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Weapons for a dystopian universe, Tyrannicide.

Ammo Types
Lite Pistol
Heavy Pistol
Lite Rifle
Heavy Rifle
Sniper Rifle

Ammo Types
Pulse Cartridges
Plasma Cartridges
Ferromagnetic Cartridges

Grenade Types

Ballistic Handguns

Zip Gun: A homemade, single-shot, crappy weapon that can be easily crafted. Low accuracy, range, power, and a very slow reload speed. Uses Lite Pistol rounds.

Semi Pistol: The Semi-Automatic Pistol is a very common weapon. It uses 12-round magazines, and has average accuracy, but only low power and range. It is the standard sidearm of the police and military. Uses Lite Pistol rounds.

Assault Pistol: A fully-automatic handgun. It uses 20-round magazines. It has a very high rate of fire, but is quite inaccurate. It is most commonly used by rebels and criminals, but is sometimes used by the authorities when subguns are in short supply. Uses Lite Pistol rounds.

Revolver: An older handgun design with a six-round cylinder. It is quite powerful, but has a short range and slow reload time. Uses Heavy Pistol rounds.

Ballistic CQC

Pump Shotgun: A pump-action shotgun that holds 6 hand-loaded rounds. It is a short-range, but very powerful weapon capable of firing buckshot or slugs. It is a common weapon used by military and police forces for close-quarters encounters. Uses shotgun shells and slugs.

PDW: A compact pistol-caliber carbine that accepts 15-round magazines. It is more powerful, but has a lower rate of fire than a subgun. Uses Heavy Pistol rounds.

Subgun: A select-fire submachine gun produced by Tactico. It is capable of firing in single-shot mode, or full-auto. It uses 30-round magazines, and is a very common weapon that is used by various groups, such as the military, police and rebels. Uses Lite Pistol rounds.

Ballistic Rifles

Carbine: A short, semiautomatic rifle that uses 10-round magazines. It has medium power, but decent range and accuracy. It possesses a higher rate of fire than the boltgun, but lower than automatic rifles. It is not uncommon to see policemen and soldiers carrying this weapon, as well as rebels. Uses Lite Rifle rounds.

Assault Rifle: A standard select-fire assault rifle produced by foreign elements. It is capable of firing in single-shot, or full-auto mode, and uses 30-round magazines. It has a higher capacity than the tactical rifle, but has a shorter range, and is generally more inaccurate. These weapons are illegal and therefore only used by criminals and rebels. Uses Lite Rifle rounds.

Tactical Rifle: A government-produced select-fire assault rifle. It is capable of firing in single-shot, or full-auto mode. It uses 20-round magazines. The assault rifle combines decent range, accuracy, and power with a high rate of fire. The tactical rifle is slated to become the military's main service weapon, but many soldiers still carry boltguns, carbines and subguns instead. Uses Lite Rifle rounds.

Boltgun: The boltgun is a bolt-action rifle that utilizes 5-round magazines. It possesses high accuracy, range and power, but has a slow rate of fire. Scoped versions are used as intermediate sniper rifles. The boltgun has been the main battle weapon of the human military for many years. Around half of the infantry force still uses boltguns despite recent advances such as the assault rifle and railgun. Uses Heavy Rifle rounds.

Magnifier: The Magnifier is a massive, extremely high-powered, scoped sniper rifle with a very long range, and deadly accuracy. It has a rather slow-rate of fire, however. It has a box magazine of 4 rounds. Uses Shiper Rifle rounds.

Charged Ballistics

Pulse-Assisted Pistol: A more recent handgun design that uses a charged pulse battery to chamber and fire rounds. The Pulse-Assisted Pistol accepts 12-round magazines. Uses Heavy Pistol rounds, and is powered by Pulse Cartridges.

Pulse-Assisted Rifle: A pulse-action, semi-automatic battle rifle that uses a charged pulse battery to chamber and fire heavier rounds. This rifle provides a faster rate of fire compared to other semi-automatic weapons. The Pulse-Assisted Rifle accepts 8-round magazines. Uses Heavy Rifle rounds, and is powered by Pulse Cartridges.

Chaingun: An electrically-powered heavy machine gun powered manufactured by Torin Toolworks. They come with-150 round boxes, and can sustain a very high rate of fire. Chainguns are only individually carried by heavy juggernaut troops. More often, they are mounted on top of vehicles, or are used as emplaced weapons. Uses Heavy Rifle rounds, and is powered by Pulse Cartridges.

Energy Weapons

Rail Pistol: An advanced single-action pistol produced by Rail & Coil that uses electromagnetic force to launch high-velocity flechettes. It can only hold 3 flechettes at a time, but is extremely powerful, and can pierce most armour. It is, however, less accurate and powerful than a full-sized railgun. Uses Flechettes.

Railgun: The railgun in its standard rifle configuration, produced by Rail & Coil. Like the rail pistol, it uses electromagnetic force to launch high-velocity flechettes. The railgun rifle can hold 5 flechettes at a time, 2 more than the pistol configuration. It takes a short time to recharge after each shot. Projectiles reach their target almost instantaneously, and provide an extremely high degree of penetration. The rail system is integrated into the weapons, so it doesn't need an external power source like a pulse cartridge. Uses Flechettes.

Disabler: The disabler is a rifle-style pulse weapon. Unlike the Pulse-Assisted weapons, the Disabler does not fire a ballistic projectile, but rather a burst of pure pulse energy. The Disabler was designed to destroy technics, robots, and computer systems. It can still send humans into a state of shock, but it is more likely to only temporarily incapacitate (rather than kill) biological targets. Uses Pulse Cartridges.

Plasma Rod: A rifle-style weapon produced by Thermal Transfer Solutions that fires bolts of corrosive plasma. It is somewhat short-ranged and takes a few seconds to cycle the next round, but it can still inflict severe plasma burns. Plasma rods are also used to dispose of materials and melt through obstacles. The mechanism can hold up to 5 shots. Uses Plasma Cartridges.

Gauss Lance: A long rifle with a series of specialized, projectile-accelerating coils that propel ferromagnetic bullets at very high speeds. It is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, an otherwise long-forgotten physicist. Uses 5-round magazines. The Gauss Lance can be overcharged for extra power, which can essentially turn it into an anti-tank rifle. However, this puts a lot of stress on the weapon. Uses Ferromagnetic Cartridges.

Explosive Weapons

Grenade Launcher: A standard pump-action grenade launcher. It is single-shot, and is loaded with standard handheld grenades (Frag, Shock, Chemical, Incendiary) to provide a greater degree of range and precision than if they were simply thrown.

Assault Cannon: A compact, handheld explosive launcher that holds 5 rounds. It is does slightly less damage than a true grenade, but it still devastating due to its surprisingly high rate of fire, as well as its potential splash damage. Uses BombRounds.
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