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Digital From the frying pan into the fire! Phadia's improvement... thingy?


Perpetually Tiredrunk
Hey everyone! So, firstly... I'm not back. I'm here right now, but I've been in and out of hospital. So I'm not back back. Just popping in.
... and the reason I'm popping in is THIS.
I've been struggling to see my art as any good lately. I keep only seeing flaws. I'm not good at color schemes. I don't make enough contrast. I have to look at reference pics... etc. I keep critisizing my art lately.
But tonight, I was bored and full of energy (for once) and decided to take a stab and redrawing one of my old drawings.
I'm pretty stunned by the level of improvement.
Am I where I want to be? No. But I sure have made progress! I guess it was encouraging to see, so I decided to share.
VOID2 (2).png
Mask SM.png

Bang Bang

what can I say except
hot diggity damn that's some improvement and a half. I love the spooky elements of your art and how it feels very autumnal? Especially with your colour schemes— makes me hyped for halloween now (as if I wasn't already)
Do you watch Solar Sands? This tread has very strong SS vibes.

Good work, though! Mm. Mm. You improved a lot. Now I'll try to copy you and actually work on my skills instead of giving up on myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

I don't know why I said "Mm. Mm." it just kinda happened and I went along with it.

One thing, though. Is the horn floating over the head?

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