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Multiple Settings FxF Long Term Partner Search

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◢ Kitty ◤

To get to the point, I'm hoping to find another RP partner to add to my small list of long term RP partners and good friends. I want to craft a story and a bond through writing, I want to be able to explore ideas and thought of worlds which only exist in my our minds. I want to chat and check up on each other, and I want to be able to make something memorable, that I'll look back at fondly someday in the future.
NO.1 When it comes to writing ability, I prefer 500 - 1,500 words per post per person, but I won't be mad if you or I can't make it to even the minimum. It happens to us all. I also would like someone who's at least had some experience writing RPs for a while, but you don't need to be some aficionado or anything.

NO.2 Talking to each other is a must, building a relationship with an RP partner is a special and important part of the process.

NO.3 Time doesn't matter. Hours or days, between posts means nothing in the grand scheme, however, would prefer that you can guarantee you can write at least one post a week, though if it works out I expect more between us.

NO.4 ROMANCE IS EVERYTHING TO ME. I've never really been much for other kinds of plots, I just want to fall in love with the story of characters falling in love, watching their journey as if it's a crazy soap opera, and tbh it's probably gonna be like that, and that makes me happy.

NO.5 Never give up, never surrender - If something doesn't work, try again until it does.

I like using simple ideas as a base and either jumping right in without any preparation or planning out something a bit more structured from that base idea before starting - These are just quick and easy ideas that I'm currently craving with * next to any I really feel in my bones, but seriously, I'd love to try any of them, or else it would be here.

All characters are 18+ and I prefer partners that are as well
I mostly use Kpop Idol FCs (doesn't affect the RP)
I do have OCs already made and 100% open to making new one's (Character sheets not needed unless you want)
I don't RP anything with real people or Canon characters, and very rarely fandoms

- Kpop Idol x Oblivious Person
- Witch x Demon (Arranged Marriage)
- Rich Business Woman x Poor Flower Shop Owner
- Park Ranger x ??? (Camper/Vampire/Werewolf, etc)
- Human x Android
- Kpop Idol x Kpop Idol (One successfully solo, one in a struggling group)
- Demon x Human
- Living Doll x Human
- Ghost x Human
- Woman sold in an auction x The woman who bought her (There's a lot more behind this idea, not trying to romanticize human trafficking)
- Woman with Amnesia x Her missing girlfriends best friend
- Lifeguard x ???
- Detective x The assassin sent to kill her
- Mother Earth x CEO of a conglomerate of oil companies
- College Student x ???

Just a few ideas and aesthetics I like
- Gothic aesthetics, especially with darker tones attached
- Small Cozy town aesthetics
- Modern Aesthetics
- Royalty or Other roles which introduce a social/political power dynamic (it also enables characters to do stuff, because one has the resources)
- Spooky/Creepy vibes but also Happy/Warm/Bright vibes
- Drama and melodrama, tragedy and despair as well as fortune, betterment, growth, positivity
- I like the RP to start either right before, or during an intense scene that forces or puts characters together somehow,
- Active world building where time periods and locations aren't always clear, and possibly familiar but not at all like our world, modern or not
- Long drawn out developing romance, where the characters may have feelings for each other, but the end goal is marriage +
- Intimacy and healthy relationship building, where the characters learn to work with each other in compliment
- Contrasts of all kinds, things that are unexpected or more than they seem

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