yzebella flames the monster head-on in hopes of melting it before it gets close.

Despite the intense heat the Boarbatusk rolled in too fast before it could melt. Forcing a defensive stance against the rolling beast. FLAMMA DISCORDEAI revs itself against the flaming Boarbastusk. Eargrating scratching noise against another rapidly spinning surface as Yzebella's feet are pushed back from the intense force of the flaming Boarbatusk, no decrease in velocity in both combatant, and the Boarbatusk unrolls to throw off Yzebella with its horns launching FLAMMA DISCORDEAI into the air landing on a tree branch, Yzebella was launched back into the same tree as well, landing back first into its dead trunk.

Dead roots began to entangle the girl from the ground as a face of a Geist appeared in the tree trunk itself. "What the--!?" She warps away and towards one of the branches where her brother's weapon is held captive in the dead branches. She could feel the whole tree grabbing her with the branches while she holds on for dear life that she isn't shaken off and on time she managed to yank the chainsaw off the tree branches. Teleporting back to the ground with the 4 flamethrower nozzles aimed directly against the tree. Flames swallowed the three whole. The Geist screeches as it dispossessed the dead tree still caught in the flames as it burns away in the air.

2 Grimm Remaining

The Boarbatusk was quick to be dealt with. The Grimm charges forth toward the girl and Yzebella charges at the same speed. In the second they would clash, the girl teleports to the side of the Boarbatusk, kicking it upside down. Its soft belly exposed, she revs up the chainsaw and sank its teeth into the squealing Boarbatusk.

The girl stood straight as no follow-up Grimm came to attack her. Sweat drips down from her face, final stretch and she couldn't see the last one. The girl tried to remember the large variety of Grimm the computer has listed before. The girl stomps away from the dusting Boarbatusk.

"Computer! Where is the last one?" Yzebella waited in silence as the computer did not answer. Something screeched in the sky but looking up won't show the monster's figure.

Before she realized it she was grabbed by the waist and dragged through the dirt at intense speeds, shredding her aura to dust. She was dropped when she counters by attempting to saw off its leg. The Grimm gently descends to the ground fully showing its dangerous features. Face and wings of an avian and the legs and body of a feline, a Griffon. It shrieks as it pounces forward from a great distance. Its claws swipe multiple times. She dodged and blocked all of it. It was a very large Griffon and easily overpowered the girl as it pecks fast with its fury of nonstop scratching and pecking. Nearly backed against a tree she warps behind the creature as she raised her weapon high. She was kicked back by it's powerful hind legs that she was launched back with FLAMMA DISCORDEAI disarmed upon kick.

The Griffon leaps high into the air spreading its wings at the peak of its graceful jump. With no weapon and her back against a recently smashed tree. She could only cross her arms to guard against a mighty dive of the Griffon.

Battle Simulation Complete

Final Result

Aura Threshold: 0% / 40% [Eliminated]
Grimm Slain Total: 28
Remaining: 1

The whole arena dissipated before her, the illusion broken. The Griffon fades away as it lands before an inch of contact, the lighting returns to its former glory, and the cold steel floor returns.

"Why!?" She pounds her fist against the ground. Exerting so much in punch her Aura was visible for a split second. The girl took a deep breath "Breathe... Is what he would have said..." Standing up, brushing the dust off her new dark red-green clothes. "Perhaps... Next time I can fight stronger." The girl walks towards the huge door with FLAMMA DISCORDEAI sitting peacefully on the side.

"I should really get you fixed... Computer, I'm done." The lights dim and the doorway outside is the only light source in the spacious arena.

Location: SS. Seasmoke Bridge

The girl would be seen again in the main bridge of the ship, just entering the doorway.

"Ahem, Mr. Roux Fard, sir. Thank you for accepting me on board. I'll get to the assignment as soon as possible. May I ask if where we can find some dust? Fire dust I mean?"
The girl tilts her head. Just trying to examine the owner of the Amity from head to toe, albeit in a subtle way. "Are all of us going to investigate? If there's any other place here in Vale needs our help, can we... Help them too? Huntsmen and Huntresses help those in need." The girl glances back to one of the many screens. Shows the coordinates of Vale, and one of the headline news regarding Hunters of yesteryear is to blame despite their near-endangered numbers.


The Northwind

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Location: Ship==> Olympia Forge(near beacon)==> the Forrest near beacon

‘Ding ding ding’ Itel’s scroll chimed which woke him from his nap. Itel stood from his seat in the conference room after falling asleep. He wiped the drool from his lip and chuckled dryly “guess I was tired” he shook his head before collecting himself and exiting the room, looking at his messages on his scroll “so Zaffre is ok” he smiled softly, relieved that he hadn’t seriously injured the girl during their…sparring match.

He made his way to the bridge and entered the room as Yzebella asked Roux about dust. He reached in his bag and pulled out two red cartridges before walking over and handing them to the girl “here, I don’t use fire dust that often so you can take what I have” he said softly, pulling his hood up to hide his tired eyes. He looked in his bag to check his supplies, grimacing at the scarcity. he frowned as the spar popped back into his head “My family has a forge near Beacon, Im going to head there and see if our dust stores are still intact or if they’ve been raided. Last I checked they were still pretty full and if we are to fight hordes of Grimm we need all the dust we can get” Itel spoke up looking past one of the workers to the map on the screen “I’m sure I can get there and back before you all make it to the academy” he said before looking to Yzebella with a sigh and a small smile “she’s right, we do need to help these people even if they don’t want the help. We can all meet up at the academy

Without waiting for a response Itel decided to exit the bridge and head towards the main deck. He sighed in content as he felt the wind brush his skin and he leaned on the railing, looking over the city with flashes of memories flaring up left and right. “Never thought I’d be back here” he smiled and stood on the railing “just like old times” he fell backwards and off the ship, plummeting to the ground and dangerous speeds.

Itel Lazuli- Purple
Vector Parse- Green
Ranen Wynter- Gray/ silver
Yela Wolfsbane- Red
I’ll see you at the bottom Vec” Itel laughed and leaped off the side of the airship that was supposed to take them back to beacon “Wait Itel, not all of us can fly” a young red panda Faunus called out to him with a frown on his face. Itel flew up and hovered next to the ship “you literally can teleport, I’m sure you could make it there before me” Itel rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, his dreads ruffling slightly in the wind “I don’t teleport” the Faunus called back “I just can move really fast” the boy shrugged before leaping off the side of the the ship and pushing off from said ship. He disappeared for a second and then reappeared a few feet away, falling to the ground. Itel sighed and swooped down, shooting a few feathers in Vector’s direction “feather’s behind” Itel called out, willing the feathers into various strategic points for Vector “thanks bird brain” Vector called out and began dashing through the air, using the feathers as stepping points to activate his semblance which allowed to him to cover short distances in the blink of an eye.

hey guys!!!! Wait up” a female voice called from the ship before an explosion could be heard “woooooohoooooo!” the girl yelled out in glee, zipping past both of the boys leavening a trail of smoke behind her “Catch up if you can” she called out as she zipped towards the ground. “ you heard the girl” another voice called out and bolted passed the boys with a loud laugh drowning out the noise from his makeshift hoverboard “vec, looks like we got some competition” Itel called out to vector who turned mid fall and looked at him with a grin

Itel folded his wings and dived towards vector, catching him and also enveloping him in the black wings. He began spinning,
which caused him to gain speed and barreled towards the ground like a bullet. A few feet from the ground, he opened his wings and literally threw Vector towards the ground, shooting two feathers from his wings infront of the Faunus. Before vector could touch the the feather , the silver haired boy boy grabbed him by the hand and held him suspended in the air while he stood on a hover board. The boy set vector down with a chuckle “no one likes flattened pandas” he laughed which earned a frown from Vector “shut up Ranen” vector seethed and turned to walk in the direction of the academy.

You know he would’ve caught himself right” Itel said, finally landing on the ground, his wings folding and vanishing into wisps of purple energy “Yea but seeing him mad is hilarious” Ranen responded with a chuckle. A girl walked up to them, dust and soot covering her face and clothes. “you better stop messing with Vector, or Itel might put you in your place” she said in a singing voice, mocking Ranen “Oh shush Yela, just because the lovebirds are inseparable doesn’t meant our fearless leader is going to beat me up” Ranen shrugged and began walking towards beacon with Itel and Yela following close behind “yea I’m not the one he should be worried about” Itel pointed to the seething Vector who was walking a few feet ahead of them, an aura of irritation floating around him “he’s the one who would kill you in your sleep” he called out to the silver hair boy smirking and reached out to squeeze Ranen’s shoulder roughly “at least you’ll see me coming “ Itel patted Ranen’s shoulder and jogged to catch up with Vector, leaving Ranen with a frightened expression drawn across his face “I can never tell when he’s being serious and when he’s just messing with me ” a fearful Ranen said, looking to the much taller girl. Yela laughed and ruffled Ranen’s silver hair “he was being serious love” she grinned and patted the boy on the back before jogging to catch up to her other teammates. “Go to beacon they said” Ranen mumbled “it’ll be fun they said” he rolled his eyes before catching up with his team, dodging hateful glares from the Faunus.

*End Flashback*

He summoned his wings and with one strong flap, Itel soared through the air with grace, flying in concert with the birds that seemed to flock around him “yea just like old times” he smiled and flapped harder, determined to make it to the forge before the timer on his semblance went out.

A few minutes later he arrived at the forge and landed near the front door. “Haven’t been here in years” he looked at the half hanging sign that read ‘Olympia, Beacon Branch’ “good old Beacon Olympia” he snickered “the memories” his smiled faded slightly but he shook his head and decided to enter the forge. As he opened the door however he was met with two sabyrs laying in the middle of the room, simply staring at him as he walked in. “You guys picked the wrong place” he muttered before pulling Hemlock from her holster. one Sabyr lunged but Itel quickly unloaded the pistol into it, watching as it evaporated “idiot” he murmured and turned right as the other Sabyr swiped its claws at him. narrowly dodging the claw, he slammed his leg into the beast causing it to slam against the ceiling and he pulled Nightshade from her holster and unloaded the whole clip into the Sabyr. It dissipated before it touched the ground and Itel sighed, holstering both his pistols and walked into the forge towards the back to check the dust stores.

Score” he yelled seeing that the dust reserves were fairly decent. He took some vials and cartridges from a shelf and began filling them with various types of dust until the book bag he found on the floor was full. “This should be enough for now, I’ll lock up so no one can take anything” he looked over the forge, a tear forming in his eye “I really miss you guys” he sniffled, tears staring to stream down his brown skin.

He closed the door and flipped up a hidden panel next to the peep hole on the door. He moved his eye infront of it and a blue light began to shine from the screen. “Identity confirmed, Welcome Master Itel. How may I be of assistance” a voice spoke from the screen, which caused Itel to choke up more recognizing it as the voice of his mother. “Dad would make you the voice of the security system..you were always the scary one” he sighed “initiate Lockdown protocol Soteria, Authorization code..” he paused for a second, a small smile spreading onto his tear stained face at the memory of Vector “Birdbrain” he finished, wiping the remaining tears from his face “Authorization code: ‘Birdbrain’ has been accepted, now initiating protocol Soteria” the computer spoke before a loud humming began to annoy Itel’s ears. A cloaking shield enveloped the forge and now Itel appeared standing in an empty field. He turned and walked off into the Forrest, pulling up his hood and mentally preparing himself for the battle he was sure would come soon.
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