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So im pretty new to rp nations, but ive been rping for about 2 years.

So I want to start off by just doing a simple 1x1 roleplay. I have a few preferences, but nothing drastic.
  • I prefer playing female characters, as it is what im most comfortable with but if you want you can play female and ill do Male, but be warned I have little pratice in that area.
  • I dont ask you to be super active, but at least once a day replies.
  • I have nothing against LGBT, but I prefer playing what I know best.
  • I have a few ideas, but if you dont like them we can brainstorm new ones.
This one is heavy politics/Aristocracy, light and slow burn romance
Illegitimate prince/princessXDuke/duchess
Character A is an illegitimate prince/princess in XYZ empire. A is smart, but because of their status, they purposely downplay themselves as to not catch anyones attention. However, that changes when Character B, who is a powerful Duke/Duchess returning from a year long trip, catches sight of Character A. Character B wishes to put Character A on the throne instead of Character A's older brother, the first prince. A agrees with Bs plan, due to the current people in power being extremely corrupt, and they wish to reform the country and cleanse it. Of course, they slowly start to fall in love along the way.
Next one is moderate romance, mostly slice of life
(Younger female, older male)
CharacterA is a new student at XYZ college(around 19 or so) while CharacterB(23 or so) is an older student, and is in fact repeating the year. B is known for his notoriety, being a known troublemaker. A, being the person she is, is drawn in by Bs...troubledness and wishes to become friends with him. B, of course, isnt happy to have an irritating young girl constantly sticking to his side, so he tries his best to push her away. But that simply makes A come on stronger.

Also, a bit of a slow burn romance
2 of the most infamous assassins encounter one another when Assassin A is hired to kill and take down Assassin B, but ultimately fails. A mysterious person approaches them and hires the two of them to take down a sort of gang of people, way up north. The 2 assassins have decided to put aside their past...differences and work together on this. It will take months to get to their destination, and neither of them know exactly who or what awaits them.

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