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Fandom From Hokkaido With Love (Golden Kamuy)

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, Historical

Jean Otus

Would-Be Prince
The year is 1907. The northern island of Hokkaido in the Japanese archipelago serves as the frontier between expanding and receding empires. Following the Russo Japanese war, the Meiji empire had grasped the title of the rising power in the Pacific. To the south, the Japanese prepare themselves for yet another conflict, as the tensions across the world boil. To the north, the ailing Russian Empire desperately clings to Sakhalin Island with bloody fingers as their many territories unravel, the scent of revolution festering in the streets. To the west, the Qing Empire fights for its last breath, as multiple factions vie for control of the middle kingdom. Caught in the middle of all this, the resource-rich island of Hokkaido stands as a land of adventure and danger. Some years ago it was the site of a gold rush. Now that there is less gold to go around the island has become a home to a wide range of characters, from the hardened soldiers of the Seventh Division to a rumored sect of Tokugawa loyalists to tribes of Ainu who call the island home. This island holds a great many secrets, treasures, and dangers. On it, a number of rogues will have to come together to make their fortune while evading the heavy hand of the imperial government and the many rogue factions who stalk the island.

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