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Futuristic Fruition: looking for a partner! (Tech, fugitives, original plot, cyborgxcreator, platonic, I love a good uprising)

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Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopian

Sibelle Grey

Hi and welcome!

I'm Sibelle, 20, fairly advanced I guess (writing nerd and around 10 years of rp), here to offer a sci-fi/futuristic idea of mine focusing on the relationship between a cyborg and her creator in the year 2155 (year changeable) while they run from a Big-Brother-like organization and into the arms of the rebellion.

Where inspiration is concerned, I took a bit from Twig by Wildbow, I adore SJ Kincaid's Insignia, there might be some aspect of Kristin Cashore's Fire in here, I've read way too much dystopian fiction altogether, and I've even been told my character's reminiscent of the Winter Soldier. If you know these books/comics/characters/concept, this might give you an idea, in any case, the really relevant stuff is right down this way.

An international scientific authority named the Academy (changeable) funds projects aimed towards the betterment of humanity and the world, and has influence in most areas of everyday life (government, agriculture, security, medicine . . .). They own the projects created through their funds and their facilities, have created schools and representations in every major city, and are largely thought of as one of the great successes of humanity. Those who conceptualize and create projects are known as professors. Those who work under professors and aim to create their own successful projects are-- you guessed it-- students. The Academy is aligned with the State, and to hear some tell it, the Academy is, itself, a supranational entity.

Your character would be an acclaimed professor, specialized in biomechanics/biomechatronics/biology in general. He/she (I'm not picky) would have successfully created and enhanced the most advanced cyborg the world would have yet to see, my character, Eve. The perfect ratio. 22 for all intents and purposes, a lab-made and technologically enhanced human experiment, with a neural processor in her head and modified limbs and organs. Expansion of the project, upkeep, and taking it in new directions would be your character's initial relationship to mine. Until, after a routine examination, higher-ups in the organization decide to terminate the project, collect all data, and repurpose it towards something new. And here begins the story of an unlikely pair of fugitives.

Why the decision to run? What plans are they trying to foil? What of the widespread rebellion against the Academy? And ultimately, how do the experiment (bound to obey and follow her Professor, isolated for all her life and doubting her humanity) and the Professor (who's strained the limits of science and ethics to disintegration and regrets it with every passing moment) manage to relate to each other, survive together, and correct a threat to humanity of their own making?

- I'm looking for a partner who's not expecting daily replies and is fine with once to three times a week, more if I can, but I tend to go through very busy spells (college tho) and will warn you if I can't be online for awhile. I'll try and be online more, but if you expect very frequent replies in the long term, I'm not the partner for you. RP is my escape, so I prefer to keep it stress-free. You can of course check in with me if I haven’t replied in like, a week. But ultimately I’m looking for someone who’d rather have a couple well-crafted posts in the week, than a few more rushed ones because I was anxiously bashing them out.
- I'm looking for a partner who can give me something to work with. Three to four paragraphs is my average I'd say, sometimes more, less in IC conversation, I'd prefer if you matched my posts but I'm not down-to-the-number-of-lines about it as long as your replies give me something to reply to.
- Third-person+past tense= glory. Also, grammar, spelling, the usual. We all slip up (there’s bound to be a typo in here somewhere heh) but it can become jarring if repeated. I’ll do my best to watch my own post quality, as well.
- I'm looking for a partner who also wants a character-driven yet still plot-heavy rp. It's about discovering our characters as much as it is about worldbuilding (I love worldbuilding :3) and moving the plot along. Give me twists and turns and emotions and angst (oh god I love angst), and let's really try and dig into the intricacies of their relationship. An entirely non-romantic relationship from beginning to end, going from attachment and some fondness to closer ties and unfailing loyalty. Also I'm a rebellion nerd. I’d like for this to end in an uprising. I’m always open to your ideas as well, let’s build something ~together~.
- I'm looking for a partner who can play multiple side characters. A world with only two fleshed-out characters easily gets boring. We'll each have our main, but preferably we can play a cast of around 4 important side characters altogether as the need arises, with more or less equal responsibility. You can make your character(s) anything you want-- no Mary Sues, no godmodding, any feedback on mine is greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for a longterm roleplay. I'm ready to buckle down for as long as it takes to finish the rp, and will tell you the moment I'm no longer interested should that occur.
I'm fine with OOC chat, it's better if we know a bit about each other and are on good terms and can toss headcanons back and forth. That said, the roleplay should always be the main focus. Despite how this post may come off, I'm really friendly and will wish you all the best and care about your life and any troubles you may have, I promise. I just really wanna create something cool together and in the past, personal drama has gotten in the way of that. I’m traumatized ok. Let’s just stay friendly and stay focused, overall.
Please do not ghost. I will be disappointed and annoyed and you probably won't care but like just lmk if you're no longer interested pls ;.;
I'm really very chill honestly.

I prefer to roleplay in PMs, but if threads are your thing, I can work with that. I live in France, so GMT+2 time zone. I will gladly provide writing samples and might ask for one, too, to be sure our styles are compatible. Hit me up if you're interested, and I look forward to roleplaying with you ^.^

Please send me a PM, thank you!
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