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Futuristic Future's Legacies

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Earth is dead. Plain and simple. Why it has died is lost to time, but what we do know is that some left, and found our new home. The world they landed on, was the same, but different. It had the same oxegyn levels and liquid water, same gravity and materials, but that is where the similarities ended. At first, the remaining human race worked together. But eventually, man grew ambitious, and therefore split from the mother faction, creating their own countries and empires. Now, Aurora, the name man gave the planet, is a patchwork of nations, both civilized and savage, manor and minor. And the political currents run deep and strong, catching the unaware off guard. Now, turmoil has arisen, and will test all the existing empires. Will they survive, expand, or die like Earth?

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