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Introducing Jack
Well hello it seems like you stumbled upon my post how silly of you, well lemme introduce myself while you are here. My name on here is originally Jack it's what I use to go by but you can call me that or Kiy up to you. I've been writing books here and there on Wattpad and decided to come back to RpNation to find some fun I guess if you are interested in roleplaying with me I guess read further :)

Role play style
So basically my roleplay style has gotten a little rusty I'm not gonna lie, I just got here but if you aren't patient I rather not that you'd rp with me.

I try to be very detailed and I might get carried away sometimes but I guess that's what makes it better right? I preferably do GirlxGirl since it's easier for me to rp.

I am very open to different plots or like different stories because every thing is just amazing to me, so when I put down the plots I'd prefer to roleplay hit me up and share to me one you'd like to do I'm open to suggestions.

You don't have to write paragraphs after paragraph but all I ask is don't write me five sentences please 😣 I don't really enjoy going through all the work then end up not having a good response.

Last note this is me coming back so if I'm not that good don't hate me just trying to enjoy it best as possible back on the site.

With that said here are the plots! (If you'd like one of them but have it changed a little let me know)

GirlXGirl kidnapping the princess-
Muse A was in love with her boyfriend thinking she was going to marry one day and he'd be king. One night Muse B was sent on a mission to capture the princess and bring her all the way over the country to her boss. The two didn't get along well but feelings might later change overtime. Muse B will have the choice if she wanted to take her to the boss or choose a different route

GirlXGirl Crime-
Muse B was a criminal always getting into trouble no matter if it was broad day or in the middle of the night. Muse A was the head sheriff's daughter hoping to be like him one day. Muse B sets up one of her friends framing them for the crime but the friend ends up snitching telling Muse A everything.

(Here's a fantasy one) GirlXGirl Vampire-
Muse A was the daughter of a well known vampire, she was apparently supposed to marry this girl she never met in her life but her parents had set this up a long time ago. Muse B was just a simple a girl, she thought she had everything boyfriend, friends, and a wonderful family but her world gets turned upside down as her father and mother take her to this house in the woods.

Okay so that's basically all I have in thought really, I would be gladly accepting more plots with welcome arms. I rather you dm me (or pm whatever the heck it's called) if you would want to start peace 🤟💯- Jack

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