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Watching the Amity's slow collapse was fun as the picture seemed to only become more and more clearer as it seemed to increase in size thanks to the wonderous abilities of perception, being able to get the front row seats to the show highlights even if the sound quality could be a bit better. The Arena enlarging as it entered more and more of Ace's vison drawing him to a rather obvious conclusion.

"that is proper messed up" The revelation hitting him as he finally got up, that the landing zone was probably the residential district he was presently in, people struck inside would have to have a choice between getting mauled in the streets or becoming one with the symbol of unity. Not really much of choice that Ace was willing to make or present to the people of mistral as he got to making some calls to actually attempt a way to reduce casualties. No connections on the mistral end they seemed to have their own problems and the remaining Atlas personal seemed too be on it already so win a fight against a falling arena or hordes of Grimm. Ace deactivated his semblance letting sound back in as he finally figured out a plan.
"So here's the plan You-"
"It's fine I already have a plan"
"What are you on about? Oh, oooohhh you utter-"

Ace decided to reactivate the cone of silence for no reason getting to work in preparation tinkering with nearby car engines chances where a majority of folks probably wouldn't be missing the giant arena along with the owners of the cars judging by how their windows were broken into and the makeshift barricades being torn down probably meant they wouldn't be issuing a bill any time soon. Finishing it with a flurry as he got ready to go already starting the roaring engine of the sweetest motorbike he could find (being the one painted red) as it started the wires rigged up to the cars in area burst free from their connection causing three more explosions to follow into the sky along with the radio's blaring music hopefully this cacophony of noise did its job to draw as much attention as possible no matter.

Thankfully the honored guest arrived though they could've bothered to follow the Dress code as Ace drove past them and Grimm trailing behind him as he got to attempt the best distraction job he could muster. The more Grimm distracted hopefully the more people can make a break for it, a dumb plan that has a high risk of failure what more can a contractor ask for.

"Handler when's the next turn!?"
"Got eyes of a Grimm pileup on next left afterwards turn into the alley and take the first exit"
"And Operator, Goodluck hopefully this doesn't turn out like Bunny-girl Express"

Sounds of screeching tires, Radio Idol pop music and the roar of Grimm made the conservation a feat of itself. Ace swerving close to the overrun defense to attract the feasting Grimm that overran the place then quickly moving into the alleyway, his mood dipping from the forced awkward mention of that incident and the reason he knew what person tastes like unknowingly attracting more followers to the chase. Too many to take one on one but maybe if he got somewhere abandoned and with little room for colleterial Ace can work something out.

So where better than in the reported burned down Inn Handler reported, two birds with one stone really, well, glancing backwards Ace gave up counting the problems of a few minutes time as the variety of Grimm snarled after him in a constant orchestra .

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Yzebella Hawthrone
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Every second shakes the colosseum interior pillars, the cracks on the wall expand, and shattered glass laid about like sand. The screaming and roaring don't stop. Just close by is a struggling nevermore, it was hard to watch despite being the beast she was meant to slay, it's almost ironic to watch, not even those who can fly will escape this horror, and yet, Yzebella's teary eyes were solely focused on the mighty huntsman before her. Despite the injuries, they suffered his somber expression made the world quiet for a few moments. Her fists grip away from her hair and her heart beats back into normal rhythm.

He speaks from the heart, afterall, despite the fallen past he's still here. Fighting the Grimm despite overwhelming numbers. There was something in Itel's golden eyes that gave the girl confidence into standing up like him. FLAMMA DISCORDEA has been unfolded, revealing its past scratches and its true form. She held onto his hand. His smile made her drop a tear that she quickly wiped off her cheek. "Thank you..." her was humble and low.

Not even a quarter of a minute the entire floor they stood on collapsed beneath. The level below was already a wreck and just a few feet below is a hill of concrete, cut sparking wires and rebars protruding like spikes. The rubble hill will be their doom without Itel's Semblance.

"Hold on!" She cried, before gripping Itel's hand tightly at the last second. Before the two can reach the spiked rebars. Both flashed into a black hole-type orb. Appearing a blink later at the foot of the rubble hill. Just a few feet away is a large monitor blazing the color red, screaming error as the Colosseum loses its integrity. "Are you okay!?" Looking back to Itel
Poe L. Kuma

Taking in the view from the rooftop where he was perched Kuma surveyed the area. Seen all of the carnage going on on the street levels of the city. He saw the Atlas robots doing their best to defend the evacuating citizens. As well as the Grimm Attacking any who weren’t Lucky enough to get away. Seeing all of this just Made him remember what happened to him and his childhood home. The screaming and all of the lifeless faces of people he knew. as he stood there watching his heart started to pound faster and and a ringing sound started in his head. Before it could go further the sound of a third explosion snapped him out of it. Looking over and seeing Ace he did his part of the job. It seems Ace was held up on his end of the job. Kuma chuckled before seeing that Ace was sending him a signal probably meaning for him to start heading back to the arena. Kuma signal back the best way he could to let him know that he understood. Placing the damaged shield on his back And taking out his go to weapon Starfall still in Dagger form. Walking over to the edge of the rooftop .He did a quick scan of the area spotting a small pack of Beowolf roaming the streets throwing his weapon it shifting into its trident from mid flight and hitting one of them in the back of the neck going straight through as it slowly started fading away. The others in the pack stop but not before Kuma was already coming down on another one with his metal arm’s claw fully extended taking the force of the fall and taking its head clean off. Once he landed he immediately rushed for his weapon picking it up at the tip of the pole end and swinging at the remaining two putting his metal arm behind the swing and cutting them both in half almost falling from the momentum before catching himself by using his star fall as a walking stick.
Not wasting any time he ran off to the colosseum , help deal with whatever had made that sound. Helping civilians and atlas members he could evacuate to safety along the way.

Making his way to the colosseum Kuma saw a Grimm letting out a roar. “It's another giant Grimm great just what we needed.” Seeing this just made some pick up the pace but then he had to stop when he heard a bunch of explosions going off at the colosseum. Soon after alarms went off sounding off that the colosseum was starting to fall as parts started falling off of it Kuma was sent a message from Atlas that would do what they could to minimize the damage but with everything going on it would be hard. So Kuma would do the same thing making his way to the colosseum he would see if he could save anyone who was falling from it while removing any Grimm that he could.
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~Zaffre Triskaideka ~

At the hand on her shoulder, Zaffre exhaled, her tense shoulder relaxing slightly. Here was a huntsman. Sure, Zaffre always played the hero, but she wasn't actually a huntress. It wasn't even like she LIKED playing the hero, but if people were calm, they'd be Grimm Fodder. Zaffre just had a bit of training since she left home... and more experience in a year than most people would get in a life time.

For a moment, her thoughts wandered to the Triskaideka estate. Silk sheets, regular meals... and a definitely boring life. Was it better or worse than since she'd awakened her semblance? She looked down to her hands, and saw them flickering red. Slowly her eyes widened. Her aura was coming back!

"Shoot, not now, not now!"
Then Xander began to enact his plan. Zaffre held the wheel tight. "Uh, sure?" She had no idea what he was planning, but how the coliseum was plummetting, he'd better be quick! And he was. Stealing gravity dust, he bounced off the top of the flying cargo ship, rocketting towards the coliseum in a suicidal jump Zaffre couldn't help but respect, smiling as he went... before she looked forward and realized the jump had sent the ship straight down.

"Shit, shit, shit!"

Maybe if you were more focused on driving, and not letting your heart go 'doki-doki', this wouldn't be happening!

Shut up, shut up, shut up! 'sides, it's nice to have someone else be the hero for a change!


The ship crashed against a nearby roof, and bounced off of it, skipping like a stone across several buildings, Zaffre getting several bruises by the end of it as an airbag went off in her face. She groaned as it deflated. AS she did, she saw a beowolf eyeing her.

"Tch, forgot my aura is back..."

Then, suddenly, it broke line of sight, and ran off. Zaffre cocked her head as she watched it leave.

"What, am I not good enough for you?"

Thank goodness. I could use a nap. I've got no steam left...

Zaffre kicked the seat back, and, despite the chaos, her eyes started to close. Her aura flickered red on and off around her as it started to regenerate, helping the poor hero start to heal.

"You get'em... Xander."


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    With the blaring sounds of the alarms finally silenced and the monitors shutting off around him one after another, Xander wrapped both his arms around the bloodied cloak that held the bleeding Yumi close into his embrace. Slowly enough, he made his way over towards the nearest wall just to press his back against it before sliding down onto the floor. With the thundering sounds of the remaining engines blasting in overdrive with whatever remaining power they had left, Xander simply sat there while staring out the window display at the opposite end of the wall he sat against. Watching as the distant forest area grew closer by the second, he soon released one of his hands from Yumi just to place it down upon the metal flooring in front of him. Once again, focusing his semblance into a single point, he began to freeze the metal flooring just enough to make it fragile for him to tear it from the ground and pull and finally bend it enough to form a makeshift barrier between him and the rest of the room.

    Knowing well enough that the impact the colosseum was going to make was going to cause a massive shake of the entire structure and unimaginable damage from the rest of the engines most likely going to explode on impact, the control room was most likely going to be in shambles if he didn't find some way to protective himself.

    Minutes passed and finally, as the entire colosseum touched down, an enormous explosion of dirt, dust, trees, and metal erupted as the large structure slid across the forest, taking down trees like they were twigs in its path. The propulsion engines that took the blunt of the impact tore off like toys before exploding either midair or after they made contact with the ground once more. The half of the place that slid across the forest flooring was crushed under the weight of the building while the control room teetered on the edge of being squished while the colosseum nearly wanted to flip over just from the amount of acceleration it had left. Luckily, it didn't.

    It felt like an eternity had gone by for Xander as he held onto his wounded companion close during the crash landing, attempting to avoid being thrown around underneath the barrier too much. Finally, by the time the rocking and justling had come to a halt, Xander waited a few moments to confirm it was over before kicking the frozen barrier down only to come and find the entire control room had nearly collapsed in on itself. A majority of the ceiling had come down all around him stabbing and shattering most of the computer monitors with sharpened metal edges.

    Amity colosseum had now been several miles from its original hovering position over Mistral.

    Now, all that was left was to figure out a way out of here.
    First though, with the situation at least somewhat better, Xander knelt over as he carefully helped Yumi out from the cloak only to lay her down onto the flooring in front of him. Inspecting her wound, he was able to notice the amount of damage she was in. She had three large gash claw marks along her left side that was bleeding almost profusely. Xander was no medic and he barely had any knowledge of any kinds of wound patching, not that he had anything to use to patch up this kind of wound anyway. "No..no no no. Please, god no." Whispering under his breath, his hands began to tremble as he feared the worse. The only thing he knew how to do at this point was to at least cauterize the wound but was hesitant in the idea that she wouldn't be able to handle the pain. "Yumi..this is going to hurt a lot. Please...just hang on...just hang on." In a mere second, he began to bring his normal hand towards the wound before it started to turn a bright yellowish orange color from the amount of heat he had started to generate around his skin. Taking in a deep breath, once he was inches away from her wound, he made full contact with her causing the small animal to let out a loud yelp from the searing pain from the heat. Leaving it there for a few seconds, Xander had to will himself to hold his hand in place long enough for the wound to at least cauterize before finally removing it.

    Immediately after pulling his hand away, he embraced the small creature close once more. "I'm sorry! Yumi, its over! I'm so sorry!" Holding her firmly into his arms, he knelt in the middle of the room trying to comfort her.


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Buc Irons
Buc wasted no time in hopping onto the air bus Hannah had commandeered. He had no clue how to fly such things, but Hannah apparently did, and a good thing to if what she was saying was true. But, currently, he could do little more than apply first aide to the wounded bus driver. "Vital signs, stable." chimed his suit as he got to work wrapping up the wound on the man's head. If he was lucky, it was nothing but a little scratch, head wounds tended to bleed worse than what they were. But Buc would make sure this man got the medical attention he needed, at the very least keep him safe until he could get him some medical attention.

"Hannah, I did not understand a word you just said. Is it good, or bad?" He continued working as he asked Hannah this question, tying off the bandaging that now wrapped the man's head before getting up to get a look for himself. And what he saw he wasn't sure what to think about. On the one hand, the massive Grimm, and all of it's underlings, was leaving. On the other hand, it had just annihilated the Atlasian fleet that was there, and the Vytal Colosseum was still falling. And he was powerless to do anything about either of these two things. There was one, however, that thought she knew a solution to at least one of them.

"Hannah, safety be damned, fly faster." And with that, he strapped the unconscious man into across several seats using some fairly impressive knots before sitting in in another and doing much the same to himself.


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By the time the battle had reached its climax and subsided, it was difficult to call the present location Mistral, as much as a glorious pile of rubble that lay where Mistral once was. The motley warriors, soldiers, and...hunters that had gathered today put up a valiant struggle, but their opposition was not merely the mightiest of Grimm, who might have fallen before their combined, valorous efforts.

No, there was something at their head, a combination of human intellect and abyssal malevolence. And with that, the utter devastation of Mistral was complete. It was not even a demolition, like the detonation of a condemned building or a clinical bombardment in wartime. This was a razing like what befell smaller settlements in the face of warlords and Grimm, or even the destruction wrought by an acute and fatal disease that left little of its victim.


Amidst the aftermath, a particularly tall pile of rubble rumbled and shattered as Perun blasted its way out, carrying Skathi with it. Her breath caught as the sky lit up brighter than the sun, and a light that burned as hot streaked across the firmament, disintegrating the Atlesian fleet with no more effort than it would take for a furnace to incinerate a captive moth. No armor, no shield...no Aura, flesh, or bone could have stood up to it.

And as a final gift to cap off the spectacle of death, the few surviving pieces of the airships began to rain down on the rubble heap that was once Mistral.

"Damn...shit...fuck..." Cursing under her breath, her aura flickering, cuts and bruises all over her body...Skathi moved nonetheless.

With the last of her energy, she blew forth with her semblance, turning into a blur of pink as she caught up the few surviving civilians she could reach. They barely had the strength left to cry out in protest as she swept them off their feet, depositing them back at her starting point. The tall heap served well enough as a bulwark against the red-hot shards that barely resembled the sturdy, imposing airships they once were. A force that could black out the sky if they willed it...all gone in a flash.

"T-thank you..." One of the survivors panted, as Skathi nudged them aside with no intention of rudeness, just a cold determination.

Her aura was gone, but she could still stand. And put one of her last few arrows or Ageha's blade into anyone who needed it.

Now to get to the bottom of this...

The forest was draped in an uneasy and vast silence. More than half the trees were intact, but even they seemed unnaturally still, as if even trees could stiffen in fear of what had transpired today. The lowliest snakes and vermin, down to the smallest insect were hidden as deeply as they could get, for fear of the unnatural wrath of the Grimm and their commander.

Perun sat in Skathi's bag once more, adding to her burden alongside the hood which she had yet to take off. Whoever was there in the wreckage...some of them could need help. And others...

Well, she couldn't dismiss the possibility of any of those creatures having been overtaken by the Grimm they carried. And if that was the case, she would be ready.

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Itel coughed slightly and looked to Yzebella “thanks, looks like I owe you one kid” he smiled and ruffled her hair. He looked down at his hand and concentrated on his aura which caused it to slowly flicker to life around his hand and quickly spread to his body “that feels so much better” he mumbled referring to his aura that was beginning to stop the pain from his cracked ribs.

I should be able to fly us out of here….” He stopped talking when the shift in gravity caused him to stumble “it’s falling” he exclaimed grabbing Yzebella and picking her up bridal style. With a bright flash of his indigo aura, his onyx wings presented themselves and he gave them a strong flap that sent him and yzebella soaring into the air and out the hole in the ceiling.

Suspended in mid-air, Itel watched as the arena slammed into the Forrest with a solemn look drawn across his scratched up face. It wasn’t until the monstrous roar that he realized they needed to leave “we need to get out of here” he turned and without another word, flew off into the distance with the intention of heading to his forge.

The pair landed in front of a workshop deep inside a forrest “welcome to Olympia, my family’s forge” he said quietly before walking inside and began collecting materials “I need to build a new weapon and mend some armor, if you want me to mend your items just put it over there” he pointed to a table with a match in his hand. He started the flame in the oven and began the tedious process of weapon making.

-roughly 4 hours later-

And finished” he smiled slightly, holding up what looked to be a double bladed scythe. He spun the scythe around a few times before pressing a small button in the center which caused the scythe to split into a pair of sickles. He flipped them and pressed a button on both to activate the pistol function “not the same as Night Hunter but it’ll do” he sighed sadly before reattaching both ends and folding it into its closing position that looked like a bladed circle before clipping it to his hip. He looked to Yzebella with a calm face “so is there anywhere I should be taking you? A family? Friends? A team?” He asked, moving over to the makeshift closet to change into something less tattered

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"Verstanden!" Hannah replied to Ser Irons. The engine whined as she pushed the machine to it's admittedly none too impressive limit. She could see the inn. It stood on a small cliff outcrop typical of Mistral. An old earthen wall and ditch system served as a defensive line, where several clansmen shepherded what passed for militia into a gunline. A clear meadow next to it could serve as landing strip. The bus bounced off the ground when she hit the grass just a bit too lightly, then slammed down hard when she overcorrected downwards, and at last skidded to a halt. Not her smoothest landing if she had to be honest, but at least they were on the ground in one piece.

As far as the Grimm went, Beowulves and creeps charged in as living chaff for the more potent forms. A pack of Ursa duelled with several Aura users just before the ditch, shrugging off hits from blade and bullet alike. Boarbatusk rolled through the melee and straight up the walls. The demon boars aimed to break up the gunline, but for now Clan warriors on the walls held firm, buying the militia precious time. The monstrous skittering form of an older Deathstalker formed the most potent threat - though they still had a few moments before it reached the gates.

With a grunt Hannah forced the door open. Over the roars and the gunfire, Hannah could hear the sweetest thing next to the engine of her Thunder.

Uncle Hermann.

The big shouty man grinned at her, then pointed his warhammer to the horde at the walls.

"Volksgrenadiers, keep firing! I know it’s a nice bus, now keep! Firing!" he yelled, trying to keep them in line. Hannah waved at him and signalled for a medic. Her uncle nodded once and paced down the line towards them, still shouting at the militia. “When it's clicking like that you have to reload! You, rabbit! Aim and fire, not aim and aim and fucking aim! Riegel Blau, get a verdamnter medic to that bus. Move!"

Hannah grinned despite the situation. They’d made it for now. A quartet of blue clad clansmen headed their way. Young lads, just about her age.

“Ser? Ve vill take it from here.” the fresh faced youth with a medical patch said to Ser Irons. “Bern, Liezst, get zis stretcher. Move carefully, I zink ze man has a fracture.”

Barely sparing them a curt nod, Hannah ran to the barn with a skip in her step. Though technically with her aura unlocked, she should march forward towards the melee warriors, she knew she could contribute more than mediocre cutlass techniques. As she passed the wall, she tapped a militia on the shoulder and passed on her assault rifle.

"Gratulations, here you go."

"Bwugh?" the young lad replied intelligently.

"It's an assault rifle! Don't waste all the munitions right away~." she said. Next to her, a Clansmen laughed. One of the Bernstein retainers she didn't recognise.

"I would like a million Lien to fall out of the sky!" He said cheerfully. At Hannah's puzzled expression, he shrugged.

"That guy just wished for a pretty girl and a bigger gun. Figured it was worth a shot." he explained.

"HANNAH! Where's that damn panzer?!"

"Coming Uncle!" she yelled and bolted for the barn.

She swept the doors aside with aura boosted muscles, revealing Rolling Thunder still in it’s parade colours. Half hidden in the shade, the massive machine wore a silent air of hunger about itself like a cloak. In her mind, it craved battle. With practised ease she jumped up the hull, swung up onto the turret and settled into the commander's seat with a twirl. In the name of speed she skipped the regular start up checks and instead let her soul expand. Green smoke danced over the armour as the panzer rumbled to life. Hannah breathed in and closed her eyes. Thunder's sensors twitched, shutters opening with a series of clicks, as any meaningful difference between her and her machine faded away. She could see with perfect clarity how Grimm scaled the walls. Power ran through her nervous system as the generator spun up. Her turret mounted machineguns whirred and clicked as heavy belts of ammunition snaked into place with wisps of green aura.

Her guns spoke. Not quite in a single solid long burst. Her guns swept the battlements, but only fired when a Grimm crossed in front of them, neatly stitching between the defenders. The Deathstalker finally battered down the gate. It tore the oak wood to splinters as bullets bounced from it's carapace. She whirled around with both her hull and turret to bring her main gun to bear faster. Beside her the autoloader rattled and clanked as it jammed a single huge round into the breech. The monster tried, desperately, to skitter to the side but it was stuck halfway through the gate.

With a single terrifying explosion it's existence ended. The shell smashed through the monster's head, tore through the body lengthwise and burst out the other end, traced a jagged line of devastation through the horde and finally dug deep into the dirt somewhere in the distance.

The few unlucky souls near the entrance cried about their poor ears, but on the whole Hannah assumed they’d prefer temporary tinnitus over the much more final injuries a rampaging Deathstalker would inflict. A brass case longer and wider than her leg clattered to the ground.

Hannah rode forward at a casual pace. Tracers reached out, sweeping beyond the walls, clearing the way forward for Thunder to take up position in the ruined remains of the gateway, as if to dare the horde to try it’s luck. The chaff howled, and tried a mass charge. With a scoff, she loaded up a canister round.

“Be-GONE!” Hannah commanded coldly.

Within a cone that started at the muzzle and reached out to the other end of the clearing, all life ceased, the area utterly shredded with thousands of pellets.

Idly Hannah listened to the radiowaves, sifting through the panicked chatter in search of anyone with a clear idea of what they were doing, and coordination with them. Her lip twisted upwards into a scowl as out of all people Atlasians seemed to be mostly on the up and up. This was Mistral for crying out loud, the central seat of an entire kingdom. How did a foreign military have their act together better? Why did they even allow this many foreign assets on their own soil? Whatever. Also did they have to keep asking her to switch channels?

"Frau Hochfeldschloss here. Now who is this?” she muttered annoyed. Her main gun twitched up and to the left. Over the rest of the entire engagement, she’d yet to fire a third shot. Between her heavy machineguns, the militia, and an extremely capable Ser Irons, there just wasn’t anything that justified use of it.

accursedjobber accursedjobber
“Call me Handler. You have established yourself at the Wandering Albatross Inn? I have eyes on a large concentration of Grimm headed your way, ETA three minutes more or less. They appear to be chasing a man on a motorcycle.” the voice on the other side said.

“Verstanden! We will stand ready.” Hannah replied, eager to get ready. She popped her hatch and waved at the nearby defenders.

"Everyone! Man battlements! We expect a large group of Grimm in three minuten!"


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Chaos—a simplistic word, yet one that carries immense volume towards the situation that has threatened this area. Amity Colosseum has fallen; reduced to naught more than a pile of rubble and debris. One could say it's fortunate that it crashed so far from the city of Mistral, but the city itself faired little different. The Grimm had become relentless, and the on-going turmoil and despair did little to halt their growing numbers. Atlas' mechanical contraptions were doing the best they could, but even they seemed to struggle. Appalling, how quickly things descended into madness and disarray.

Perhaps it would've been simpler to handle were it more 'lesser' Grimm—but a monster loomed overhead. A colossal beast of blackened body that shrouded even the sun itself. With the aid of this beast, it allowed the Grimm a more organized approach. Something unlike their usual, instinctive tendencies. Dangerous alone with that, but far more deadly with a puppeteer masterminding their moves.

A huntsman—unofficially, nowadays—had been handling his own skirmishes of Grimm within Mistral itself. His bow piercing through their bodies, enhanced via dust to create a far more explosive finish to their necessary end. Then came the piercing roar of the colossal beast—prompting the retreat of the Grimm. They raced their way back towards their 'master', leaving the huntsman left with far more queries than he'd like.

At the least, their exit provided momentary reprieve for the city itself. Atlas would surely be able to recuperate a defensive line, should it be necessary. Jack turned his gaze towards the forest and the columns of smoke that billowed out of the ruined coliseum.

"Perhaps it'd be best to check for survivors... and if they know anything."

With that murmured under his breath, Jack made his way through the streets of Mistral and began his sprint towards the ruined coliseum.

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Turic Yusif

Walking the streets of Mistral put some kind of nostalgia to Turic's mind, his times as a hunter in training leading him to the wide and prosperous city many times. He could remember the faces of the many civilians, some happy, some sad, some children licking the ice creams their mothers bought them, many melting before the third lick could ever connect. The weather always seemed perfect, life always seemed just that bit more fitting. His past was fragments of what it truly was but he held no care about it. These same women and children surely found themselves today or any other day before, on the wrong side of his blade. He knew this, as much as his memories tried to block the harsh reality he lived and breathed in, and he pulled himself to it. The world was no longer that little slice of happiness he once held, it was no long the bright city streets rid of sadness. It was a city in ruins, burning all to the ground, and only overdone by the crashed coliseum sitting plum in a near by forest. This world was what Turic forged, him and his new contractor, and he held no guilt for it. The old life was gone, his rebirth is what was shown to him inside the Grimm. A phoenix of death, a harbinger of terror. He embraced it, and let no disagreement splotch his mind.

Turic walked on, gunfire arising farther away in the town with no rouse from Turic. It did not surprise him, even with his contractor gone, it wouldn't mean all the Grimm would leave. Sure he had a handle on them, but a shepherd is bound to lose some of his flock. The thought of Grimm hording towards those that stood against the waves of animalistic beasts and ripping through their defenses and their flesh almost pleased Turic, if not made him laugh. He knew that any defense against such a force would hold just short of stopping the remaining horde, but who knows, maybe he would be thoroughly surprised. These people didn't give him much hope of that though, seeing as they let their famed coliseum fall and their grand city burn, just to the likes of dumb Grimm. Turic didn't hate or love the Grimm. They had always been, there. Ever since his taking in to testing, he felt something more for the dogs around him, even the canine like Grimm had some inexplicable feeling attached to them. Turic tried not to dwell on it, but suspected it to be because of his Aura Grimm, seeing as his mask was one of the Hound.

Rounding a corner, an alley loomed to Turic's right, the dark hallway of brick and open roof stayed dimly lit as it stretched on endlessly in its obscure darkness. The area seemed to give some feeling to Turic, something that he wasn't quite sure about. The alley seemed to send some kind of message to him, something he couldn't put his finger on until a noise was made from the alley. Turic drew his sword in response to the sudden clash and pang of items in the darkness, and turned to the alley, holding his sword firmly in both hands as he prepped to slay whatever man or beast laid upon the alley. Waiting, the mercenary found no response, no stomp, no growl, no anything. He saw and heard nothing, until a small pant and bark could be heard near his feet. The assumed beast only turned out to be a small Doberman puppy. As the creature sat patiently for Turic to give it the demanded attention, Turic chuckled and sheathed his sword. It truly was his luck to find a pup just as he was thinking about his canine connections. Made almost too much sense to him, but he chose to take the good as it came and picked up the helpless animal. It looked to Turic's helmet as the armored menace put the pup to eye level, and licked the cold steel Turic was encased in. The blood, now mostly dried, was cleaned slowly and determinedly by the puppy. For a moment, Turic found a soft spot in his mind and heart, one that no matter how hard he tried to throw it away, it still appeared and grew for this puppy. He had found a weakness in his armor, and just as inexplicably as he found the pup, he wanted it. And so as it seemed, he kept the pup, holding the small creature to his breast with one hand, the soft leather glove of Turic cupping the underbelly of the creature.

Turic looked down to the puppy with a grin, slightly peering through his cut helmet. His voice gave out a sign of happiness not seen or heard for a long time.
"I think I will name you Cerberus. My guardian of the dead, my hunter of those most unwelcome in my realm of death. You will be my right hand paw, and I will give you the world little guy. You will see it soon enough, plenty of blood to lick up, and it wont have to be dried on my armor."

Turic chuckled and scratched the belly of Cerberus, a small growl and playful bite coming from the youngling. Turic found amusement in the playful onslaught his new found companion laid upon his hand, scratching him more. This moment only seemed to stick harder into the new owners mind, with no complaints to be heard inside his cold mind or heart. The murderer had found his rose in the shit pile. His sunshine at midnight. His sword in a battle. This dog would mean more to him than he could ever imagine, and he had yet to even spend the day with him. The owner and pup walked on, towards the docks, hoping to hop back onto Turic's vessel, assuming the captain and boat were still there, waiting.

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Yzebella Hawthrone

Interaction: Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas

The fall of the Amity Colosseum didn't take long for them to leave. The Grimm has fully overrun the mighty arena, a prominent place for the dying defenders of mankind. She could only watch it all fall from the darkness consuming everything, the sun, the skies, the tree, and the soil. A monstrous figure that she could not fully comprehend. Itel's wings fire fast as the Atlas ship rounds fly. She could only hug tight to him from the sheer speed.

Gone from the chaos, only the rushing wind and neutral silence are in Yzebella's ears. Her muddied brown boots would touch the soft ground. Before she is a humble forge-like structure. Itel was mentioned to be Blacksmith.

Olympia Forge
"Welcome to Olympia, my family’s forge

Introducing her to the forge, making their way inside. The quietness was strangely jarring, Yzebella cringes as the echoes of violence still stain her consciousness.

I need to build a new weapon and mend some armor, if you want me to mend your items just put it over therehe pointed to a table with a match in his hand. He started the flame in the oven and began the tedious process of weapon making.

She can only nod to him as her heavy eyelids slowly shut her eyes. The man gathers his tools and materials to begin his work. She could only watch shortly after the prolonged staring into the oven flame snaps her attention away and went around to another room. Somewhere more dimly lit. She leaned against a wall in the corner and slowly slid down to her knees, putting her folded/boxed weapon aside. "Why? Why did I do this...?" She grunts softly. She looks into the only light source in the room, hugging her knees as she sinks her face in. The curled-up girl would sit in silence as some time passes.

Itel voice awakens the girl. The girl picks up FLAMMA DISCORDEA off the floor, not wanting to spend getting caught sleeping in a lonely corner. Standing in full attention. The girl was covered in dirt from the cheeks of her face to the muted light blue dress, down to the boots. Only emphasized now when decorated with dusted concrete and burn soots.

“So, is there anywhere I should be taking you? A family? Friends? A team? asking a simple yes or no question. "I-i... Nnngh..." Yzebella looks down meekly and appears to be choking on her own words.

"N-no." She paused.

"I went here by myself. I don't have a family anymore... I don't have friends here. Everyone is gone..."
She cannot look Itel into the eyes, only glancing at the area around the room from a low-angle view. "T-thank for saving me earlier. I-- 'm sorry... I tried fighting the Grimm, a-and help the people escape an-- I should have just stayed out of the way..." Taking a deep breath as she gazes outwards to the exit, having a view of the outside. She would excuse herself by exiting the forge for some air outside. Sitting on a closed crate with FLAMMA DISCORDEA in her lap.


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Asher Cobalt
Asher pulled himself up off the forest floor rubbing his nose despite the impact he seemed perfectly fine clothes not even ripped luckily, tho, he was compared to his usual temperature rather cold. "pph wow that worked.. thought id be dead..." he'd say with a small sigh looking into the distance he could see the rest of the colosseum crash in the distance "ouch.. i hope everyone got out ok.. that wasn't exactly that good.." he'd say with a huff looking over into the forest the best option he had was to just go towards the crash.. even if it was dangerous..


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Turning a corner too sharply Ace could feel himself disjoint off the bike as it jolted around the tight corner of a side street barely turning it in time to avoid a head-on collision versus the wall settling with slamming the side of the bike scraping the paint job all over the wall along with Ace's air being knocked out of him by the impact. Gasping for replacement air as he attempted to fix the momentary loss of speed revving down the next road, moments later Grimm slammed into the now red smeared wall climbing over each in a mindless scramble Ace long losing track of what and how many there were only that they filled the streets and clawed at his shadow.

Handler disappeared apparently finding something more important, only his life on the line here as well as leaving Ace without his usual way of deafening the frayed nerves and anxiety that came with this whole situation, that better be an important call. A distant sound of explosion rung twice amid sounds of gunfire, becoming more and more intense the closer he got to the Inn blindly following the navigation and the uphill road, evidently something was wrong with the brief he was given but nothing else to do but follow the road heading towards the elevated ground not like he can turn back.

"Local militia are setup in the Inn with heavy ordinance prepped for an ambush, can't miss them. Don't say I never do nice things for you."
For once not having enough time to snark back, Ace reached his destination swerving off the road towards a straight away leading to the Inn standing tall while seemingly doubling as a military compound. No mistaking it as the work of the local militia, eyes widening as Ace bears witness to this 'heavy ordinance' conjoined by the occupied battlements of the 'Inn' meant that there was an impressive amount of firepower he was presenting in the way of.

Deciding to take the fastest way to not be the barrier between Grimm and a small armies firepower Ace quickly ditched the bikes swerving it around to do a full circle back the way it came, Ace falling off the bike as it collapsed to the floor from the sharp turn It's speed and momentum bike sending it forward despite lying on its side propelling it back towards the pursuing Grimm sweeping as many legs as it can as it flew away into the crowd.

With the first problem dealt Ace lying flat on his ass decided that now would be a good time to scuttle out of here already seeing them catchy, aiming away from the Inn he activated the dust in his wrist, the emptied gravity dust clip dropping to the floor as Ace was repelled towards the Inn bouncing off the ground as he flew back in an attempt to put as much distance out of the fire zone as much as possible.

"FUCK" Ace's exclamation cut short as he bounced once more off the ground into the defensive ditch ending his travel overshooting his target landing area to take cover in the ditch as the roaring sounds of various arms fire blew over him as he finally takes a load rest in his sprawled-out position at the bottom of the ditch attempting a futile rest even as the sounds of warfare echoed above.
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Roux Fard - Owner of Amity Coliseum
* Also has a monocle, but no sword.

In the smoking rubble of the coliseum, the area seemed static. Flames flickered, occassionally rubble shifted, but a strange quietness prevailed. Xander seemed the only one around. On the other side of the coliseum, as more rubble crumbled, a sudden gasp sounded. From beneath the rocks, a bright, pink color man seemed to almost seep out of the rock like slime, falling out between the rocks with a pathetic 'plop' as he hit the ground. His body was surprisingly muscular for how flexible he seemed. His hair, pink in color, had splotches of green with it, and seemed to almost twitch and flow unnaturally around him. It was hard to notice at first, but slowly flowed around his head in a wind that never existed. Coughing, he slowly rose, first by his legs, then his back straightening out, almost flowing into position. He wore pink plaid socks and kilt, with a poet's shirt.

He shifted a monocle over his eye as he took in the sight. "Those bastards. 100,000,000 lien, gone in an instant! And countless dead. This was supposed to be a festival! A happy time! Who kills people when the balloons are showing! Sick people, that's who. And the only cure is death." He gritted his teeth so hard a wince inducing 'crack' could be heard. His grimace suddenly snapped to a smile as an idea formed in his head; an eerie smile that showed the man's canines, and newly cracked tooth... which seemed to be healing on it's own. His eyes were wide as his smile, manic and reflective of the flames. He snapped his monocle to the side, a light flickering in it. "Yes... yes... There are few people you want to piss off as much as an eccentric business tycoon with too much time and resources on his hand! I might not be a fighter. But I'm willing to bet I know a few people who are!"

He continued to adjust his monocle, shifting it left and right as the smile grew and grew, unnaturally wide.

"Xander Seong, 32, faunus. Red Dawn, connect me."

A beep sounded, and Xander's scroll would begin to ring with 'unknown number' showing. Regardless of whether he answered or not, a voice spoke out.
"Mr Seong. How would you like a job!? I am Roux Fard. Owner of Amity Coliseum... former owner. Meet me at the ruins of the coliseum tomorrow morning, let's say 9 am and we can make a deal. Those grimm rutters with a familar attachment to sheep and pigs have crossed the wrong man. I pay great, in Lien and Revenge. Bring along anyone you know who can fight."

He clicked his monocle, announcing details as he read the list.
"Ms. Triskaideka -"

He chuckled.
"Ms. Maria von Hochfeldschloss- "

He gave a slight giggle.
"Mr. Viperidae - "

He sniggered.
"Ms. Hawthrone - "

He laughed.
"Mr. Lazuli -"

He cackled
"Mr. Irons -"

One by one, he went through the winners of each round of the tournament, readjusting his monocle again, and again. He managed to pull up a few more contacts {if you want a phone call, assume you have one.}
"Can never have too many mercenaries. Let's see. Too many bad reviews on this one, customer satisfaction is important to the life of a free lancer. Ah, this one.

Mr. Cobolt- "

He slumped over as he finished the last one, a laugh beginning in the center of his chest, and spreading as his head tilted further and further back, his fingers spread wide like a mad conductor.

"Hehehehe. HAHAHAHAHA! GAHAHAHAHA! DO NOT PISS OFF ROUX FARD! Other men dream of grinding your bones. I will grind your very being!"

He then pointed in the vast distance towards the retreating Grimm Whale in the sky.


He then coughed into his fist, and tilted his monocle. "Figuratively speaking of course. Not like I have a incredibly protruding rocket designed... Need to get R&D involved... Oh dear me, hope Red Dawn cut the speaker on the last one. Fit of madness. It happens to the best of us. Now, revenge is started, time for the more difficult phone call- "

"Yes, Suede. It's me, Roux. Our investment kinda went down in flames... Yeah, we should inform the stock holders. No, not that project! Still in the works. And damn good thing it is, I need it to come through if I'm going to pull of my current schemes. I'm talking about Amity Coliseum! Bunch of grimm rutters crashed it!

I know! It was terrible. I was on board. CAPTAIN GOES DOWN WITH HIS SHIP! But if you could sell your soul for anything, you know what I would pick?

Not that! I would pick survivability! Brother Darkness can't claim my soul if I never lose it!"


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Character: Roux Fard​

Making his way through the thick woods, Jack could look skyward and see the plume of smoke and dust grow closer to his position. He continued his forward march—only to be stopped at the sound of his scroll beginning to ring. A voice he has not heard, but one he wishes he could unhear. A particularly, far too enthusiastic individual given the present circumstances. Offering a job to any and all capable, whilst proclaiming himself as the owner of Amity Coliseum. The latter title drew his attention, prompting him to continue his hasty step towards the ruins.

Whilst moving amongst the bushes, and branches, he placed his scroll back into his bag. Finally, approaching the remains of what once was Amity Coliseum. Rubble scattered as far as the eye can see, fallen trees scattered amongst the stone and metal. He sought out for any signs of life or movement amongst the debris, and any indication of what could've brought such a heavy and organized Grimm invasion upon the festival grounds.

Jack couldn't find anyone or anything of interest for a time—until his silver eyes settled upon the most peculiar and out of place individual in the midst of... Well, ruins. Such a vibrant shade of hot pink that one could most likely see them from miles away. A huntsman perhaps? Either or, it was at least another person.

"Hey!" he calls out to the pink-dressed man.

"Are you unhurt? Are there any others that didn't make it off the coliseum before it crashed?"


The Northwind

Itel Lazuli

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Itel sighed deeply and holstered his weapon. “Well looks like you are stuck with me then aren’t you” he smiled softly before going over to a trunk containing various pieces of cloth and leather. As he turned around, he caught a glimpse of her walking outside and all he could do was sigh in defeat. He pulled some red and green fabric from the trunk and sat it down next to a white leather tunic with a solemn look on his face. Deciding to let her have a second to herself, he began stitching the tunic and the cloth together until he created what looked to be a shirt with one side being longer than the other. The brown leather chest plate contrasted from the red and green tunic drastically but somehow made a nice combination with the matching of black trousers and black knee high combat boots. It wasn’t the prettiest, it had been a long time since Itel had made any clothing that was kid sized but he seemed rather pleased with his work.

Dark blue is Red, Light blue is green with silver trimming, pants are black, boots are black as well.
He stuffed the outfit into a box and walked outside, sitting on the ground next to where Yzebella was sitting. “You know” he started staring at the sky “it takes courage to pick up a weapon” Itel spoke, fiddling with the box while looking at the ground “it takes courage to fight Grimm” he tacked on “but it takes a true huntress to wield a weapon and kill Grimm all while protecting civilians” he smiled softly handing her the box “you were amazing out there, saved my life a couple times. You have what it takes to be one of the greatest Huntresses in the world…don’t doubt yourself” he stood up and brushed the dirt from his pants when he felt his scroll vibrate in his pocket. “One second” he told Yzebella before stepping away to answer the call.

A few minutes later he turned to yzebella and sighed “the owner of the Coliseum is requesting that we take part in some kind of mission” Itel said wearily, walking back over to sit next to Yzebella “if you don’t have anywhere to go, you can always come with me…guess I’m tired of traveling alone anyway” he laughed before looking up when a familiar avian cry reached his ears “Nox?” He asked as the raven swooped down and landed on Itel’s shoulder, pecking his masters head vigorously “ow ow Nox stop” Itel cried out as the bird showed him no remorse “I’m sorry ow ow “ he called out again before the bird finally stopped pecking him and rested contently into his shoulder “demon” Itel muttered before looking to Yzebella “This is Nox” he said, rubbing under the birds chin which earned a delightful coo. The bird looked at yzebella before it gave a small bow, with the intent on showing respect “sometimes I swear this bird is an actual person” Itel chuckled to which Nox squawked loudly in response “exhibit A” he mumbled, petting the birds head.

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Liliya focused on keeping her strained breath steady as she crept through the forest, measuring her steps to keep herself out of earshot from any potential hostiles for as long as possible. The battle was over, the main enemy force had withdrawn. And here in the aftermath, all that was left was to pick up the pieces. That didn't mean it was entirely safe to traipse around the ruins footloose and fancy-free, however.

It took her a bit longer to reach the clearing, and there were few other living things around the wreckage of the arena. And it was then that that loud, boorish man, apparently possessed of quite some wealth and status, began hollering all kinds of threats and insults at the Monstra that had long become a speck on the horizon. If he had such vigor, where was his daring presence during the violence? Instead, he seemed quite content to expel all his breath in vain.

Treading cautiously towards the lip of the crater created by the arena's impact, Liliya took a knee, only the top of her head visible to anyone within. From there, she could hear the calls that man made, his enthusiasm to fling money at the problem. Which was just as well; money was undoubtedly its own kind of power.

Another man had approached the wreckage, drawn to investigate as surely as she was.

Gingerly nocking an arrow, Liliya scanned the entire wreckage, ready to cover the loud pink man and his conversation partner in case any straggling Grimm...or their hosts emerged to prove a threat. She'd join their conversation soon enough.

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Roux Fard
Interaction: Jack Cadell Sunmori Sunmori , Liliya stalking @ Nellancholy

Roux didn't turn as he was addressed, merely finding a battered cane among the ruins, and settling upon rubble with his legs crossed, almost flowing into position, before finally turning his head towards the speaker. His hair continued to float around him like a jellyfish's tendrils. The fact he wore a kilt did not help his posture...

"I am mostly unhurt, save perhaps for my ego. As far as rescue effort, there were few on the coliseum itself when it crashed. That... thing, snatched most of my precious guests up." He pointed to in the far distance with his cane; a floating seed, drifting towards the whale, squirming still visible. The Hanging Hura, a massive Kaiju Grimm that had managed to either kill or abduct most at Amity Arena. "I, was in the VIP box, one not so easily penetrated. Though, it did not turn out to be nearly as bomb proof as I would have liked. There was me, a handful of survivors, mostly huntsman. I believe I saw a few flee by vehicle, a few bucked off."

The entire time Roux looked his nose with high posture. His eyes wandered as he examined Jack, almost as if he was assigning him a value. He cocked his monocle, several files seeming to open on the monocle like a computer screen. Something registering Aura, several searches through huntsmen databases.

"You seem to have an aura. Are you, perhaps, a huntsman? I am in the business of searching for them at the moment.

Very well.

Come, work for me.

I'm appalled by the devastation, if you have a conscience, so are you. I pay money, we both get what we want. What resources do you require? Oh, I suppose we should at least search for survivors. I'm not particularly strong, so I cannot lift rubble, nor help with the odd Grimm, but I have a keen eye. I am Roux Fard. A pleasure to meet you- "
He seemed to crest upwards, to standing, and bowing, in a single wave. He then cocked his monocle again as files beeped on his monocle. "- Mr. Cadell."


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Character: Roux Fard

As the man's cane pointed upward, so too did his gaze turn—the monstrosity that had fled in the distance, and seemingly claimed a multitude of innocent persons. To what end? That is yet to be determined by Jack. Still, he could do little charging blindly towards a beast of that magnitude alone. Even with the presence of the various Kingdom's armies, and huntsmen, the coliseum was ultimately destroyed. The town of Mistral left in chaos after the attack. So, what good would one man do against an organized army of beasts?

Jack turned his attention back towards the bizarrely dressed individual, graciously educating on the structural integrity of the VIP box. Even the richest ones can't all be protected in a Grimm horde, it seems. This was then followed up by an inquisitive eye, and a curious question. Though he was ready to answer—he elected to keep quiet upon noting the various; albeit small computerized imagery seen upon his monocle.

It wouldn't take much to search a database to locate his information, and as he expected, his name came from the others' lips.

"A good pair of eyes is enough, and I didn't exactly get the impression of heavy manual labor being your forte—no offense intended, Ser Roux Fard."

His right hand came to rest upon his hip, and a slight shift of his weight to one side.

"As for your job—depends on what it entails. I can't imagine your sole need is seeking out survivors in this debris, right? You said it yourself there were few left upon its descent."

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Yzebella Hawthrone
Location: Olympia ===> Forest
Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3

The ambiance of solemn howling disperses as Itel makes his way outside with a mysterious box in hand. He sat next to her, giving him space on the crate she sat on.

You know.he started staring at the sky. Yzebella looked up as well, the sky was clear of the dark creatures but she cannot say it was peaceful. Not after what she had witnessed before. She had faced an onslaught of Grimm before fleeing from the sheer numbers. The news of a loved one flashed in her head, causing her to droop her head down. Although Itel's words were not of thorns, just simple words of observation. "Am I really?" She would mumble to herself. Those who fight the Grimm do not doubt themselves.

One second, he told Yzebella before stepping away to answer a call from his Scroll. Yzebella would find a box resting on her lap. It was not the weapon.

She would be left alone for a few minutes, enough time to see what is inside the box. "Huh?" New clothing, freshly knitted. Dragging the dark green outfit out of the box. A sparkle of heavenly light appears in her tired crimson eyes. After a minute inside the forge, she steps out once again.

In fresh new dark red/green clothing. "it fits..." Strangely enough, it did. A rush of energy seem to have affected the girl as she became more animated in her new clothing. There's just something about wearing something new after a while. She tried to stretch her arms and legs with no restriction or discomfort in movement. Its simplicity was superb. Itel would come back after this second.

"Thank you!" She swiftly turns her new heels and bows her head twice. It seems that their involvement with the grand colosseum is not over.

"A mission...?" She paused. She looked around briefly. "Wh-what do they need? We?" There was ever-growing weariness in her face. Obviously displeased with the news. "Amity Colosseum has fallen... What else can we do for them? Why did they call us?" The veteran was in a lighter mood, especially when both looked into the air as a raven descends down to his shoulder. The raven harasses its owner with a rapid-fire of pecks, she could only watch with a wincing face. The raven's name was Nox. The man wasn't completely against pets after all.

The bird has an etiquette of greeting. She automatically nods back to Nox. Fixated on the raven's unusually cute appearance. Must be good to have someone by your side in times like these... Gazing down to her sleeved forearms, covering the bruised arms underneath. Just relieved to be alive.

"A gentleman at that too." Commenting Nox's politeness. She gazes off into the deep forest, almost chilling to the bone. "I want to help them..." she looks back coldly to Itel.

"I want to help people here in Mistral... It's not fair... How can people turn their backs on Huntsmen and Huntresses when they did so much to protect us from... Grimm? If this is an opportunity that we can help people, then we must go!" Now with a proud chin up to the sky. The girl, despite her strong march into the forest, is still in a healing state from the previous battle.

The forest thick obscures beyond the hills and horizon. The new boots thread lightly across the damp soil. The whole forest was quiet, even with the orchestra of insects, howling winds, and crunching leaves. For Yzebellawalking in the woods with no watch on her wrist or pocket. Minutes could feel like hours.

She turns her head towards Itel who was following beside her. "It was this way-- Right?" Pointing ahead with no point of interest, other than overgrown tree trunks and thick bushes. "Do you live out here? Alone?" Her eyes would pinpoint all around the forest as if checking for movement. "You flew too high earlier too. I didn't know Huntsmen can fly." Adding another comment to his Semblance.

After covering a few more minutes worth of walking, Yzebella would lock her eyes forward slightly to her left. A keen eye knows an unusual movement when they see one. "Someone else is here..." She whispered to Itel. "So deep in the forest. Why would someone be here?" Yzebella kept her pace steady, no slower than a walk but no faster than a sprint either. The boxed chainsaw was swinging at an absolute minimum. Upon closer inspection from thick bushes and shadowy trees. She'd observe a man? A tall one if her perception serves her correctly has a noticeable horn and is armed with a blade. "Are they a huntsman also?" Taking a very deep breath. She'd enter the forest's more well-lit areas, reaveling her position towards the tall strange.

"Hello? Yes. You. What are you doing here?" Asking the stranger with a look of unease on her face. FLAMMA DISCORDEA is gripped tightly on her left fist.

Tarot of Death

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Location: Docks/Turic's Boat
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Turic Yusif

Turic and Cerberus walked side by side, the small pup sniffing every few feet, experiencing many smells and sounds. A war was being waged not far away, pops and fires of weaponry could be heard, yet the small pup was not thrown to fear from these battle sounds. The small Doberman wagged his tail as him and his owner walked on the sidewalk, the dock coming closer and closer to view. The sea breeze brushed through the seeps of Turic's armor and cooled his many crevices and face.

As the duo came into full view of the dock, the ship Turic had hopped a ride on was still there, anchored and desolate, void of any captain or stowaways. The ship creaked as the water slopped below it, the salty aroma filling both the quadrupedal little one and his towering owner. With a satisfactory smile, Turic walked towards the dock, his mind at ease now, ready to move on from the war torn city. This forward thinking was cut short though as an Atlas military member stood in Turic's way, his sword and shield drawn in façade of confidence. The armor of the soldier was an easy tell that his façade was only that. The rattle of the armor and the just barely audible shakiness of his breath gave his fear a front row seat for Turic to see. With the noticeable fear and maybe even anxiety, Turic laughed at the soldier, finding his try at halting him amusing.

"Stop where you are! I know who you are! You murdered those Inn members, you killed that guy in the Coliseum! I am sure you did more than that, you fucking monster! I will subdue you by any means, just to see you be executed for your crimes. You killed innocent people, and I will be sure to have you pay!" The soldier spoke with conviction and anger, even if his wavering voice carried it, it was no mistake he meant what he said.

Turic still laughed, not a care for what the man said, only a disbelief that the man was stupid enough to do what he was doing. "I did do those things. I am the murderer of the day, and I will surely kill more innocent people. I just say to you, don't have it be you. I am giving you a chance to live another day, go be a hero to some petty criminals. Not me."

The soldier thought for a moment, his mind battling if he should run or fight. Pride, survival, duty, honor, all these reasonings pulled through the young mans mind till he finally came to his answer. It was his duty to fight Turic, his honor and pride won over his self salvation and preservation. Finding no time to wait between decision and action, the soldier started his onslaught. He swung heavily into Turic, his sword striking against Turic's forearm armor, a loud clang rung out. The steel clashing steel send small chips of sword flying as Turic sighed, disappointed in the choice the soldier made. Turic grabbed the blade with his off hand, the soldier trying to pry the grip away from it. As the struggle continued, Turic shot his tail around his side, the tip driving straight into the shield of the soldier with enough force to knock his hands off the sword his.

The soldier fell back onto his ass, his armor clanging with the cold hard ground. His helmet came off of his head, rolling onto the ground and revealing the young mans entire head. Turic looked the now disarmed soldier and to the helmet to him. The lizard tailed opponent threw the soldier's sword to the ground and stepped over the sat boy. Drawing his sword, Turic looked to the soldier and asked him one question before his impending doom.

"Anything you wish to say before your end? A prayer, a call out to someone, any of it?"

The soldier held no change of face and uttered what he could in a cold confidence. "No. You will not hear me beg before you slay me like all the other innocent women, men, and children before me. Kill me like the dog you are."

Turic nodded in understanding and gripped his sword with two hands, pulling back and sweeping his blade right down the middle of the soldier's head, piercing and ripping all the way to the bottom of his jaw. The blood spewed from every vein and artery puncture by Turic's blade, a pool quickly forming as Turic pulled his blade and sheathed it. Putting his fingers to the pool, Turic began to draw a symbol of his presence on the deceased soldiers chest armor. An emblem that he had come up with on the spot had began to form, bloody and crimson, Turic finished masterpiece, grinning and looking to Cerberus, who licked the pool of blood and carelessly chewed on any kind of flesh or internal pieces that floated in the red liquid.

Finishing his admiring of his new symbol, Turic moved on from the body and towards his boat, Cerberus following suit. As Turic boarded the vessel, he called out the captain, and found no answer. Looking around, he searched the captain's quarters to find him hiding under the bed, shaking in fear that he was going to be killed. Lifting the bed with one hand, Turic looked to the captain and put his hand out, reassuring that he was in no danger. As the two talked, Turic handed the man some lien, giving him directions to the southern peninsula of Anima. The captain nodded, knowing full well he had no other option. As the captain unanchored and readied to leave, Turic took to the captains bed and rested, his trusty Cerberus there in the bed resting on his chest with him. His armor sat in a pile, his leather padding and chainmail coat sat, stained, scuffed, and damaged. The blood of many dried onto his armor, staining it with a faint red.

Turic Symbol.jpg


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Asher Cobalt
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asher found the easiest way to move through was simply between the tree preferable over the winding between each of the massive trunks of the forest sure it wasn't as fast but it was safer than having some grim ambush him from behind a thicket of brambles or something similar to that. eventually crashing down from a tree into a clearing landing with a fairly cool pose or at least one of the movies. he'd pause hearing the voice of a girl.. ear wiggling just a little bit tail swishing just a bit. he'd approach the pair as he got closer the male was significantly larger as he got closer they'd realise he was.. HUGE over seven feet tall and carrying a huge sword cannon of sorts. "hey, well I sorta fell out of the airship but that i mean i jumped off the side of the thing and landed in the forest was gonna go check if anyone got hurt or anything you know?" asher would reply to the fanuas girl with a smile

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Prepare for battle.

The simple order sent a tremor through the compound. The old saying went that anyone could be turned into a soldier if you put something precious behind them. It showed.The militia, volksgrenadiers, whatever name one gave to the civilians pressed into service, they complained and moaned but went to the battlements all the same. Even those that didn’t carry a gun did their part. The kindly old couple that owned the inn handed out a nice cool lemonade. In the inn itself, people busied themselves with loading magazines, or caring for the injuries, or even just keeping what few kids were here busy. They shouldn’t be here, but well, if wishes were horses…

At least the civvies here all safely made their way out from the arena. Hannah glanced to the side to where the hulk of the arena finally settled into the dirt. Goddesses bless whatever brave soul managed to get to the engine controls in time. They likely saved the Kingdom of Mistral as the world knew it with their actions. If they survived, they’d likely get free drinks for life around the place.

A clock beeped at her. She settled herself into the commander seat, and prepared for battle.

“One minute.” she called out. Hannah herself didn’t need to do much. She’d already settled right in where she felt most comfortable. In front of the gatehouse, with her allies on the walls, she just had to worry about the Grimm directly ahead. The others would keep her engine deck clear. A high explosive shell clattered into place. Time to use a little trick she’d just recently got the hang of. Using the ditch, she reared up much farther than just her turret could swing up on it’s own. Barrel now pointed skywards, she armed a smaller propellant charge than usual. Lessee, about 55 degrees upwards from horizontal, set fuse for… about ten seconds after launch. Outside, she could hear the rumble of a Grimm swarm.

"There are quite a few of them! Good! More glory for us!" Uncle called out. She glanced up towards the wall through the still open hatch. She could just about see a nervous face peer back down. That same Volks she passed her assault rifle to earlier. She flashed him a grin and a thumbs up.

“Hannah, jezt!” Uncle said. Thunder roared it’s wrath, one shell blasted up into the sky. At the same time, Hannah gunned her engine. The tank clawed forward out of the ditch, and leveled itself. Now, through her scopes, she could actually see the motorcyclist.

“Was zum… Ace?” she uttered, then giggled. She underestimated the man it would seem. He looked all heroic as he swerved left and right, coat flapping dramatically behind him as the horde snapped and snarled at his heels. With a click, she stored a pictoral of the scene for later. Beside her, the autoloader completed it’s cycle with it’s distinct rattle clank.

Her machineguns started their song. Single aimed shots started their work on the flanks of the horde, well away from the masked man. The main gun, while ominously pointing in his general direction, kept silent for now. Friendly fire was anything but.

“Four. Three. Two. One.” she counted down as she settled her sights on the centre of the pack.

The shell fired earlier announced itself with a whistle. The inevitable grip of gravity pulled it toward the earth, toward where she’d calculated roughly the swarm would be. The fuse at the base of the shell counted down, and just as she predicted, detonated the ordnance just overhead. A thousand metal marbles rained down on the Grimm horde. In the blink of an eye, a ragged hole filled with black fog replaced a chunk of the horde.

Mathematics, as once described to her, helped snipers use numbers to make other people’s heads explode. Hannah still liked her own addition to it: Why stick with just one head?

Ace jumped, and she stamped down. The co-axial added it’s chatter to the choir. One camera followed the masked man as he somewhat gracefully made his way… actually nevermind graceful he just sorta drunkenly hurtled through the air, clearly assisted with a possibly slightly panicked use of gravity dust. Whatever the case, he now lay sprawled out in the ditch behind her, notably not in front of her.

Or her main gun loaded with the last of her canister rounds.

She could not help herself, she laughed like a maniac as the blast rocked the tank back on it’s treads. She held on to her seatbelt, shoulders shaking, as she got to fire again, pulverising a Deathstalker as it tried to get close. It hurt to breathe when a pack of beowulves closed in, threatened her flank and only got cut to ribbons by the defenders on the wall for their effort. Whatever passed for the Grimm commander didn’t seem to pay attention to their little redoubt, as the creatures threw themselves at the wall with the same reckless, uncontrolled hatred as always.

"Useless animals!” Hannah cackled. Hungrily she swept around for more targets, only to find nothing worthy of her full attention. Idly she swept around with her machineguns, killing until she could kill no more. Idly she swung herself up. The barrels on her top machineguns glowed a cherry red.

“Hello again mister Ace!” she greeted the man in the ditch. She kept spare barrels, like anyone that used heavy machineguns, so she got busy with maintenance immediately. Pop the old barrel off, set it aside to let it cool for recycling, mount the new one.

“Hope you are doing well.” she continued while she worked. “On the radio they say you took out most of the beasts left in this area-”

The sky went purple, and her eyes went wide. The girl faunus slumped down as if punched in the gut. So many screamed for help over the airwaves she actually turned her radios off to silence them. If they hadn’t just killed so many of the beasts, then she’d be worried at the amount of Grimm this level of disaster would attract. In her mind she drew up a map of the area, along with what she last knew of the Grimm movements and force concentrations.

“We. Must. We must go.” she uttered. “ONKEL! Ich brauch ein Stosstrup!” she yelled out.

((“What the devil for?”)) he shouted back in the old Mantle tongue.

((“The beasts just took out what was left of the Atlas airforce. Forget saving this place. We need to leave. Now. With the amount of Grimm left, and with the airforce out of the picture… forget it. We go in, save as many as we can, then we leave. Get transports back up and running, and find a route to the nearest defended settlement. I’ll be back as soon as I am able, with as many defenders as I can rally… and as many people as I can save.”)) Hannah outlined.

((“You are sure?”)) he said as he contemplated her.

((“We need more actual fighters to safeguard any convoy, but we also cannot hold here. I think… I think pa and ma were in that area. I will try and save them but if they fell then. I suppose I must make my mark as worthy heir now. This will be my Trail of Position.”)) she replied. He nodded after a long pause.

“Trupp Blau! Gehe mit der panzer. Riege Aqua, Riege Cyan, mit mir!" he barked out. Six clansmen quickly ran for the tank. Armed with mostly basic weapons, and oddly, two Bernsteins among their number. One glanced down and offered to help Ace up if he still lay there in the ditch.

“Was war’s? Suchen wir noch mehr Ärger?” the leader asked eagerly. Albrecht, if she remembered correctly.

“Nicht ein Schlacht. Ein Rettungsaktion.” she explained, then eyed Ace.

“Not to battle. A rescue action. Are you in?” she offered, translating only the last part for his convenience. She had no idea if he’d followed their rapidfire conversation, and frankly, she didn’t have the patience to go over everything again.

Whatever his answer, she ushered her new troops onto Thunder and rolled out. They could hold on to the outside - the only passenger space she had she reserved for emergency transport of any wounded.

First stop, the stadium. She felt she at least owed it to the heroic figure that saved Mistral to check if they survived.

They at least got two great pieces of news before they reached their target. First, confirmed survivors. Second, the Grimm pulled out. A fact that really should not irritate her as much as it did.

“This Grimm movement, it makes no sense. If they wish to slaughter Mistral, they’ve just cut the nerve system of the defences. Most of our communications went through those ships. They ought to strike now, before we can rally again.” she complained as she pointed at the map. She’d pulled out the bigger holo-projector a few minutes ago, basically a scroll screen just larger and set it up at the back of the turret, so the people on the engine deck could see what she meant. Truly, a stylus was a pinnacle of civilization, as it let her sketch out the best guesses for Grimm concentrations and friendly forces.

“Hmm.” one of the troops said. “Can I have the stylus for a second?” he asked. After Hannah obliged, he just re-drew the Grimm formations as a bunch of penises instead. She rubbed her temples and undid the change with a thought.

“Okay, Albrecht? Hans has lost stylus privileges. Anyone have anything useful to add?” she asked. Then she perked up. Her tank’s sensors pinged at the back of her mind.

Any scroll served multiple purposes. Camera, phone, map, all sorts of apps. In this case though, it served as an emergency beacon.

“Survivor! Attention medic!” she called out. Thunder changed course slightly, crushing a path for itself as she took the quickest route to where she could ‘hear’ the scroll for want of a better word. It moved, which at least indicated a person able to walk.

“Attention! Rescue is here!” she called out on a loop, peering through the forest. It turned out the survivor held a wounded kitten in his hands. Clad mostly in blue, and with snow white hair, the figure prickled her memory. “You! You’re a participant from the tournament. Xander, correct?” she asked. The medic started to clear the man, but the real star of the hour turned out to be a Bernstein woman they’d taken for the ride. She’d practically thrown the medic aside when it quickly turned out the kitten, a baby snow leopard, was the worst hurt patient.

“I’m a Tierärztin, lass mich.” she commanded. “So, vho did ze bandahges? Not ze best I haff seen. Not the worst. Hannah, I need something like Prozebin, do you haff zat?” she said as she worked. Hannah ducked into her extensive first aid stocks. Hopefully someone else could tend to Xander’s mental well-being - Hannah didn’t think he took the injuries to his pet too well but wasn’t anywhere comfortable addressing the issue herself.

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Buc Irons
Everything hurt. His bones ached, his eyes and throat stung, his lungs burned. And yet he's never felt more alive. A side effect of the Blade Bliss. In his younger days, however, he didn't hurt so much afterwards. And this was after he merely took a dip into the vast strength of the Blade Bliss. If he committed to much, he risked broken bones and cardiac arrest, followed by an agonizing death once he let go of the Bliss. Luckily for him, after he had saved the wannabe Huntsman and Huntresses that made up the various Hochlander House Guards multiple times, he was afforded a break. They had time now to set up, and Thunder was a force multiplier he rarely had the luxury to work alongside. And as it fired it's first shot into the sky in challange, Buc squatted down to give his aching legs a bit of a rest.

Luckily, he was in the right place to catch Ace. Unfortunately, he moved out of the way and watched as the rude man landed in a heap, in the ditch. He didn't even look away from the carnage the Hochlander rifle brigade was unleashing onto the mindless Grimm horde that ripped up the earth in their attempt to reach them. A Deathstalker, a feared Grimm for any Hunter caught unaware, was blown to bits in one shot from Thunder, who for the rest of the fight showed it's distain for the other lowly Grimm by not firing another shot from it's main cannon. He did grab onto Cwellere Efennes once towards the end of the fighting as a rapidly spinning Boarbatusk came close before being knocked off kilter and ended by a volley from those on their makeshift ramparts.

At the end of the fighting, Buc remained silent, returning a nod of respect here and there but otherwise not doing much of anything. He did take an offered cup of lemonade and gratefully drank it down, as his body demanded rehydrating after such intense fighting. And as he saw Thunder beginning to roll off, he quickly ran through his choices. He either simply left and returned to his wandering ways with less lien than he started with, stayed at the makeshift fort and helped organize an evacuation, or accompany that Hochland girl Hannah. And though the vast majority of his psyche screamed at him to move on with his life and let the younger generation deal with the problem, he hopped aboard Thunder and claimed a comfy spot next to the command hatch.
"Hannah," Buc whispered, motioning for her to come closer so he could whisper in her ear. "Dead men tell no tales." Leaning back after making this simple statement and willing Hannah to understand it's meaning, he observes the others that had decided to join them. Most of them seemed competent by civilian standards. They had a weapon and they knew how to use it. That was all fine and good until they hit the wrong spot on a Grimm, do no damage to it, are stunned by doing no damage to it, and do not react fast enough to the instinctive counter attack coming their way.

As it was, he was grimly expecting there to be few survivors, if any. Grimm were thorough when they chose to be, especially so when under the thrall of one of their Alphas. So when they picked up the first signal and came upon it, he was somewhat surprised to find the man conscious and in fairly good health. Compared to his feline friend, at any rate. And he once more did what he had been doing a lot of lately, sit and wait.

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