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By the time Yumi had finally succumbed to the pain and fallen unconscious in his arms, Xander had continued to kneel there on the floor holding onto the small animal close in his embrace for a few more moments before eventually beginning to stand. Wrapping her back into the bloodied cloth on the floor before tying it around his hip to his shoulder once more so that he could carry her around, he took a glance around the ruins of the control room one final time before heading for the nearest exit.
With the entire arena fallen onto its side, traversing any part of its interior made trying to find ways through exits and entrances require unique ways of thinking since what was once the floor was now his right-side wall and the right-side wall was now the floor he had to walk on, because of this he found that the door to the control room was a bit more difficult to reach now compared to when he first arrived in the room as it was in the center part of the wall that was now considered behind him and meant he was going to have to somehow climb up towards it. "Oh geez. Alright. Well, here goes nothing." Making sure Yumi was secured against his body and his weapon was properly fastened in his sheathe, Xander hopped up just to grab a hold of one of the nearby destroyed computer terminals, pulling himself up one after another to reach closer and closer towards the doorway.

With enough upper body strength, he eventually pulled himself up and finally reached the door. Luckily with it being forced open due to the arena being on its side followed by the amount of damage it suffered; he could sit upon edge of the door only to find that the hallway he ran up earlier was now a massive sheer vertical drop down that appeared to be almost 20 to 40 feet down. Meanwhile in the opposite direction was to go up another 10 to 20 feet climb towards a window that was shattered slightly and reach outside but meant that he would have to physically drain himself further by climbing and risk the possibility of falling to his death.

Weighing his options, he sat there only to be caught off guard by a sudden chime to go off in his pocket. The unexpected sound nearly caused him to lose his balance on the edge of the doorway and fallen off, but luckily enough Xander caught himself and kept his balance before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his scroll. It was a message from some sort of rich individual by the name of Roux Fard, definitely not a name that he heard before but the fact that he somehow had his contact information had Xander's attention enough causing him to open up the message and read up on the details:

"Mr Seong. How would you like a job!? I am Roux Fard. Owner of Amity Coliseum... former owner. Meet me at the ruins of the coliseum tomorrow morning, let's say 9 am and we can make a deal. Those grimm rutters with a familiar attachment to sheep and pigs have crossed the wrong man. I pay great, in Lien and Revenge. Bring along anyone you know who can fight."

An offer of a job that paid well in lien by the owner of this place. Normally Xander would pass upon these sorts of offers of revenge and such but the fact that this man owned the entire coliseum followed by the offer of lien; of which he currently lacked, would be helpful. Not to mention, the sudden invasion of Grimm did not sit right with him, Grimm did not work in organized fashions to go for priority targets like the arena in this situation, they were wild beasts that slaughtered anyone and once it was over, they would just leave. He wanted answers one way or another.

So, with that, Xander his Grimm hand into the metal surface that was the wall beside him, digging the claws into the metal to get a tight enough grip while using his free hand to hold onto the hole other hand made before making another hole above him. Continuing this repeated motion over and over again, Xander found himself climbing up the hall little by little until he finally found himself exiting the interior of the arena through the window. With his body nearly drained of almost all physical strength since he hadn't eaten the entire day, by the time he escaped the arena, he slowly made his way towards one side of the structure where he could carefully slide down to the forest floor. Luckily, with the sun no longer being at its highest point and the afternoon was quickly approaching, the day was not overly hot.

Unaware of the situation going on the opposite side of the large building, Xander proceeded on his way through the forest after helping himself down the arena.

His walk was soon interrupted by what sounded like a massive mechanical object approaching him at high speeds causing Xander to halt his movements before taking a single step back in the case that he would have to prepare for battle. When the callouts of 'rescue' were heard though, relief swarmed over him only to come face-to-face with a rather large tank before him soon enough. Moments later, a woman had rushed up to Xander asking him questions about who had done the bandages for Yumi while she worked on his small companion. The relief that rescue had arrived sooner than expected was a lifesaver. "I..did the bandages. I apologize if they are poor...I've never treated large wounds before. I was able to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. Please, help her." With that said, Xander could only drop down onto his rear as he sat on the forest floor for a few moments before finally dropping down onto his back to stare up at the sky while the medic worked on his companion.


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Roux Fard - Owner of Amity Coliseum

"No offense received, Mr. Cadell. Combat has never been my forte. I'm lucky to have unlocked my aura, but that is the extent of my 'training' as it were. You can't put a price on immortality after all! But, no, I much prefer bookkeeping to ravenous beasts. While I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I've much become accustomed to the taste since becoming as I am.

As far as the job, no, searching through debris for what little hope there is for survivors is just my conscience. What the job is, is to find who did this, who were driving those ships. And to arrest them."
He started to chuckle madly. "Perhaps I'm lying. I wouldn't be satisfied if they were merely arrested. Hundreds are dead today, Mr. Cadell. I do not think of myself as a particularly good person, but that pricks even my conscience. They were my audience, and I let them down.

If I'm to be honest, when we lost Shade Academy here in Mistral, I was a bit happy to see the hunter's go. They attract trouble as often as they solve it. But, well, if we had more in town, this wouldn't have happened..."

He uncrossed his legs, and seemed to float forward off his perch, deeper within the coliseum, motioning for Jack to follow. His monocle turned red, scanning deeper within for signs of life, the businessman cocking it occasionally, before drooping his shoulders and shaking his head. Again and again he did this, the corridors sparking with electricity, and occasionally bursting with flames. Several bodies, but none of the living variety. He hung his head.

"Money can buy a great many things. Entertainment. Health. A coliseum. Power. The secrets of the military. But not all the money in the world can restore a single lost life... Made from dust, to dust we return..."

He signed, then straightened his shoulders, flipping his hair back as if water had been poured on it, the pink strands still floating wildly.

"Tell me about yourself. I've read a few things in your profile, but that doesn't tell me about you. What do you make of a mysterious organization flying ships in here, killing hundreds, and leaving? Does it disgust you, or perhaps its merely an employeer with deep pockets that interests you? I will hardly be offended by the latter. "


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Mr. Fard, so he was apparently named, had ventured into the wreckage of the coliseum with his conversation partner, his mouth still going a mile a minute. Evidently, she would no longer be able to "cover" them from this position. Releasing her grip on her bowstring, Skathi dropped the nocked arrow back into her quiver. Reaching up to her collar, she unpinned her hood, dropping it back into her bag as well.

And finally, she was Liliya again. She hadn't been witnessed too much by the throng of people milling about today, least of all given the frantic circumstances. Surely no one would recognize her as Skathi, not while she was wearing the exact same cloak and carrying the exact same weapon.

For the third time today, Liliya allowed herself to fall. Stepping off the lip of the impact crater, she slid feet first, her cloak acting like a sled and allowing her to slide smoothly down the disturbed soil with naught but a little rumbling sound presaging her presence.

Her shoes tapped on the metal flooring as she followed behind Fard and Cadell, keeping her distance as she listened in on their conversation. She didn't generally like such subterfuge...but she did also come here to search for survivors. And if other people happened to be there, so be it. Satisfied with that justification, Liliya continued to creep through the wreckage, eyes and ears out for the slightest sign of life that would signal someone clinging on with all their will, in desperate need of help.

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"How has my life gotten to this?"
"Because you're not a very creative person "

Concurrently Ace was still in the mess of limbs ass over head in the ditch, shuffling on to his back as he attempted to rung out the remaining stars out of his vison staring at the already disappearing day not even able to tempt his aura with semblance activation, leaving him to the cacophony of wanton destruction probably happening above. Along with the crazed shrill crackles preceding it, a foreboding sign of insanity if any. Revealing herself in a brief intermission to be the young heiress Hannah at the top of a certainly not defuncted tank, another tick in the theory of those Clansmen being bloody insane.

"Yes, I am he"

Not having the luxury of carrying the conversation. The sky darkening a shade and the subsequent scream of the Atlas fleet halting the discourse. being enough to denote that Ace really lucked out not working security detail as their remains briefly screamed out from radios. Only getting knocked out of his stunned stupor by the sounds of by his guess's orders taking the help offered to get out of the homely ditch onto ground level.

"Course I'm in, I need some good karma"

Hopping on with little fanfare, trusting the words of the only person that Ace could understand in the midst of his linguistical failure. Getting himself as comfy as he could do being on a tank convoy with a group of people, he couldn't understand the only exceptions being a small child soldier and to Ace's pettiness that rude old geezer from the arena. Definably ranks high on the worst hitchhikes he's ever taken, still never an idle moment as Ace activated the scroll features of his helmet and got to checking a new message popup.
"You lucky bastard"

Ace's mood quickly changing as he received a certain job offer from a rather wealthy Roux Fard, what merc/contractor/fixer hasn't heard of the biggest money maker this side of the border of Atlas, this whole mess probably didn't even make a non-recoverable dent from the rumors he heard about the tycoon not to mention how much more reliable and safer it was to work private. The destroyed remnants of Amity arena notwithstanding, only a little thing called legally binding contracts were in his way thankfully Ace always thought of himself as a sly speaker.

"40 precent to sit on your arse and answer phone calls!"
"Who's going to be navigating the Atlas legal bureaucratic hell scrape not to mention the extra hours."
"Oh, please don't exaggerate how hard it is."
"You want to be on legal vacation while having access to Atlas resources when they suffered a hard manpower loss, that's pretty hard to do."
"You do know I can just run off with the money"
"You do know you have an atlas bank account"
By the time they arrived at the stadium, Ace was able to scrape a 70:30 split for a vacation that timed perfectly with 9am tomorrow, moving from his seemingly sedated position as if he didn't have a tedious agreement about money, why couldn't things be simple anymore. Attempting to gather as much information from these strange clan folk as much as possible, like the fact they've achieved projector technology or that they had the natural human instinct to laugh at penises.

Taking the chance as soon as Hannah left to use this projector while it was unassigned with some juicy information as he also got to doing his own investigation nabbing the stylus as he began. "Handler, probe outposts E34 to E38"

Upon receiving an answer Ace marked down the location of the surveillance post with a crude circle or marking down a non-responsive post with a cross to attempt to follow a trail of destruction left in the wake of this panic cross referencing the already placed information, still the pattern didn't make any sense.

Deciding to plug in, Ace undid a cable connection sewed into his suit and attached one end from his helmet and then to the projector creating a direct connection as he took control of the projector, zooming it out as he continued to overlap and record incidents reported during that time and the prior past on his end with the clan's information in an attempt to figure this out already. Missing tradership over there, downed air taxi there, Grimm sighting here, increased ammo consumption. Taking a step back as the reports finally dimmed down as he reached some semblance of an objective.

One final check on the Grimm highlighted on the map and Ace found his pattern, grimm attacks usually follow a pattern upon an incident involving Grimm it would cause a knockdown effect Leftvilve hears Rightville got wiped attracting the grimm towards them meaning typically it was a straight line to track the grimm and their movements just charging forward to the next encampment, which then in lied the pattern.

"Course they have to be involved"

Old academy grounds, Increased ammo usage and a spike in activity near them which would be normal for those graveyards except for an oddity in recent related incidents, there was no follow-up, grimm don't attack someone on a road and turn back. So that was the problem seemingly around those academy grounds Grimm seemed to instead retreat and congregate rather than pursue despite the fact no sane person would willingly go there now so it probably wasn't the buffet, whatever grimm find worthwhile to defend and gather around would surely be mighty important as Ace finished his hijacking of the projector by drawing on to the academy grounds identified.
"Academy grounds - Grimm defending and gathering there 8/"

After Ace was done with his contribution, he unplugged himself from the projector trying to get some air and recover from the hard task of thinking, looking for a place to sit and finding plenty. Except eying the old-timer's spot Ace decided to be annoying as he obnoxiously sat next to one Buc deciding to attempt to garner a petty social victory.
"Say you wouldn't happen to have a Cig?"


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Jack paused, briefly as Roux mentioned 'arrest'. Someone capable of launching a large-scale attack of this caliber deserved a fate far worse than a simple arrest. A person like this—or whatever this was—is capable of things far beyond comprehension, and thus leaves itself to pose as a massive threat to humanity. Though just as the Faunus went to speak—Roux finished his line of thought, to which they were of same mind.

"I can scarcely fathom anyone who'd be satisfied with only arresting the perpetrators. Give it a few hours, and somebody powerful is going to be calling for someone else's head."

Roux began to move off, and Jack followed suite. Collapsed corridors, rubble as far as the eye can see, and unsurmountable death. Amity Coliseum—a pinnacle of society—a means to bring together the peoples of Remnant, now nothing more than a symbol of ruination, demise, and hopelessness. Exposed wires hung low, sparking with what feeble moments of life they retained. They too would expunge the remains of their dust supply, and thus ending its life entirely.

"These people didn't choose to return to dust today, and they shouldn't have been made to. All the money in the world couldn't have saved them against a foe like that."

He averted his gaze for a moment, and clenched his fist with disdain. Emotion ran through him like a surge, but he tried his best to hold it together. A defeated sigh escaped his lips.

"Whoever—whatever did this... They need to face consequences." He paused, "I've been seeking out strange occurrences with the Grimm since the fall of the academies. Though nowhere near the scale of devastation as such as this. Consider it a personal interest to find the culprit, and I don't require your money to serve as encouragement."

The Faunus stopped, and offered a hand to Roux,

"I'll help your mission, but we're going to need more than just you and I. You've reached out to others, I presume?" His head turned, slowly towards the way they had come. "Perhaps the one tailing us might have an interest, too."


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227072C8-5AB6-4D3F-9CFF-EC2CCD484D07.jpeg ITEL LAZULI
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Itel smiled when yzebella regained her spirit "and help we shall" he smiled rushing into the forge to gather his equipment before joining her on her walk into the forrest. He threw on his new cloak and shivered slightly as the wind dragged against his bare arms "sleeveless was probably a bad option" he muttered before shaking off the cold and pressing forward with a small sniffle. Itel shrugged when she asked if the were going the right way and if he lived out here alone "well my actual home is near beacon but I kind of just travel between forges, my family built many over the years in all the kingdoms so I tend to just drift between them all and help who I can" he sighed, pushing a branch out of the way before smiling at her next comment


"well my semblance allows me to create wings from my aura, they do have a time limit though which why we kept stopping when I flew us away from the arena." he shrugged "if I have dust I can usually use it to glide to extend the time I can use my aura seeing as each wing flap drains it" with that thought in his mind, he checked his bag to see if he had packed the dust reserves from Olympia and sighed in relief when he saw the little viles stashed in his bag "I don't know many huntsmen who can essiently fly but I knew this one gu....." he stopped when he heard yzebella say someone was there and quickly flipped up one of the pistols he had come to call Hemlock.

he sighed deeply as the girl began to speed up and he literally started jogging to keep up with the small but fast girl. "Yze wait we don't know who it is" he seethed between his teeth as he dashed in front of her with both Hemlock and Nightshade drawn at the ready but before he could open his mouth, Yzebella took the words from his mouth and all he could do was mentally facepalm as he finally looked the man over....he was huge, at least seven feet tall and holding a massive sword. "wait you fell from an airship?" he asked, still holding his defensive position "were you at the arena?" he flicked the switch so that the blade on hemlock extended to fighting range.

Itel didn't want to be so hostile, but after the last few days he had endured and with yzebella now accompanying him on this mini journey, he wanted to make sure nothing happened to her, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. The giant didn't seem as if he meant the pair harm but Itel wasn't about to take the chance that this was all a ploy as he subconsciously readied himself to activate his aura and attack before the man could swing the massive sword that loomed over Itel like a storm cloud threatening to unleash hellish fury.

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Not that she was particularly hiding her presence, but she didn't quite expect to be noticed so soon. Either way, she was going to make herself known at some point. May as well be now. Stepping forward into the corridor with Mr. Fard and the Faunus, she tilted her head up slightly, allowing her gleaming eyes to be plainly visible beneath her pink bangs. "Good ear, Mr. Cadell." She promptly turned her attention to the one who was leading the conversation instead. "If you intend to point me at a target, Mr. Fard, I will gladly hunt them down. And I ask for little, certainly not the stacks of Lien you take such pride in."

She took a step closer to the pair and gave a little bow, but made no other move beneath her cloak. "Liliya Bogatyr. I have never been a hunter, but I hardly need their example." Who knew how much that man's resources and information reached? Maybe he had already seen her today. Known her name...and her past. "The trail of the...monster who did this does not end here, and I intend to track them down either way."

"All I ask in return is..."
She hesitated for a moment, before reaching into her bag and pulling out Perun, balancing the hefty gauntlet in her palm as if it was no more than a bottle of wine or a jar of pickles. "...I have here an...asset of the Atlesian military. One of a pair. I will find the other one, no matter what it takes. If in time you know anyone with a lead, that is all I can ask for."

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Asher Cobalt
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asher gave a small nod and a smile to the other two he'd run into tho one of them seemed aggressive and distrustful of him.. kinda strange frankly did he think he was hostile? Whatever it didn’t much matter. “ yeah I jumped form the area ledge actually survived the drop using my semblance kinda surprised actually didn’t think I’d manage, oh yeah named Asher Cobalt nice to meet both of you, no real need for hostilities there mate sure I look intimidating, but i‘m not gonna hurt ya nice weapons by the way” Asher replied calmly leaning against the oversized blade cannon thing he was carrying showing them he meant no harm Seeing as he’d put the weapon down. “So what are you two doing was heading over to the crash myself see if anyone alive.. kinda doubt it tho “

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Yzebella Hawthrone
Location: Forest
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His size was overwhelming, a giant compared to the two of them. Itel seems to be on edge from the appearance alone. Yzebella gulps her throat before finally speaking to the tall Faunus who was surprisingly non-hostile despite them too, being a complete stranger to him. He introduced himself as Asher Cobalt after complementing the gear of hers and Itel's, she hid the box-form weapon FLAMMA DISCORDEA behind her whilst her pale cheeks flushed pink.

"We-- Ummm... If you truly fell from the airship, then... You have seen it, didn't you!? The Grimm! They just came out of nowhere, They were everywhere! The Arena! The fair! The halls! The streets and even walls! I tried to fight them but I--!!" One can just hear her voice and throat tense as her voice increases in volume. She stops abruptly, her head droops down, and her blonde hair curtains over her sleepless eyes.

"I'm sorry... Asher..." She held the warm freehand of Asher, her chin raised up and her eyes glistening looking up at the Faunus's eyes. "I'm Yzebella. I want to help them, Asher, the people of Mistral. Those from the colosseum! They need our help, they need Huntsmen like you! Please help us!" She tightens her grip on Asher. "Help us find the Colosseum. I know there are still some who need our help there... Please..." She released his hand and picked up the box off the ground. It wouldn't take long before she joins back to Itel's side.

With the guidance of Asher and Itel, the travel was felt swift and safe throughout the journey into the forest. Something about an unfamiliar forest gave the girl a reason to glance behind and sideways almost every half a minute. She would only find herself glancing at dead space or a woodland critter minding its own simple life.

Location: Ruin crash site of Amity Colosseum

There it is, The house eating flames, the gigantic towering smoke, dirt, and stone dust scattered in the air and ground. It was way worse than anything that the girl could ever imagine. She could barely look at the fallen arena. Her eyes shut and fell behind the pace of the two she is with. Each step felt heavier when approaching the lifeless rubble. She would open them again when a figure of contrasting color was visible in her strained view. She looked both into Asher and Itel, subtly prompting them to talk to the standing figures in the distance.

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Mouth set in a thin line, the veterinarian worked quietly but quickly. With mechanical precision, she redid the wound. Hannah looked away when the medic gently started to shave the fur, to better clean the wound. Ace appeared to be messing with the map. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to follow his train of thought. He zoomed out, highlighted locations and drew lines that appeared to connect the various grimm sightings. Not just sightings, but… somehow he saw a connection between the attack now and several previous Grimm raids.

“Den Göttinnen sei Dank, she has ze aura unlocked. Did ze kitten haf aura before? Eizzer vay. Ve vill need to check ze bandages tomorrow, and she vill need ze medicinal food. Extra energy is vital, so I vill make a nutrient mix. You will need to administer zis wiv ze bottle. Optimal for ze young growth. She vill need to vear ze cone for a veek. No licking, you see? Also, I vill haff to get… Hannah was war ein Rollkragen?” she lectured Xander.

“Turtleneck jumper.” Hannah supplied, distracted by the map. The seven words Ace scribbled on there. Scribbled in Grimm black, just as ominous as any of the real monsters. She leaned back in her seat, and one finger tapped thoughtfully on the rim of her commander’s hatch.

"Academy grounds - Grimm defending and gathering there."

“I propose we go there next. The arena first, then we go to the academy ground. The defenders in the city have pushed out the stragglers near as I can tell from the radio.” she said.

“Vat do zey vant zere anyvay? Ze Grimm need doctorates now? Ve get to fight herr doctor Bayowolf wiv ze funny hat? Torments sein victims wiz class projects, and surprise quizzes?” Hans offered.

“Perhaps. Perhaps we will find the reason for this entire attack.” Hannah said, fist clenched.

“What about the survivors in the Arena?” Albrecht said.

“Dead men tell no tales… but legends never die.” Hannah completed ser Iron’s saying.

“We leave you in charge of the rescue effort. I will go in for a quick recon run. Only a drive by, a thunder run. Pedal to the metal. They’ll never know what hit them, and I’ll be back before you know it. We can go from there.” she decided.

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Turic Yusif

Turic awoke as the ship halted with a tussle and soon a piercing voice of the captain, urging for the tailed passenger to wake. Turic. at first, threw a hand in the air for the captain to leave and rolled over, but the man persisted. He spoke with urgency and worry for what was seen on the land before them. With the constant bickering, Turic gave up on resting longer and equipped himself with his armor grudgingly and headed to the deck. The sun blinded the eyes of Turic, even if they were heavily shaded by his trusty helmet, the rays seemed to still peer into his eyelets and attack his unaccustomed eyes. With a short moment to grow more able to see in the sun, Turic saw a sprawling land, littered with corrupted grassland and ruins. Among the ruins, there was a towering keep surrounded by long demolished walls. As he peered closer, he could notice many roaming Grimm, varying in what they were but seemingly almost all some type of canine Grimm. Beowulfs, Hounds, and other youngling versions roamed the land around the keep. It seemed almost a den for the monstrous animals.

Turic looked to the captain and grinned, satisfied with the discovery of a promising base. Reaching out his hand to the captain, the captain flinched for a moment, expecting a blade to be what came to him, but instead looked to see the armored hand of Turic reaching for a congratulation. The captain hesitantly took the hand of Turic and nervously laughed in a faux celebration. Truly, he was more celebratory he wasn't dead yet, he could care less of where he docked even if that was the reason he was alive. With the celebration over for the discovery, Turic went back to the captains quarters and woke his pup, Cerberus. The dog growled in dislike to waking up, but eventual did, not too unlike his owner. The dog hopped down from the bed and sat at the heel of his owner, ready to go wherever he was to be led. As everything came to order among the ship, Turic set off with his trusty sword and pup.

Embarking on their journey, the dog and owner walked the lands, still able to see the castle vaguely. Many deadened trees and graves littered the path around them, giving an ominous tone to the walk. The trek was cut into a halt as a Beowulf hopped into the trail, staring to Turic and his dog. The Grimm did not make any signs of aggression, but almost observed the duo neutrally, as if he were a statue with an odd smell and nothing more. Waiting for an attack, Turic found that it would not come and the Grimm walked on towards more forest, leaving the path clear once more. The area was silent, for the occasional crunch of dirt under Turic's sabatons and a snap of a branch from a scratching Grimm. Turic couldn't help but feel almost honored to be "welcomed" in such a way to a grand keep. Even with the crumbling walls and dilapidated structure, the building still gave Turic awe.

Coming to the perimeter of the castle, Turic found that a moat had been dug and filled to the brim with thick pitch (tar). The black sustenance oozed and popped, still broiling even after the presumed many years since it's pouring. The area seemed not to have any clear path to the gatehouse other then a few spots where hopping would be the only hope to cross. With truly only one option, Turic sheathed his sword and grabbed Cerberus with both hands, getting ready to hop across on small dry spots. Bit by bit, the two made their way across to dry land and found themselves soon at the gatehouse. Long rusted and rotted away, nothing barred entry, not like it would help much with the many broken walls around. The courtyard was vast and shown to have had people there before, but gave no signs of buildings besides the keep and some joined shops since long broken and uncared for.

Entering the keep, the interior was dusty and webbed by many creatures. Torches long burnt out sat in their braziers, tables cracked and creaked, and the throne lay bare with no cushion or cover. Stairs led to the second floor, a grand bedroom and other chambers close by. The castle itself was cool and quiet, not a Grimm insight for the keep, though some lurked about on the remaining castle walls. This area seemed perfect for Turic and he decided there to call this place home. Ready to set upon the place with grandeur, Turic walked back to the ship and started to unload some of the previously loaded cargo. Small shipments of food, clothing materials, and raw metals were bagged and crated. Moving them bit by bit, the captain and Turic unloaded the small scuttle and set out the items in the main hall. As the captain took inventory, Turic worked on his hall, throwing the old table away and starting to make a crude one out of fallen trees and old wooden boards laden around the area. While it was no masterpiece, it was moderately better then the previous table and satisfied Turic. With inventory taken, Turic quickly began
working on making padding for the throne. While no loom master, Turic worked on his cover and cushioning for the throne as best as he could. With that, he was done for the immediate moment, and went to take a break.

Coming to the bedroom, the bed itself was no different from the rest of the castle, ruined and bare. But this was no bother for Turic, and he began to unshackled his armor before he got a splitting headache. His vision blurred and he grew quickly deaf to the world around him. Looking around all was black except for a faint image that flashed of his fortunate contractor. The figure stood there, clear to Turic yet truly not there. The hidden man spoke, a calling for Turic to come to the academies. To see that in which the earth reveals to him. Turic heeded the call, nodding with a shaky breath and sweaty violently dripping from his face, the vision disappeared. He could hear and see again, and the pain of the headache was all but a distant memory. This did not make Turic any less inclined to leave back for the academies, hurriedly reattaching his armor and proceeding down stairs. He looked to the captain and Cerberus and demanded they leave now. With a sense of urgency, the trio returned to the scuttle and moved away from the lonely dock. The ship was carried away with the wind and the captain readied the sails, getting the direction to head to the academies in Mistral. Not sure why, but also not willing to question Turic, the captain plotted the course and turned his sails. The group would soon dock back in Mistral, set on the academy there as beckoned by the figure.



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Laying there on the forest floor staring up at through the tree lines as the veterinarian had patched up and cared for Yumi, Xander was relieved enough that he had nearly fallen asleep on the spot. It wasn't until the woman had spoken up that he jolted up from his laying position to an immediate sitting up posture. Listening to her questioning about Yumi and whether or not she had unlocked her aura or had aura previously to the current situation, Xander couldn't help but eye his small companion who was laying there on side asleep the entire time she was being patched up. Throughout all this time the two of them had been together, Xander would always make sure that she was safe from any and all possible harm anyway he could, the thought of whether Yumi had been able to unlock her aura let alone whether or not she knew she had herself was a question that he wasn't even sure how to answer.
So instead of answering, he remained silent and continued to listen to the lecture about what needed to be done, what to feed her and the cone she would have to wear for an extended period of time, there was already not doubt in his mind that Yumi was going to be immensely upset with him when he had to tell her that he couldn't remove the cone from her.

Nodding after all the instructions were given, Xander lowered his head to the ground from his seated position while having both hands on the floor. "Thank you for helping her. I am truly in your debt." After thanking the veterinarian for her work, he'd carefully lift Yumi from her laid position soon back into his arms before wrapping his old dried bloodied cloth around his shoulder and forming a small pocket in front of him to help lower her down into. Even if it made Yumi appear like a baby in his arms with this position, it was better than him holding onto her to support her entire body in his arms the whole way.

The entire time while Xander had been focused on the care of his companion, he paid no mind to the conversations that the group before him were discussing. By the time he had settled Yumi into his embrace, he'd return his attention towards the veterinarian for a moment before directing his attention to that of the large tank. "Will you all be heading back to town anytime soon? If not, that is alright. I can walk the rest of the way...I am far too exhausted to most likely help out with any of your possible missions at the moment...and I have an appointment at the arena ruins later on. If you're looking for survivors, the ruins are over in that direction." As he spoke, he made sure to turn to his side just to point in the direction that he had walked from earlier in case they planned any rescuing.


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Roux Fard - Owner of Amity Coliseum
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Roux smiled as the new member joined them, seeming to flow to a seated position as he listened over the request. "Very well. I find the best business deals are the ones in which a party does not merely request Lien. Afterall, Lien's a means to an end, and a smart negotiator will skip that step. I do not promise I'll know for certain. I'm no magic genie, but I can promise I will use my resources to help."

He cocked his monocle at Lilya, it lighting up again. "Red Dawn, run a scan, see what you can find."

A wave of lethargy seemed to finally strike the eccentric man, and he shifted to a standing position, his hair still floating behind him. He nearly splattered against the ground, catching himself. "Tch, of all the things I miss in that crash, despite millions lien and thousands of lives, the very real and tangible asset to me is my cane."


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Three more figures moved into the coliseum, and the smile returned to his face, his lips flowing back up.

"My, my, seems we have several early arrivals. It's been a traumatic day for all of us, forgive my lack of energy and appearance. I'll keep it brief.

I'm looking to coordinate an attack against whoever blew up my coliseum. I am Roux Fard, owner of Amity Coliseum. I have funding an information, and hopefully, the ability to coordinate everyone.

Let's see..."

His monocle tabbed the information on Perun, the gauntlet, and began new scans on the new arrivals.

"Ah! Ms. Hawthorne, Mr. Cobalt, and Mr. Lazuli. Great additions to the team, should you be amiable to accepting. I need hunters and huntresses, or those trained as such. Mr Cobalt, I hope you are as talented at your young age at weaponcraft as your family. Now as for you, Ms. Hawthorne-"

His monocle binged, and Roux gritted his teeth, the flashing light starting to overload him. He tapped it.

"Yes, yes, what is it? I'm more than a little busy!"

Chattering could be heard, and a fiery look passed the man as he smashed his hand against the wall.
"The academy!? -"

- more chattering-

"I understand. Thank you, Suede."

He sighed, and tapped his ear.

"It seems we have a bit more intelligence. The hardest hit place in Mistral is Haven. The place is shredded, and a nice statue was utterly destroyed, leading to a shaft below the place. We don't know why it was hit, but I will leave that to the locals. It's a good start. And that whale Grimm, let's call it Monstra, was seen headed towards Vale... I'm thinking towards Beacon most likely. Thankfully, I don't suppose the beast is particularly fast. Let's put that theory to the test. In the morning, we'll board my personal private ship, the Seasmoke. Shall we prevent a tragedy, lads and lasses?"

A crazed grin graced Roux's expression... but quickly dripped away to a more tired expression. He staggered to the exit. "In the morning, we'll head off... We've all had one helluva a day... "

The monocle flashed with more information, several tabs in quick succession

Signs of life - No additional life found. 6 bodies total.

Fard Stocks - -37%

Seasmoke Crew - Refueling - 89%

Seasmoke Crew - MIA - 8/50 - Critical - Pilot missing

Seasmoke Workshop - Installing - 23%

Seasmoke Training Facility - Installing - 15%

Seasmoke Dust Supply - Critical - Fuel -89%, Weaponry - 13%, Hunter Stock - 3%

Personal File - Jack Cadell

Personal File - Liliya Bogatyr

Personal File - Yzebella Hawthorne

Personal File - Asher Cobalt

Personal File - Itel Lazuli

Flight Path - Beacon

News Story- Serial Killer in Mistral
News Story- Thousands dead after Grimm Attack, are Huntsmen to Blame?
News Story- Amity Coliseum Crashed, Rouj Fard under Investigation
News Story- Atlas Forces unhelpful in Grimm Invasion. Is the tech up to date?

The flashing continued, more and more, Roux spinning like a maelstrom as he walked. So much information to take in... It wasn't likely Roux Fard would get much sleep that night. He had the look of a man with a heavy weight on his shoulders, sinking into the sea. "Oh. And I'll be needing the skills of a weaponsmith, a pilot, an ammo expert, and perhaps a teacher. I'm installing my ship for the long trip, to help prep you all... and I'm missing a few crew after the attack. Get some rest. Tah."


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"...Khorosho. You have my sword, Mr. Fard." And that was the last remotely useful thing Liliya would be doing today. She had anticipated fighting, certainly. She had not looked forward to a full-scale assault by Grimm and the destruction of an entire city. But by the gods she had given far better than she got against them today. The weight of today's exertions pressed down on her mortal shell and her depleted aura. "I shall await your conveyance." With that she gave a little bow, turned, and exited to the entrance of the wreckage. The wreckage would likely be a fixture of the forest for a long time to come. Who now could spare the manpower and the materiel needed to break it up and salvage whatever was worth keeping?

No, this manmade structure would remain. Like whalefall in the ocean, a predator's carcass in the wilderness. Something that appeared great and unassailable fell, never to return. Its strength had failed when it was needed, and it paid the price. And nature, if allowed, would engulf it. Reclaim it. In a way...no matter what artifice was built, it was part of the cycle of life.

Liliya sat in the crater, leaning on a large hunk of fuselage. The forest gradually began to echo with sound once more as some traces of life poked their heads out. It was...not an unfamiliar feeling. Evocative of the long periods on wilderness patrol and reconnaissance, the days and nights spent with...them.

Instinctively, she reached down, cradling Perun almost as if it was her child.

"...Don't worry. You'll be going home soon. Where you belong..."

Her head shook slightly as she straightened up, fishing her sketchbook out of her bag, opening it to the page she was working on.


A half-completed sketch of the forest and town scenery of Mistral, a shadow of what was standing strong only this morning. And now...one of the memories testifying that it ever existed.

Idly, she gripped a thin piece of charcoal in her hand. There was time to pass until they left. Could she finish it from memory?

Should she?

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Itel sighed and sheathed both the pistols after flipping the blade close. “Sorry” he mumbled looking up to the freakishly@ tall man “can’t be too sure nowadays” he said sheepishly, putting the guns in his leg holsters and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “Sorry for the hostility Asher” He sighed again “I’m Itel” he spoke after Yzebella and stood to the side “the owner of the colosseum contacted us for some sort of mission” he shrugged

~~Le Timeskip~~

Upon arriving at the wreckage with both Asher and Yzebella, Itel sighed at the sight of the destroyed coliseum. He was brought back to his senses by the pink haired man calling his name out loud to which Itel could barely muster a head nod as his mind created images of the Nevermore drowning in a pit of tar, desperate for escape. “Well” he cleared his throat “I’m a weaponsmith….and leatherworker, I was supposed to be a teacher but..” he trailed off shaking his head softly “just point me in the right direction” he mustered a weak smile before his brain began to wonder “The Seasmoke, I’ll have to write that down” he quietly spoke to himself “great name” he muttered again placing a hand on his hip, his eyes glossing over the pistol strapped to his thigh causing him to frown slightly, wishing he still had Night Hunter. Guns where never his thing but something told him the guns would come in handy at some point.

Nox let out a loud screech before calmly swooping down and landing on Itel’s shoulder, letting out a very angry squawk. “You were flying” Itel mumbled and the bird pecked him in response “ow! Fine” he turned his head back to Roux “this is Nox” he pointed to the bird who puffed out its chest and ruffled his feathers “still convinced he’s an actual person stuck in a raven’s body” Nox let out a loud squawk before flapping his wings and leaping from Itel’s shoulder only to land on Yzebella’s shoulder with a content sigh

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Turic Yusif

The sea was choppy as the thick wooden hull of the ship cut through the sapphire waves. A creak groaned in the ship as it sailed on, a gust of wind slowly picking up its force on the sails. Turning to look to the captain, Turic gave him a scowl at the wind possibly veering the ship off course.

"This damn ship better not go off course or your head will be on the block. I have orders to see Mistral, and that is where we will go, storm or not, wind or not." The mercenary barked orders, his words holding the air still for just a second as the captain faintly nodded and grew in anxiety for what was undoubtful to come.

Shaking his head, Turic returned to the CQ (captains quarters) and rested his helmet on the main desk. He was truly ready for his call onto Mistral and wanted to be as ready as possible. He stood looking at his helmet for a moment, the world around him becoming a blur. His mind dug into his past, deeper and deeper till something stuck, the moment Turic's hands held a blade covered in the crimson liquid of someone else's body. The cheaply made dagger was held by Turic, scuffed and ruined in image but still sharp, dripping with fresh blood. Before him, a man kneeled with his ear cut, screaming and begging for mercy from the young Turic. The world was a blur, parts seemed almost non-existent, the face of the man gone, his features missing, only the voice and the red remained. The voice of fear, of distress, of impending doom. The man cried, yet Turic could not feel any feeling. There was no empathy, no care, no apology. Only an objective. As the man writhed in pain from his ear, Turic put his hands to the hair of the man and held him still, the young child's eyes meeting his, a stone cold exchange being brought to them. Without a blink from Turic, he drove the dagger through the mans chin, the tip piercing through the tongue, jaw, and roof of the mans mouth. A gurgle was let out but there was no audible words. The memory faded almost as soon as it started and Turic was back in the CQ.

Turic turned to his bed, his blankets hogged by a lounging Cerberus, his paws in the air and his mouth agape, a small snore coming from the canine. Turic chuckled and scooted the pooch over and laid in the bed, his armor still equipped for the soon arrival at Mistral. His mind wandered to blackness, his body resting to the cool chainmail and tunic he wore beneath his plate armor, the long scaly tail of his drooped off the bed and hung loose as his mind fell into unconsciousness. The waves lulled the man to sleep no different than a mother to her baby, the world melting away with the rocking.

(Light time skip)
A crash against the ground jolted Turic awake, disoriented at first but soon up and reaching for the handle of the CQ. His hand hovering, he once again is struck by headaches and a vision of the figure. The figures dark hood and hidden features are painted onto a blue sky, the robes flailing in the wind. "Go. Find that in which you were reborn. These dunes hold the rooms of your new people. For yourself, for me, open their walls." The voice, as always, held no tone or gendered speech. The enigma continued as Turic was now ordered away from Mistral and to a much more desolate and sad place, The Wastelands, and more specifically, Shade Academy. One of the few places of order in the vast death lands of the desert, and Turic had to infiltrate it's lower bowels and reveal whatever was below it. A symbol of order and he was suppose to be the one to desecrate it, iconic. Iconic is what Turic thought, chaotic was second. His new contractor sure knew how to invigorate Turic, and he couldn't hate it. Knowing full well though that his armor and very notorious look would serve only to harm him in this endeavor, Turic began to strip himself all the way down to his underwear. Rummaging through some of the chests for new, more civilian clothing, he found a pair of old and worn pants, a relatively washed shirts, and some thick hide boots. While the long journey would be plenty hot, Turic would be more comfortable and less noticeable in this attire.

Dressed in his new attire, Turic came through the door to see a small clearing of land and a run down dock besides the scuttle. The captain looked down to Turic and gave a show of bewildered look, but with Turic's look back, the captain quickly shut that down and turned to throw anchor off the side of the ship. As the anchor sunk, the captain looked to the clearing and then to the distant sands, the same direction his passenger. He shook his head in disapproval before he spoke.

"There is not a chance you make it through The Wasteland with little to no supplies. Aren't any traders or Inns for miles. Hasn't been for a long time."

Turic looked to the captain and scoffed readying himself will a moderately sized flask and a back pack. He sniffed the water to make surer it was clean and fresh. Satisfied with the results, Turic packed it to his waist and readied himself to travel, a groggy and freshly woken Cerberus following to the deck and open for a new adventure. Smiling, Turic looked up to the captain and readied his demand.

"You stay here, watch the boat. Just like before. I am sure I will run across some lien out here be it from the boss or some "charitable" civilians."

Turic left the boat, his dog in tow and his feet on the ground. The smooth and watered grass soon became fine and dusted sand of rolling dunes, miles of the journey left for Turic. Even with this, he trekked on, his command ever more important, and soon, the tip of the towering academy showing itself to Turic in the distance.
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"Seems it's becoming quite the bunch now..." Jack murmured under his breath.

Observing the interaction in silence until Roux had gotten a further call on his monocle scroll. His ears flicked at the mention of 'the academy', and his tail swished around behind him. Then came the order.

"The Cross Continental Transmit System is still functional, correct? Surely warnings have been issued across the four kingdoms to offer heightened defenses beyond this, and evacuations? I only worry for the smaller villages on the way to the academy itself. Not to mention hoping your ship is as fast as you say—and the beast as slow as thought. "If everyone needs rest—these woods provide suitable camping areas. I can keep watch for any wandering Grimm."


The lord of randomness and the warp

"Oh no no its fine with all the stuff going on id be on edge too so no harm no fowl" Asher said brushing off the hostility of the situation. The group trudging toward their destination as Asher hummed a little tune to himself.

The group of 3 eventually found themselves near the collosum once again and its owner nearby already addressing some others there the huge faunus giving a friendly wave to everyone present his enormous cannon sword hung over his back oh so casually. "I wouldn't call myself a hunter persay not by training at all but maybe incidently eh still nice to be recognised" Asher commented with a smile. "In regard to weaponsmithing I can certainly provide my services i should have some spare parts but frankly I can work with basically anything you give me, I should be able to make it work"
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~Zaffre Triskaideka ~
Angsty Depression!


See what happens when you play stupid games?

Did I even save anyone...?

Probably the two cops from the shop. Then again... two hadn't seemed to have made it out. So net sum zero. Great.

Zaffre's aura flickered on and off as bruises healed, dislocations set, and a dull thud in her head was offset by an almost pleasant chime. Hard to believe she had one of the most evil semblances in the history of Remnant. And worse yet, she couldn't fully turn it off.

Wonder if Xander's okay. Or any of the others from the tournament?

Why do you even care? You know what your semblance is... Perhaps you caused this. Maybe you made it worse.

Slowly, her eyes flickered open, collapsed at the steering wheel of the cargoship she had hijacked. Seeing the building it had come from collapsed, she figured the owner likely wouldn't mind. Groaning, she saw a few notifications on her phone, the first from her mother.

'Are you okay? Saw Mistral was attacked. You can come home if you want, we'll manage with your semblance. We'll even hire that master huntsman you were so fond of.' -ping-


She barely managed to type out 'I'm fine' before collapsing again. Her parents probably wouldn't ever forgive her if they found out she separated from her teacher a few weeks ago. She smiled, remembering the fight. They had yelled at eachother, but both could barely contain the smile on their faces. She was ready, and they knew it. She wouldn't call herself a huntress, huntresses saved people. But, she was good enough for herself...

She looked around at the smoldering fires and red flames dancing in the distance, the memory faltering. Was she good enough? She flipped through her contacts, and sent a message to 'Mau Taranga': 'Was at Mistral. Alive... did not handle it well. I don't know if this was my fault...' -send-

A second later she got a ping.

'Watched the match. Didn't know you were into tournaments! Handled fine. Should have taught you landing strategies. Bet you could have beat that Xander with full aura!
Doubt you did anything. Anything I should update about 'the Hanging Hura' in my book?' -ping-

'No. Didn't fight it. Also doubt it. His weapon's incredible.' -send-

'Boring. Go for it next time!' -ping-

Zaffre shook her head, then saw another message.

'Ms Triskaideka. How would you like a job!? I am Roux Fard. Owner of Amity Coliseum... former owner. Meet me at the ruins of the coliseum tomorrow morning, let's say 9 am and we can make a deal. Those grimm rutters with a familiar attachment to sheep and pigs have crossed the wrong man. I pay great, in Lien and Revenge. Bring along anyone you know who can fight.' -ping-

She blinked. Reread it. And blinked.

'I'm not a huntress'. She typed... then her stomach growled. She hung her head shamefully. The lien sounded really good. Really, really good. She knew she wasn't a huntress, but was as skilled as one. Just... huntresses saved people. Zaffre didn't.

Her finger hesitated. Another growl. She tapped her scroll, tapping again and again, debased hunger making her decision for her.

'I'm in.' -send-

'Great. I don't actually have a record on you beyond the coliseum fight. Plenty on your family, but they're private about their children. What can you do?' -ping-

Zaffre gulped, her finger hesitating... There was no way she could tell anyone of her semblance, but...

'I can distract Grimm... and decent with making weapons. And pilotting a bit for small aircraft.' -send-

'♥' -ping- 'Excellent! Our pilot is missing. We'll be heading off tomorrow! Knew we could find someone! Few other crew are also learning. You can show them the ropes. See you tomorrow morning! Smiley face. No, Red Dawn, actually put a smilie face. No, don't type out everything I'm narrating! COLON! EXCLAMATION MARK! Why is it in caps!?' -ping-

Zaffre stared. D-did she just get a job pilotting!? That was NOT what she meant! And what did he mean by crew!? So many questions.

Instead, Zaffre groaned, and slammed her head down. The horn of the cargoship went off.

"I'm such a @#$@'ing liar..."

Remember! You too can be a hero!




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The SS Seasmoke
Next Day, 9 am

Much of the wreckage of Amity Coliseum had at least been put out, though pieces still smoldered. Standing atop a pillar of the entrance, Roux Fard bowed to the incoming huntsmen, cane now in hand, and dark rings under his eyes indicating he had not slept a wink since the incident. All across Mistral, workers continued to unbury victims, and identify them, though that had quickly become their work, the distrust towards the huntsmen making them more liability than help, despite their super human abilities.

Roux smiled at the group gathering below him.

"For those of you who have not met me, I, am Roux Fard, owner of the this wreckage here. I, am not happy with those who have perpetrators who have ruined so many lives. Of those gathered, perhaps morals calls you. Anger at this atrocity. Others, perhaps, prefer Lien. That, also is acceptable. Still others perhaps wish to curry favor, or seek some artifact. All these I can provide. All that I ask is that you help me to avenge those who fell here, and my bank account.

There perhaps might be question as to what sort of man your employer is. I do not claim to be a good man. Nor a bad one. I'm merely an angry one. So, what sort of employer am I? A paying one, and that's as far as that question should go.

What will we be doing? We will be investigating the group that had attacked Mistral. We will get revenge on them. We know they control Grimm, employ sociopaths, and, destroy cities. It seems they also captured many people from the coliseum. Apparently, the Hanging Hura, the tree demon that attacked there, abducted half the coliseum to the whale it seems like...

Now, my contacts in Vale tell me that Monstra, the whale that had attacked this place, was seen headed towards Vale. Here in Mistral, the school was completely and utterly ravaged. Therefore, I believe they are headed to Beacon, that old clock tower. Now... how to catch such a monstrosity, before it arrives? Well..."

He tapped his cane on the ground, and behind the ruins, a large airship flew up into view. It was nearly a third the size of the coliseum, and had across the side of it the name "The SS Seasmoke." A giant wheel turned, grinding dust behind it, allowing it to fly remarkably almost without momentum, though it wobbled too and fro. In the pilot's seat, a small crew could be seen flipping open manuals and messing with controls, trying to figure out the schemas of the very new ship.

Under Roux's breath, he whispered. "Nailed it. Presentation, it's what separates people like me from the masses."

He coughed and tapped his cane again.

"Now, we'll be heading off, everyone aboard. I've fitted the Seasmoke with all the needs I could think of to make our travels comfortable. There's a weapons workshop, a gym, a battle simulator, sleeping quarters, and, my favorite, the cafeteria. I've fitted it with anti Grimm weaponry, though the dust shortage means every bit of dust I own is diverted to the engines. So, I suppose they are merely decoration, and you lot are my anti-Grimm Weaponry. Welcome aboard. We'll load and be off momentarily. Everyone aboard!"

A platform detached from the bottom of the ship, hovering down to the ground for the group to join. Inside, the ship was just as large as it appeared, signs pointing to the various attractions the place had to offer. Roux headed to an observation deck inside, staring outside with an angry, but tired look on his face, rubbing his temples.


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Hello Ace here, have you reconsidered my offer
In case your memory is failing I will buy:​
  • The Gun (of your choice)​
  • Ammo (plural if you've got a thick skull)​
All you have to do is:​
  • Swallow the barrel​
  • Pull the Trigger​
  • Instant Money for your immediate relatives​
Call me if your interested
And done, with a smirk Ace finished his departing note and slipped it into an envelope.

Ace's stay at the Inn turned headquarters was up there in the nicest places he slept, and the people around were for some reason actually nice despite his own best efforts. It didn't even appear to be an attempt to fleece him of his cash or organs, not even charging him for the stay so far. Overall, a pretty great start to his 'vacation' all things considered.

Still come morning it was finally time to leave already slipping out of the window in his sunday best leaving only a rather fancy sealed envelope containing Ace's crude request to Buc. Never hurting to do a equipment checkup before a job as well as giving him some time to increase the efficiency now that he can finally slim down the hunk of atlas metal they strapped to his skull, officially he was supposed to ditch it someplace retrievable for next time but it wouldn't hurt to do a little bit of recycling before the meeting time.

Roux Fard definitely lived up to his reputation as an eccentric man, being able to get control and own a ship of that magnitude adding to that Ace's moral integrity wasen't even being stretched. Sure Investigating Beacon would be a bit grim but compared to it's counterparts in Vacuo and Atlas it was pretty good because even Ace had to question the effectiveness of ramming as a plan against the Monstra. Overall a death trap guarded by Grimm, wild array of people in a varying stages in the atlas standarised height requirement for this rollercoaster with a bottomless money pot, really what sort of a idiot would ever reject such a offer.

A shot at the big leagues or burning bright in a blaze of glory, now that's rad. Stepping on with little hestiation and following the signs to the most probably popluated location the Cafeteria, after all with Foux's words in mind the engine room will be where all the dust is and Ace rather fancied a refill.

These loser's probably made the rookie mistakes of actually following dust fuel safety parameters or emergency procedure dust, so naturally if Ace chatted up the chef trickle-down gossip will do the rest of the heavy lifting in locating the dust and just taking a pinch for himself, this rich ship has got to have a chef right?


The Northwind

Itel sighed as he leaned against the window of his cabin, rubbing his tired and probably red eyes. He found no comfort in sleep, nightmares of soldiers, experiments, and scientist plaguing his vision. Not to mention the Nevermore constantly pecking away at his Psyche, begging to be released…begging for revenge. It was torture, Itel hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years and it honestly seemed like he wouldn’t ever get one. He sighed and looked to the small clock on the wall “still early, didn’t he say there was battle simulator?” He questioned as he peered over to Hemlock and Nightshade that sat on the small nightstand.With a small sigh he threw his shirt on and grabbed his cloak, making sure to strap the pistols to his leg holsters with a small frown.

After quietly exiting the room, he walked down the desolate hall looking at the labels to see if he could find the battle simulator. After about twenty minutes of wandering around the massive ship, Itel leaned against a wall with a huff “probably should have paid more attention during the tour” he shook his head with a small chuckle. “Are you ok sir?” A voice called out which made Itel jump to attention, a hand quickly reaching to his leg holster before he realized it was just a man in engineering overalls. The man took a small step back upon seeing Itel reach for his gun and held his hands up in surrender “woah there partner, was just gonna ask if you needed help” the man said with a small chuckle causing Itel to shake his head and release his clutch on Hemlock “sorry, when you live a life like mine…you’re kind of always on edge” he mumbled rubbing the back of his head “sorry about that” Itel bowed slightly showing remorse “ahhh don’t worry about it sir, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a weapon pulled on me. At least this time it was by someone attractive and not a mercenary” the engineer smiled

Itel couldn’t help but to crack a small smile before shaking his head softly “Thankyou? I think” he chuckled before looking past the man “say, could you tell me where the battle simulator is?” He asked to which the man nodded his head “yea, just head down this hall and down the stairs on the left. Look for the sign in the wall, can’t miss it” the man pointed down the hall “Thankyou mr?” Itel asked “Kopper, Zaleel Kopper” he reached his hand out to give Itel a handshake “Itel Lazuli” Itel smirked and shook the man’s hand “well I hope to see you around mr.Lazuli” Zaleel said before walking down the hall. “That was interesting” Itel laughed softly before heading down the hall.

~~Le Battle Simulator~~

Itel walked into the battle simulator and the lights automatically turned on as a voice called out to him “welcome to the SeaSmoke Battle Simulator, where you can train to fight Grimm or people. What would you like to train against?” The voice asked “just how rich is this man” Itel scoffed looking around before clearing his throat “Grimm please, let’s start with a pack of Beowolves and include an Alpha” he stated before taking off his cloak “are you sure you wish to begin the Beowolf training session?” The voice asked causing Itel to scoff “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t sure, start the session” he called out with a hint of anger in his voice “Beowolf training session now starting, total enemies: twenty three” the voice stated before halograms of beowolves began popping up around the room “twenty three? Sheesh” he mumbled as he moved his right leg back into a solid stance and placed his hands on both pistols. “Let’s get to it then” he shouted as he ripped Hemlock from her sheathe and shooting four wolves consecutively before dashing forward. He flicked the blade out on hemlock and slashed another two wolves before pulling Nightshade from her holster and firing upon another four of the creatures. “Thirteen enemies remaining” the voice called out and Itel seemed to smile a little.

After an hour of killing fake Grimm Itel holstered both pistols and wiped the sweat from his brow “just the workout I needed” he smiled and grabbed his cloak from the floor. He wandered back to his room to wash up before making his way to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. With an apple in hand, he made his way to the top deck and stared at the sky. His brain seemed to flash back to his nightmares and he did the one thing that clears his head….flying. Without a second thought, he leaped off the side of the ship and went barreling towards the earth. He couldn’t help but to smile as the wind rushed through this hair “woooooohoooo” he screamed before willing his wings to manifest and giving them a strong flap that sent him soaring across the dark sky.

A content sigh escaped his lips as he landed back on the deck, he leaned against the rail and watched as the sun slowly began to peak its face above the horizon.
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Zaffre Triskaideka
Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas


Atop the airship, Zaffre caught one of her wheels, literally kicking it out in a roundhouse kick, the chain extending out, giving her added range as her wheel spun with sharp spikes. Catching it, she slid forward into a thrust with it. All this was despite the high winds blowing all about them, a form of resistance training that very well could blow her off the side of the ship. Her entire body was sore from the events of the day before last, pain pulsing through every part of it. But she felt more rusty than sore. Later in the day, she'd be taking a shift of trying to figure out how to move the damn ship. Whoever was flying it now was doing pretty good it seemed like, but for now, it was her only time to get her body back into shape.

Again! Again! Again! I can do this... I can do this.

She closed her eyes, and imagined her teacher.

"Bwahahaha, not bad, not bad. Yoos sure never fought before?"

Zaffre groaned, her ankle twisted badly from twisting a roundhouse kick wrong. She had, at that point, been using her teacher's harpoon in a Grimm fight while he had observed, his own words being "Your semblance, your problem. Take 'dis and dance."

A Beowolf dissolved next to her, and Zaffre trembled in fear. She shook her head. "No! It was terrifying! Can't you just teach me to turn it off? Ability to attract Grimm is NOT a great semblance!"

The large, muscular tanned man laughed again. "We all got our demons, girl! I wish it ever got 'dat easy. I think yoos'll be a fine huntress, 'specially with your semblance. 's a good one to have. Yoos can draw fire like no one else!"

"I just nearly died to a Beowolf! I was running and crying the entire time. Is every fight lik- GAH!"

Her teacher suddenly pushed a joint back into place. He shook his head. "Yeah, pretty much is. I've seen some pretty senior huntsmen get ambushed by some pretty lowly Grimm. Yoos gets used to it. But you gots something most huntsmen don't got." He took back his harpoon, and tapped his forehead with it's butt. "Yoos got a brain, sista. Running away like a scaredy cat ain't a bad thing, it's smarts. You know what wasn't smart. Trying to overpower a'Grimm. Look at'chu! 5'4, and 120 lbs on a good day. I could probably throw you past a caber and then some."

Zaffre slumped.

"But so could 'dat Beowolf. And now it's dead. Yoos gotta be smart. And yoos is plenty smart already. Course, brains ain't gunna do any good if it's all over the pavement. So, Imma drill into you one thing. 'Da basics. Again, and again. Keeps yoos outta reach, and always movin'. A big man like me ain't so big if I can't catch'chu. Course, means we're gunna be workin' yoos through 'da pain. So. Stand up, yoos ain't hurt 'dat bad, sista. So, we're gunna walk you through the basics. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again -"

"And again. And again. And again."

Zaffre wiped the sweat off her brow as she practiced against the wind, sliding and tumbling, kicking and jumping. Her body screamed every step of the way, but her aura healed her as she worked, and she ignored it. As she did, she noticed on of the huntsman flying free through the air next to her, and Zaffre gasped in awe. And a bit of jealousy. She wished she could be that free. She also wished her semblance was useful. A slight smirk showed up on her face, and she waved at him. She tried to remember the faces from earlier. "Hey, you're one of the huntsmen aboard, right? I'm Zaffre, -" She hesitated for a moment. Her last name was a pretty well, affluent family known for mining dust in Mistral. "-Zaffre Triskaideka. So, uh, see you couldn't sleep well either. You're a huntsman, right...? Those are some pretty nice blades you've got tucked away. Where'd you get them, I don't recognize the style of the steel work, and it doesn't seem to be molded, so I'm guessing custom build? The color doesn't seem to be painted either, so smelted in with an alloy-" Zaffre whistled, impressed. Then she shook her head, realizing she was on a tangent. "Point is, do wanna a spar? I'm not a huntress... so I'm feeling pretty nervous about this upcoming mission... First to 50% aura? Don't want it breaking while on the bridge. Nice semblance you got by the way."

And my aura is pretty stretched from healing anyways.

She set her scroll to 50% on her aura, to ding if it got past that, and sent an invite to the closest scroll. A message came instantly came back reading 'hell no'. She looked down realizing she was on top of probably the observatory, and resent it to the NEXT closest scroll, which would have been Itel. That was probably Roux...

Zaffre spread her weapons out. Two wheels, each about two a foot and half in diameter, with spikes coming out of all directions that weren't the handle. On the opposite side of the handle was a small automatic gun, with regular bullets on one button, and a dust cartridge on a switch in the handle. Connecting the two wheels was a length of chain about as long as Zaffre, with several handles and buttons built in. It was, at the very least, a very complex weapon: Cycles of Heaven
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Yzebella Hawthrone
Amity Colosseum Ruins > SS Seasmoke

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"I'm looking to coordinate an attack against whoever blew up my coliseum. I am Roux Fard, owner of Amity Coliseum. I have funding an information, and hopefully, the ability to coordinate everyone.

Let's see..."

Asher and Itel would introduce themselves to the man named Roux Fard, the owner of Amity Colosseum. Burned down the ground with souls dragged down with it. The girl could not speak for herself, not in a place of ashes and blood.

"Ah! Ms. Hawthorne, Mr. Cobalt, and Mr. Lazuli. Great additions to the team, should you be amiable to accept. I need hunters and huntresses, or those trained as such. Mr Cobalt, I hope you are as talented at your young age at weapon craft as your family. Now as for you, Ms. Hawthorne-"

Turns out they are already familiar with the group, their details included. Even though she could not hear what the pink adult had to say, she paid no mind to it as he too carried on with the briefing. An important-sounding phone call made its way into the conversation, taking this brief moment to look back at Nox, the bird that Itel travels with.

She merely gazed into its glossy black eye before giving it a gentle pet with her fingers. Nox did not do the same treatment as they did with Itel and was very comforted as they lean into the petting. She gazed into the tall Faunus, size dwarfing anyone standing next to him. His talents are similar to Itel's she walks among craftsmen, forger of weapons and armor. The feeling of knowing that gave a small spark of warmth and safety within the girl. Despite that, she felt sorrow from what she is trying to pretend. If the Asher were to look back she would break eye contact and stare ahead.

"Ngh!" She groaned, flinching and grabbing onto her leather-plated stomach. Her sudden jolt to pain caused Nox to flee her shoulder and back to their owner. Yzebella refuses to address this pain and would decline the offer of help around her. Clutching onto her metal box until she could board the private ship of her new occupation.


She opened her eyes. Bubbles escaped her lips floating above the wavy surface above where a singular bright orb would represent the sun yet no matter how fast she swam, she could never reach the surface.

Everything was in the deep blue waters but she did not struggle to drown. There was nothing for miles away and going upwards is pointless. She looks down into the deep dark abyss below, she could feel the deep fear as she tried to focus back up into the wavy light above despite how long and impossible it is.

"Don't be afraid."

It was almost like her own soul spoke to her. The need for swimming motion was no longer needed she was flying in an environment impossible to do so. Her face dove first into the deep black without knowing what could be in the dark abyss.

Suddenly, a twinkle of a single light appeared in the deep dark. She did not stop at this odd light and continued further and further down. With more and more lights shining like little dots. So many that they were as countless as the stars in the night sky. She straightens her body like an arrow, speed increases as the lights go bigger. Before she knew it, the girl found herself in a city. A metropolis sunken in water. Buildings covered in corals, moss, and sea creatures glued along. Schools of fish replaced the city street traffic and huge fish like sharks and whales loom over the city skyscrapers like clouds. Seaweeds and grass dominate all over. City lights are still functional acting as a breathing guide for the young maiden.

Her plain white dress shone brightly as she dives through the streets. She found herself lost in the endless city. Not knowing what she is looking for but her heart within seems to compass herself. She darts left and right until right into the horizon a singular location of interest has been found. Her heart has an overwhelming feeling emotions she cannot describe.

It was a spacious glowing white building. Despite everything around it stood proud. It had a glowing yellow twin glass door beckoning her to come in, she enters the glass doors...

Inside was a singular hallway glowing brightly as the walls outside the spacious building. No other doors, windows, furniture... Nothing... Just a long hallway.


The girl didn't seem to move at first as she finds herself standing in the long hallway with nothing but a red door standing out on the opposite side.


This time the girl hesitantly walks her bare feet. Audibly echoing down the silent hall. With each slow step, she could hear something. It was a knock on the door, the red door. Despite the knocking, no one was uttering a word on the other side.

"Open the door."

The girl's hands held into each other. Before she was a tall door, twice her size. The doorknob was shining like a pearl yet the door's wood was old and molding.

She held the doorknob and turned it... Door creaks...

Next day, 9 AM
Yzebella awakens sitting up as her body jolts up. Her face was covered in a cold sweat. It was morning. "I... Have to keep going... They need me..." She told to herself before appearing again on the group as the boarding of the ship is now commencing. Just looking at everyone else, almost everyone seems to not have good shut-eye, her included.

The new directive has been given. The next mission location is directed at Vale, it did put a bright expression on her face knowing that they will be returned to their home kingdom but as she looks over her shoulder the ruins of Amity Colosseum on sight made her speak.

"Wait! Is there anything we can do here in Mistral first? Anything for these peo--" She would be immediately cut off by Roux who has set his mind on traveling to Vale with haste. She cannot voice her concern for this place for now despite her best to try. She boards the ship with FLAMMA DISCORDEA in hand and her free arm still wrapped around her stomach. The thin girl could only dwell in the hallways bypassing the facilities that could benefit her for better rest instead she appears to be looking for something, or someone.


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Liliya stretched, looking out of one of the large, reinforced windows of the Seasmoke. Once the heavy, well-appointed, but by no means luxurious airship was ready to deploy, Liliya was one of the first to move aboard. Not that she wasn't used to camping out. And after they'd gotten going, she had availed herself of the opportunity to resupply her arrows alongside the materials needed to make them more useful...but little else.

She sighed. Some of them had bothered to at least get cleaned up beyond wiping off their faces, but Liliya had not. She still smelled of the wilderness, in so many words. Her bag continued to weigh on her back, a reminder of her goal. It felt like she had never stopped walking, since that day the facility was destroyed...

Perun still sat in the bag, Skathi's hood rolled up and flattened underneath it. Why did she even introduce herself under her real name and face? Chalk it up to a fit of caprice, perhaps, or a secret desire to do something as herself for once, instead of under the guise of the vengeful hunter. Or maybe it was simply thanks to the impracticality of travelling in close quarters with a group of people while having her hood on all the time.

Leaning onto the guardrail by the window, she grabbed it and locked her arms. There was hardly anything worth drawing here, nor any interesting garments to work on. Materials were short. With little to occupy her hands, she found herself doing a little exercise.

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