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Futuristic FROSTBITE | A Frozen Post-Apocalyptic Adventure


Garrick "Reaper" Thorn
35 | Male | Free Roamer
Location: Communal Area
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Lena locked eyes with Garrick, her gaze unyielding, her voice firm. "Fine... But just so we're clear," She declared, a steely edge to her words, "You so much as harm a hair on my friends or anyone else in the Clan, and I'll make sure you regret it."

Garrick nodded, acknowledging her warning. He respected her dedication to her group; it was a trait he could relate to all too well.

"As for our plans," Garrick pressed on, transitioning to the practicalities of their mission. He scanned the holsters and slings of those around him, "The weapons we possess won't be nearly sufficient for what we'll face out there. We'll need more firepower, more ammo. Speaking to someone about acquiring additional arms could be critical. Vin here might have connections that could facilitate this."

He gestured towards Vincent, who was engaged in a hushed conversation with a new face, likely discussing potential contacts.

"Vin," He interjected, "If you don't have a connection, I know of someone in a nearby settlement. They could provide us what we need, and possibly at a good price..."

Garrick sensed the shifting dynamics in the room. The confrontation was gradually evolving into a pragmatic discussion, the reality of their shared mission eclipsing the initial mistrust. They were tentatively aligning, recognizing that unity was their best chance at navigating the perilous challenges of the surface.

Despite the uneasiness of this alliance, he couldn't shake the feeling that it held the potential to secure the cache and reshape the fate of all involved. Yet, certainty was a luxury they couldn't afford. Only time would unveil the true essence of this partnership...

Mikhail "Shrieker" Sokolov
34 | Cismale | Citadel
Location: Communal Area
Interactions: Aegis Aegis

Seemed like the two were getting along really well. It was very nice how a moment of tension between the two turned into camaraderie. But it kind of had to be, they were now going to be alone with nothing but themselves and their guns. So levity was necessary to make light of what was going to be an intense situation. Although he kind of winced at the way his companion was talking about his rifle. The way he said "I know what she likes," shows how excited he was about using his rifle and it also shows how often he was using it. It was either he was overconfident in his abilities or he was confident in how competent he was in his abilities and Mikhail had to trust the latter or else he would carry all the slack. Mikhail took a long look at his companion's M110 as he slung it around. The decal was the first thing to catch his eye. Decal can say a lot about how the users use their weapons. He was really attached to his rifle and to Mikhail it seemed like he was going to be fine. When his companion mentioned his kit, he let out a chuckle as the two were making their way to the exit of the common area.

He stood to attention as Hero introduced himself as such. Wonder what the story was behind that name.

'Shrieker,' Mikhail said in response, referring to himself. As the gates opened, he put on his gas mask and adjusted his filters to make sure they were on tight.

"So... Which way Hero?"

Parker "Hero" Kaneko
The Surface, Outside the Airlock

The first moments of exiting the Subway to the surface were always the worst. Guards twisted at two crude rebar handles that squealed against the rust forming deep in the crevices of the armored door, and the entire thing groaned like one was opening the cursed sarcophagus of a long-dead king. In a way, it was just that. They were trespassing upon the grave of a dead world even if most were old enough to mourn what it had been before. Their protection from the elements faded as the guards ripped back against the door swinging it open in two heavy thuds as wind tore through the now open gap blasting the tunnel with snow and that abominable chill; at times it was easy to fool yourself into a sense of comfort in the lukewarm tunnels, but every time your skin felt the bite of the outside weather it was a reminder that you'd never really remember what a balanced climate was like unless you were standing feet away from a roaring bonfire.

'Hero' pushed forward against the wind-tunnel they found themselves in and took his first few steps onto the street just beyond the door. Buildings stalked all around them far into the distance like dying trees bereft of leaf and life-- naught but hollow, dried trunks in a forest of decay. Outside the door, the ground was usually covered in a few sets of prints of scavengers that came back with a haul or just with their lives, but they were slowly fading beneath the constant wind and flaking snowfall. However, The Scavenger was going to need something a bit more immediate than that.

"Forward, for now. Good to meet you, 'Shrieker'."

On the other hand, the snowfall today wasn't all that heavy, so it left relatively clear sightlines to the door. 'Hero' started off toward a nearby building before stopping just outside the usual smattering of footprints in the snow. The man turned toward the husk of a car and took off his ruck before placing it on top of the blown out passenger side window frame; the position was precarious, but it was better than leaving any clear signs of movement in the snow. The Scavenger pulled out what looked to be the mudflap of a larger truck tied off to a rope with the bottom sliced up-- heavily, by a knife to resemble loose spaghetti strings. The Marksman wrapped the rope around his waist and revealed that the makeshift tool hung just behind him by about two feet and gently brushed the ground given his height, "Walk in front of me. Find a building with decent sightlines to door-- our 'guides' are going to leave at some point and judging by their hasty actions it will probably be soon."

'Hero' closed up his ruck and threw it up onto his back once more. Truthfully, that statement was his best guess, but it was possible they'd be waiting out here for a few hours so they may as well take some shelter and maybe share some stories.


Dimitrij "Shroud" Moroz
32 | Male | Ghost Network
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Shroud said under his breath with a bit of glee, concern, and pride when he heard Lena's warning towards the old man Thorns.
"I hope I am included in either of those categories Lena. Although knowing I left the Clan I hope I'm at least in the friend's bit."
He was still in his weird mood but it felt good to know that Lena did not turn sour on him cause of him leaving the Clan or at least not for long enough for him to see it, so without skipping a bit Shroud replied to his old Clan mate.
"Oh Lena of course I came to say hi to some old folk, I sure did not expect you here, but it is a good and worthwhile surprise dare I say."
It took a bit of thinking from Shroud to decide on his answer after all he had his orders to fulfill but at the same time, they could wait for him to do them. Since not often do you meet an old acquaintance here in the frozen wastelands?

"Sure let me tag along, got nothing better to do for a few days anyway other than look for some parts or some strays that should not have left their home. So why not do it in the presence of a friend?"
As someone once said curiosity killed the cat, albeit will Lena kill him over this question is only for her to decide, and for him to find out.
"Although I have to ask Lena, did you stop growing I left the clan or something. Cause you are still as short as I remember you when I left."

Of course, with Shroud's mind being an enigma even to himself he quickly switched gears weirdly turning his head as if he was a pupper towards the old man who spoke to Lena, and as if under one breath he exhaled a whole sentence or two. Probably trying to communicate something quickly before Lena decided to sucker punch him in the gut as she did not so long ago to one of her new mates.
"Hey, your Thorn or something like that right? I would say lets go your way, I don't trust people like Vinny. They tend to always look for profit somewhere and ditch those who are making them a deficit, This has happened to me a few times. I am still hunting for that guy's head."

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