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Multiple Settings fruitcup's fandoms & originals ~ OPEN

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will be inactive for a bit.

hi, it’s fruitcup (she/they)! i’m trying to get back into the rp swing yet again, so here’s a little interest check thingy! please pm me if anything here happens to interest you, or comment here if you’re unable to message me! thank you! c:

  • some bits about me…
    i’m currently 20, but if it matters to anyone, i’m turning 21 in november.
    i use third person pov when writing and usually type multiple paragraphs, but ultimately my reply length depends on my energy level and excitement for the rp.
    i usually only rp as a female, but i can attempt a male if we double up.
    i’m way more used to MxF for the pairing (and would prefer it), but i can also do FxF. i might be willing to attempt MxM or something else for your pairing only if you can convince me. nothing against them, i just usually have rather low muse for them.
    i generally use anime/manga, written, or drawn faceclaims; however, i am not completely against realistic faceclaims.. i’d just prefer to use them only if the fandom calls for it!
    i’m a bit of a slow responder, as i have multiple health issues and often lack energy because of them. the best i can do is usually once or twice a day, two or three days a week.. but overall it really depends on my energy level and excitement for the rp.
    relatively ghost friendly. it’s always appreciated to get a good bye, but i understand if you can’t give one.
    i’m very talkative ooc and tend to ramble a lot, haha!
    i don’t have many limits, but i don’t do smut at all.
    i prefer to use discord as i can reply quicker there, but i can try to do things here if you’d ultimately prefer!

    regarding my partner…
    18 or above in age, preferably.
    preferably use third person pov when writing, and at least try to be a little descriptive in responses. quality over quantity. that being said though, please don’t do one liners - they are very hard for me to work a reply off of.
    be willing to play as multiple (most likely background/side) characters if the plot calls for it.
    no controlling my characters, please.
    please be willing to communicate and help out with ideas n whatnot. i don’t want to be the only one controlling how things go.

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will be inactive for a bit.
teeny bump ~ i'm super duper craving something canon x oc atm.. preferably something criminal minds, the walking dead, or supernatural related! ^^
ps, i removed the fandoms n plots that i have zero muse for.

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