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Roleplay Availability
Hey, I'm FantasyGirl but calling me Aria is easier. I'm pretty new here but I'm looking for a RP partner who may be interested in doing some of the RPs that I have really been craving.

I'm really only looking for FxF and I am an older RPer (in my 30's) so I definitely need someone over 18.

I play multiple background characters as well and I hope that you would do the same.

I've been RPing for a long time, especially on forums like this. I am a writer and this is all practice for me so I'm looking for someone who will write at least 2-4 paragraphs a post. I'm not big on one liners because I don't think they advance the plot. I would like to post a few times a week but I know that everyone has lives and other things to do so I can be flexible with that. The more that you post the more I post.

I tend to lean toward High Fantasy, Steampunk, SciFi, and Historical but I am very open to hearing from people who like all different kinds of RP. I have a few plots I'm really looking for but I am also open to ideas so if you are interested in anything I've said, please message me.

Elf PrincessxPrincess (arranged political marriage)
VampirexHuman (Vampire rescues human, potentially turns them)
VampirexVampire (Lots of ways to go with this)
PrincessxCommoner (Lots of ways to go with this too)

Also adding some Fandom to the mix.

FxF romance in the Star Wars Universe.
FxF Hunger Games
FxF Bridgerton

So if you're interested, please message me.
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Heya there! I have a plot in mind, and would love help fleshing it out. It's based around dark fantasy, and I have yet to get a chance to play it, or the main characters of it. Excited to hear back, thank ya!

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