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Fandom [FxF, MxM] Danganronpa & Doki Doki Literature Club

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, AU, Horror, LGTBQ, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life


"I-buki Mio-da~!"
About Me

~My name is Lily
~I'm 20 years of age
~I'm female
~I'm in the PST Time Zone
~My favorite Danganronpa character is Ibuki
~My favorite Ddlc character is Sayori
~My favorite color is ocean blue
~I play the drums
~I'm a professional manga artist

Roleplay Information

  • I'm in the literate-novella range. I'll write 12 lines minimum and around 350-450 lines maximum. It depends on how much you write, really.

Danganronpa Information

  • I can take anyone for all of these pairings!

    Tenko x Mikan
    Maki x Mukuro
    Tenko x Himiko
    Mukuro x Peko
    Touko x Kyouko
    Maki x Peko
    Celestia x Kyouko
    Kaede x Ibuki
    Kirumi x Tenko
    Angie x Kaede
    Sakura x Peko
    Mikan x Junko
    Aoi x Sakura
    Ibuki x Sonia
    Angie x Kirumi
    Maki x Kaede
    Sonia x Chiaki
    Sonia x Celestia
    Chiaki x Ibuki
    Ibuki x Mikan
    Kaede x Kirumi

Doki Doki Literature Club Information

  • I can take Natsuki and/or Monika for any of these pairings! I can't play as Yuri or Sayori very well though ^^;

    Yuri x Natsuki
    Sayori x Monika
    Monika x Natsuki
    Sayori x Natsuki
    Yuri x Monika

Comment below or DM if interested!
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hi! i’m into dr atm and a bunch of those pairings! my discord is kaliah#0397 if u wanna discuss it more!

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